The Shipwreck (2020)

The Shipwreck THE LEGEND OF RIVENLOCH IS BORNWhen his wife and children die Viking marauder Brandr has nothing left to live for so he sails away on one final voyage A storm at sea leaves him shipwrecked alone a
  • Title: The Shipwreck
  • Author: Glynnis Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781938114083
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • THE LEGEND OF RIVENLOCH IS BORNWhen his wife and children die, Viking marauder Brandr has nothing left to live for, so he sails away on one final voyage A storm at sea leaves him shipwrecked, alone, and barely alive on a foreign coastline Along the Pictish shore, Avril, a warrior maid and the victim of a Viking berserker, banished from her ancestral home of Rivenloch toTHE LEGEND OF RIVENLOCH IS BORNWhen his wife and children die, Viking marauder Brandr has nothing left to live for, so he sails away on one final voyage A storm at sea leaves him shipwrecked, alone, and barely alive on a foreign coastline Along the Pictish shore, Avril, a warrior maid and the victim of a Viking berserker, banished from her ancestral home of Rivenloch to a seaside cottage, dreams of the day she ll raise her sword, take back the castle that is rightfully hers, and find her half Viking daughter a proper father Discovering a broad shouldered, fair haired, broken castaway washed up on her beach among the wreckage of his longship, she takes him captive and binds him in chains She refuses to be a Viking s victim again.r imagining that soon her fiercest enemy will earn her trust, invade her heart, and enthrall her senses.
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      Glynnis Campbell

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    1. This review is from The Shipwreck The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Novella Kindle Edition I have been reading books from this author for many years and have enjoyed every single book she has written whether it was under one of her pen names Sarah McKerrigan, Kira Morgan or her real name Glynnis Campbell I have read every single book she has put out and to my utmost pleasure this lovely novella The Shipwreck was no different as it had me captivated from the very first sentence of the book to the ve [...]

    2. Seriouslywhy the ass can t I find a washed up man on the beach who falls in love with me and chooses to take care of me even though I don t want him to.I like this story, love that the little girl insisted on calling him Da Loved how she stood up to a bunch of Vikings for her daughter A berserker and a viking are two different things, people need to understand things like this, especially in the world we live in today.

    3. What the heck was that hahahaha Maybe the fault was mine because I did not read the series This was my first story of The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch But, boy oh boy okay it all ended with sex Then some 3 or so sentences that marked the epilogue hahahahahaha

    4. Review Glynnis Campbell The ShipwreckOutcast by her brothers and stripped of her home and lands for birthing her bastard viking spawn , Avril lives on the coast with her four year old daughter, Kimbery They live on what they can scavenge from the sea Theirs is a hard, lonely existence but Avril is coping well and is proud of providing a life for her beloved daughter The morning after a violent storm the pair comb the shoreline Avril hopes to discover part of a broken boat, or useful kelp Kimbery [...]

    5. AUTHOR Romance, Historical Fiction, Non Fiction An author that has ventured into Viking territory which authors seldom do This book has the aaahhhh sigh factor GENRE Vikings Historical RomanceSETTING 9th century, off the eastern coast of PictlandCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTERS Avril is Pictish and a survivor Independent Intelligent Honorable Patient with her daughter Kimberly aka Kimmie and a woman that can wield a sword CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER Brandr, a Northman a great Story Teller Sure of himself Ch [...]

    6. Enjoyable overall, if a bit fluffy My only complaints with this book would be the following 1 Aside from names, places, and a smattering of well established fact, there s not a lot of historical content here The lack of that makes it lose the authentic feel I was hoping for, because as it is, one would only have to change a few minor details to place the story in virtually any time period or setting It s a nice effort, but rather short on the research incorporation of that material.2 I felt that [...]

    7. I finally read the book from whence the maidens of Rivenloch started from A great short read back to the beginning Arvil was banished from her rights as heir to Rivenloch by her 4 unworthy brothers While taking care of her daughter the come upon a Viking half dead on the beach Arvil drags him back to her cottage and leashes him to the wall Over the next few days she realizes that he Brandr is not like other Vikings who pillage, kill and rape, like what was done to her Brandr told her he had a wi [...]

    8. Overall, I enjoyed this little romance The characters were interesting, and even the child s character was well drawn, something few authors do well Something that bothered me was the Pict heroine having a French name, with no explanation, at a time in history when there would have been virtually no interactions between the Picts and Francs the Norman invasion is still a good 100 years down the pike It was rather a sketchy story apparently setting some background for the trilogy set many generat [...]

    9. This is a good read for a rainy night at home while hearing the thunderstorm in the background.I really enjoyed this novella I laughed at the daughter s antics who had a good strong mind of her own I was wary of the stranger along with her mother I wanted to escape as much as the hero I loved the way the heroine made new decisions about how to look at what happened in her past and be released from it going forward Clean sex scene Looking forward to read the trilogy which happens about 200 300 ye [...]

    10. A wonderful intro to maidens of rivenlochwhen I picked this one up I did not realize this was a prequel to a series It is a wonderful complete story but I am thrilled to see that the characters carry on April has been bitterly betrayed by every man in her life Exiled with a daughter, the result of a rape, she has thrived and ends up rescuing a Viking.Of course past history makes her hate Viking deserters but Brandr is no Bessemer and he has given up his raiding to settle down It is a pleasure to [...]

    11. I loved it I don t know why someone would say this novel is not good I don t know what they read, but I felt it was a lovely story A Strong woman in a time and place where most women were never taught to be warriors She s the heir chosen to inherit over her brothers by her father In a horrible battle her father is killed and the keep is taken from her by her brothers Find out what else happens Well worth reading

    12. This historical romance brings together two people from very different lifestyles This short novel was had romance, fighting, Vikings, and a couple steamy scenes I enjoyed reading from both Avril and Brandr s perspectives I loved Kimberly and the amount of mischief she brought to the book This was a good book

    13. So While I thought that the romance part was a little well romancy and cutesy I had a hard time connecting within the story itself I felt like the book was missing something and I just can t put my finger on it Maybe it was the fact that I wanted historical facts in the story but then again it is fiction Cute concept and okay story.

    14. A romance in viking times.Hero is a viking seeking a new place to live He lost his boat and his crew in a storm Injured, he lays on the beach where the heroine and her daughter find him Heroine is a Pict warrior heiress who was banished from lands she should have inherited She has a four year old daughter whose antics I enjoyed.No bad guys in this.

    15. I really enjoyed this novella But, I want to read I enjoyed the characters very much, especially Kimmie and I know that there is a series but I would like to read of Brandr and Avril s story.

    16. This was a great little novella, quick read and a perfect back story for the Warrior Maiden series Certainly deserves a sequel, so we can experience the action packed adventure as Brandr and Avril go to reclaim her lost heritage with a band of Viking warriors

    17. Not terrible for a book off of the free list, but not the greatest story ever either The characters were pretty much completely stereotypical, and the story went exactly the way you would expect it to, but it was enjoyable anyway.

    18. 4.6 easy read, great storyline and lots of heart brandr is as ferociously delicious as avril is intriguing, and I adore little kimmie didn t love the tie up at the end, would ve loved to see the Vikings kick those idiot brothers arses adult read

    19. Love the relationship between the daughter and the Viking very heart warming with a good sense of humor

    20. Well written short storyI couldn t put this book down The three main characters are all very well portrayed, their emotions and fears are tangible and realistic.

    21. Can people fall in love in 3 days Hmmm Meh Not my style, probably won t read any books in this series

    22. This book was great It was fast paced and had your attention the whole time The Shipwreck is a great book that I recommend to all romance lovers.

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