Princess Nevermore (2020)

Princess Nevermore Princess Quinnella is quite familiar with Mandrian truths At she s still allowed to come and go as she wishes in the kingdom of Mandria visiting Melikar the wizard and playing at magic But she kn
  • Title: Princess Nevermore
  • Author: Dian Curtis Regan
  • ISBN: 9780590457590
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Princess Quinnella is quite familiar with Mandrian truths At 15, she s still allowed to come and go as she wishes in the kingdom of Mandria, visiting Melikar the wizard and playing at magic But she knows that as soon as she turns 16, she will become a woman A parade of suitors will court her until she chooses one or the king chooses one for her then comes marriage, chPrincess Quinnella is quite familiar with Mandrian truths At 15, she s still allowed to come and go as she wishes in the kingdom of Mandria, visiting Melikar the wizard and playing at magic But she knows that as soon as she turns 16, she will become a woman A parade of suitors will court her until she chooses one or the king chooses one for her then comes marriage, childbearing, and royal protocol But Quinn isn t ready for this life of predictability More than anything, she wants to travel to outer earth, the world above the wishing pool When a magical mishap sends her to Earth, Quinn gets far than she bargained for As she is drawn deeper into this strange new world of skateboards, Halloween dances, and pizza, danger and adolescent intrigue surround her There s only one problem she doesn t know how to return to Mandria, and she s not even sure she wants to
    Princess Never Dian Curtis Regan Oct , Princess Never has brilliantly written Characters This book is truly a page turner without exception New characters are introduced to us that are important for the sequel, Cam s Quest Princess Never is about a year old princess, Quinnella Quinn Princess Never Dian Curtis Regan Princess Never has become a Halloween costume I ve even been asked to provide a bigger image so trick or treaters can use it to create a costume Princess Never has also become an online moniker for girls on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, etc. Princess Never by Dian Curtis Regan Sep , First of all, Princess Quinella is essentially a manic pixie dream girl She is generally clueless and unintelligent throughout the whole book I was waiting for her to be redeemed, but she never really is other than making the smart but quick decision to return to Mandria. Princess Never by Dian Curtis Regan, Hardcover Princess Never is a delight and a real page turner, and once you start reading it you won t be able to put it down I recommend this book for readers of all ages I really enjoyed it, and have returned to it over and over again for the last ten years. PRINCESS NEVERMORE by Dian Curtis Regan Kirkus Reviews Princess Quinnella of Mandria, set to turn and be married off, has often longed for the world she has seen on the other side of the wishing pool Earth When she accidentally finds herself there, she learns that life, though difficult, is far freer than in Mandria, and she falls in love. Princess Never book by Dian Curtis Regan Princess Never is a cleverly written story that shows the author s lively imagination It reads quickly and smoothly and is ideal for young people who are just on the edge of becoming avid young readers. Princess Never Download Pdf ePub eBook Princess Never by Dian Curtis Regan Book Resume When a fifteen year old Mandrian princess makes a wish in a wizard s circle, she winds up on Earth alone and without the
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    1. This is a solid book that would be very enjoyable to the middle school and perhaps freshman aged girl There is nothing offensive or objectionable, from a parents stand point I actually, from my jaded world view I suppose kept expecting the bad guy to do something truly heinous, and while he was still a bad guy, his monstrosity never left the middle school spectrum.I would have devoured this as a young girl, and even as an adult I enjoyed this sweet tale.The story is of a young girl who lives in [...]

    2. If you read this book at the right age elementary school to middle school , you will absolutely never forget it To this day it occupies, like, a holy grail spot in my mind definitely on a pedestal Reread it last summer and no, it doesn t hold up Definitely have to catch it at the right time, and it will honestly GLOW in your memory Note there are differences between this version the older paperback and the newer, hardcover one, which I discovered reading them in parallel First of all, this one i [...]

    3. 5 stars This is about a girl, a princess in fact, and is lonely and longs for an adventure Her best friend is a wizard s apprentice and he secretly loves her A bit slumsy with magic though, he accidentally sends her to the outside world They live underground She soon meets a cute blonde guy and so the drama begins Read this and be blown away And be ready for tears

    4. I remember reading this in middle school and absolutely loving it I look forward to re reading it now that I have re discovered it s name and bought a copy.

