The Summer Man (2020)

The Summer Man Amanda Young grew up in Port Isley a remote seaside community perched on the outermost shores of Washington She s watched as each summer the tight knit small village braces for the invasion of vaca
  • Title: The Summer Man
  • Author: S.D. Perry
  • ISBN: 9781611099164
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amanda Young grew up in Port Isley, a remote seaside community perched on the outermost shores of Washington She s watched as, each summer, the tight knit small village braces for the invasion of vacationers seeking refuge from city life But this year, a new kind of visitor arrives in Port Isley, bringing something most unexpected.Soon after the season begins, a teenageAmanda Young grew up in Port Isley, a remote seaside community perched on the outermost shores of Washington She s watched as, each summer, the tight knit small village braces for the invasion of vacationers seeking refuge from city life But this year, a new kind of visitor arrives in Port Isley, bringing something most unexpected.Soon after the season begins, a teenage girl s mutilated body is found in a local park The police declare it a random act of violence, but Amanda s not so sure because how can she explain that she had a premonition of the crime just hours before it happened Or that the neighbors she s known forever inexplicably are beginning to change into lustful, violent shadows of themselves Amanda knows something s not right And she knows it has something to do with the sinister stranger who s come to town But can she uncover his dark secret in time to stop him and in time to save the souls of Port Isley
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    1. I don t really like long reviews, so I ll try to keep this short I did not like this book It s poorly written and poorly paced, and riddled with poor grammar To illustrate my point, this is a direct word for word quote from the book The way everyone kept moving around didn t help define matters from her position, leaning against the wall next to the bathroom, the shapes of the other partygoers were vague, dark blurs, people shuffling themselves to watch the film, to pass a pipe, to leave the roo [...]

    2. Tough to review The characters were likable and the overall theme was engrossing I did not mind at all the slow build up that other reviewers have complained about, and I thought it was interesting to watch the gradual effects of the Summer Man s presence in the town as each character began to lose their inhibitions But while I liked the characters and stayed engaged with them, there was really not a lot of story Not much happens in anything like a sequential developing narrative Various charact [...]

    3. This book is exactly the kind of thing I like to read interesting characters, spooky atmosphere, unexpected occurrences The writing is strong I m not a total egomaniac, BTW, but writing books for twenty years will make one s writing pretty decent The feedback I ve been getting is overall positive, although man, some people REALLY don t like cursing in their fiction If you like Stephen King y style horror, I d give this book a try.

    4. it is rare that I give a one star rating but I had to put this book down before I finished it I was really excited about reading this book but I was really disappointed at how slow it was and I couldn t concentrate on the story it is such a shame as this book sounded so interesting

    5. Ugh, this book It is easy to read and keeps building, but never climaxes The characters are likeable, but dear lord it was a long book for it to dribble into nothing It s almost as bad as a story the ends with and then she woke up It is not scary I would never discribe this as a horror novel.

    6. The Summer Man is a horror story At a party in early June, Amanda Young has a kind of waking nightmare She sees a young girl she knows being murdered Her best friend tries to help her realize that it isn t a psychic vision, just the weed she s been smoking Unfortunately.The town hierarchy would like to downplay the murders because the murderer not only kills the girl, but then goes home and kills his wife and himself Port Isley depends on its summer people, the tourists who are a major part of t [...]

    7. Thank you to the author for the copy via netgalley.Amanda Young grew up in Port Isley, a remote seaside community perched on the outermost shores of Washington She s watched as, each summer, the tight knit small village braces for the invasion of vacationers seeking refuge from city life But this year, a new kind of visitor arrives in Port Isley, bringing something most unexpected.I wasnt sure what to expect when I started this one I have to say The blurb sounded interesting and as it turns out [...]

    8. Amanda Young is an ordinary young girl growing up in Port Isley, a sleepy seaside town that only comes alive in the summer months with the arrival of holidaymakers.Amanda is dreaming of escaping the town and with it her alcoholic mother and her mother s lecherous boyfriend, when one night stoned she has a vision about the grisly death of a fellow school student a vision which comes true just hours after Amanda s prediction Amanda s visions coincide with a spate of murders and increased violence [...]

    9. I ll start with what I liked about this book I loved the setting It s a small seaside town in the Pacific Northwest and I m a sucker for just about any seaside town I enjoyed the vibrant characters some were a little quirky, which is always enjoyable, and it was easy to become vested in their lives and care about the large variety of characters The dialogue was genuine and believable The first couple of chapters held my interest, but then the book seemed to slow a little however, the action pick [...]

    10. Not exactly impressed with this one 47 North gave me my first auto approval from Netgalley and I found this one while having a look at some of the titles were offering It sounded quite interesting, and got off to a good intriguing start As a pointed out by another review of the same book I read, some of the grammar was a bit off, very very long sentences and very long paragraphs as well Whether it was the formatting on the kindle version I was reading, I don t know, but some paragraphs seemed to [...]

    11. A slow starter and although long winded and rather drawn out it eventually kept my attention as I was eager to find out how the story would develop pan out Alot of characters to keep up with as the story encompasses the whole town, very few characters are featured throughout the book, many are brief appearences, on a good note you never knew who was going to last a chapter or two so liked the unexpected suprises and a few shocks I adore stories told within and around a small town or village and [...]

