Bloody Sunday: Truths, Lies and the Saville Inquiry (2020)

Bloody Sunday Truths Lies and the Saville Inquiry Douglas Murray followed the Saville Inquiry daily almost from the beginning hoping to find a story Instead he found hundreds In this book he tells these storiesat a painful and perhaps incomplete r
  • Title: Bloody Sunday: Truths, Lies and the Saville Inquiry
  • Author: Douglas Murray
  • ISBN: 9781849541497
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Douglas Murray followed the Saville Inquiry daily, almost from the beginning, hoping to find a story Instead, he found hundreds In this book he tells these storiesat a painful and perhaps incomplete reconciliation.Douglas Murray is a best selling author and award winning political journalist based in London, England.
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      Douglas Murray

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    1. Wow I m gonna go read all his other books.This must have been a monumental task for the author, yet he has succeeded in writing a book that is hard to stop reading Having said that, It pulls no punches, and is not for the faint hearted One must crawl through a great deal of blood and lies in order to get to the truth, and I actually feel rather proud to be British that such a momentous attempt to achieve truth and justice in difficult circumstances was completed If only something similar could b [...]

    2. What is the truth How long does it take to find it And how much does it cost In the case of the Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday the answers to the last two questions would appear to be ten years and about 200 million.Lord Saville s report runs to ten volumes and few will have read it all Instead I turned to this book which I listened to through audible The author begins by considering how memories may have faded or possibly changed in the thirty years between Bloody Sunday and the start of th [...]

    3. It was no easy task to sift through the complexities of Saville s 12 year long enquiry into probably the most notorious incident of the N Ireland troubles and produce such a clear account of the findings Murray s book is quite fast paced and reads almost like a thriller, though in the case of Bloody Sunday the truth was always going to be stranger than fiction The book s structure makes it easy to digest, with specific chapters examining the major political players on all sides, the contradictor [...]

    4. I think I first heard about the Troubles in Northern Ireland on a Saturday morning This is way back when, and before cartoons the networks would put on shows like Lorne Greene s New Wildness and Wild Kingdom It was some type of mandate for educational programming One channel had a half program that presented plays with social aspects One play, a very good one, was about a group of people trapped in a pub with a bomb right outside the door It took place in Northern Ireland This was before I heard [...]

    5. An astonishing book and a difficult topic given that there is blame and suspicion on all sides However, it s handles the issues well and points out that all parties lied to some extent but the army the most Fourteen people were murdered and no one has served a day for it Indeed, the names of the soldiers are still witheld to this day.

    6. Having lived through all this the book confirms many things I thought at the time Blame on all sides but army the most particularly as per leadership from above let s try and make sure circumstances never arise again.

    7. This is an excellent and very detailed summary of a very important inquiry, the report for which few are likely to read It also gives insight into broader issues and attitudes within British and Irish society.

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