Dangerous (2020)

Dangerous Librarian s note an alternate cover edition for ASIN B JMNQDGEighteen year old Ria a fire elemental and privileged student at the University of Magic thinks nothing can get in the way of her happi
  • Title: Dangerous
  • Author: Alycia Linwood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note an alternate cover edition for ASIN B006JMNQDGEighteen year old Ria, a fire elemental and privileged student at the University of Magic, thinks nothing can get in the way of her happiness Even when she falls for Michael, a boy whose element is different from hers, she is determined to make their forbidden romance work.But when she starts experiencing theLibrarian s note an alternate cover edition for ASIN B006JMNQDGEighteen year old Ria, a fire elemental and privileged student at the University of Magic, thinks nothing can get in the way of her happiness Even when she falls for Michael, a boy whose element is different from hers, she is determined to make their forbidden romance work.But when she starts experiencing the symptoms of magic disease that could rob her of her element, turn her into a cold blooded killer, and shatter her life, all of her beliefs are put to the test The only one who might be able to help her is Adrian, a mysterious, charming, and dangerous magic disease carrier, who also happens to be her least favorite person in the world.
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      Alycia Linwood

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    1. Warning This book is Dangerous for your sanity Dangers include face palming, swearing, consumption of large amount of chocolate and a permanent state of confusion To our bad tempered, stuffed up and dumb as dishwater main protagonist I could spend an entire day, standing on a stage, reciting the 101 million reasons why I hated Ria One of them being her ability to go from wanting to murder someone to talking about ponies What The Hell She must be on something strong because no one can be that dit [...]

    2. Dangerous follows a unique concept of people born as magic users, with a select few that are infected with magic disease who turn people into killers This concept drew me into the book and made me want to read , reminding me of Rogue from Xmen I have to admit, the book was a little difficult to get into at the start It comes off as a very teenage book, focusing mostly on Ria s relationships with her friends and boyfriend instead of the interesting world that has been created A few parts had me c [...]

    3. Ok first of all, I d like to begin by saying that I really hope this isn t the real ending, and book two is coming out soon Cuz then this just sucks Now that that s said, let s go to the review First and foremost, Ria is a shallow, selfish, bi chy brat who thinks that the world revolves around her And for some very weird reason, it does Michael is a pushover and a doormat, and her best friend whose name I can t remember is an idiot The only character who is even remotely likable is Adrian, and e [...]

    4. I had to sleep on it before I could review this book The idea of the elements is unique and I enjoyed that aspect of the book The character of Adrian was fun and dark He was a great character to love and hate all at the same time Those are always my favorite characters in a book The problem for me is that it reads like a teenager s diary The words awesome, hot and dangerous were used to describe everything We sat on my awesomely soft carpet comes to mind It was a bit difficult to make myself con [...]

    5. My feelings about this book were very mixed I enjoyed reading it, and I liked the story, but I did find that some of the technical skill that writing requires was lacking, and it significantly colored the way I thought about the book.Let me first say that I teach college composition I have, over the past few years, become increasingly unable to ignore grammar, usage and mechanics errors in writing I still make them, of course, but I am hypersensitive to them in the work of others I do feel like [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book all the way till the end The end left me hanging though I can t wait till the next installment comes out, I hope it is pretty soon because I can t stand to think about what happened to my Adrian Ria lives in a world where everyone normal has an element of Fire,Water,Earth, and Air Their God has gifted every human on the planet with an element and the only thing he asked was for each element to reproduce with a person of the same element and to never mix Well guess what [...]

    7. I think the first half of this book moved slowly I felt like a car with its tires spinning in the mud tries hard, but it s not going anywhere, and no matter how hard you hit the gas, you don t move forward.There s a lot of mundane college life in the beginning, and there was a little too much internalization followed by repeating the character s thoughts in dialogue So I felt like I kept reading the same thing twice And waaaaaay too many exclamation points it made it seem like everyone was so ub [...]

    8. At first I didn t think I would like the book, but then the story finally drew me in and I am hooked I want the next book out now I really want to know what the heck is going to happen next The StoryMagic using is a part of the world in this book and there is also a disease that is taking the magic away, kind of This disease makes the person feel all of the other magic users and overwhelms them in a way that they want the magic very badly and the person can either control it or they end up killi [...]

