The Whale Warriors: The Battle at the Bottom of the World to Save the Planet's Largest Mammals (2020)

The Whale Warriors The Battle at the Bottom of the World to Save the Planet s Largest Mammals For two months journalist Heller was aboard the pirate ship the Farley Mowat as it stalked its prey a Japanese whaling fleet Now Heller chronicles this hair raising journey whose mission was to sto
  • Title: The Whale Warriors: The Battle at the Bottom of the World to Save the Planet's Largest Mammals
  • Author: Peter Heller
  • ISBN: 9781416532460
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For two months, journalist Heller was aboard the pirate ship the Farley Mowat as it stalked its prey a Japanese whaling fleet Now, Heller chronicles this hair raising journey, whose mission was to stop illegal whaling in the stormy, remote seas off Antarctica 288.
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      Peter Heller

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    1. This is a sobering book The devastation wrecked on the world s fisheries is extraordinary 90% of the predatory fish, so essential to a healthy ecosystem, have been destroyed or fished out since 1950 Traditional food fish have all but disappeared If we had any sense, we d stop eating fish immediately So what to do Paul Watson says, save the whales.The modern method of killing whales is barbaric and should be stopped How that should be accomplished is partly the subject of this book Technically, t [...]

    2. My first introduction to Captain Paul Watson was in the documentary Shark Waters In that situation I thought he came off as very heroic After that I saw the Animal Planet series about the Sea Shepherd and I began to see the captain and crew in of a critical light This book led me towards mixed feelings about Sea Shepherd I should start by saying that because they are preventing whales from being slaughtered I think they are doing something that is extremely important and I m very thankful they [...]

    3. It is difficult to review a book about a subject which one feels conflicted yet passionate about Do I merely critique the writing I don t think I can do that The author, Peter Heller, is a journalist for Outside and a contributor to NPR, and besides that he lives in Denver, so you know which side of nature the man is on Yes, he may be conflicted about Sea Shepherd as an organization, but he obviously wants to save the whales and the oceans and any attempt by Heller to seem objective was met by m [...]

    4. My introduction to Peter Heller once I realized he wasn t Robocop actor Peter Weller was his recent interview on Fresh Air to talk about his first novel I m sure I ll read it as I eat up post apocalyptic novels, but I was fascinated to hear about his work as an outdoor adventure writer I ve read little in this genre, but after hearing him I put everything he wrote on hold at the library I was excited to learn that he wrote a book about Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds, whom I was fascinated wi [...]

    5. This book will be of great interest to those of us who are into ecology, saving the dying species, and saving the world Most of us know about Greenpeace and what they do, but how many of us are aware of Sea Shepard Conservation Society The Sea Shepard Group make Greenpeace look like a knitting society This group has no qualms about ramming a whaling ship or fouling its propeller with chain links The Whale Warriors tell about how difficult and expensive it is for the Sea Shepard Group to put its [...]

    6. At the bottom of the globe near Antarctica, there is a battle going on between Japanese whalers and activists eco pirates who are trying to save the wales The Farley, captained by Paul Watson who runs the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is out to stop whaling for good, by any means necessary While whaling is mostly illegal, the Japanese get around the laws by saying they are doing it for research.Fighting to stop whaling is part waiting it can take weeks to find the ships , and part high acti [...]

    7. The Whale Warriors took me a long time to finish Having read a number of books about the state of the ocean and the worldwide rapid decline in ocean life, the environmental information in The Whale Warriors was nothing new For many readers, this book is a wake up call and a call to action, and I m glad that the book serves as an educational tool For me, the book was about absorbing pain, and witnessing the work Captain Paul Watson and his amazing crew undertake to save the lives of whales It s i [...]

    8. Pretty thrilling and suspenseful book about the Sea Shepherd group of eco warriors led by Captain Paul Watson, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, who found Greenpeace s methods of stopping whaling inadequate Heller goes along on an anti whaling voyage of the Sea Shepherd s flagship Farley Mowat to the Southern Ocean off Antarctica to confront with direct action Japanese whalers operating in Australia s Antarctic whale refuge While Sea Shepherd is by self description a vigilante group, a [...]

