Loving Women (2020)

Loving Women A novel of the Fifties Michael Devlin is going through his third divorce and trying to go back to a time when his life was simpler and he was understood
  • Title: Loving Women
  • Author: Pete Hamill
  • ISBN: 9780307799661
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • A novel of the Fifties Michael Devlin is going through his third divorce and trying to go back to a time when his life was simpler and he was understood.
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      Pete Hamill

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    1. His use of language is always good But I found this book to be one of his lesser accomplishments I acknowledge that this was some sort of fictional riff on his time in the US Navy But the central romance around the plot seemed very contrived and forced to me I ve enjoyed some of his other works a lot and was somewhat disappointed in this one But he s still one of my favorite authors and this some called dud is better than others I have read in the past John Irving comes to mind whom I think can [...]

    2. Loving Women was written before Snow in August where we meet Michael Devlin as an Irish Catholic kid in 1940 s Brooklyn, Michael is now all of seventeen and in the U S Navy in 1953 Hamill is a master storyteller whose prose is tough and gritty and violent it is also tender and lyrical, full of magic, and achingly beautiful Africa and the story of The People is a recurrent theme in all of Hamill s stories of New York and comes to fruition in Forever where at last, in a different incarnation, Mich [...]

    3. Just finished this wonderful book a little while ago I probably would never have picked it up, because between the cover and the name it sounded like chick lit and I m not that much of a fan However, this book has broad appeal and specially to guys It s the story of a young man who joins the Navy in 1953 and finds out about life Hamill, the author, blends in so much of the racial and social history of the time and develops the characters beautifully This is a great book and it s looking for a ne [...]

    4. It was an okay read Felt like it started dragging about mid way, so I skimmed to the end I m not sure what to make of the fact that Hamill didn t keep his canon straight from this book to the Snow in August prequel that was written after this one In this book, Michael Devlin s mother is the one who died and his father is still alive In Snow in August , Devlin s father was killed in WWII and his mom is still alive But at least there was no mythical Golem to pop up at the end of this one.

    5. Another solid effort from a favorite author, filled with historical details that make it feel authentic Michael Devlin, a kid from Brooklyn who enlisted in the Navy during the Korean conflict, is stationed in Pensacola, Florida, and falls in love with a woman there who teaches him about love and life and sacrifice The characters are complex, and the action is lusty and at times violent Layered over this is a commentary on various prejudices that were prevalent at the time Not for the squeamish, [...]

    6. i like this writer this is the second book i have read of his and i liked this one, too i have read reviews of this book from great to terrible it s about a sailor near the end of the korean war and the one woman he can t forget i have also read reviews that claim there is way too much graphic sex the book and while there is quite a bit, isn t that what sailors think about not a bad book at all

    7. This book is deceptive it appeared to be a basic beach book, but turned out to have much depth than I expected It s 1953 and Michael, our 18 years old protaganist is traveling to Pensacola for his first Navy assignment He is traveling by bus and meets a woman he cannot get out of his mind Flashforward 30 years later and he is on his way back to Pensacola to recover much of what he lost that year.

    8. What a let down this book was I bought it soon after reading Pete Hamill s Forever which I loved If there actually was a plot to this story, it was overshadowed by the graphic sexual details which were out of place in this book and totally unnecessary.

    9. This was the first Pete Hamill book I encountered I was totally blown away by his ability to draw me into the action and to keep me glued to the page.His character development is deep, original, and sometimes haunting THeir predicaments are likewise I m a major fan.

    10. One of my least favorite by Pete Hamill Takes place in Florida where Hamill was apparently stationed in the Navy, as is his character Still a good read, but felt written for a male audience.

    11. Well written story of an 18 Yr old sailor falling for a 30 yr old woman A little too graphic for an otherwise great writer But I finished in spite of it.

    12. I was deeply touched by this melancholy story I would like to discuss this book with others who had a similar response.

    13. This book moved right along The race relations in the 50s was described very well Also the end of wwii The plot moved right long and I didn t want to put it own.

    14. A coming of age book Michael from Brooklyn goes to Florida during his stint in the Navy and quickly learns how different people are outside of New York.

    15. Quite an interesting story that it was going to be fluff stuff Guy in the Navy makes friends, meets woman.

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