Wick (2020)

Wick Clay just wants to get home Six years ago he moved to New York City after his wife and daughters were killed in a horrible automobile accident and now the day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the c
  • Title: Wick
  • Author: Michael Bunker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clay just wants to get home Six years ago, he moved to New York City after his wife and daughters were killed in a horrible automobile accident, and now, the day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the city and the tri state area, Clay sets out on foot to escape both the city, and the prison of his old life there What Clay discovers on his epic walk to freedom, will changeClay just wants to get home Six years ago, he moved to New York City after his wife and daughters were killed in a horrible automobile accident, and now, the day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the city and the tri state area, Clay sets out on foot to escape both the city, and the prison of his old life there What Clay discovers on his epic walk to freedom, will change everything for everyone forever.W1CK is a stand alone pre apocalyptic thriller that sets the stage for the apocalyptic social, economic, and structural collapse of Western Civilization that leads us, 20 years later, into the events of Michael Bunker s thriller The Last Pilgrims.The Cold War is about to get Hot, and sometimes just saying NO is a revolutionary act
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    1. I struggled with a 4 vs 3 star rating This novel caught my attention initially, then lost me frequently with proselytizing political rants The plot protagonist are interesting, and the story line plausible, however, using this as a way to promote his political views, takes away from the narrative His writing style changes when on these rants, and it constantly distracted my attention from enjoying the story and became very boring I do plan to read additional novels of his.

    2. This is an ambitious book It, and the whole Wick project is a fascinating artifact It is also decent science fiction Not great science fiction but decent Many of the ideas are fantastic This book could only be self published, and not just because of the sometimes clunky and amateurish writing The author is clearly going for a Tolstoyan style He often misses, but occasionally he hits it quite well What is most impressive about this series of books is that he just went for it This is the only one [...]

    3. I had to think long and hard for something to say about this book Frightening comes to mind As a history buff, a sci fi buff, and a speculative fiction author myself, W1ck is a page from what I believed was happening when the USSR fell It explains clearly the slow and deliberate migration away from freedom as both political dominant parties in the United States work toward the same ends control over us and consolidating power for themselves I ve asked myself to what end times than I can recal [...]

    4. The story starts out with Clay Richter, a wander poet He has a tragic past and decides to leave everything behind during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy The world is on the eve of an economic political apocalypse and I really enjoyed the story of Clay s efforts to get out of the city, his struggle with dealing the tragedy of his past and his journey back to his real home in the woods But then, a Sam Elliot ish cowboy philosopher right winger appears and from there the story as well as my enjoym [...]

    5. If Thoreau had knocked on his cabin door at Walden Pond and discovered a foreign conspiracy waiting for him, Walden might ve read something like Wick Part 1.This first installment in the Wick series finds Clay, the protagonist, on a journey away from New York City, recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy More than just property damage, though, Clay has suffered the destruction of his complacency some might term it an awakening Discontent with the cultural norms of being comfortably numb, as Pink [...]

    6. I just finished reading this first volume and luckily the other parts are already available or I will not stand the wait.As many other reviews have already said much better than me, when you think you can know in advance what s going to happen, the plot will surprise you.This is a book destined to become a classic.

    7. Silent Hill fans, rejoice Keiichiro Toyama would have a special place in his heart for this story and so should you The way Michael Bunker creates the atmosphere is a work of art The ominous tone will never slap you in the face but will instead hold your hand throughout the read Thank you, Michael Bunker I am now a huge fan and have thoroughly enjoyed your several works.

    8. Cracking book, kept me hooked the entire way through, a different style of apocalyptic novel in its early stages of the pending social collapse.

    9. This is a fairly short book, and it had its ups and downs the first 24% according to the status bar on my Kindle was pretty darn slow and I almost quit reading it Without having a spoiler in my review, the action and plot heat up fast for the next75% of the book and I found it enjoyable, if a bit far fetched from a believability standpoint While the author is an excellent writer the ending, well, was a little disappointing and when I finished I felt like I had wasted my time as it left the story [...]

    10. Definitely has its strengths and weaknesses Fascinating concepts abound, but the soapbox moments appear less as conversations between characters and as didactics from the author to the reader Even so, the premise seems highly plausible, even probable, in the real world, especially with recent events surrounding Putin s Russia.The first half was less action and reflection, with lots of beautiful human moments throughout Those moments were a little sparse in the second half, which focused on th [...]

    11. From the mind of Michael Bunker and the political excellence of Chris Awalt comes this nice piece of dystopian fiction It is not often evident what an author is all about simply by reading their art, but Wick is a pleasant exception Not only do you get to know the characters and world being build, but also are afforded a unique opportunity to enter the mind of the author s Science fiction with Amish and political leanings makes this a wonderful piece of art that is hard to compare with If you ar [...]

    12. It took a little bit for me to get into the story, but I read book 1 in only two days At first, the story felt like it was going to be boring, then it got a little interesting at the end of the first day After that, it went back to boring again, then really jumped into exciting, with a twist I could have never seen coming There is a lot of political commentary, and one can never quite figure out exactly which side of the aisle the author was trying to proselytize It became annoying after a whil [...]