    12. This is a very strange book I don t know how I feel about it It s very Stephen King and Dean Koontz in a way, but then the ending, oh man, the ending In a nutshell It s June in Port Isley, an exclusive and posh summer island town, and the summer people are back for their annual vacations A teenage girl gets a glimpse of a murder of a young girl during one of her druggie highs, which sets into motion a most horrifying string of violent crimes their small town has ever seen It s up to this psychic [...]

    13. I liked this book It started out slow Six chapters setting up the characters and town seemed a little much.Amanda reminded me of a friend of mine so I liked her a lot I sympathized with her bad family life and loved her best friend Naturally I was disappointed when both her mother and Devon were cut out of the book and never mentioned again The sudden relationship with the summer man was not explained well and seemed rushed.The middle chapters reminded me of a young Stephen King But the author c [...]

    14. An interesting thriller that tells the story of a small summer destination town Something is happening to the people in the town that no one can really explain A teenager, Amanda might hold the clue When I began reading this, it took me a while to get into the story There are many characters to get to know since the story concerns itself with the whole town, when I did get to know them I felt a part of their story The author does a good job of realistically dealing with something that could go s [...]

    15. 2.5 5 stars I liked the build up of this novel, and the idea, but the climax was a letdown It s Summer, it s hot, and it s violent Violence is breaking out all over the town and just a few people are finding it suspicious Amanda, who had a vision of the first violent act, her best friend, the local newspaper man, and a psychiatrist are all drawn together investigating this outbreak of violence I loved the suspense of this Who could they save Could they save anyone And what was happening I was di [...]

    16. I liked this book a lot as I was reading, I was reminded of Stephen King and Dean Koontzis is some excellent horror writing with great characterization one of the final scenes with a harried single mother and her infant son was so amazing it made me cry A point off because the book could have used a better editor way too much extraneous detail, internal discourse, repetitiveness and just overall telling us way than we needed to know If this book lost about 20% of its bulk, it would be a lean, m [...]

    17. I had such high hopes for this book because 1 i like mystery thrillers, 2 i like small towns that were made for vacations and 3 most of the reviews I saw were okay I was left with a lot of questions after reading it, though In some cases, that can be a good thing but not here The thing that got me through this book is the character development It was pretty good But then it kept going and going and going that it dragged and I forgot what the story was all about like i forgot what Im supposed to [...]

    18. The Summer Man is a thriller that has been compared with King and Koontz The story starts out a bit slow but picks up pace and at points builds into a page turner It is not as good as King, but is a lot better than the dribble that Koontz has written in the past decade used to be a fan but no longer Some reviewers have complained that the ending left too many unanswered questions I was ok with it In books like this it is better to leave some things to the imagination Of course it is also a good [...]

    19. When I read the summary of The Summer Man I was intrigued to read this book After reading it I can say it has a good story BUT there is too much detailed inner monologue from the characters This mental chatter made it hard to get engrossed into the storyline Also, there were too many uninteresting character s POV to keep track off It took away my suspense and fascination to know what happens next I lost interest Received this book from Publishing via First Reads.

    20. I read this one for the Endeavour Award I call it horror, though it is fair to call it science fiction as well And I don t read horror by choice It was a difficult and upsetting read From the language to the situations, it made me uncomfortable and just plain feel bad And as such I m thinking that it might have been a fantastic book that just wasn t for me I m glad to be done with it, but it has the feel that the idea behind this book will stick with me for a long time.

    21. I got this book free from the Good Reads contest I was so impressed do I dare compare it to Stephen King and Dean Koontz I think a movie should be made of this one It had wonderful characters, an easy to read style, caught my attention at every turn I kept meaning to quit reading late at night at the next chapter and yet I couldn t put it down Looking forward to sequels perhaps and at least of this author s work Awesome book

    22. Wow, that was good A steady paced thrill that continuously escalates The beginning of this small town summer marks the arrival of the rich summer people and the start of mania as the town people slowly slide out of control, giving in to murderous and base impulses Brilliantly done Perfect for fans of Stephen King and the like.

    23. Disclaimer I won this book.Warning This book contains much violence, swearing, and random sex It is mostly a psychological thriller Aside from creeping me out and probably giving me nightmares, this was a good book I wish there had been a better explanation of how and why the bad guy was affecting people I would read other books by this author, but not right before bedtime.

    24. This book started out good so it should get 2 stars, but the you read the stupid it gets I m still not sure how the presence of one man made the whole town crazy, it wasn t explained very well, and I didn t really like the ending I m glad it was a free book.

    25. I won this book from giveaways This a Dean Koontz type story It had a lot of different characters to keep track of The novel begins with Amanda having a vision of a violent murder that later comes true Something strange is going on in the town, what is the cause

    26. Slow to build, but I liked the characters Not one I would publicly and blindly recommend, but I eventually felt engrossed enough to keep going until the end.

    27. One of my books at 47North Biased, but love it Creepy, violent psychological supernatural horror Maybe this doesn t mean much, but it scared me

    28. This is a giveaway book I enjoy this topic and looking forward to a good read on these beautiful summer days Thank you for this opportunity.

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