No, David! (2020)

No David When author and artist David Shannon was five years old he wrote a semi autobiographical story of a little kid who broke all his mother s rules He chewed with his mouth open and full of food he jum
  • Title: No, David!
  • Author: David Shannon
  • ISBN: 9780590930024
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When author and artist David Shannon was five years old, he wrote a semi autobiographical story of a little kid who broke all his mother s rules He chewed with his mouth open and full of food , he jumped on the furniture, and he broke his mother s vase As a result, all David ever heard his mother say was No, David Here is his story.
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    1. Oh yes I ve read other people s reviews of this book I understand that it s pure catnip to Jasons, Ethans and Rebeccas throughout the land But until now, one perspective has been conspicuously absent So let me try to rectify that MY NAME IS DAVID AND I LOATHE THIS BOOK.Why Let me count the ways 1 The book s message is uniformly nihilistic throughout Instead of being taught to embrace life in all its infinite variety, the feral, razor toothed, wolf child is subjected to a constant stream of negat [...]

    2. My daughter has me read No, David to her all the time She giggles throughout the entire book Perhaps it has something to do with the part where little David runs out of the house naked LOL

    3. A classic among children s books, this book never ceases to amuse me David distinctly reminds me of my brother when he was an innocent blond Here s one memory of his countless antics.I ve always wondered what kind of person David would grow up to be While I have trouble envisioning a teenage David, I doubt he d be identical to my brother Still, I can t imagine that they d be markedly different All in all an endearing book.

    4. One of my favorite children s stories, probably because it reminds of me of my oldest son when he was small David seems prone to get in trouble, and even though he seems to have trouble behaving, his mommy loves him unconditionally We love the illustrations my grand daughter got the biggest kick out of the one where he has escaped down the street after his bath, running butt naked.

    5. My 2 year old son insists I give this book 5 stars I myself would give it three maybe even 2 since David is told NO so often without explanations of why or attempts at redirection but this is the one book my son brings to me time and time again I literally read it to him 6 times today He s adorable when he reads along with me So I guess that any book that gets such love from my 2 year old deserves 5 stars.

    6. No, David is David Shannon s first book of the David series and has won the Caldecott Honor Book Award, which it richly deserves that honor This book details the adventures of David being bad while his mother continually tells him NO, DAVID David Shannon s first attempt at making the David series is truly a masterpiece to this very day David Shannon s writing style is memorable as he writes in a simple preschool format that is easy enough for readers at a young age could relate to as he details [...]

    7. My middle son s favorite book as a child The little stinker he especially loved the part when David ran naked down the street to avoid a bath We giggled and giggled everytime we read this book together.Man I miss when my boys were little.

    8. Great series for 2 5 year olds My nephews loved to hear and see terrific illustrations the many ways naughty David got in trouble But no matter how bad David was, by the end of the book he knows that Mommy still loves him Also consider the follow ups David Goes To School, and David Gets in Trouble.You ll cringe at David s antics, and be thankful that your child isn t that bad

    9. I know this is a widely popular book and to my surprise I was not to fond of it The story shows David, a young boy constantly getting in trouble and in the end shows his mother, hugging him and stating she loves him I did not like this book for many reasons.The first reason was that his mom just keeps saying no or stop it, or something of that form there is never a reinforcer or punishment The second reason was that in addition to him not getting in trouble his mom just says yes David, I love yo [...]

    10. I have to add this Caldecott award winner to our children s favorite books Another wonderful David book, it had many things which both my 5 yr old and twin preschoolers could relate to Almost every page had them wide eyed with disbelief that there could be another kid out there that wants to get into the same trouble they do The pictures were enchanting and colorful and were enjoyed by our entire family, including grandma today By the end of the book, my twin 3 yr olds were all saying No David a [...]

    11. Love the colors, the drawings, love the reality of it This weekend I asked a guy if he d read this book to his son and he informed that no, he hadn t because it was too violent or scary or somethingh what David has jagged teeth that s true but, violent scary not so much I m kind of giving this book 5 stars because when ever I see it I ll think wow there s is actually a parent out there somewhere that is even neurotic than me And let s face it feeling superior in parenting for a change just feel [...]

