Your Biggest FAN (2020)

Your Biggest FAN This edition is out of print Truman Durant has two painful secrets One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him He d
  • Title: Your Biggest FAN
  • Author: Missy Welsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This edition is out of print Truman Durant has two painful secrets One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him He didn t know just how badly he needed Stasi Manolis until he found himself in the pushy Greek s sights Would giving up his secrets and maybe falling in love really be so b This edition is out of print Truman Durant has two painful secrets One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him He didn t know just how badly he needed Stasi Manolis until he found himself in the pushy Greek s sights Would giving up his secrets and maybe falling in love really be so bad
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      Missy Welsh

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    1. 3.5 stars A traumatised closeted gay student Truman living in the jock frathouse has one secret he is terrified of revealing, he loves crossdressing Openly gay student Stasi is mesmerised by Truman and stalks him until Truman gives up all his secrets and they fall in love,This is quite a good story with likeable characters For some reason I didn t get into the crossdressing part But I did love Stasi s hairy Greekness and will pick up further stories in this series.

    2. 4.5 StarsO.M.G I loved everything about this book.From the closeted nerd living in a seemingly homophobic frat house, to the way Truman slowly but surely became comfortable in his own skin due to Stasi s encouragement and appreciation I loved how the plot progressed.Okay, honestly my adoration was mostly about all the sexy menz lingeriet even gonna lie.But still, what I found really interesting is how distinct the MCs voices were It seems like with alternating POV stories that, for the most par [...]

    3. Truman, a college student living in a jock frat house, wishes the secret he was hiding was as simple as being gay Truman s not only gay, he s a cross dresser Being gay, maybe that s forgivable, but Truman hates himself for his freakish cross dressing He s also got some history that makes him hate himself even a relationship that tore his small town apart with scandal At the start of this book Truman is engaging in some incredibly reckless risk taking behaviour rough sex with strangers in hotels [...]

    4. 3.5 stars A very good story about a cross dressing college student who finally finds the acceptance he s been seeking I liked the physical contrast between Truman, lithe and blond, and Stasi, dark, hairy, and muscular The sex scenes were great there s one near the end that was endearingly realistic I m a little uneasy about how quickly Truman s problems were resolved, though He had been engaging in compulsive, borderline abusive sex with strangers, and I m not sure you just recover from that sor [...]

    5. Hello, brand new kink Loved this book It was sweet It was kinky It hit all my right buttons Loved this line You ever fellate a piece of food in front of me again, I don t care where we are, Truman, I m hauling you across the table and tongue fucking your mouth just like this 4.5 stars because the resolution was a bit too easy

    6. Have you ever wanted to reach into the book your reading and want to give a character a hug so bad you could barely stand it Well, I ve read many books and I ve read about a lot of heroes, but there have been a select few I ve wanted to actually do that In Your Biggest Fan by Missy Welsh, I found myself exactly in that position Watching Truman go through his warring emotions as he tried to hide the man he really is, was a roller coaster ride of angst, excitement and serenity that I found myself [...]

    7. Missy Welsh pens a well written New Adult romance This love story is a lot about showing how you are, as complex as that may be, and being vulnerable and becoming of your self Stasi is a great hero in pursuit of Truman and they have great chemistry and banter Truman really blooms in this book I like the setting and the secondary characters too The next book in the series is equally as good Can t wait for another one

    8. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there.Two opposites falling in love is always attractive, but still, I haven t read something this good in a while.Truman is a closet case, and one who takes it to the extreme He has a scandal in his past, where his private life was exposed to the world, and everyone abandoned him, including his family For someone as young as him, it took a while to bounce back, and while he might no longer be living in his truck an [...]

    9. 3.65 Truman is gay, but because of a horrid and imo abusive relationship that led to him being kicked out and alienated by everyone in his hometown , he is very afraid of coming out.Add to that he likes to crossdress and is in the habit of picking up guys on the Internet which is not only dangerous but also leaves him feeling even worse.Enter Stasi the big Greek bear , who to be honest is a lovable guy, but does behave a bit stalkerish.They start a clandestine relationship which scares Truman bu [...]

    10. 3.5Truman ripped out my heart in the first chapter So much angst I felt so horrible for this young man who felt he had to basically make himself invisible to be who he wanted to be and the anonymous hotel hook ups were pretty horrible I really enjoyed Stasi s influence on his attitude but Stasi, while a pretty wonderful character in his own right gave me a few issues Mostly with this line view spoiler Hunt complete Prey caught hide spoiler Yeah, maybe amusingbut actually a bit of not amusing The [...]

    11. The sweet and adorable was too much for me Plus I don t like hairy guys and hairy asses .There was one thing that I don t hold against the book, because the author probably didn t know, but Stasi was German police force in communist times and I couldn t forgot the fact while reading.

    12. First chapter completely sucked me in and broke my heart This was a really sweet story about acceptance.

    13. This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayTruman Durant has two secrets that haunt him and keep him in constant fear of discovery First, he is gay And second, he likes to occasionally wear women s clothes And Truman fiercely protects these secrets, terrified of what might happen if his baseball teammates and fraternity brothers find out He desperately needs his athletic and academic scholarships to not only keep him in school, but also provide a home in the fraternity house He [...]

