A Summer of Sundays (2020)

A Summer of Sundays Fans of The Mother Daughter Book Club Heather Vogel Fredericks and The Wedding Planner s Daughter Coleen Paratore series will fall in love with the humor classic charm and very determined heronine o
  • Title: A Summer of Sundays
  • Author: Lindsay Eland
  • ISBN: 9781606844137
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook
  • Fans of The Mother Daughter Book Club Heather Vogel Fredericks and The Wedding Planner s Daughter Coleen Paratore series will fall in love with the humor, classic charm, and very determined heronine of Lindsay Eland s sopho novel.When you re the third of six kids, it s easy to get lost in the shuffle, but Sunday Fowler is determined that this summer she ll find theFans of The Mother Daughter Book Club Heather Vogel Fredericks and The Wedding Planner s Daughter Coleen Paratore series will fall in love with the humor, classic charm, and very determined heronine of Lindsay Eland s sopho novel.When you re the third of six kids, it s easy to get lost in the shuffle, but Sunday Fowler is determined that this summer she ll find the one thing that makes her stand out from her siblings And when she discovers a silver box in the basement of the library her parents are renovating, she might just have found something to gain her the attention she so craves Inside is a series of letters addressed to The Librarian and a manuscript But who wrote them With the help of annoying neighbor turned new friend Jude, Sunday is determined to track down the author And when she unveils this novel to the world, she ll be famous But uncovering this manuscript means stirring up secrets that some people in the town hoped to keep buried And Sunday must decide if some things loyalty, trust, friendship are worth than her name in the headlines This title will publish simultaneously in electronic book form 978 1 60684 413 7.
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    1. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you Egmont USA for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review While not a flawless novel, A Summer of Sundays is an ideal novel for young middle grade readers searching for a light, humorous read Yes for me, it was not awfully suitable, but if I were to go back two years or so and read this, I can say definitely that I would love this debut to a great extent All Summer ever wanted to do was to stand out Be noticed and cared [...]

    2. Sunday Fowler s story tugged on my heart from the first chapter and held onto it even after I was done reading the book.I had no idea how it could be like being one of the six or a middle child until I read this book I m a first born and always hated it I hated having to take responsibility for my siblings messing up and what not, but Sunday never got noticed That was a very hard place for her to be and wanting that to change was what drove the whole story.Sunday got her chance when she crossed [...]

    3. I bought this book as a recommendation from my friend Akoss for her summer reading challenge and while I failed to read it in that time frame, I m glad to have fit it in to my schedule a little every day this month because it was such a GREAT summer read The mystery element of the story was obvious to me almost immediately, but not in a way that made reading it feel like a waste of time I LOVE stories about big families, having always wished to be a part of one or make one for myself, and the ch [...]

    4. As the novel opens, we meet Sunday Fowler, one of six who just wants to be noticed When her parents stop at a gas station and leave her there, I was convinced I was going to read a Home Alone type of story Instead, I found this to be an endearing tale of an almost twelve year old little girl looking for her family to notice her.Sunday is the go to child in the family, the one her parents know they can count on While this is admirable, it is also tiresome to her She wants than just being Sunday. [...]

    5. Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogYou may not know it yet but you are probably a lot like Sunday In most ways Maybe you re not smack dab in the middle of six kids in a family but even if you have another sibling, I m sure your parents or relatives have mixed up your names Or like me, with three older successful cousins, you can feel inferior sometimes But I ll go out on a limb and say you probably fit the bookish part of her The girl who is so well read classics too at almost 12 [...]

    6. This book was well written, and appealed to my love for an old fashioned story There were several things I did not love about this book, but not enough to make me put it down I did wonder, as I read it, if my actual middle grade daughters would like or dislike the same things I did, so I will have to follow up after they read it.For some reason, as I read, I had in my mind the old man and the young boy from the movie Up This is not a bad thing I loved that movie but it somehow took the story awa [...]