    9. I was actually rather reluctant to read this book In fact, it s been on my shelf for about 7 years I m not an activist, nor do I really fundamentally relate to those who are So my expectation were pretty low going into this book as to whether or not I would like it.Heller is a good writer and brings the facts along with the drama in depicting the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservancy to save the whales If it was a call to action, it didn t manage to turn me into an activist Still, this book de [...]

    10. You feel like you are on the ship Farley along with the author of this true adventure He is following the trails of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a vigilante group that hunts down Japanese mega boats illegally killing whales in international waters So far they have sunk eight whaling vessels that have been poaching in protected sanctuaries Farley Mowat, the captain of this mostly volunteer crew, started out with Greenpeace but soon tired of watching passive politics failing to protect a [...]

    11. I want to get on a Sea Shepherd ship with butchers and hunters and vegan hippies dueling in a haiku contest Peter goes native to make the democratic microcosm tangible Though Paul Watson is the unfazed leader and hero, like an arrow zig zagging to its target, the Nisshin Maru.I hope everybody reads The Whale Warriors The true story is a reminder that the ocean is dying in our lifetime Fisheries will collapse by 2048 We must stop eating fish And if we are to call ourselves human we must stop kill [...]

    12. I have never thought much about whales, except for a vague notion that they are large and that they may be endangered I found this book life altering The story was written with a great deal of restraint, which just made the factual material astonishing I kept with it to the end, swooshing the pages long into the night Really, really good I had to buy all his other books.

    13. As Japan is again continuing its whaling in the Antarctic waters against international law and the world s public opinion, this book describing the winter 2005 2006 campaign by Sea Shepherd is very timely On January 9th under cover of darkness, three Australian Sea Shepherd activists managed to board the Japanese harpoon ship Shonan Maru No 2 when it was just 26 km off the Australian west coast The Japanese proceeded to arrest the environmentalists and took them to Tokyo, where a court released [...]

    14. The book, The Whale Warriors by Peter Heller, is about a crew of vegan, environmentalists on a mission to intervene with the illegal whaling done by the Japenese When no one else chooses to uphold the international whaling laws, this crew steps up to challenge This gripping adventure is told through the eyes of a reporter invited on board to document the experience It is interesting to see the story through his eyes because unlike the rest of the crew, he has his occasional doubts about the oper [...]

    15. This book is amazing Peter Heller is one of my favorite authors Although the subject is extremely tough and I am slightly conflicted about the sea Shepard s actions, this book really makes you feel the emotions of the situation as well as placing you right in the action.

    16. Really a 3.5 I had no idea that such illegal whaling was going on It is really sad and there doesn t seem to be a solution due to man s greed.

    17. The Whale Warriors is the companion book to the Animal Planet channel series Whale Wars on the Sea Shepherd The writer journalist went on the hunt with them in 2005.The Sea Shepherds are a hardcore anti whaling group, with two ships at their disposal at the time of the book there was only one and have been known to sink whaling ships, or at the very least ram them During the course of the book the chap at the wheel deliberately puts the boat in the way of the whaling ship, and would have been cu [...]

    18. I loved Heller s first novel, The Dog Stars, and was excited to see that he has several non fiction books, including The Whale Warriors I have seen segment from the Animal Planet show that featured these eponymous warriors, and would not have otherwise picked up a book about them, given what I saw I thought I should give it a try, and was instantly engaged I know some of it had to do with the writing, but it could have also been about the subject matter the whales themselves, the most mega of th [...]

    19. I got this book because I liked the TV show Whale Wars This book covers a voyage that took place before the show.Heller joins the crew of the super hardcore conservationist group Sea Shepherd on their 2005 6 trip that attempts to disrupt Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Along the way, he analyzes the personalities and motivations of a rag tag group of volunteers who make up the crew, chronicles the history of Sea Shepherd and its founder, Paul Watson, and delves into the heated media war b [...]

