What Love Sounds Like (2020)

What Love Sounds Like Outback speech pathologist Mia Windsor believes her morning from hell is over Then suited up city boy Kade Reid strides into her office and announces he and his wide eyed niece are the clients that
  • Title: What Love Sounds Like
  • Author: Alissa Callen
  • ISBN: 9780857990129
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Outback speech pathologist, Mia Windsor, believes her morning from hell is over Then suited up, city boy Kade Reid strides into her office and announces he and his wide eyed niece are the clients that she will be living with for the fortnight Kade Reid adheres to a single edict money is as important as breathing But when he becomes an instant father to four year old TOutback speech pathologist, Mia Windsor, believes her morning from hell is over Then suited up, city boy Kade Reid strides into her office and announces he and his wide eyed niece are the clients that she will be living with for the fortnight Kade Reid adheres to a single edict money is as important as breathing But when he becomes an instant father to four year old Tilly, he escapes to the only place he was allowed to be a childe family property of Berrilea As Mia and Kade work together to help Tilly overcome her speech delay, can they face their fears in order to give Tilly the family she so desperately needs
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      Alissa Callen

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    1. I won a copy of this book on theHarlequin Junkie blog, and I was delighted by this book about a speech therapist and uptight businessman I loved the heroine s unusual profession and seeing her win over the niece with difficulties pronouncing the letters G and K I definitely look forward to reading of Ms Callen s books.

    2. Amelia Windsor left Sydney for the small town of Whylandra in the hot, dry outback of NSW after realising her fianc cared about being associated to her famous business tycoon father than her, and set up her own speech pathology clinic, Little Poppies The day Kade Reid walks into her office with his four year old niece and ward, Tilly, the air conditioning had broken and Mia s already spilled her drink all over Tilly s file and her clothes Meeting Kade doesn t go much better the man is aloof and [...]

    3. This is a very sweet and charming story by Alissa Callen One which helps both the heroine and hero find love when they least expected it Another romance set in Australia, has this reader wishing she could afford a trip there Mia Windsor is a speech pathologist who specializes in treating children Having grown up in a home with an unloving father and a stammer she knows all too well what is it is like to talk while stressed emotionally Now she will be staying with her new clients for a fortnight [...]

    4. The morning of disasters wasn t over for Mia Windsor Her air conditioning had died, her internet was no longer working, and her glass of water was over herself and the paperwork on her desk Then in walked stiff, uptight and arrogant Kade Reid, with little Tilly, shy, quiet and scared, and as a consequence of everything, Mia was totally unprepared for Kade s announcement Mia was a speech pathologist working in the outback of Australia, and in mid summer the heat was unbearable So when she discove [...]

    5. This has such a genuine Australian feel to both the setting and language that I just fell in love It was so real Mia and Kade are a great romantic couple and saying why would introduce spoilers into this review Rats Um, let s just say they re both survivors, but people take different paths.The pacing of the story made the growth of their respect and love believable Not just Wham attraction The attraction was there and how but they also felt like real people, and that was the secret to this story [...]

    6. A beautiful, sweet love story Two lonely people brought together by an orphaned child who will steal your heart Thoroughly enjoyed this read Well rounded characters, a lovely plot and a beautiful setting This is a gentle romance and a story of rediscovery that will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face Well done Miss Callen

    7. What I liked the most about this book is how subtle the romance is You know these two will be perfect for each other but it takes them both a while to get to that, and not before each of them overcomes some personal demons first.Kade Reid and Mia Windsor basically had the same upbringing As much as it seems that something like that would result in like personalities, it couldn t be farther from the truth Where she is bubbly and kind, he is closed off and indifferent, a workaholic that feels like [...]

    8. Sound likelove This is a beautiful, gentle story of two people whose past has taught them not to trust yet who find each other as they work to help Tilly find her k and g K is for kiss, eventually The slow thawing of two hearts locked away for safety in the serenity of the Aussie rural retreat had me hooked Berrilea is the only place Kade ever experienced love as a child and it s fitting that he has to return there to undo the damage wrought by a cold father Alissa Callen s style is gentle and d [...]

    9. I adore this book I love that the author explored the issue of speech difficulties, something I haven t come across in fiction before Mia is instantly likeable and I became heavily invested in her work with Tilly and her growing attraction to Kade Although not as easy to like in the beginning, Kade s character development was handled perfectly and I soon grew to love him, cheering on the couple s happily ever after I look forward to reading from this author.

    10. Really loved this story of Mia, the lovely Speach Pathologist with a big heart and her gorgeous new client little Tilly who has been through the sad death of both her parents at only 4, but can Mia deal Tilly s uncle and Guardian Kade who is too much like her estranged father This was a really sweet and heartwarming story can t wait to read Alissa s next book.

    11. This one was really sweet I was hard not to fall for Tilly right away, her situation was so sad I didn t like Kade at the start and was glad that Mia was able to work her magic on both Tilly and Kade It was fun to see how Kade went from thinking Tilly was a duty to really enjoying spending time with her and even enlisting her help as a co conspirator in getting Mia to take a chance.

    12. This is a sweet australian love story I really enjoyed it, the coming together of two unlikely entities and the hope against all odds the male figure helping the female figure over come daddy issues was well done all in all a pleasant easy read

    13. This story was lovely and I really enjoyed all the little girly things like the toy pony, the fairy cakes and the princess stories Took me back to when my daughter was Tilly s age A sweet read with great sexual tension.

    14. I Loved It What Love Sounds Like is a heart warming, emotional story with gorgeous, real characters and a glimpse into the magic work done by speech pathologists Fabulous

    15. This is a really adorable story and I have no idea why I took so long to pick it up It s got a dash of everything I need in a romance I loved the sexual tension, the banter, the heartache and the complete head over heels falling in love that is always so much fun when the characters are cold hearted individuals Mia is a therapist Fascinating job Tick Mia s name is Mia Love that name Tick Mia is an Australian So am I Tick When Mia looks at Kade and his niece, all Mia sees is herself and her fathe [...]

    16. What love sounds like is such a heart warming read Super charged with emotion I was instantly charmed by Kade, Mia and Tilly, but most of all with Berrilea.Alissa Callen brings the outback to life with her gorgeous descriptions of country life As, well as stunning locations Alissa Callen brings an unusual story to life with such love and tenderness What sounds like love is a beautiful refreshing read that I highly recommend.

    17. This book is a sweet romance, it was a bit predictable but the characters back stories, the Australian setting and the unusual career of the main character kept the story moving and interesting enough 4yr old Tilly was a delilghtful bonus

    18. Had the potential to be alot better Was very slow and went into unnecessary detail then finished abruptly.

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