The Summoning: A Supernatural Dark Fantasy (2020)

The Summoning A Supernatural Dark Fantasy When student Adam Parker unearths a mysterious metal artefact during an archaeological dig in a Scottish forest little does he realize that his life is about to change forever For it is a sign that A
  • Title: The Summoning: A Supernatural Dark Fantasy
  • Author: F.G. Cottam
  • ISBN: 9780727883506
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When student Adam Parker unearths a mysterious metal artefact during an archaeological dig in a Scottish forest, little does he realize that his life is about to change forever For it is a sign that Adam has been summoned to fulfil his destiny, playing his part in an epic battle for supremacy that has been waged for centuries Introduced to a dark shadow world that existsWhen student Adam Parker unearths a mysterious metal artefact during an archaeological dig in a Scottish forest, little does he realize that his life is about to change forever For it is a sign that Adam has been summoned to fulfil his destiny, playing his part in an epic battle for supremacy that has been waged for centuries Introduced to a dark shadow world that exists alongside our own, a place of despair and wilful cruelty, Adam will be tested to the very limits of his endurance For within that shadow world lurks Rabanus Bloor, the man who has sworn to seek out Adam and destroy him whatever it takes.
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      F.G. Cottam

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    1. There is something unique about the British horror novel a certain feel and sound that sets it apart from its North American counterpart I m not just talking proper English spelling, barren moors, or rain slicked cobblestone streets either No, it s the style of narration, the pacing, the setting, and the atmosphere that all conspire to create that British feelFor its first half, The Summoning A Supernatural Dark Fantasy does indeed resemble the quintessential British horror novel In fact, my fi [...]

    2. I put off reading The Summoning for quite some time because, although it s written by one of my favourite authors, I wasn t sure I would like it, since it differs from his previous work in two significant ways Positioned as a supernatural dark fantasy , it is the first in a series called The Shadow World although Cottam s books usually have elements of horror, they are ghost stories than full on fantasy epics, and all have been standalone novels It s also the first of his books to be aimed at a [...]

    3. I can honestly say this the best F G Cottam book I have read to date From the first page it grabbed my attention like no other book has done in a long while, when I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it.Cottam has upped his game and introduced not only a supernatural thriller based in our world but also in an evil shadow world Endrimor , a world physically comparable in size but smaller in population, seemingly stuck in a medieval feudal type system, plagued with brutality, evil creatures a [...]

    4. Adam is taking part in an archaeological dig in Scotland when he finds a strange artefact which he cannot identify but which arouses all sorts of emotions in him He takes it to Professor Grayling who seems to know about it than he is telling and who appears afraid of it He arranges for Adam to take it to a Dr MacGuire in Brighton and here Adam s adventures begin.I think this book is aimed at the Young Adult market but I found it had enough substance to keep me reading The characters are intere [...]

    5. In The Summoning, this author departs from his usual ghostly plot to a story of supernatural fantasy in which there is an otherworldly threat always at the edges of our existence It s brilliantly done and quite as suspenseful as his ghost stories although if one had described the genre to me beforehand I might not have been as anxious to read it Let me assure Cottam fans and Cottam fans to come, this was a terrific read Fast paced, intriguing, weaving history, spirituality and the imagery of dar [...]

    6. Archaeology student Adam Parker finds an unusual artefact whilst on a dig in a Scottish forest that leads to all sorts revelations and an epic battle against a shadow world bent on destruction This was good but not good enough to make me want to continue with the series.

    7. Even though marked as finished had to stop reading half way through I found this book tough going the story just didn t excite me or get going I tried in vain to give this book a fair try but just couldn t do it The plot was sluggish and I was continually waiting for something immense to happen

    8. I made it to chapter 2 I dont mind if the pace is slow if the plot revolves around nothing, but the writing, the prose has to be good, the characters fleshed out and intriguing The premise of the book is catchy the writing unfortunately not so.Try slogging through these lines His appointment with Doctor McGuire was not until six p.m He thought that there were probably worse places than the famous south coast seaside resort to kill a couple hours But he was basing that judgement on what he had he [...]

    9. Auhors of supernatural fiction fall into two broad categories, the classicists the romantics Classicists, such as Susan Hill Andrew Taylor, follow the tradition of M R James, whilst the romantics are in the line of Poe Stoker Both species of course go in a lot for mediaevalism, but the classicists are likely to put their characters in an English cathedral library, the romantics theirs in a castle in Transylvania Of contemporary romantics, I d rank Sarah Rayne F G Cottam tops I see Severn House [...]