    7. Sunday Fowler is the middle of the middle child You see this right away in the opening when something tragic yet funny happens She and her family are moving to a new place over the summer because her father has been hired to remodel a library On the way there, they leave Sunday at a gas station They do return, but only because they were going in the wrong direction, not because they noticed she was missing Sunday vows that this summer she s going to make her mark on the world.While helping her p [...]

    8. 4 chewy brownies.Cover Love It s okay I like the colors and it hints of a mystery but I don t think it is overly eye catching.Why I Wanted to Read This The synopsis I was looking for a good middle grade book and this one sounded like the one Romance Nope, but talk of crushes And there is a wonderful love story.My Thoughts Sunday will be a character that will resonate with many, many children She feels invisible within her family and longs to do something that will make her memorable I think that [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book, much than I expected Sunday is a middle child and she feels like she s often forgotten in the chaos of family life But this summer, Sunday determines will be different She will make her mark in some way making it impossible for her family to forget her like they did at the gas station While helping her father renovate Alma s library she makes a discovery that she believes will help her in her quest Her new friend, Jude, is recruited to help Sunday make a statement, b [...]

    10. I loved this book A Summer of Sundays is told through the voice of Sunday, the middle child of six, who feels overlooked, forgotten about, and unimportant All Sunday wants is to do something important and be recognized for it But with five other kids in the family, that won t be likely.Because of her dad s work, her family moves to a small town for the summer to renovate the library One day, in the basement of the library, Sunday discovers a metal box holding a stack of letters and a manuscript [...]

    11. Sunday Fowler is the third of six children, and feels that she is not special All this will change, she feels, when the family moves to a small town where her father has a job renovating the library There she makes friends with Jude, and finds letters written to the librarian and a manuscript Sunday suspects that the work is that of famed local author, Wren Lee, who wrote The Life and Death of Birds, but she can t be sure She and Jude investigate, and find that the event that could bring Sunday [...]

    12. What a delightful read A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland is the perfect middle grade book Since Sunday is a middle child in a large family, her goal is to do something that makes her stand out from the rest of her siblings However, it was what she didn t do rather than what she did do that shows her real character Loved that about this book And I kept laughing along the way as I read it every time Sunday s parents called her by one of her siblings names As a middle child of seven, I have been [...]

    13. I m not sure how I feel about this book I enjoyed it but don t know how many students will It is a slow moving story about Sunday, a middle child who often feels overlooked by her family She wants to make her mark on the world and gain recognition She eventually needs to decide between doing something that would give her the recognition she craves or respecting the privacy of those involved.

    14. Sweet but forgettable middle grade fiction about a girl from a big family who tries to solve a mystery in order to get noticed The mystery is fairly obvious from the start and the protagonist s whining grated on me by the end.

    15. This book is full of mystery, suspense, relationships, and surprises I will definitely be buying a copy for my classroom

    16. A lovely gem of a book about a girl named Sunday and her quest one summer to be a stand out amongsther other siblings A terrific read

    17. This book is amazing No and C.J were probably my favorite out of the six disclosing Sunday of course since they provided lots of comedy This book also really digs deep about the concepts of being noticed and the thin line between right and wrong So, if you are looking for a both mystery and heartwarming book, you should definitely read this.

    18. This a very good piece of children s fiction It s got libraries, redoing libraries, big family with humorous situations, modern text and language but not weighed down with too much angst, summertime was an enjoyable read Kids aged 10 15 should love it.

    19. It was a very heartwarming book that was so funny and sweet as Sunday tried to stand out above the rest Loved it

    20. Sunday is the middle child in a very large family Her two older sisters are very fashionable and into boys and looking in the mirror, while her three younger brothers are equal parts mischievous and downright embarrassing After her parents accidentally leave her behind at the gas station on the way to Alma, where they ll spend the summer, Sunday decides she absolutely must use this summer to make a name for herself that will set her apart from the rest of the brood With the help of a new friend, [...]

