Joan: Forty Years of Life, Loss and Friendship with Joan didion (2020)

Joan Forty Years of Life Loss and Friendship with Joan didion Joan Forty Years of Life Loss and Friendship with Joan Didion is Sara Davidson s intimate loving portrait of one of America s most revered and private writers It is a treasure trove of Didion s no
  • Title: Joan: Forty Years of Life, Loss and Friendship with Joan didion
  • Author: Sara Davidson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Joan Forty Years of Life, Loss, and Friendship with Joan Didion is Sara Davidson s intimate, loving portrait of one of America s most revered and private writers It is a treasure trove of Didion s no nonsense wisdom about the art of literature and life, and about the power of both endurance and surrender.
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      Sara Davidson

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    1. I must have downloaded this Byliner Original for cheap or free back when it first came out, and in my Summer of Joan Didion it was the perfect thing to whet my appetite for the full length biography that s out next week Whet my appetite it did, and it was great to learn a bit about Joan Didion and hear some of what she has to say But Sara Davidson, who inserted herself into the story as Joan s friend and fellow writer, came across as rather callow What s , writing about Joan Didion sets her up [...]

    2. There were only a handful or even less books that influenced me deeply after reading The Year of Magical Thinking by Didion was one of them This particular book she wrote right after her husband s death from heart attack The grief and pain in the book were so raw and deep that I could feel my own heart being torn into pieces I purchased her newest book, Blue Nights, on publication date, but decided to put it aside until I m actually emotionally stable enough to devour another sad book from her M [...]

    3. Although this is a short read, it is extremely moving Literary journalist Sara Davidson discusses her long friendship with author Joan Didion She first met Didion in 1971, as a young reporter full of admiration, and found herself welcomed into the author s life and family There are tales of dinner parties in LA and a disconcerting story about Davidson s problems with a young nanny, whom she had employed to look after her son However, this is not really about Hollywood actors or the film industry [...]

    4. Interesting story of two friends I thought it interesting that they had some of the same teachers at Berkley, but at different times.Joan is a very private woman so it took a friend to crack the center Years ago, I read several of her books and then, of course, The Year of Magical Thinking She has been criticized for working her way through things, like her husband s death, in a book which made it kind of public She responds by saying that is how she works through everything, by writing about it [...]

    5. After I read the last two books by Joan Didion, this short work gave further insight into Joan Didion as a person and how she confronts loss and aging.

    6. Brief but informativeWorth the price for the story of Warren Beatty s failed pass at Joan This would not be feasible, she said Read this after watching the Netflix documentary on Joan by her nephew This little book helped fill in the story.

    7. Writer Yet she still possessed the ability to render in breathtaking prose what it is to be human.Marriage She believes that romantic love is different from marriage Romantic love goes away Gone It can t last your entire life She doesn t find romantic love interesting, because it has a sameness Marriage is something else It s a determination and it grows, rather than going away The investment you have in it, the you get out of it Then why do so many end in divorce It takes two people who are w [...]

    8. A short book I was just a bit too young to say I was a woman of the 60s, and when I read the preview of this book, I wanted to read it right away Inspiring Joan Didion lived a life on the lovely Paciific Coast, and though she was awarded handsomely with the friendships of Celebrities and Writers and other creative people, she had much sadness She survived, and reading her story meant a lot to me, the belief that she would get through what she had to get through The same words used by my Mom, whe [...]

    9. This was an interesting read If you haven t read anything by Joan Didion, you probably wouldn t be interested I ve read two things by her, so it was intriguing She has some great insights on writing obviously, since she is an award winning writer I actually thought about reading some of it to my freshmen I don t think that Joan and I would ever be friends Although I don t think she really is, she comes off as cold and self interested even before experiencing such tragedy Davidson s writing is ok [...]

    10. This was the first book I read on my new Paperwhite Kindle It is a Kindle Short that was perfect in bed reading for those 2 4 AM wakeups I appreciated Davisdon s spare style and learning about Joan Didion a writer, woman, wife, and mother This combination writer, woman, wife, mother hit the jackpot in terms of my reading passions I also chose this book as my first Kindle Short because I recognized the author, Sara Davidson, and loved her book Loose Change which I read and enjoyed many, many yea [...]

    11. As a fan of Joan Didion and of Sara Davidson, this is like being invited to dinner at the home of two fascinating women Sara s admiration and intuitive understanding of her subject are palpable and this short form suits the subject perfectly A fully satisfying read

    12. Good insight into Joan Didion and her friendship with Sara Nicely written Quick read I would recommend if you re a fan of Joan.

    13. LOVED IT Great view of Joan as a person It did end a bit quickly but only because I was enjoying it Great ideas on how Joan chose to live life and also her views on being true to herself.

    14. Love JDJoan is a class act She has endured a lot and made it through on her own terms Enjoyed reading this book.

    15. Being a writer myself, this was an interesting look at the intertwined lives of two writers the subject, Joan Didion, and the author, Sara Davidson both of whom I admire.

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