    12. I loved this book This is the first picture book I have read since probably fourth grade and oh my gosh it made my day When you get into middle school you always have to read classics and poems and novels But I think if every once in a while you read a childrens book then it would put a smile on your face I like this book because it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would do weird things like David does and my mom would always tell me NO or stop that right now but in the end my parent [...]

    13. No, David By David ShannonThis story is about a young boy called David who is constantly being told the word NO Each new page shows a picture of David doing something he should not be doing like writing on the wall, reaching the cookie jar, stepping in the mud etc This story is amusing for children while reminding parents about what it is like to be a mischievous boy who is constantly being told no David may not be your picture perfect child but will give you and the children you read it to a lo [...]

    14. Great for storytime Lots of opportunities for interaction with the repeating refrain of No David Kids love it, they think it is hysterical I use it to talk about rules and lead into talking about what is and isn t okay to do in the library.

    15. This is a story of a bald trouble making boy named David Babies to children aged 6 will be captivated by his bad decisions and countless misfortunes as David s mother scolds him for his naughtiness page after page Each vivid double page illustration portrays a youthful childhood indiscretion that children will find hilarious Readers will see David climbing up the counter to reach for the cookie jar, running naked down the street, and what happens when you play baseball in the house Children will [...]

    16. This book by David Shannon had minimal text, but the illustrations fill in all the other details the reader s may need David, a boy who is consisting getting in trouble from his mom acts out and in the illustrations it shows what and where he is doing stuff The images are unrealistic looking, but because of this is makes the book unique in the illustrator drew them adding to David s character David has a triangular nose and a few pointy teeth, he is not scary looking but comical than anything e [...]

    17. I love this story Helps tell a story of what not to do in a fun way Helps generate discussion between parents and children about right and wrong And how, no matter how much you get in trouble, your parents will always love you.We ve borrowed this book several times and the girls just love it This book was selected as one of the books for the February 2017 Caldecott Honors 1998 2002 discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at.

    18. The reason I like this book is that children can relate to the story David gets in trouble over and over and hears No Every child can relate to this, whether the destruction is intentional or not Children always enjoy this book, and I often see them sitting independently looking through it This book is great for discussion on when we get in trouble, what we can do when we mess up, or other choices we can make that may keep us from getting into trouble.

    19. I wasn t enjoying that much, but at the end I could like it The message behind it is very beautiful.

    20. My younger son loves all of Shannon s books I can definitely see the appeal, and they re fun to look at, but they re not my favorites.

    21. No, David is a great book for young readers, a hilarious story of a boy who is always being told no David is found doing everything from stealing cookies from the cookie jar, to playing with his food, overflowing the bathtub, being too loud, or trying to fly He is always pushing the limits, him mom having to constantly tell him No, David One element of the text that stood out to me was the style of the font The words are not polished or typed they look like a child has written them in pencil I r [...]

    22. No, David Is a coming of age story written by David Shannon about a young boy, David, who is always being told no or in one way or another to stop doing what he s doing The book is extremely relatable for almost anyone who reads it and has a nice heart warming finish I really enjoyed this picture book, although the book had very little text it got its point across using the very limited amount of words and great pictures The reason the No, David book was so good to me is because it was so relata [...]

    23. No, David written by David Shannon, is a realistic fictional book that shows the events that happened when 5 year old David was misbehaving, causing his mother to scold him The first page says, David s mom always said No, David From there, David tries to steal cookies, tracks mud in the house, overflows the bathtub, runs around naked in the neighborhood, bangs pots and pans together, plays with his food, and eats with his mouth open until he is eventually sent to his room However, even when he i [...]

    24. Written by David Shannon, No, David tells the humorous narrative of a boy who gets into various hijinks From writing on the wall to running down the street without any clothes on, his mother always scolds him exclaiming, no, David Shannon s picturebook shows that a mother s love for her child overcomes everything, even after all of David s shenanigans I think the general idea of the picturebook is sweet and clever and the illustrations are beautifully drawn however, it gets a bit repetitive Youn [...]

    25. This book is about a young boy called David who does not do what his mum asks him and instead does some naughty things, such as eating with his mouthful and drawing on walls This book has a few words on each page and it is easy for young children to read The illustrations in this book are also vital because the author, David Shannon, does not say what David is doing wrong, instead, the images depict this this is a good book for children to learn to read and decode pictures, to find out what Davi [...]

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