    13. Book one of an epic prequel, WICK feels complete in and of itself if one chooses not to continue with the series.WICK reads almost like a diary Clay Richter has entered a cross land journey from post Hurricane Sandy Manhattan to his Ithaca, NY farmhouse he d shared with his wife and children In a story of physical and metaphysical imprisonment, WICK offers sharp insight into pre apocalyptic society Chillingly surreal in account to 2016 America, WICK could very well be this generation s 1984 We a [...]

    14. Obviously this didn t end This is the first of a series The problem with writing with an eye on the series, rather than clearly ending the book as if it were the only one is that one cannot read it as a one off in an effective manner I have no intention of reading Wick 2 at this time I have 500 books to read 2 is not one of them at this time In any case, while the book was well written, and I have felt this could and would be true since the advent of the Cold War, if not before then, I can t giv [...]

    15. This is the first book in a prequel series to Michael Bunker s The Last Pilgrims I m not sure what genre to put this particular series into I guess if I had to pick one, I would say it is dystopian WICK begins in the wake of super storm Sandy and takes us into the beginning of what will be the collapse of the power grid The story begins with the main character leaving New York City on foot on a journey to his former upstate New York home Along the way, he meets various interesting characters tha [...]

    16. Wick is beautiful, and sad, and a prequel to another series of his Wick is a short read, and it s fantastic The story takes place on the eastern seaboard, right after Hurricane Sandy wipes out everything in its wake in Wick the destruction was even severe and permanent than the real storm After losing his family, Clay decides its time to return to his farmhouse in Ithaca But what he runs into in the middle of the wilderness is something going on that s much bigger than a simple journeyWick isn [...]

    17. I found the Wick series after I got a recommendation to read TLP Since Wick is the prequel to TLP, I figured I should read this series first.I liked the book It made a sudden jump in the middle, which in retrospect, should have been predictable but wasn t really I d call that the writer s skill The book didn t really seem like a book to me at least, the first few chapters looked as though they were taken from an intense conversation that ensued among friends over drinks and dinner However, it wa [...]

    18. You ever play the story game with friends Where one person starts a story and another continues that story You get things like One day a man is at work, finishing his project and worrying when his boss will discover the discrepancies in the data He stands up just as he hears the boss office door open and thena flock of carnivorous penguins swarm his cubicle in ravenous hunger This book is like that It s interesting, but preachy with a major non sequitur Like the author was trying to get all the [...]

    19. The book started out very interesting, lots of descriptions, lots of thoughts and thought provoking situations Then it started spiraling down, very fast I don t rightly know what to say about the last part of the book Some things just didn t add up at all Even though this is a story, some things should still remain real to follow a believable line, or else it becomes something like Little Red Riding Hood s grandmother being posed by the wolf.

    20. So well written you don t read this one, you ride it.I felt the protagonists name, Clay, was astute He has been molded by events, and indeed is still being shaped I enjoyed the writing so much that at times I forgot to look for the storyline I will be reading the rest of this series.

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    22. I certainly wouldn t call this post apocalyptic nonsense.al of the endless possibilities of the downfall of a wealthy industrialized country are scary and real Believing we are invincible is nonsense This book really opened my mind to thinking about the unthinkable, and preparing both mentally and logistically for an event I couldn t put it down until I was done with WICK 4.

    23. I love a new to me author that has a series I like.Having been hooked on great new authors like Hugh Howey, many others that hook me on a free or cheap intro book, I m loving the new wave of independent publishers.Looks like this guys is the next one to have hooked me Don t have a lot to say other than On to the next one, happily.

    24. The main character should have died way before he did What survival instincts he had did not make up for the ones he didn t have The basics His journey seemed to take forever just getting out of the city To me, this is because the author had to tell every road name that he took Having never been there, this just made it boring to me Just get him out of the city already

    25. The beginning was a bit slow as the main character navigated through NYC, but the pace picked up when he met a gentlemen who shared his concerns for the future of our society I just downloaded the rest of the books in the Wick series, The Last Pilgrims, and Pennsylvania by these authors to read over the Christmas holiday.

    26. This book was a surprise I thought it would just be another mystery but it turned outto be a Russian takeover of the US before it was done At least the beginning of one because you have to read the others to see what really happens Plus, it didn t have a good ending.

    27. Some well wrought prose at the start and interesting human interaction between Clay and the people he meets on his intended walk from NY City to Ithaca But then it all descends into paranoid post apocalyptic nonsense.

    28. Wow This would have been 5 stars, except for the political ranting.The atmosphere is brilliant, very paranoid, almost, and the story itself pretty much kept me hooked Definitely putting the 2nd one on the wishlist

    29. The story and political ideas from this book felt interesting and original That said, the story once inside of Warwick was jumbled and lacked meaning to me I think this is a case of needing to read The Last Pilgrims before the prequel.

    30. Part one of the W1ck omnibus An interesting read about a world about to go spinning down the drainrta like the one we actually live in I m very much looking forward to the next part s as I m getting the omnibus which contains all four pieces of the engrossing tale.Good stuff

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