An Affair of Sorcerers (2020)

An Affair of Sorcerers Three apparently separate investigations involving the New York City occult underground of covens warlocks tarot readers faith healers and palm readers dovetail into a single explosive climax
  • Title: An Affair of Sorcerers
  • Author: George C. Chesbro
  • ISBN: 9780967450391
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three apparently separate investigations involving the New York City occult underground of covens, warlocks, tarot readers, faith healers, and palm readers dovetail into a single, explosive climax.
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      George C. Chesbro

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    1. Three separate cases a nun trying to save a faith healer accused of a murder he didn t commit, a university dean with a professor mixed up in something sinister, and a dying little girl with a desperate need for answers suddenly connect by threads leading straight to New York s occult underground, and the only person capable of unraveling them is Dr Robert Mongo Frederickson, former circus tumbler and karate black belt turned criminologist private investigator This third entry in the Mongo Myste [...]

    2. Chesbro s Mongo books are sentimental favorites for me, but the series has some huge up and downs The first three are particularly shaky by comparison, the lesser later efforts just seem lazy or uninspired Here we have The good Wicca is described in a surprisingly accurate way It s always great to see Mongo, of course, but Garth is still being written as a stock cop prop for the most part.The bad The plot is pretty much a mess It makes sense or less but characters come and go quite randomly and [...]

    3. Third in the Mongo mystery series This book was his best to date George Chesbro seems to have been learning as he went along with this series A long term story arc is beginning to form, and our main character is not, as is usually the case, a static one His internal development, and that of his brother Garth adds interest, and reality to an otherwise unreal series of occult related happenings Rumor has it that a movie has been given the green light that is based on this novel, and will be given [...]

    4. One of my preferred entries in the Mongo Series For my take on the series as a whole, see my post at Black Gate Magazine blackgate 2016 06 17

    5. Somehow, this story of a dwarf detective investigating sensory deprivation, faith healing and witch covens manages to be not too far out there or strange Chesbro s matter of fact first person narrative gives the whole thing a noir fee

    6. A bit thick compared to the previous installments probably due to an excess of storylines but still enjoyable.

    7. Your friendly midget PI gets caught in a wiccan mistery.After watching the tv version of game of thrones, the actor who plays tyrion would be a perfect big screen mongo.

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