El susurro del diablo (2020)

El susurro del diablo Tres muertes se suceden en un breve intervalo de tiempo una chica salta desde la azotea de un edificio de seis plantas otra cae del and n al paso de un tren y una tercera es atropellada de noche por
  • Title: El susurro del diablo
  • Author: Miyuki Miyabe Purificacion Meseguer Cutillas
  • ISBN: 9788493777067
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tres muertes se suceden en un breve intervalo de tiempo una chica salta desde la azotea de un edificio de seis plantas otra, cae del and n al paso de un tren y una tercera es atropellada de noche por un taxi Pero qu relaci n guardan estos tres casos Accidentes, suicidios o asesinatos Mamoru, un joven de diecis is a os, tratar de desenmara ar el misterio Su t oTres muertes se suceden en un breve intervalo de tiempo una chica salta desde la azotea de un edificio de seis plantas otra, cae del and n al paso de un tren y una tercera es atropellada de noche por un taxi Pero qu relaci n guardan estos tres casos Accidentes, suicidios o asesinatos Mamoru, un joven de diecis is a os, tratar de desenmara ar el misterio Su t o es el taxista que ha atropellado a la tercera v ctima y se encuentra en prisi n preventiva, acusado de homicidio involuntario Decidido a ayudar a su t o y limpiar su buen nombre, el astuto joven descubre que la chica que encontr la muerte bajo las ruedas del taxi particip en una despiadada estafa, y que tres de las cuatro mujeres involucradas en la misma ya est n muertas Cuando un influyente empresario se presenta ante la polic a para desvelar nuevas evidencias que dan un vuelco a la investigaci n, Mamoru comienza la b squeda de la nica superviviente, que es tambi n el siguiente objetivo del asesino.Y, entonces, el asesino contacta con l
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      Miyuki Miyabe Purificacion Meseguer Cutillas

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    1. I chose the book because of the cover, that looks really scary Of course I don t mean the American version,but the Czech one Didn t read annotation, because I couldn t looked away That cover Ingenious I mean, what else would be a cover of the horror book than that with Samara that Samara Yes, right now there s a big lightning and it all hit somewhere awfully close And I think I peed This time really.The main heroine is sixteen years old Mamoru living with his aunt, uncle and cousin in Tokio, Jap [...]

    2. The Devil s Whisper is a novel that wants to be than a mystery novel And sometimes it succeeds.Actually, taken as a straight up mystery, it s a pretty poor example of the genre There aren t really any clues and the only way one could come to expect the conclusion to the matter is if one is given to predicting the outlandish So it s fortunate that Miyabe s novel wants to be something other than simple detective fiction It s kind of like Murakami s Wind Up Bird Chronicle in that save for that whi [...]

    3. tema berat yang disajikan secara ringan penerjemah dan editornya keren, nih, rapi dan tepat guna kalimatkalimatnya.kayanya Miyuke Miyabe bakal jadi one of must buy authors books, dah.

    4. Con un titulo interesante y siendo literatura asi tico, uno espera buen terror o una intriga muy bien llevada Al final sucede lo ltimo pero el bien llevada hasta la mitad.Varias mujeres se suicidan sin raz n aparente y todas estas relacionadas El t o de un chico atropella a alguien quien muere El chaval investigar y relacionar el atropello con todos los suicidios, aqu la autora se flipa, no sabe como encajar todo y mete la pata.

    5. Overall, I thought the story was compelling and hung together very well So why didn t you give it five stars, Jane I m not sure whether it s the writing or the translation, but every so often it sounded clunky to me, and that drew me out of the story a bit, and worrisome, there were a few places where I felt characters were doing things that were just too convenient for the plot For example, I loved one of the plot twists at the end, but the means by which it was discovered struck me as out of [...]

    6. The Devil s Whisper is an entertaining book that is let down because it really doesn t have a justification for all that happens within the plot.Some young women are committing suicide for no apparent reason When on of them jumps in front of Mamoru s uncle s taxi, Mamoru will try to help his uncle, who is in prison accused of reckless driving.Cue lots of atmospheric moments, mystery and interesting plot developments that are hold together by air And here is where the problem with the novel resid [...]