    20. I recognize that it takes all sorts to make up the folks who constitute the animal rights movement Among them are the celebrated heroes and villains and those who go about their work unsung but live forever in the hearts of the animals they ve helped Each one is unique yes, that s a clich but some to mangle a phrase are unique than others One such activist who is truly unique is Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Fund.Watson, a much admired figure in the animal rights movement and a hugely [...]

    21. I think as humans, we know the damage we do to the planet Or, I would like to think most people are aware, and take steps to be proactive in protecting the fragile balance between us and nature Heller journeys on the Farley Mowat a ship piloted by Paul Watson Watson has founded a group of vigilantes of sorts that protects the endangered cetaceans of the ocean Watson s mission is to stop the illegal slaughter of whales by the nations that still practice this barbaric ritual On this particular run [...]

    22. An ethics text that reads as an adventure travelogue, following the Sea Shepherd on a mission to harry and disrupt Japanese whaling vehicles off the coast of Antarctica.There were things that I found exasperating about this book In documenting some of the troubling oversights of activists anyone who s spent time in the animal rights world knows that sexism and other intersectionality fails are far too common, just as human rights activists so often fail to account for other species , Heller hims [...]

    23. L argomento davvero interessante, e per questo il libro aveva preso inizialmente 4 stelle Consiglio a chi lo vuole leggere di prenderlo in lingua originale, perch la traduzione italiana fa davvero schifo Mi chiedo dove prendano queste persone che arrancano per mettere insieme una frase, che poi in realt devi rileggere pi di una volta perch , a un certo punto, ti fermi e ti chiedi ma scusa, ma che cazzo ho letto .Peccato, perch se il testo scorresse in una lingua italiana decente e non in un ital [...]

    24. The book, The Whale Warrior by Peter Hellers, is based on a true story The theme of the novel is to do what is right The Japanese were killing innocent whales which breaks the international law A group of people set off to stop them from performing this treacherous act This is a great book to read because it makes you become aware of what is happening in the world today The basis of the story is a group of people on board a ship called The Farley One of which was the author, Peter Heller, who wa [...]

    25. the bad guys here are the japanese whalers who, flagrantly defying an international moratorium, go out each year to slaughter endangered whales no nation wants to confront the japanese greenpeace will go out and non violently bear witness but won t actively engage the whalers enter our heroes the sea shepherd conservation society and captain paul watson the controversial co founder of greenpeace who has since become the malcolm x to their mlk in their battle configured vessel, and flying under t [...]

    26. This book was an interesting read on how the crew desperately tries to stop whalers from killing this beautiful species Sadly, the book is mostly made up of their search for the boats in the vast sea and only twice does it talk about encountering the whaling ships It did not keep my interest enough and was quite long.

    27. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society seem to be doing what few others are intervening on behalf of the living creatures of the ocean I first encountered the insane but dedicated Captain Paul Watson in the movie version ofSharkwater and was in awe of all that Sea Shepherd gets up to.The Whale Warriors The Battle at the Bottom of the World to Save the Planet s Largest Mammals is a polemic adventure story and an important objective description of one of Sea Shepherd s anti whaling campaigns in the Ant [...]

    28. I read The Whale Warriors after reading the two incredible novels by Peter Heller and enjoying his style, but the impact the book has left on me goes way beyond loving the writing I ve since purchased the DVD s from the TV show, Whale Wars , and started watching it with my family, ordered a number of documentaries on the ocean and humanities impact on it and determined to make changes in my life that contribute to the situation e.g what seafood I eat, etc I ve known about the issues facing whale [...]

    29. I thought there d be mention of whales and the effects of whaling on the ocean and its ecosystems, but this was about the people aboard the Farley Mowat and Peter Heller s experience on the ship It felt like such a small fragment of the story that I didn t find it as engaging as I had expected.I ve worked with animal rescues, and I was reminded of several people I ve met and worked with while I was reading this book A large amount, though obviously not all, of the people who have such strong p [...]

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