All the Beauty of the Sun (2020)

All the Beauty of the Sun Soho Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight for the other only lust and guilt In Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile in Tangiers for an exhibition
  • Title: All the Beauty of the Sun
  • Author: Marion Husband
  • ISBN: 9781908262011
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soho 1925 Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight, for the other only lust and guilt In 1925 Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile in Tangiers for an exhibition of his paintings He leaves behind Patrick, the man he has loved since they met in the trenches in 1918, needing to discover if he has the strength to live without him aSoho 1925 Two young men meet for one of them this is love at first sight, for the other only lust and guilt In 1925 Paul Harris returns to England from self imposed exile in Tangiers for an exhibition of his paintings He leaves behind Patrick, the man he has loved since they met in the trenches in 1918, needing to discover if he has the strength to live without him and wanting to explore the kind of life he might have lived had it not been for the war In Bohemian Soho, Paul meets Edmund whose passionate love changes Paul s idea of himself With Edmund, Paul begins to believe that he may have another life to live, free of the guilt and regrets of the past But the past is not so easy to escape, and when Patrick follows Paul to London a decision must be made that will affect all their lives.
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    • [KINDLE] ê All the Beauty of the Sun | By ☆ Marion Husband
      Marion Husband

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    1. This is a sequel of sorts to Husband s The Boy I Love which I reviewed in 2007 It s a little confusing because the three books in the series, The Boy I Love , Paper Moon , and All the Beauty of the Sun were written in the order above, but the timeline is The Boy I Love , All the Beauty of the Sun and Paper Moon This is important if you were setting off to read them all in order and I highly recommend you do because these books are stellar Simply the pinnacle of gay historical fiction.Husband s p [...]

    2. At first I thought the unremitting gloom of her style was going to be a challenge but as and of the story leaked out a bit like the press feeds the public a scandal the compelling the book became The all encompassing gloom of London in winter is described with diamond sharp accuracy and it sets the mood for a truly tragic novel I ve never read such a clear description of the depression and breakdown that infects society after the carnage of war.

    3. I just love the way Marion Husband writes There is not a single rock left unturned This book was a little confusing and for a while, I thought I had already read it, but then figured out what she had done Very glad to see these folks again from this point in time Great job

    4. I think this is my favourite of the trilogy Paul aka artist Francis Law brings his past to his present in an acute examination of gay life post WW1 Fabulous read.

    5. This new title in the series is set in plot time between Husband s novels The Boy I Love and Paper Moon 1925 the period between the great wars Lawrence Hawker, a successful gallery owner stages the first exhibition of works by a painter highly recommended by a mutual friend The paintings depict wartime portraits of soldiers in the trenches in painful yet tender poses scenario some with controversial homo erotic overtones Thus sets the stage for the return of Paul Harris, who leaves behind lover [...]

    6. I really liked this story It is a bit dark Paul is 30 years old and has lived the life of one much older He s been to war, he s been married and divorced, he s had many lovers and he s had Patrick, his partner since he met him in the trenches during the Great War Patrick and Paul have a deeply convaluted relationship Patrick has loved Paul since the moment he saw him Paul is driven mostly by lust and self presevation Patrick sees to that preservation Paul is an artist He and Patrick live in Tang [...]

    7. I enjoyed this novel and I still think Marion Husband is a great writer However, the fact that she wrote this novel after the first and third books in the trilogy make for a disjointed story Her writing style has changed since the first two books and I felt hoiked out of the reading experience from time to time I think her best character in this trilogy is Paul Harris I feel I know him so well I wasn t sure how the Matthew Ann story fitted in and this sub plot felt tacked on Is Edmund mentioned [...]

    8. Dark, dark, dark Ms Husband has many sad characters whom I either dislike or feel sorry for As defective as they are however, she certainly makes them real Ms Husband has an amazing writing technique that releases information in bits and pieces little glimmers of light that give you an ah ha moment So, many times it may seem confusing, but that confusion is only temporary since everything is always cleared up eventually And she always has a shocker to throw in here and there in the story to keep [...]

    9. Another fantastic book by Marion Husband Chronologically following the first book in the trilogy, The Boy I Love , this beautifully written novel sees the return from Tangiers, where he has set up home with his lover Patrick, of artist Paul Harris for an exhibition of his work The multiple narratives of new characters and familiar ones, such as his doctor father, George, make for a well paced plot as they all come to terms with how their lives have changed during the decade after the First World [...]

    10. 4.5 starsThe second book, in the timeline explores the fickleness of Paul, the heartbreak of George, the freedom of Edmund, the devotion of Patrick for Paul and the mental instability of Matthew.Marion Husband wrote beautiful and sober portraits of men in the 1920 s and a british society ravaged by WW1 where homosexuality was condemnable.

    11. Another strong book and a welcome return of Paul Harris from The boy I love and Paper Moon Marion Husband has drawn me in again with her strong, flawed characters Highly recommend all three books in this trilogy.

    12. An excellent follow up to The Boy I love It is quite involved though and it really helps if you have read the prequel I don t want to spoil the plot but a few characters are brought in and their stories mingle very well with the known characters Flows very quickly.

    13. I have read both The Boy I Love and this the second book in the trilogy As with the first book, the writing style is easy and flowing I felt drawn in to the story and the characters, wanting to know so that the pages just fell away Marion Husband has captured a sense of Paul, Patrick and Edmund s need to feel worth, to be loved and respected, but at the same time the sense of self loathing, of not being right , of not being the men that the society and times they lived in demanded that men be T [...]

    14. Excellent novelsThis novel was chosen by me as I was getting tired of the one love heart out novel that seems to crowd now This is like a Valley of the Dolls novel of the 1960s There was than one couple s story and it never got boring This is not to say that there are not a lot of good novels after this oneere are However this novel is my favorite kind of gay novel

    15. A satisfying story than The Boy I Love, I felt I got a better understanding of the main character Paul Harris and his motivations for behaving the way he does Would have appreciated some follow up to the story of how Mick and Hetty were getting on

    16. I love how Marion Husband writes This is the second book I found hard to put down because every word paints a vivid and authentic picture As in life, the characters are flawed and all the real so that their thoughts, feelings, circumstances are timeless A great read.

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