    7. It s fine I was expecting hoping for something a little twistier and darker This feels slightly dated and the glossy paper this edition is printed on drove me crazy But overall, it was pretty okay Not particularly memorable, I suspect, but fine.

    8. In Poul Anderson s The burning bridge, the main character the captain of an interstellar ship finds himself in a tremendous ethical dilemma that grasps the reader s attention, even though it is very improbable that the reader may find himself or herself in the same situation in a lifetime.Miyuki Miyabe s The devil s whisper is a mystery novel where the main character a 16 year old boy finds himself in a tremendous ethical dilemma, but in this case the reader could very well find himself or herse [...]

    9. The Devil s Whisper 2007 translation of Majutsu wa sasayaku is a non series novel from 1989 by Japan s 1 Bestselling Mystery Writer which follows teenager Mamoru Kusaka as he tries to exonerate his uncle Taizo, a Tokyo taxi driver being held for running over and killing a young woman late one night In spare and unrelenting prose, the author weaves several threads together, as links are discovered between the deaths of several other young women originally classed as suicides Mamoru has turned out [...]

    10. Me gust mucho, y me mantuvo todo el tiempo picada en los misterios Si hubiera sido solo los asesinatos tal vez hubiera sido un poco aburrido, porque cuando aparece el asesino comienzas a hacerte una idea de c mo lo hace, y al final adivin su m todo sin mucha dificultad Eso no le quit m rito al libro, pero si dej de tener tanto misterio.Pero la historia alterna de Mamoru y Koichi estuvo sumamente interesante y me dio muchas sorpresas, as como la de los almacenes Esos cambios de historias fue lo q [...]

    11. Miyabe s plot is a bit complicated, and unfortunately that s one reason much of it feels quite forced, as if she had a bunch of ideas and then wrote her story around them Miyabe s characters are interesting but, unfortunately, none of them are so interesting that I want to know every thought that passes through their minds Personal identity is strictly controlled in Japan, family registers keeping careful track of them The book plods along in places, and the attempts to explain many of the soci [...]

    12. I was pleasantly surprised by this book I used to have this notion that a book under 250 pages wasn t worth reading and I was just confirmed in that notion by another mystery book by another author when I read this book I was intrigued by the mystery and threads of the plot Would very much like to read by this author.

    13. This is a very good book I couldn t put it down and ended up not going to sleep until 4 30am The cause of the deaths is a little bit far fetched, but it s handled in such a great way that the plausibility factor didn t bother me in the least I m definitely going to check out of her work too bad none of it is available on Kindle.

    14. the second mystery i ve read by this author, very good Interesting social and psychological insights into modern japanese in tokyo culture, interesting characters The mystery itself is a little clunky but still interesting.

    15. For me, this book was a quick, enjoyable read Certain plot points seemed to be a bit of a stretch, but this was not too difficult for me to overlook I m definitely looking forward to reading by Miyabe.

    16. There are books destined to be classics, or immortals Books with their attractive plots seem to call to the readers like the magic book Neverending Story I have to confess something to the readers when I concluded my review about Gokumonto I begged knelt to the publishing Quaterni to write the review of this novel The Devil Whisper I remind who was that it makes that this book captivated my heart It was his wonderful plot written in the hardcover of the book A teen who demonstrated the innocence [...]

    17. I wasn t sure what I was expecting but it wasn t quite this I wanted to try reading something other than American and British mysteries and the Scandinavian ones just aren t cutting it for me so I got this one from Japan I read a ton of manga so why not try out some actual novels It s a 3.5 read for the most part and it s definitely better translated than a lot of the light novels that accompany manga i.e they didn t just translate it, they made sure it read smoothly in English There are two sto [...]

    18. Apakah kau akan membiarkan mereka terus membuat alasan bagi diri mereka sendiri Sarat dengan puntiran plot yang cerdas di sepanjang kisah Para penggemar kisah misteri yang mencari sesuatu yang eksotis harus membaca novel ini Chicago Tribune Saat pertama kali melihat sampul novel ini, saya kira ceritanya tentang pembunuhan sadis dipenuhi adegan berdarah darah yang membuat ngeri disertai hal hal berbau supranatural Membaca sinopsisnya, tentang supranatural tersingkirkan dan menyelami kisah di dala [...]

