Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (2020)

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens Acclaimed by The Times of London as one of the most charming books ever written J M Barrie s fantasy was published in with illustrations by the great Arthur Rackham This meticulous re creation o
  • Title: Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
  • Author: J.M. Barrie Arthur Rackham
  • ISBN: 9781606600436
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed by The Times of London as one of the most charming books ever written, J M Barrie s fantasy was published in 1906 with illustrations by the great Arthur Rackham This meticulous re creation of that rare and valuable volume features all of the original artwork that illuminated the text 50 color plates as well as black and white tailpieces, headpieces, and morAcclaimed by The Times of London as one of the most charming books ever written, J M Barrie s fantasy was published in 1906 with illustrations by the great Arthur Rackham This meticulous re creation of that rare and valuable volume features all of the original artwork that illuminated the text 50 color plates as well as black and white tailpieces, headpieces, and Readers of all ages will delight in following the exuberant child through Kensington Gardens, where fairies dance to the music of his panpipes and teach him to fly.
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      J.M. Barrie Arthur Rackham

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    1. I should have read this before reading Peter Pan This story made me cry at the end about how Peter felt when his mother was sleeping with another baby.However, I wanted to give 4 stars but I couldn t bring myself to do that.

    2. I just love the original story of Peter Pan, and I was rather excited to learn about this prequel Unfortunately, my excitement did not last I found the plot to be confusing and quite frankly, all over the place Due to this, I found I had quite a bit of trouble understanding what was actually going on in the story, which is a major put off for me.In the original story, I am able to connect with all the characters, but with this one, I had difficulties even relating to Peter Having said all of the [...]

    3. A children s story which was in print during my childhood, but which I m reading for the first time in an adulthood having been one of those kids who pretty much finished the children s section in the library, this is a rare bird indeed.I mostly, reflexively, find myself reading in the same way as I did when I was a child with open minded acceptance of the peculiarities of this little world I m now immersed in, and a hint of detachment I know fairies aren t real, but this is how they do things h [...]

    4. La raz n por la que los p jaros vuelan y nosotros no esta en el hecho de que ellos tienen una fe ciega, por que tener fe quiere decir tener alas Es un verdadero placer leer cosas como estas, enserio que se disfruta a montones.En lo personal pienso que este libro es fabuloso, por que pese a que tal vez pensemos que es un libro infantil, hay un trasfondo y montones de ense anza para los adultos me confieso una seguidora de la literatura inglesa y pues Barrie no pod a faltar, as que hace como dos m [...]

    5. What a darling little children s book Why did my mother never read this to me I am not happy with her right now haha This is a beautiful story about the magical world in the after hours of Kensington Gardens You get the fairies, the talking birds and trees, and of course Peter Pan It is written well and i think it is a book derived to open up the minds of the young readers and teach them that there is to this world than what we see I enjoyed it as an adult and i will definitely read this to my [...]

    6. This is one of those happy sad books it is achingly sad when you really think about its essence It is heart breaking and yet hauntingly beautiful, written with wondrous whimsical charm and childlike imagination Childlike, and yet also very adult, it has a wisdom and definite darkness to it as well.I love the idea of babies starting off life as birds, little birds hatching on the island in Kensington Gardens hence we could fly, if we really believed it I love the mentions of David, hands pressed [...]

    7. This is no doubt the lesser known half of the adventures of Peter Pan, and I must confess I wasn t even aware it existed before reading Peter and Wendy, or Peter Pan, whichever you prefer The unfamiliar can often be scary, but at least literary wise it s always better to try and approach anyway, and so it is with Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens, also At first I was a bit weirded out by Peter being so small, aged only weeks, a complete totter, then I decided to roll with it and our trusted author [...]

    8. I cried at the end So did my mother Every fiber of my being that might become a mother someday feels for Peter because sure he gets to fly and has eternal youth, but there s a dark side We must all leave our childhood behind because we have no second chances in life So sad However, I love the author s way of describing things through a child s eyes I love that I was once a bird I love that I once spoke faerie.

    9. Nothing is magical than the writing of Barrie Another wonderful set of adventures about the beginning of Peter Pan Wonderful to see all the original lore about fairies that we still see talked about today Incredibly whimsical and inventive, sure to bring your inner child back out.

    10. Una lacuna colmata per met , perch adesso mi manca la seconda e pi celebre parte, Peter e Wendy.Mi aspettavo un Peter Pan molto diverso da quello della Disney, ma non immaginavo quanto, ed stata una vera scoperta.Anche il tono malinconico, happy sad lo chiamano nelle recensioni in inglese, stato un qualcosa di nuovo e imprevisto Certo non ho potuto fare a meno di vederci un non so che di creepy nel finale i baci, il quasi matrimonio, ew , da sommare al fatto che Peter un bambino uccello senza et [...]

    11. Not quite what I was expecting The story was decent enough but I feel like it was marred by the authors turn of the century british style The prose definitely doesn t flow for the modern audience and that is unfortunate.Taking into account that this is only part of a larger book, some of the narrative structure is lost There are a few references to other parts of the original book and it s here that the reader will feel lost.The stories themselves are a mixed bag Some are quite good while others [...]