    5. I m not sure how I d feel about this NOW but I know I really did like this when I first read it.

    6. I have A LOT of opinions about this book First of all, Princess Quinella is essentially a manic pixie dream girl She is generally clueless and unintelligent throughout the whole book I was waiting for her to be redeemed, but she never really is other than making the smart but quick decision to return to Mandria When two boys want to fight over her, she lets them instead of just being independent and making her own decision of who she wants to be with Also, she is fifteen and these nearly 18 year [...]

    7. Very Mary Sue ish, for those who speak that vernacular The writing had a certain stilted tone that connects with fanfic in my brain, and for the most part things happen TO the heroine as she bumbles along not taking responsibility for anything The ending is particularly Mary Sue ish, because I think the reader is supposed to feel sad at the romance of it all, while I m just annoyed with the heroine s selfishness.OTOH, it s a quick read and held my attention than I expected it to, and had a coup [...]

    8. So I m reading Neverwhere, which involves an underground version of London, and I remembered that, in middle school, I had read some terrible cum awesome young adult novel about a princess that lives underground who falls through a wishing well and ends up above ground And, of course, she has to go to high school, and falls in love with some generic cool high school dude, and then she has to choose between true love or her home destiny You know, because that storyline is not at all contrived.Any [...]

    9. I didn t like this book al that much It was a good enough read during the duration, but thinking about the story now that I finished it a few hours ago, it just wasn t a great book I don t think Quenn s actions throughout fit the situations she was in She didn t seem to be all that much of a stranger to our world, and after hearing about but not actually seeing Disney s Enchanted, the idea of a princess falling through a wishing well into our world seems overdone Yes I know this book was written [...]

    10. I was in 8th grade, and I really enjoyed this, having read it around the same time as my best friend so we could reminisce over it together What I remember both of us wondering, though, was why everyone found this girl so attractive above ground away from her cavernous kingdom The way she is described and then the way that boys seemed to fawn all over her made us laugh a little But then, we were mere jealous 8th graders, envious of male attentions of any sort oh it starts, lol.

    11. For some reason, this book worked my nerve It shouldn t have It s just a shallow, somewhat bland tale of a princess from a magical land who visits modern day well, 90s Earth She goes to high school, falls in love, blah blah blah I like the concept and mostly enjoyed it in the movie Enchanted and probably other stories that aren t coming to mind , but here it just fell flat It might ve been the author s choice to have the princess use odd language choices to show how different she is every girl i [...]

    12. this book was published in 1995, but started as a short story in 1975, and the age shows the only female characters are of course pitted against each other over the affections of this aggressive jerk a guy the princess doesn t even want but she can t reject his affections because of archaic societal rules explicitly, the rules from her own kingdom, but also sadly the unspoken rules of our earth everyone is REALLY cavalier about this guy becoming aggressive when he daydrinks at high school and th [...]

    13. I was told to choose a book to read back in 2013 for my seventh grade English class Considering that I hadn t really read a complete chapter book before I chose this I soaked up the entire book, and since then, I ve wanted to read the second installment, and hopefully I ll be able to soon.The main characters are still young and learning, and it shows that the adults, despite knowing all knowledge in most children s stories, are still learning like the children All of the characters have flaws, w [...]

    14. This was my favorite fantasy book as a girl It s about a princess who travels into the non magic earth world and meets a boy and falls in love This is a great romance fantasy genre for middle schoolers because there s nothing inappropriate I ve read it several times The much awaited sequel wasn t as good but then again by the time it came out, maybe a decade later, I was already much too old for the series.

    15. I read this book when I was younger and I absolutely loved it This was one premise that stuck in my head even to this day.

    16. Well written, with a strong heroine I enjoyed the friendships and sweet romances A pretty good middle grade book.

    17. 2013 REVIEW I could not begin to write how I loved this book It was my first book, and I m thankful, that no matter the heartbreak I obtained from this one, the bookworm in me did ironic flipbacksTAILED REVIEW AFTER REREADING IN 2017 Four years later, and I m rediscovering things about this book.Firstly, that though the writing wasn t as stellar as the younger me remembers it to be, the story is still captivatingly endearing keeps you up on your toes with the right dose of page turning suspense [...]

