Code Name: Baby (2020)

Code Name Baby Federal agent Wolfe Houston is charged with tracking down and protecting four biologically enhanced puppies and their trainer Kit O Halloran who is thrust into a world of subterfuge and Wolfe s embr
  • Title: Code Name: Baby
  • Author: Christina Skye
  • ISBN: 9780373770694
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Federal agent Wolfe Houston is charged with tracking down and protecting four biologically enhanced puppies and their trainer, Kit O Halloran, who is thrust into a world of subterfuge and Wolfe s embrace Original.
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      Christina Skye

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    1. 2.5 Stars Kit O Holloran is a renowned dog trainer She s currently working with four exceptional young dogs on her ranch in New Mexico The pups are exceptional than Kit realizes, though Genetically and technologically enhanced superdogs, they re slated to be the next cutting edge weapons of the special Foxfire military unit They re highly valuable and at the top of the top secret pile.So is former Navy SEAL Wolfe Houston.One of Foxfire s top operatives, he s just as technologically and genetica [...]

    2. Having enjoyed the first two Code Name books, I went into this one eagerly, but was quickly thrown for a loop The hero, Wolfe Houston, a military man as are the heroes in the previous books, is part of a very elite group who all have some sort of psychic ability I was not expecting that touch of the paranormal and it took my mind a bit to adjust to it However, I then got involved in the story pretty quickly, for awhile anyway Kit is a dog trainer who contracts with the military, and is currently [...]

    3. Parts of this book were ok Other parts I didn t like And it seemed to DRAG ON and ON because of this I got this book at the library sale, because I LOVED Christina Skye s Draycott Abbey series And I thought wow , a Christina Skye book with dogs What could a romance reader and animal LOVER want I liked Kit and Wolf And of course loved the 4 Black Labs Baby, Diesel, Butch and Sundance Especially LOVED Baby and Diesel Wish Christina would ve delved MORE into Wolfe Kit s relationship as kids though [...]

    4. The first books in this series were light romantic suspense As it progressed it got a little intense and the last book had touches of bizarre This book is just outright bizarre Genetically and technologically enhanced humans and animals You need a score card and even then you can t tell the good guys from the bad My favorite character, Izzy Tegue, has a role playing the awesome tech guru I really wish he would get his own book Wolfe, a genetically and technologically enhanced navy SEAL, is part [...]

    5. Baby To The RescueThe story is full of suspense with some traces of romance and humor Baby is not human, she is a dog Baby and her companions steal the story and they are absolutely devoted to Kit Kit is a respected dog trainer living on borrowed time She doesn t let the crippling arthritis slowly working their way into her joints stop her from doing the work she loves Things heat up for her when Wolfe, an old childhood crush shows up at her ranch What she doesn t know is that Wolfe is there for [...]

    6. I couldn t get into it I loved Code Name Nanny and Code Name Princess But this felt outlandish Which is odd coming from me, since I love paranormal and usually wouldn t have a problem with psychic spies and such However, in this series, I was reading it because it had a sense of realism and it just felt like a big stretch to have people controlling animals with their minds, animals that are smarter than humans but still had loyalty to humans, and humans who can project visions and locked in cont [...]

    7. Light romance a genetically enhanced Navy SEAL protects a female dog trainer woman and her genetically enhanced Lab puppies.Said woman, Kit, is predictibly the sister of a fellow Navy SEAL, and the guy protecting Kit knows her from years ago.The twist of the Navy SEAL and dogs being genetically enhanced, and the details no spoiler about the bad guy s he is protecting Kit from put this a cold nose above the run of the mill romance.Plus, of course, the dogs woof Loved the Rotties Labs

    8. Another great book by Christina Skye This one is about a group of men who have been trained and medically enhanced to be faster and stronger than the average military soldier Wolfe Houston was just one of these men and he needed to keep safe the sister of one of his best friends in the program He knew Kit O Halloran since she was a kid but she had grown up and for the best.Kit trained dogs for the military and was very good at her job but there were others who wanted these dogs for other purpose [...]

    9. Totally not working for me DNF It s freaking me out that Wolfe name and the dogs have basically had the same techn0 genetic upgrades And there are way too many holes Why did Cruz go crazy and why wouldn t everyone else since they have been completely jerked with I m creeped out by the enhancements I can see picking men with natural abilities fast, good eyesight, empathetic, etc and training them to be better but satellite chips are just way too tin foil hat for me I d rather read about werewolve [...]

    10. More like 3.5 I enjoyed this book and the reappearance of Izzy However, the government developed super powers were a little over the top I did like the relationship between Kit and Wolfe and that she finally got what she has been dreaming of with him I adored the dogs, their superpowers were endearing and not over the top I am still enjoying this series and look forward to the next story I hope that since it will be about Miki, and I m assuming Trace, that means that Kit and Wolfe will be making [...]

    11. Spoiler alert The whole premise of the elite trained to be telepathic with both animals and humans was a bit unbelievable especially with the animals I could not finish this one and it is rare that I am unable to read a book The relationship between the main characters and wanting to see how it progressed kept me interested but not for long Once the hawk attacked the waitress and forced her to walk in front of a tractor trailer truck I was done with this bizarre book

    12. A somewhat entertaining read dealing with secret government projects Baby is actually a black Lab, one of four super intelligent puppies being trained by Kit at her ranch in the New Mexico desert But Kit and the pups are in danger so enter in teenage love interest, now a government project himself, to protect her But the real life question is Just what are those secret military stations up to

    13. I loved the idea of this book almost as much as the story itself I love original stories and I have never read anything with super dogs that actually kept my attention P would loved to had info about what was REALLY going on, but it s a romance book, not a bestseller Loved it for what it was.

    14. At first, I didn t think I was going to make it very far into this book, however I decided to read a few pages I am so glad I made that decision I really loved this book and I want to find some of the other books by this author I really enjoyed the style of writing and the mix of adventure, romance, and a bit of mystery.

    15. I loved this book This book is a continuation of the Foxfire, Navy Seal series Wolfe Houston is the Seal and Kit O Halloran is a dog trainer who starts training Foxfire dogs When crazy former Seal Cruz escapes from custody, it is the start of a very intense plot Great story

    16. Loved the puppies in this one This is part of a series It can be read alone, but reading the series in order is the preferred way to enjoy these books The characters flow from one book to another Hot guy, smart lady, tight plot, and adorable pups What could you ask for

    17. This book was a great story I ve never actually read a Christina Skye novel before, and I have to say, I would definitely be willing to read this one again, as well as any others that might come out In fact, there are some I ve seen listed that I m itching to get my hands on

    18. A lazy day excape kind of book full of suspense, action,and romance Not all reading has to teach you something and this was a few hours of shameless endulgence in the un reality.This book was one of the great chic lit books that made it to me by the chain of women at my mother in laws work.

    19. A good read for those of us finishing classes No brain cells required.Intersting genetically enhanced soldier and underground military with a lot of ham thrown in.

    20. Pretty entertaining, good if you want something mindless and quick to read The story was pretty far out there, but it brought fantastic elements of humor and action.

    21. This was an okay entry in the series but I found it a bit hard to believe what the Foxfire unit was capable of.

    22. it was okay even thought the dogs were a delightful character have in there, i felt like they got in the way of a lot of things it was an okay book.

    23. This is actually Book 3 of the Code Name series I felt like this book was slower than the rest of them It was good, but 1 2 were way better.

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