    21. There wasn t a place I could think of that was magical than a building bursting with books and stories and wordsWhen Sunday Fowler s family is uprooted for the summer, to renovate an old library that her father will soon be opening in another town, Sunday unleashes a plan to finally get herself noticed After all, as the third of six children, Sunday notices that she tends to be forgotten than her siblings Her parents even accidentally left her alone at a gas station on the trip out of town, an [...]

    22. Summer Fowler is the third of six children With two older sisters who don t exactly connect with their younger sister, and three younger brothers, she feels a little left out often than not When her family helps her dad fix up an old library over the summer, she decides it s time to stand out, so she s never forgotten again.I m a middle child myself, although I only have one older sister and a younger brother I never really connected with either one of them growing up They d say the same I shou [...]

    23. A SUMMER OF SUNDAYS is a really cute read Sunday Fowler is one of six children and she s smack dab in the middle Not old enough to be in charge Not young enough to get the baby Do they even notice her half the time After the Incident, she s determined to do something to stand out, to be remembered for.When she finds an old manuscript and some letters in the library her parents are renovating, she thinks she might have found her path All she has to do is figure out who the author is Is it someone [...]

    24. This book bugged me so much Sunday Annika Fowler is the middle child of six, and this summer, she s determined to do something to set herself apart That something ends up involving things near and dear to every agent, editor, and publisher s heart a library, and an author, and a mystery box the contents of which may lead to fame and fortune, or which may end up causing complications of course In other words, I can see how this book got published, but honestly, I just couldn t stand it For one th [...]

    25. A Summer of Sundays is about Sunday Fowler who is the third child of six in her family When she is left at a gas station by her family and is never missed, her perception of being ignored by her family is reinforced by their actions Sunday s father has taken a summer job in Alma, PA helping to restore the town s old library and put it back into regular use The family joins him there, and Sunday is determined to make her mark and somehow show her family that she is somebody Sunday latches onto th [...]

    26. Kids that are fans of contemporary, small town settings and mysterious neighbors will enjoy this book It s a sweet, nostalgic feeling story about a girl that feels lost in her family I also come from a family of six kids, so I could totally relate to Sunday s desire to stick out I also loved the way her parents could never remember her name When families get large, parents tend to get names mixed up I do it all the time to my own kids and I only have two.I liked the characters for the most part [...]

    27. A cute book that is a must read for middle children Sunday hates being the third of six children, she always gets lost in the shuffle This summer her family moves to a small town so that their father can finish renovating a library and Sunday is determined to make her mark She plans to do something so that she finally gets noticed The only problem is she has no idea what to do While looking for light bulbs in the library basement she stumbles across an old manuscript and some letters, it s good, [...]

    28. I do not come from a large family so I had a hard time with the idea that the parents wouldn t notice one of their kids like this at the gas station, especially but that didn t stop me from enjoying A Summer of Sundays I loved Sunday she was spunky but reserved, smart, and incredibly responsibled not perfect You could tell that she has shouldered this responsibility for a while and it was something she noticed and felt her other siblings wouldn t I enjoyed the family theme throughout with each o [...]

    29. This was a fun read that I can see middle grade readers really enjoying I think anyone with siblings can relate to Sunday s feeling of being overlooked While the family dynamics were a big part of the story, the mystery added another interesting element to it I loved the idea of finding a hidden manuscript in the basement of the library how exciting It was pretty easy to solve the mystery myself before the characters finally figured it out, though Sunday is faced with an ethical dilemma once she [...]

    30. Sunday is a middle child in a busy family making her invisible In her own words the middle of warm chocolate chip cookies and brownies are wonderful but not being the middle kid When the family moves to a small town for the summer where her father is restoring the town s library, Sunday will make new friends and will attempt to make her mark What she will do is solve a mystery and find her place both in her family and out in the world Sweet read and glorious book references make this a fun summe [...]

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