    9. This book has made me so happy I ended up reading it in about 4 5 hours because it was well written and captured me from the first page I m still recovering from the Ecstasy of this book and therefore cannot form my sentences very well SECOND BOOK WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU

    10. Received e book through Read It and Reap program from the Shut Up and Read group from author for an honest review also posted on under LeanneDangerous is told by the point of view of Ria Milanez, a privileged university student, who holds the element of fire In this alternate world, magic has always been present, with people being gifted by the God of Magic with one element The only caveat for this gift was that the elements remain pure and unmixed by not breeding with different elementals As pe [...]

    11. Preserve one s own element, stick to it, don t intermarry between elements sounds a simple enough rule, doesn t it Maybe in an ideal world, people would have continued to heeded this small stricture of the God of Magic, who provided the elements initially But any society is hardly ever ideal and when people forget, or turn to science, or embrace the concept that such rules are simply legend and myth then people forget, and intermarry, and elements mix So offspring were born who possessed an elem [...]

    12. Oh My God D I feel so happy right now I read that book in 2 days Linwood s book grabbed my attention right from the first page I looovvvee Adrian, don t ask me why Sometimes I thought he mean and arrogant and an idiot, but I just loved him Maybe it s because it s just a book and I don t have to worry about all of the troubles going on about the magic disease And Adrian better not leave Ria again or I might just have to jump in to the story and slap him across the face Alright, enough about that [...]

    13. So just imagine what my face looks like when confronted with error after error after error Almost every sentence has problems Mistaken conjugation, poor word order, idioms set phrases that are not quite rightover and over again So, did you and Adrian have a fight or you just wanted to hear what had happened with my parents Problems in the paradise I wasn t sure would your professor remember to tell you Does name Oliver Milanez mean something to you Are you going to tell me how did you get the di [...]

    14. I recently read Alycia Linwood s young adult novel entitled Dangerous I found the storyline different from others I ve read, which was a definite plus One thing I think Ms Linwood could use though, is a professional editor or even proofreader While the grammar was nearly flawless kudos by the way on having very few typos the dialogue was unbelievable at times and I found myself wondering if the characters were in high school instead of university simply in the way they were portrayed They seemed [...]

    15. Alycia s Element Preservers is a refreshingly unique new take on YHA paranormal fantasy She has created interesting characters with depth and intensity Dangerous follows the life of Ria as she enters the University for Magic with all its trials and tribulations, study, horrible teachers, boys, love and lust, best friends, people wanting to kill you Ria lives in a world where long ago people were gifted with elemental magic, all human kind had to do was follow a few simple rules, most importantly [...]

    16. Al principio me aburr , lo admito Despu s de las 200 paginas empez a ponerse bueno Apenas lo estaba empezando y ya pensaba en dejarlo por la mitad pero tenia algo que me dejaba queriendo saber y seguir leyendo Me llamo la atenci n Me gusto, la verdad el tema de los Elementos no se menciona nada y se enfocan en otras cosas que me parecieron absurdas Los nombres de los personajes son tan originales, tambi n le pongo una estrellita por eso Ria es tan UGHHH la odie pero como dije, en las paginas doc [...]

    17. Dangerous is a fantasy novel that takes place in a world of Magic where elements are a part of everyone s lives and is it forbidden for people to be with someone of a different element nonetheless people defy this rule and the results are disastrous The idea of the story is original but the author s writing is something like listening to a teenager s rambling anecdote I was not really interested in the characters nor their plight The book was not what I expected but I applaud the effort in comin [...]

    18. This was a very unique concept Rather than a Harry Potter ish world of dark secrets with a very gloomy undertone, this was on a much lighter level With romance and less action, I found myself wanting a bit Much like the Twilight series was somewhat anti climatic for my tastes but I do enjoy Ken Follett s and George R.R Martin s styles of writing However, it was a fun and enjoyable read which for me is what I am looking for I enjoyed this book enough to want to read the next book in the series. [...]

    19. I guess I should start off with the reason I gave this book 4 stars out of 5 Well it is nothing major, that I can assure you I found there to be a few spelling mistakes, misuse of a word here and there, and also missing words in a sentence Also, maybe I would have worded a couple of sentences here and there differently, as I struggled to make them make sense at first But that is just a personal thing, but because of these slight flaws, I felt I couldn t award it the full 5 stars However, based o [...]

