Waltzing with the Wallflower (2020)

Waltzing with the Wallflower The Season has only just begun but already Ambrose Benson Earl of Hawthorne is bored That is until his brother offers him a challenge Something worthy of his particular talents The object The girl h
  • Title: Waltzing with the Wallflower
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken Leah Sanders
  • ISBN: 9781621350224
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • The Season has only just begun, but already Ambrose Benson Earl of Hawthorne is bored That is, until his brother offers him a challenge Something worthy of his particular talents.The object The girl hiding behind the potted plants the one in the horrible dress.The goal Turn her into the envy of the ton A lady suitable for a duke.But there is just something about theThe Season has only just begun, but already Ambrose Benson Earl of Hawthorne is bored That is, until his brother offers him a challenge Something worthy of his particular talents.The object The girl hiding behind the potted plants the one in the horrible dress.The goal Turn her into the envy of the ton A lady suitable for a duke.But there is just something about the lady In spite of all her social misgivings, something inexplicably draws him in, making him want to waltz with the wallflower.
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      Rachel Van Dyken Leah Sanders

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    1. One bet One unplanned falling in love I would have probably liked this if I had read it before Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake.

    2. This was a delightful short I felt I actually got to know the characters despite it s length I would love to see a series based on the three men or perhaps the idea expanded to a full novel.My only quibble was the kiss at the ball at the end it is unlikely considering the times regardless of the couple.

    3. Take a wallflower of one and twenty, recently released from indentured servitude, add two bored rakes, twins, no less, and a bet And stir The result a pleasant regency romance I can only say that I wish it were longer and fully developed.

    4. Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspAn entertaining glimpse of London s Season during the Regency Period, Waltzing With The Wallflower races along with humor, shallowness, and boredom of young noblemen who don t consider the damage they may do when they make a bet involving a misfit too old debutante.Cordelia, with disgraced parents, is sponsored for a Season by an aunt and uncle, but her reputation, not of her own doing, makes her prospects of finding a husband slim to none She hates the [...]

    5. Ambrose and Cordelia It s basically She s All That I realize it was a novella, but the story was way too rushed I ve read novellas before where the love story was believable, but this isn t one of them The hero kept having to explain his actions because they didn t make sense Cordelia also comes out of her shell rather quickly, although I give the authors leeway with that because of the format I really wanted to know about her past and I think a full length story that fleshed out both the main [...]

    6. This was a fun one It s a short story so things move along quickly I liked Ambrose and Cordelia, they had good Chemistry I liked Ambrose s twin Anthony, even though they look identical they had unique personalities I look forward to reading Anthony s story I did think the bet angle was a little underwhelming It was nothing mean spirited and I didn t understand why she was so upset, again it wasn t meant to be mean, but to help her Overall, I thought it was enjoyable.I am always curious how two p [...]

    7. This was a fun and delightful novella, a sweet little romantic story, the kind of story I like to call a Cinderella story If you want something deeper to read you won t care for this book However, there are times when I just want to read a short fun story, because I don t have two days to devote to a longer novel It was a fun plot and I hope they write Anthony s story next, I would like to know what happens to him and their friend Wilde also.

    8. It was a sweet romance I love reading about wallflowers One of the reasons I enjoyed it might be because I am 21 and also a wallflower and I could relate with the characters feelings It made me think that I want to find a Ambrose or his twin I love that they took time to talk to the girls who were on the side lines I finished this book in a few hours, I give it 4 stars.

    9. On page 28 of 85 Ebook and I ll be honest,I can t wait to see how this book ends and how come the twin bothers come to a duel over the wallflower.It doesn t seem so bad being a wallflower after reading this book.Twin brothers,a bet,a duel,a pretty wallflower Quick ,good read.

    10. I liked the book but I felt as if a piece of the story was missing The piece where they fell in love When they realised their love for each other I was thinking when did that happen

    11. I m a longtime fan of both Rachel VanDyken and Leah Sanders, and this little novella has been on my bookshelf for years Now that I ve finally read it, I m ready to jump into the next two in the series Identical almost Ambrose and Anthony and their friend Colin make a delicious trio as they steal the hearts of all the debutantes in London I loved watching Cordelia come into her own.

    12. Cute story about twins bored with the upcoming Season, looking to make it interesting After making a wager, Ambrose seeks out the girl hiding in the corner behind the potted plant He, his twin Anthony and their friend Wilde proceed to get Cordelia out from the corner to enjoy the dancing What Ambrose wasn t prepared for is how he would lose his heart to this unassuming shy girl.

    13. Twin brothers, Ambrose and Anthony, seem to be dedicated bachelor s, turning every Season into a game for their amusement Bored to tears with the current batch of polite society, a bet is struck Turn this year s wallflower, a young woman who s family name has been drug through the mud, into the most sought after woman in town I have never been much for short stories, so I wasn t sure what to expect from this book At only 75 pages, I wondered whether it could really draw me in I have to say that [...]