    18. This review was written by Elizabeth Manthos for Dark Matter Zine This and reviews, interviews etc are on Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine darkmatterzine Princess Never follows the story of the Princess Quinella of Mandria, a magical world beneath our own Ever since she could, Quinn would stare through the wishing pool into our world outer earth Fifteen year old Quinn wasn t ready for the responsibility of running a kingdom, getting married and producing heirs and a magical mishap sends Qui [...]

    19. I honestly don t know what I enjoyed so much about this book when I think back on it now I d read it several years ago and I remembered enjoying it, but re reading it now again, I found myself slightly annoyed throughout most of it It s not a malicious and frustrated type of annoyance though, I ll give the book that The main character just bothered me mainly because of her reasonable ignorance It was a cute story, but overall, besides the couple of interesting concepts of a magical realm underne [...]

    20. Regan captivated me with this novel eleven years ago I ll never forget it Princess Never helped to further expand my imagination and took me on a journey I ll never forget for as long as I live I still remember the day I got the book and how I took it home that evening and read it straight through It jumpstarted me into reading YA fantasy and I ve been loving that genre ever since This edition of Princess Never by Dian Curtis Regan is the new 2006 edition with added characters and added scenes I [...]

    21. I saw this book at my library and thought, Hmmmm Sounds interesting This book was indeed interesting I haven t read it in a while, but I remember remembering that it was really good.I recall being upset when the evil main character stole the main object of the story the ring Princess Quinn lives in a magical underground kingdom At fifteen years old, she s allowed to travel out on her own She explores, and climbs up the winding staircase to the strange tower that is the Wizard Mikiar s home In hi [...]

    22. This is another novel I rated high merely because it was an enjoyable read rather than something deep.Quinn is a princess whose wit surprised me Too often in YA novels do I see a heroine with poor intuition Quinn, on the other hand, proved to be much intelligent Despite her ignorance to outer earth, she still thought many of her decisions through The only problem is her situation with Adam It felt rushed that they only knew each other for a few days and became deeply in love soon after I felt b [...]

    23. Quinn is a princess, in a magic filled world which is below this one The only thing connecting our world with hers is an enchanted wishing well Quinn and her friend Cam have always wanted to travel to this world through the wishing well to see how things are, and one day they snatch the opportunity to do so Things go wrong though, and Quinn travels through without Cam, and without knowing how to get back to her own world.Luckily, she is met by 2 teenagers, a boy and girl, and their grandfather T [...]

    24. I thought this was a good enough read, I don t think I read it than once The high school scenes were funny and the duel on skateboards was great I thought it was as awkward as amazing the idea that the Princess and the boy on the correct me if I m wrong Ferris Wheel tell students their cousins, and then go to the dance together Did she ever go to the dance I don t remember I thought the ending where she disappears into the pond to be a little bit of a let down, but the bittersweet was nice I li [...]

    25. This book is a fantasy book, set in a modern day city in the United States This book is really good to read if you like stories about princesses, but stories that aren t too guessable and typical The main character, Quinn, has only ever known her life below the pool, as a Mandarin princess.The pool is a wishing pool inside of a park, where people can throw their coins into it and make wishes However, these people do not know that beneath the pool lives a whole other world of the Mandarin people, [...]

    26. This is an easy and quick read seemingly meant for the tween age group, but this story provides a good lesson to all Quinn, like many people, is enticed by the old the grass is greener on the other side belief when she has to choose between her world, where she is a princess, and our world During her time in the real world, she begins to understand that it is not as amazing as she fantasized about, though it has its benefits Adam is her love interest, though I felt the romance was poorly develop [...]

    27. I loved this book when I was a kid teen and decided recently that I had a hankering to reread it So I bought a copy on for under 1 and tore through it.Not quite as charming as I remembered very typical old school YA fiction Pretty strict gender roles, princess stuff, sparkly gowns, etc It still had charm because I was so nostalgic for it but I think that was the best aspect of it Quinn is a bit headstrong but not rebellious, and ultimately is a bit too timid for my liking now I was a lot timid [...]

    28. Read this years and years ago about middle school age probably I really enjoyed the story, and when the movie enchanted came out a few years back i was all like, I read that plot in a book somewhere It was this one I was thinking of Of course with changes such as the main characters being in school and such I do remember the joust which our crush well the princess s crush lost so then she had to go to the school dance with the school bully, who tried to kiss her without permission which sent her [...]

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