    20. For this review, I am going to talk about the sections differentlyThe conceptA world where everyone has an element and not having an element is a disease That is a really cool and unique idea It s kind of the opposite of most fantasy books with magic involved There were a couple of plot holes within the world but I was willing to overlook them, because I was too intrigued This MAY be due to the fact that I would really really like to have magic ReallyaractersI just didn t find that I liked them [...]

    21. Aside from some of the grammatical errors missing words, extra words, etc , the story is pretty interesting.ead of making some people special with affinities everyone starts out that way and their choices determine if that changes However, as is typical, some characters are very likeable whereas others are not Ria, the main female character, is NOT likeable She is extremely biased In part, due to her upbringing and the fact that her parents are extremely bigoted against magic disease carriers th [...]

    22. Ich w rde diesem Buch am liebsten 3,7 Sternchen gebenIn dem Buch namens Dangerous wird einem eine neue Art der Fantasy Welt gezeigt Die Welt dieser Menschen unterscheidet sich haupts chlich in einem Punkt der unseren, theoretisch hat jeder Mensch ein Element zu seiner Verf gung,Feuer,Wasser,Erde oder Wind Die Veranlagung zu einem dieser Elemente wird genetisch weitergegeben.Sooo was passiert wann ein Wasser und ein Feuer Mensch ein Kind bekommen Die meisten Mischlinge haben einfach nur ein schw [...]

    23. I read this book within an hour while on my break at work, now I did like the start It just goes a bit weird I like the book but I don t think I love it.I think I hate feeling bad when reading a book but I do like authors that can make you feel something when reading a book Its just because of what happens and i won t spoil it you just feel bad most of the time I do not like the love interest, got a bad vibe from him for no reason I also didn t see the point of her being with a water element whe [...]

    24. Dangerous is an interesting new idea as it s a completely different story line than any other book I ve read The main character is Ria who has just started as a student of the University of Magic The story takes place in a society where people have one of four elements earth, air, fire water these elements are not supposed to mix i.e marry procreate Eventually people crossed the line with regards to the no mixing of elements rule a terrible illness was the result Ria is of a family with a pure e [...]

    25. Whew Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I have so many thoughts about this book, I wonder if this will all fit.Short answer I enjoyed it And yet I couldn t stand it.Long answer This is a good book I just finished it today and once I finally stopped procrastinating to actually read, I could scarcely stop It starts off well A nice pace Not too slow You get really involved with the charries and how things go A couple of grammar errors stuck out to me but they weren t too much of a deterrment.I always believe i [...]

    26. Okay for me this is probably just a case of personal opinion why I didn t really enjoy this book that much The premise I thought was very interesting with the elements and magical diseases as was the whole idea of the true effects of the disease being to make sub elements The actual storyline was fairly interesting though a little too locked into the mundane events at times to completely hold my interest The mystery though was quite good, though I thought it was perhaps too easily explained away [...]

    27. While attending an element user s school Ria and her friend Paula meet Michael, at the same moment Ria knows she wants have a relationship but know is not a good thing because she is a Fire user and he is a water user and she knows they can never have anything serious, her parents won t approve of it because they want to keep their family element pure, she has no idea about the secret her family is trying to hire from her She knows that being involve with someone who has a different element then [...]

    28. DangerousBy Alycia LinwoodThe God of Magic gave every human control over one of the four main elements with one condition, the elements should never mix But as is a human nature person began to break that rule Over the years through the mixing of all of the elements a powerful disease was create making the one with the Magic Disease have no element and an insatiable urge to kill someone for theirs This book is the story of Ria, a young woman in her freshman year of college, who finds out that ev [...]

    29. Dangerous is about Ria, an 18 year old girl who has just started going to the University Of Magic, which is a special university for those who have one of the four elements fire, water earth or air.At the University Of Magic she meets Michael, a boy whose element is different from hers, which makes their romantic involvement seem impossible because mixing of elements can have horrible consequences Like Magic Disease.She also feels threatened by Adrian, a very dangerous magic disease carrier Magi [...]

    30. I was a bit skeptical at first about reading this book because I simply could not stand the photoshop edit of the title in the book cover don t judge a book by its cover yeah yeah I know but finally I decided to read it andI actually kind of liked it, I think I mean, I did get to finish it up until the end The are some books that I seriously cannot finish because they re THAT bad I really liked the concept about magic how people have elements and some don t and all that shiznit The only thing I [...]

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