    14. Waltzing with the Wallflower doesn t have any redeeming qualities that I can think of and I finished it five seconds ago The writing is stilted and though the main characters are described as clever, the dialogue doesn t come close Ambrose and Cordelia are far less interesting than the narrative would suggest, especially given that Cordelia spent several years as an indentured servant It s a detail that probably ought shape her experience and perspective, but it scarcely seems to On the one occa [...]

    15. Waltzing With The Wallflower is the story of twin brothers Anthony and Ambrose Benson, the two most handsome men in the ton, and what happens when one dares the other to focus their charm and attention on an assuming, innocent young girl who wants nothing than to shy away from the limelight Anthony Benson is the instigator of this bet, and Ambrose Benson the charmer who undertakes the transformation of Lady Cordelia into the belle of the ball, rather than someone who hides behind the pot plants [...]

    16. A sweet, charming romantic romp As much a delight to the senses as ice cream on a summer afternoon.

    17. It s a annual habit for Ambrose and his twin Anthony to pick a worthy debutante of the season to dote on and make her a huge success But this year, Ambrose is bored of picking the cream of the crop so Anthony decides to make this year challenging He chooses the most awkward and scandulous Cordelia as the pick of the season I had to start laughing as Ambrose glibly starts behaving as if Cordelia is just the most remarkable and beautiful woman he s ever seen even as she stumbles around cluelessly [...]

    18. Im Moment lese ich mich gerade durch alle B cher von Rachel van Dyken durch und da war es nur eine Frage der Zeit bis ich zur Waltzing with the Wallflower Serie kam.Wer historische Romane aus dem viktorianischen England mag, der wird die Reihe lieben vielleicht auch nicht Hier wird nicht viel ber kleidung oder Anstandsregeln erkl rt, es geht n mlich gleich los.Die Zwillinge Ambrose und Anthony sind DIE Junggesellen im ton Wen die zwei sich in der Saison aussuchen, der wird eine gute Partie mache [...]

    19. Such a great novella, just like the rest of Rachel Van Dyken s stories I was so enthralled that once I picked the book up and started reading it, I just could not put it down until I was finished You just fall in love with Cordelia s character and just can t help but feel for her when things don t go as they should Of course, now I have to read Beguiling Bridget and then Taming Wilde when it is released Between Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders, I have just kept my Nook Color busy the past few w [...]

    20. Mostly, this suffered due to length It s SO short and there were these interesting glimpses of characters, but there just wasn t the page time to develop them And relationships that happen because of a bet are SO tricky and this just wasn t long enough to properly handle it view spoiler Plus, I was pretty disappointed that he lied when she asked him what was going on The truth would ve worked fine in that situation hide spoiler But I kind of want to read the other two, I think.

    21. Good novella, but why, oh why, didn t the authors make this a full book Good story even though it s a been there told that tale before and likable characters, I just wanted it fleshed out It was very rushed If it were developed a bit I think it would have been much easier to discern between the 3 male leads voices Overall, a good story by author authors I d like to read from.

    22. This was a cute little story I actually wish it was embellished than it was I found I liked Anthony better then AmbroseI didn t like Ambrose name I found it weird So, I really shouldn t hold it against him, should I I would recommend this book, especially if you ve read a really heavy series prior too this It is a nice fluffy little peice does not require much thought at all.

    23. This was a cute little novella I found it to be entertaining without too much fluff or mush It is a very quick read and flows smoothly from one page to the next I m usually not big on romance stories, but this was sweet and funny I rather enjoyed it and recommend it to any fans of romance out there But if your looking for a salacious indulgence, then you may want to pass it up as there is little to none in this piece.

    24. I stumbled on this book and I m so freaking glad I did It was so short unfortunately but so funny and engaging I loved this book from first to the last word Both the twins Ambrose and Anthony were hilarious as well as charming The heroine Cordelia even held her own in this story The storyline of course was a bit farfetched and predictable but it was still a great read I will have to keep this Cinderella story on my book shelf And now, off to read

    25. Rating 4 starsA pretty short story enough to satisfy my craving for a good historical romance.Ambrose Benson is tired of the current Season And so, his brother and friend decided on a bet To make whomever they choose as the toast of the ton Little did he know the secret behind the wallflowerOur insight into both the male and female lead is delightful I ve never known foliages to be soting.

    26. Wit, passion and adventure It all adds up to one exciting season as the brothers agree to a bet for Ambrose to turn the wallflower into the envy of the ton I ll be clearing out my shelf to make room for books by Rachel and Leah For my full review that includes the level of sex, violence, etc check out More Than a Review

    27. 3.5 stars Had to take a.5 star off for content.It didn t seem like a novella, very well developed.Fun, regency read that was mostly clean I really enjoyed reading it Moral Note Some heavy drinking in the Prologue at the end of the book The first few pages mentions shedding clothes and going into bedrooms , but nothing graphic Some passionate kisses, and a few mild innuendos.

    28. I wish it was longer P It seems a bit disjointed at times like the authors listed the scenes they want to put in and pasted them together Nevertheless, it is still delightful I got the feeling I ve been missing from my recent romance reads kilig which according to the link translates to twitterpated.

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