It's Not About the Shark: How to Solve Unsolvable Problems (2020)

It s Not About the Shark How to Solve Unsolvable Problems It s Not About the Shark opens the door to the groundbreaking science of solutions by turning problems and how we solve them upside down When we have a problem most of us zero in take it apart and
  • Title: It's Not About the Shark: How to Solve Unsolvable Problems
  • Author: DavidNiven
  • ISBN: 9781250042033
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s Not About the Shark opens the door to the groundbreaking science of solutions by turning problems and how we solve them upside down When we have a problem, most of us zero in, take it apart, and focus until we have it solved David Niven shows us that focusing on the problem is exactly the wrong way to find an answer Putting problems at the center of our thoughts sIt s Not About the Shark opens the door to the groundbreaking science of solutions by turning problems and how we solve them upside down When we have a problem, most of us zero in, take it apart, and focus until we have it solved David Niven shows us that focusing on the problem is exactly the wrong way to find an answer Putting problems at the center of our thoughts shuts down our creative abilities, depletes stamina, and feeds insecurities It s Not About the Shark shows us how to transform our daily lives, our work lives, and our family lives with a simple, but rock solid principle If you start by thinking about your problems, you ll never make it to a solution If you start by thinking about a solution, you ll never worry about your problems again Through real life examples and psychology research, David Niven shows us why Focusing on the problem first makes us 17 times less likely to find an answer Being afraid of a problem is natural we re biologically primed to be afraid Finding a problem creates power which keeps you from finding a solution Working harder actually hides answers Absolute confidence makes you less likely to find the answer Looking away from a problem helps to see a solution Listening only to yourself is one of the best ways to find an answerCombining hard facts, good sense, and a strong dose of encouragement, David Niven provides fresh and positive ways to think about problem solving.
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    1. My pocket will not allow me to purchase as many copies of this book as I would like to gift over the holiday season Friends, family and colleagues, it is one of those books that might amuse and serve anyone well.The book is light, easily readable, full of a series of anecdotal stories and studies that highlight the point Niven is trying to make.when you focus your energies on the problem you will have adifficult time finding the best solution Which is not to say that you ignore problems or prete [...]

    2. Some interesting anecdotes, some irrelevant stories, an overlarge helping of second person, all combined with not necessarily helpful advice Especially given that it goes from Here s an easier way to solve the problem to Don t acknowledge that problems exist to Looking for the easy way to solve the problem is the WORST way of solving the problem Steven Spielberg s failing mechanical shark makes for an awfully good hook, but skip the rest to read a psychology textbook or a volume of Chesterton or [...]

    3. I received this book through a giveaway.This is a good book It s got a lot of good ideas and interesting stories in it But by God is it annoying.Almost all of his anecdotes, explanation of studies, etc follow the same format hook, introduction, body, conclusion It makes for very easy, fast reading, which is good But following that same pattern over and over again can get beyond repetitive and venture into the realm of bad writing The few times he deviated from the pattern were extremely refreshi [...]

    4. This book teaches you how to view problem from a different perspective It is a useful and practice book if you tend to face difficult or unsolvable problems at work There are 10 strategies to solve a problem 1 Look at the situation from a new perspective 2 let go of fear and do something you ve never done before 3 take less and don t chase problem 4 slow down and put outcomes over effort 5 compete against yourself and be own source of fresh perspective 6 climb out of the overconfidence trap 7 do [...]

    5. I unexpectedly couldn t put this book down An easy quick read with entertaining anecdotes and new ways of looking at problems I am guilty of being someone who sometimes feels paralyzed or overwhelmed by problems, so I found this book intriguing and it gave me a chance to look at my own ways of approaching problems Highly recommended if you re looking to shake up your own ways of approaching challenges.

    6. if we let problems define who we are, if we let problems serve as our guide, then our problems tell us what we can t do we can t do this, we cant do that our lives become negatives and absences two groups were given a problem the first group was asked to solve the specific problem with bike racks, and they flailed the second group was asked to design the best bike rack they could, and they did in the process, they solved a problem they didnt even know existed the group that had never seen a bad [...]

    7. This book distills a wide range of published research on motivation, decision making and creativity into a tactical manual for lateral thinkers Numerous examples show how people facing difficult problems, both professional and personal, discover innovative and powerful solutions once they move their focus beyond the obvious barrier to progress, whatever problem that may be The stories provide the reader with motivation and encouragement to test the author s techniques on their own turf to reinve [...]

    8. And that s what this book is about it s not about the shark Focusing on the problem never leads to a solution it leads to obsession with the problem, worrying about the problem, desperate ways to blunt the problem or reroute the problem or circumvent the problem, but it never solves the problem.Takeaways Thinking about problems first makes us seventeen times likely to fail Fear of the problem is in us all Letting fear guide our lives saferbut only if you don t actually want to accomplish anythi [...]

    9. Not written by the actor, who I am fairly certain is dead, but maybe a vampire in a new incarnation so who knows.Life assistance, come management book Lots of anecdotes on how to look at things just a little differently to work your way through the hassles life tosses your way Entertaining, well written but with excellent tips to make you take your head off your shoulders and tuck it under your arm for a different point of view Hard to believe but I actually learned a few things.Good stuff.

    10. I really enjoyed this book My outlook on problems will probably forever be changed because of it Every chapter is made up by an overall lesson Inside the lesson there are examples, a recap, and ways to avoid falling into the mental trap previously discussed The examples are cited, are of actual life examples from government agencies, top business leaders, big movie directors, etc , and are able to stay in your head to keep the overall lesson from falling out I only dislike how short it was, or a [...]