    19. Another random library selection Miyabe is billed as Japan s 1 Bestselling Mystery Writer Not a name I m familiar with, in a genre I dabble in but am not particularly fond of, given recent attempts to find something I like I don t like the gruesome details, and I especially don t like plots that are all kill someone else so we can work out who you are murder mysteries I loved it I don t know how much is cultural differences, and how much is unique to Miyabe, but this is certainly the something d [...]

    20. Di awal awal, buku ini sedikit membosankan menurutku Bahasanya agak bertele tele dan entah mengapa aku kurang bisa membayangkan tempatnya Dan susah juga menghafalkan namanya plak Tapi semakin ke tengah semakin bagus ceritanya Suspense nya juga kerasa, meskipun menurutku dalam pemecahan kasusnya kurang twist Membaca buku ini bukan sekadar santai, tetapi ada beberapa ilmu yang bisa dipahami jadi sekalian belajar.

    21. Pada bab pertama membaca buku ini terkesan membosankan, tetapi mulai bab ke 2 ceritanya mulai menarik dan membuat semakin penasaran dan bertanya tanya siapa sebenarnya sang pembunuh mistirius tersebut Penulis sangat detail menggambarkan plot plot yang terdapat dalam buku ini selain cerita yang mencekam, didalam buku ini juga terdapat beberapa humor yang cukup menghibur secara keseluruhan buku ini memang sangat bagus.

    22. Once I got my head around the unfamiliar names, I really enjoyed this It may be because of the translation, but I found myself comparing it to an anime movie the dialogue was a little stilted, as it often is in translations of Studio Ghibli movies for example, and the descriptions of places and actions brought animated images to mind.

    23. ammmpues es como de suspenso pero le falto mas misterio y mas desarrollo a la trama, su escritura es sencilla pero le falto emocion para transmitir alg n miedo.

    24. Pense que con ese titulo, ser a un libro de terror o misterio al estilo japon s, pero fue mucho menos que eso una trama rebuscada con una resoluci n del caso bastante il gica.

    25. Review lengkap di sinopsisuntukmu 2Semenjak kecil Mamoru sudah merasakan hukuman dari masyarakat karena kesalahan ayahnya Teman satu satunya hanya si Kakek Setelah Ibunya meninggal dan tidak ada teman di Hirakawa ia akhirnya tinggal bersama keluarga Asano.Ketika paman Taizo Asano dituduh sebagai pembunuh Mamoru tidak tinggal diam Biarpun usianya baru 16 tahun dia itu anak yang cerdas, jadi ia segera saja menyelediki kasus Yoko Sugano Apalagi telepon misterius dari pembunu sebenarnya mulai menghu [...]

    26. Right after I ve finished read this, I could not sleep Everytime I opened my eyes that night, I felt like the girl on the cover different cover from this one was right in front of my face and watching me.

    27. Yei Buku ini menjadi buku pertama yang selesai saya baca pada awal tahun ini Buku yang membuatku jatuh cinta sedetik setelah saya membaca sinopsisnya Tiga kematian berturu turut terjadi dalam satu waktu yang berdekatan seorang gadis terjun dari atap gedung bertingkat gadis kedua tertabrak kereta dan gadis ketiga tewas tertabrak taksi Adakah hubungan antara ketiga peristiwa itu Apakah itu murni kecelakaa, bunuh diri, atau pembunuhan Satu kesamaan yang ada pada ketiga gadis ini adalah mereka berla [...]

    28. Knihu jsem si v knihovn vybrala d ky ob lce, kter vypad opravdu stra ideln Anotaci jsem v bec ne etla, proto e d siv ob lka na m k i ela tohle bude skv l kniha.Hlavn m hrdinou je estn ctilet Mamoru ij c spole n se svoj tetou, str cem a sest enic v Tokiu v Japonsku Mamor v otec byl asistent editele, obvin n za zpronev ru pen z Jeho matka v ila, e jej man el je nevinn a st le ekala, a se vr t dom Nedo kala se, um ela na mrtvici Mamoru ije s tetou, sest enic a str cem, kter je spolehliv a nejlep ta [...]

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