Down The Path (2020)

Down The Path Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization the world Cooper lives in is bleak Burdened with an impossible prophecy since birth he is asked to save what remains of his small village by vent
  • Title: Down The Path
  • Author: Travis Mohrman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, the world Cooper lives in is bleak Burdened with an impossible prophecy since birth, he is asked to save what remains of his small village by venturing outside the walls and facing the unknown on a journey that no one has ever survived All he is looking for is hope, but he finds so much
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      Travis Mohrman

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    1. Found this through a friend of a friend on FB of all places, although the first friend came from GR, so it makes sense This is self published while it won t replace On the Beach or Earth Abides on the classic lists, it s pretty good It reads a bit like a fable in its simplicity, but that was OK It didn t get bogged down with a lot of details made a great point of just how much knowledge we take for granted The only real complaint I have is that it is of a novella, part one of at least two left [...]

    2. Travis Morhman writes with a laid back style that I found comforting and enjoyable Down The Path has shades of Earth Abides and Huckleberry Finn blended together, yet remains its own adventure.The hero is Cooper, a charming young man, refreshingly full of innocence We see the world through his eyes and at times is full of beauty and wonder At other times we see horrors, but his innocence carries us through them with only a few squirms.It is an unknown number of generations after a nuclear holoca [...]

    3. I put off doing this review for a little bit because I wanted to think a bit about why I liked this story so much It s not a particularly complex tale, nor is it an unusual concept It s a post apocalyptic YA adventure starring Cooper, an unusual red haired lad Cooper s city is dying, and he must go outside the city walls, something that has never been successfully accomplished before, and try to find a way to save his friends and fellow city dwellers The first reason I like this is the character [...]

    4. Down the Path is set in a post apocalyptic world full of despair Cooper was raised in an isolated town that is dying slowly despite their best efforts to survive The birth rate has dropped, the death rate has increased, and food sources are limited Additionally, anyone who visits the town has died of an unknown disease and anyone who has left has never returned In a last ditch effort, the town rallies together to send Cooper away to save them all Armed with the best the town could offer, Cooper [...]

    5. I picked up Down The Path during a free promotion on , and was not disappointed The first couple of chapters drew me in the characters and landscape were easy to picture in my imagination, and right away you picked out characters who you could root for It wasn t obvious to me at first what had caused the lifestyle that the characters were living, but it is now clear to me that this story is set in the aftermath of a nuclear incident I enjoyed guessing at the new things that Cooper discovered as [...]

    6. Travis Mohrman s Down the Path is a pleasant tale of hope and survival The story takes place centuries after some form of apocalypse has occurred A community of people have lost hope as their numbers have been steadily declining from sickness and lack of reproduction Our lead character, Cooper, is the people s last hope as he ventures outside the confines of their sanctuary to seek out resources and or other signs of life No one who has left has ever returned and lived As a self published and fi [...]

    7. I found this book by happy accident, which makes up for days when I don t find a thing of interest I enjoyed Down The Path very much It s said that any journey is at least as important as the destination, and this story illustrates that well.Cooper is an engaging character He s been told all his life that he is special simply because of the color of his hair That s a good indication that his community has been isolated for a very long time Cooper realizes that special brings responsibility to ot [...]

    8. It s always a delight to discover a new author, particularly one like Travis Mohrman who has taken the popular genre of post apocalyptic fiction and come up with something fresh.The novel begins hundreds of years after the end of the world as we know it with Cooper, a young man whose red hair marks him for a special destiny The residents of Cooper s enclosed community seldom leave its bordersd when they do, the few who come back are diseased and don t survive for long The community s birth rate [...]

    9. Mohrman walks us through the aftermath of a nuclear fallout through the eyes of a innocent young man I m a reader that likes to be on the edge of my seat I want the story fed through a fire hose But once I set those demands aside and relaxed into the story, I fell into step with Mohrman s easy pace and experienced the discovering the wild, of fishing crawdads out of the mud and smelling wort from a homemade brewery Mohrman gives us a taste of innocence reborn after disaster, how wonder can be di [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book It is the first dystopian story I have read that focuses on the hope and good in people, rather than how horrible we can be to each other when bad things happen This made the book a very pleasant read I m not much of an outdoor woman, and for as much as I have read stories with people surviving off the land, I was surprised at some of the unique survival details I m not sure I would make it on my own the way Cooper does Nicely done Mr Travis Mohrman

    11. I m thinking there is another book in this series because I really need to know what happens, Travis I enjoyed this story, and the very image evoking descriptions of the land and the icky ness of the ticks, which I will continue to hate long after reading the book I ll be looking up the author to see what else is out there.

    12. I finished Down The Path late last night and liked it so much that, 30 seconds later, I immediately bought Further so I could continue with Cooper on his journey all without leaving the cosiness of my bed on a cold autumn night Loved the story, the characters, the humour and any book with beer in is fine by me

    13. This is wonderful post apocalyptic story It is reminiscent of The Road, but the author takes you on a different type of journey Violence comes in many forms, and nature being one of them.Beautifully written, with wonderful descriptive details of the characters, landscape and brewing beer I am looking forward to reading the next in the series, Further Down the Path

    14. Good read I found myself getting really attatched to the characters and am looking forward to finding out what happens to them in the next book The author describes some objects and places in the book from a point of view of a community who has lost some knowledge, which was really interesting It was constantly trying to guess what he might be describing.

    15. Good story but really needs some editing Too many missed periods and commas and inconsistent paragraph formatting throughout the book Pulls you out of the story which is really too bad Otherwise, intriguing tale and I enjoyed exploring the future landscape with Cooper.

    16. Great book Detail of post apocalyptic world is detailed so well that you are able to picture all of the places Cooper experiences as if you are there with him An amazing, positive book about not just surviving, but living a rewarding life as you do.

    17. I loved this book Most post apocalyptic novels are very dark and depressing This one shines the light of hope on a world very different from the one we know today The characters are well developed, and real.

    18. This novel hooked me from the start, but lost some momentum towards the end I liked the main character Cooper and the way the story was told I just missed a bit of action, but maybe the second part will make up for this.

    19. AUDIOBOOK My first book by Travis Mohrman, and won t be my last I enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing what else is in store for Cooper and the rest of the villages.

    20. enjoyable read It started off slow and i was thinking that I might not even finish it but once the main character started his journey the story picked up Looking for book 2 now.

    21. Needs serious editing and a thesaurus I have difficulty believing that anyone proofread this story at all A good idea ruined by horrible editing and overly simplistic and repetitive language.

    22. Not the best book I ve ever read by far But not a complete waste of time It just moved so slow that it didn t hold my interest even enough to want to read the next one.

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