    11. Cleverly written pseudo scientific rehashed self help The target audience is quite obviously people that still think that thinking outside the box is mind blowing While a couple of phrases resonate, the stories aka case studies are a mishmash that even the author sometimes struggles to pull together into coherent themes.I admit that I was hoping for a much stronger scientific bent, not pop self help, when I was directed to this book.

    12. I enjoyed the book, but I don t think it follows through on the promise in the title Instead of specific, actionable steps to take, it offers some vague guidelines on different ways to look at problems Still, it was interesting The anecdotes used to illustrate the different ways to look at problems were engaging, even if they weren t as specific and helpful as I would have liked.

    13. Focusing on solutions rather than problems has already opened up my mind and eyes to possiblities I didn t see before Providing throughtful story examples, Niven gives meaningful evidence of how focusing on problems builds up walls blocking creativity, mindfullness and progress I will reread this one again and again when I find myself being pulled down by the shark problem Highly recommend

    14. Great reading This is a very useful and insightful book for both professional and daily life.A lot of practical ideas, enriched by data and by real life examples that show the reader how effective they are.It all begins with Spielberg s movie Jaws How can you film about a shark if you have no shark to film Spielberg set the problem aside, seeked solutions and succeeded beyond all limitations.He did it, everyone can do it At work, at home, in life.

    15. First Reads Giveaway Book It s Not About the Shark How to Solve Unsolvable Problemsis an entertaining book about solving problems that is easy to read and fill with interesting stories to illustrate the author s ideas.This book advises readers to set their problems aside and seek solutions because, contrary to most people s actions, focusing on a problem can make it harder to find an answer To illustrate this point from the start, the book begins with Stephen Spielberg as an anecdote, explaining [...]

    16. In case you are wondering The title of the book, It s Not About the Shark refers to a story about the making of the movie, Jaws When Steven Spielberg had constant trouble with the large mechanical shark used in his 1970 s production he was forced to think creatively about how to make a scary movie without the appearance of his title character His solution was to not focus on the problem the failure of his expensive mechanical beast, but to think like Hitchcock to find out what was truly frighten [...]

    17. I received this book as a Giveaway Paperback, marked as Advance Reading Copy I liked it It was a quick read, it was enjoyable, and it had helpful information I would pick up this book again to go over certain ideas that I found useful, but like another reviewer I would be unlikely to read through the whole thing again The chapters are each focused on a problem solving style They include a description of the problem type, some real world examples, a summary of the points of the chapter, and two e [...]

    18. This is a very light book, and essentially a collection of anecdotes on how people tend to focus on problems so much that a solution becomes hard to come by In varying degree, these anecdotes succeed at illustrating that once in a while they have no place in this book or are completely nonsensical Brandon, the kid that wouldn t learn The book does not live up to its title as there is no how to advice and summarizing takeaways revolve around a bolded research statistic.I put the book down after b [...]

    19. If you think you ve got problems, read THIS BOOK The book does not just tell you solve your problems only you cando that It gives you short several examples of a problem then at the end of the chapter it gives you a TAKEWAY basically what you can do to get around the problem I really like the way the author showed me thru the book that even the smartest person Albert Einstein can have a real problem Another well known is Steve Spielberg not going to give the book away Lets just say his was a HUG [...]

    20. Lots and lots of good stories in here about creative problem solving in many different fields, none of which involve focusing on the problem in the obvious way Great way to get some creative solution consciousness going in your mind I wasn t super impressed with the exercises at the end of each chapter, some of which are pretty simplistic And some of the stories seem like they aren t quite done, i.e we could have used a few details to really prove the point it was trying to make But with dozens [...]

    21. If you read and liked Gary Klein s Seeing What Others Don t The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights from last year, Niven s book makes a great companion It s also a great companion to Levitt and Dubner s latestThink Like a Freak I free read it at the bookstore where I work, and it reads fast Hopefully my library will get a copy.

    22. Likes gives a different perspective of problems and how they sneak into our lives unknowinglyanecdotes include popular businesses and people that we know todaylight book to read, doesn t burrow too deep into scientific studies, but backed by sources and endnotesDislikes author annoyingly jumps from one anecdote to another without any indication, throughout the whole bookmostly vague guidelines to problem solving, which may be seen as author s perspective on the anecdotes

    23. David Niven did a great job teaching how our usual approach to difficult problems is flawed This book was formatted so everything was easy to understand, with many relevant examples, a summary of the main idea lesson at the end each chapter, and suggestions on what you can do Simple changes to make in your everyday life that actually work I would recommend this to anyone as I m sure this book will open your mind and change the way you solve problems, for the better.

    24. I really loved this little gem of a book Some great examples and concepts were introduced Sometimes it s not what is said but what is NOT said The shark in Jaws was not present but you knew he was there Much scarier than if he was there physically Brilliant ideas and the author taught you how to figure out problems and come up with solutions when the situation seems bleak work with what you have.

    25. I received this in a giveaway.Very interesting books about how to solve problems by not acting on the problem, and instead focusing on a solution This book is anecdotal with lots of real life examples from celebrities to University studies Great quote from book You can solve anything if you refuse to view it as a problem if you refuse to let the problem define your options I highly recommend this book

    26. It s something bigger than just the shark that s looming over us.It s society s expectations It s the future.I didn t read this as I imagine Niven intended his audience to perceive this work I got absolutely terrified over Williams theme Or maybe I did, it just really strongly affected me.

    27. Simply put, the main idea of the book is turning problems into opportunities Each chapter ends with two practices that you can use to spark creativity for reframing problems and getting to creative solutions Writing style is light and the chapter ideas are presented as vignettes of situations faced by writers, movie directors, politicians, and ordinary people.

    28. A wonderful collection of stories about approaches to problems and an excellent presentation of some of psychology s most famous and influential research studies Sometimes I got tired of his suggestions and repeated advice, but then I am an old lady and am interested in reflection than ambition.

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