    14. Rating 4.5This was a very sweet and beautiful story about owning your truth, love and acceptance I loved both Truman and Stasi so, so much Truman s self loathing, pain and fear were so heartbreaking Stasi was amazing So loving and accepting of ALL of Truman His love was so strong and solid that Truman was able to find his inner strength to be who he really was Truman s roommates and friends were great too I am so glad that this is just the first book in the series I loved these characters and ca [...]

    15. This is normally the kind of story that I love but for some reason I just didn t enjoy the reading experience perhaps, now that I know how the story turns out, I might enjoy a re read for me, the sense of impending doom that permeated the story, kept my enjoyment hidden behind the trepidation of reading something horrific as I said, now that I know how things turn out, I m happy with the story I just don t do anxiety well lol

    16. I really liked this It was short, but so sweet I m hoping it s the first of a series about Truman and Stasi

    17. The book doesn t really focus on anyone but Truman and Stasi, and it was disappointing because there are some great secondary characters I wanted to see of, like Lenny and Grant I hope there s about them revealed in the second book Read like it had been edited poorly a few typos, some areas drawn out longer than they needed to be, and others rushed through, some passages that didn t make any sense, and some paragraphs where it seemed to jump from one location to another, and was just plain con [...]

    18. What can I say about this First and foremost I want to hug the living sh t out of Truman I want to hold him and tell him everything is okay He broke my heart I literally had to put this book aside for the night because of Truman He got to me in a way not many characters do For some reason I pictured them older and I think I would have liked it if they WERE older than 18 They acted older, that s for sure Especially Stasi Truman is a deep in the closet So deep in the closet he s in Narnia His fam [...]

    19. Main Characters Stasi Manolis Truman DurantKey Themes Coming Out, Friends to Lovers, HumorLocation OhioGreat story about a cross dressing college jock and a liberal arts student of greek descent I loved this story Truman is a beautiful gay student, on a basketball scholarship, and living in frat house College is all he has, since his family recently disowned him, after he was involved in a teacher student sex scandal in their small town Strangely, Tru was blamed for it Since then, Truman has bee [...]

    20. This book deals with a subject that I have no real working knowledge of I m not going to say what it is because that would give away a chunk of the story and I prefer not to do that to the author who worked so hard to make it a good read.And this story was a good read Stasi wants Truman He makes no bones about it He teases the man Shows up in places he knows Truman will be Truman is afraid, though He s so deeply in the closet that he goes several towns over to have sex because he has a secret th [...]

    21. I really, really enjoyed this I just loved Truman and wanted to give him a big hug after reading the first few chapters And Stasi was a great match for him Overall, I thought this was a fun storytely one of the best things I have read from this author I m looking forward to in this seriesyone know if it s going to be a sequel about these two or maybe two different characters at the same college

    22. 4 stars A good college age story of a guy coming out of the closet It was a sweet story and I read it in one sitting I enjoyed the few unusual aspects of this book the cross dressing and the furriness Otherwise, though, it wasn t a particularly memorable romance,

    23. Cute and sweet The drama was a little over the top Could of dialed it back a little The cross dressing was a nice addition Man panties was a first for me I d still be interested in the series if it still involve Truman and Stasi The support characters were easily forgettable.

    24. I adored this book Like I was pissed when I finished that I d alread read it kind of adored About a poor college student deep in the closet and so miserable and a sweet Greek student who s attracted to him but even wants to help him So damned sweet and sexy and just freaking perfect

    25. There were so many parts of this book that I loved A young man afraid to show his real self to the world as he had no one in his personal history to give him support Truman successfully disappeared into the background Yet he was strong enough to go after his college dream with no financial support He made me cry and smile at the same time I loved seeing him accept himself Stasi was fascinated by Truman almost to the point of being unhealthy, almost a stalker Stasi wanted to know the real Truman [...]

    26. Man Truman and Stasi just sort of did it for me and a lot of that had to do with Stasi s confidence It was incredibly attractive I m normally a bigger fan of just the manties and some lingerie, not the full on drag, but I still fully enjoyed the kink in this one view spoiler even the full lace suit was HOT hide spoiler I am however not a fan of furry men like at all not even in the slightest I cringed every time they brought it up But it speaks to how much I enjoyed the book that I still liked i [...]

    27. I tend to like Missy Welsh s books because they focus on younger men, just figuring themselves out These characters tend to have inherent immaturity, due to their age, but that gives them charm and likability They re not perfect but struggling to be happy with who they are Your Biggest Fan is along those lines this time with a closeted jock that happens to like cross dressing and a self professed hairy Greek that is a bit of a nosey troublemaker Together the sparks fly and all issues are resolve [...]

    28. Original review on Molly LollyFour stars Not going to lie When I saw the cover for this book go by in my Newsfeed I pretty much stopped, found the blurb and one clicked the heck out of it This story wound up being far than I anticipated when I bought it I was excited to see it was a story with one of the characters wearing women s clothing, especially lingerie I adored how Stasi and Truman built their relationship throughout the book.I loved Truman He broke my heart with how he struggled to acc [...]

    29. Loved this book Now, I m somewhat biased in that there has not been any Missy Welsh books I have not liked so far However, some are of favorites than others My Summer of Wes will be forever on my favorite list Your Biggest Fan will now be joining it Truman is deeply in the closet due to a very traumatic experience with a former lover that left him alone and homeless He now lives in a frat house and goes to school on an athletic and academic scholarship an athletic nerd, there s a fantasy for yo [...]

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