    12. OLD TIME JUVENILE FICTION CATEGORYThis is the origin story of Peter Pan Peter Pan begins the story as an infant who can fly, because apparently all infants used to be part bird He flies to Kensington gardens as an infant, but he gets stuck there when he can t fly any The rest of the story largely occurs in Kensington gardens where Pan has adventures with fairies and he later meets a new friend, Maimie The story itself is very imaginative and magical The text is accompanied by beautiful illustrat [...]

    13. All children could have such recollections if they would press their hands hard to their temples, for, having been birds before they were human, they are naturally a little wild during the first few weeks, and very itchy at the shoulders, where their wings used to be So, before we are born as humans, we are birds Delightful I guess that s why we all yearn to fly don t we Which reminds me of something that happened when I was just a few months oldWhen I was a little, very much so, baby, there was [...]

    14. Un libro hermoso Esperaba algo similar a la fabula cl sica de esta historia y me encontr con algo totalmente diferente pero muy bien escrito El libro cuenta el nacimiento de Peter pan y de los elementos al rededor de l Cuenta el como y por qu Peter se convirti en lo que conocemos, describe a las hadas y a su mundo Escrito de manera po ticamente hermosa, fue una lectura bastante agradable y aunque al final del libro se me hiciera un poco aburrido fue una agradable lectura la cual recomiendo.

    15. Somehow, this book fell a little flat for me.I enjoyed reading it, no doubt, but I think this was due to the writing style which was very easy for me to read than the actual plot or the characters.I was actually a bit surprised by that, because I love fairies and was especially excited for that part of the story Even though I did feel a little spark here and there, the big magical feeling never came.

    16. First of all I may just be an evil anti Classic reader since Peter Pan was really never a favorite of mine nor for the most part other Classic books There were a few that I had to read of course or that I came to read for many other purposes but with the exception of just a few not many of them ended up making the cut for my reading enjoyment And even though I knew there were other Peter Pan books in the series I was never really tempted to hunt them down just because When my sister chose this p [...]

    17. This childhood classic fairy tale is amazing.Peter Pan interrupt Wendy, John and Michael in their sleep, in the nursery After showing them how to fly he takes them on an intense adventure, they see mermaids, pirates and other characters of a child s imagination They end up getting into a battle with the evil Captain Hook.Who wins You ll have to read to find out.I gave this 4 stars because even though I feel like the story was excellent I was not a fan of the illustrations, they feel childish whi [...]

    18. I liked this a lot However, the narration was a bit , I don t know all over the place in the beginning I liked that we got to see Peter before Wendy and his origins Plus where he got some ideas like to build a house around Wendy.

    19. I had no idea that Barrie had written other adventures of the infamous boy who never grows up This is his origin story, a fanciful tale of fairies, a twist on the stork story, and generally observing that children have much imagination than adults.Parts of it were a bit tedious, to be honest, and it wasn t my favorite, but it was interesting to see how Barrie envisioned Peter coming into being and how all of the mystical creatures carry on when the humans leave the park after dark.2.5 5

    20. As a sort of prequel to Barrie s stage play Peter Pan to his later novel Peter Pan and Wendy, I found this book to be a bit all over the place It was evident that certain aspects and story parts were then used in his later works, but putting them together in this novel just didn t appear to work very well I don t know if it was just me and my perception of things, but the story parts didn t seem to flow very well Perhaps it was just the language that wasn t flowing As an infant, Peter Pan manage [...]

    21. I absolutely loved the original Peter Pan book, so I was looking forward to finally reading the prequel Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations at all I found the book disjointed and confusing, to the point where I had trouble keeping track of the story I did not connect with any of the characters, including Peter, as much as I did with those in the original story, so it was difficult for me to really engage with what was happening for them After reading it, I discovered that althou [...]

    22. Not a prequel to the play Novel that takes place in Neverland, but a different story entirely The illustrations by Arthur Rackham really make this children s book come alive This playful and sad tale tells the story of a Peter Pan who as a seven day old that gets himself stuck Betwixt and Between in Kensington Gardens after closing time and becomes the center of a world of talking birds and fairies that inhabit the park when the humans are gone.

    23. My rating this book was hard I want to give it 5 stars because it s a classic story, and old original fairy tales hold a very special place in my heart, but I couldn t bring myself to I love Barrie s story telling, he makes it very easy to read But the story was odd and a bit difficult to really love It is everything I expected it to be It s very sad in places, and very fun in others Absolutely worth reading for the sake of reading an original tale.

    24. It brings back the dreamer in me The most interesting part of the book was how it explained the behavior of the infants in relation to the fairies And all the lovely little stories of children who stayed past the Lock Out Time in the Gardens late at nightMAP my link text

    25. As a child, I read Peter Pan many times I don t remember ever reading this book, so thought I d have some light hearted late night early morning reading the Kindle version Perhaps my forgotten childhood memories will come flooding back

    26. Not a good as Peter Pan at all The Plot is choppy, characters are not well defined and readers cannot relate to them at all The mythos of Peter Pan in this book does not correspond with Wendy and Peter Pan at all.

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