    10. A routine archeology dig in Scotland turns into something completely unexpected when student Adam Parker unearths an object which seems to exude menace He is very surprised by the reaction of his professor to his find, but agrees to abandon the dig and journey to Brighton to meet the man who will explain the significance of this horribly ugly piece of silver.The Summoning is a story of two worlds existing side by side one our present day, one ruled by those who would use unspeakable evil means t [...]

    11. This epic dark fantasy sees the start of a new series of supernatural stories, set in the shadow land and takes the reader into a dark world of mystery and ancient magic.Adam Parker is a young archaeological student working on an historical site in an ancient Scottish forest When he finds a mysterious artefact, he is unintentionally drawn towards it and yet has no reason to understand why he feels so strongly about the connection however, it is a sign that Adam s life as he knew it, is about to [...]

    12. I had mixed feelings about this book The description and cover grabbed my attention immediately and I was completely glued to the first 50 or so pages I looked forward to the epic battle Adam was destined to fight, to see how he was tested and then never happened Apparently, the battle will be fought in the next book, leaving me very disappointed.The characters, especially Adam, were very likeable and I admired the way the author handled the relationship between Adam and his estranged father The [...]

    13. I DO want to read Cottam I ve even already bought his book, Colony, and it s in my reading queue So I thought this book would be a great sneak peek at his new series I was certain that the Scottish setting the horror aspect were a great fit Unfortunately, I allowed myself to overlook the fantasy and YA aspects in fact, I didn t realize, for some reason, that it is categorized as YA when I requested it from Netgalley I do like some novels that are fantasy and or YA, but this one just didn t work [...]

    14. This book is a little difficult for me to review F G Cottam is one of my all time favorite horror writers, and I am a horror story lover However, this story is a dark fantasy, and I am not a real fan of fantasies, which is why I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars But I can easily see this as a 5 star for fantasy lovers The premiss involves a medieval like mirror world that uses magic and is full of strange and horrible monsters The rulers of this world want to eliminate humanity on our world in orde [...]

    15. I normally like F.G Cottam, but this one just didn t work for me The story plodded on, and I couldn t make myself care about any of the characters, because they were all just such perfect little one dimensional photographs The women are all described as being almost preternaturally alluring The men are all strong and handsome and fast I was about 85% through when I became increasingly certain that the book was going to end on a cliffhanger, because there was just too much to wrap up and no endin [...]

    16. I actually found this very interesting and enjoyed it a great deal until frankly, the end The climactic section was decidedly anti climactic, and I felt as if I d been traveling at a reasonable rate of speed through the storyline only to run into an unexpectedly placed brick wall It felt a bit as if the deadline might have happened, and in an effort to meet contractual obligations, the author came up with a pat ending and smacked it down in place Very disappointing ending, although I foundthe ch [...]

    17. I m a big fan of F G Cottam so I was intrigued when I read about his first novel aimed at YA He writes excellent fantastical horror and his books have kept me awake reading into the early hours on than one occasion However, this time I was disappointed I still liked the basic premise of the story but it just didn t read like a YA book to me I felt like I was reading any Cottam novel so only 3 stars this time round.

    18. I was first intrigued by the book, but after the chapters went by, I lost and interest in the book I finished it because I finish all books I start no matter good or bad.but this one seemed to drag on for me Other people may greatly enjoy this book, but for me, it just wasn t what I was looking for.Enjoy Books are the written words of our Imagination, our imagination is the written words that create books

    19. Very good book I loved the concept and I m sad it ended because now I have to wait for the next installment The book did feel like it was a bit rushed to press I noticed several inconsistencies in the story and a few continuity issues That said, though, I really enjoyed the read and I m looking forward to where the storyline goes next I hope we will see that book come out soon.

    20. Another eerily sensual, atmospheric gem Cottam mines familiar territory for fans who ve read him before turning up rich, loamy descriptions of austere landscapes, picturesque pre Raphaelite damsels and fair knights cum modern antiheroes, pitted in a desperate world threatening struggle which promises dear costs to victors as well as the defeated.

    21. Not bad exactly, just kind ofring There were lots of flashbacks and back stories told in this book, but I feel like the back story made up of the book than the actual plot line did I think the premise is good and I feel like the book has potential, but it just didn t grab me.

    22. Interesting read I did enjoy this although it did lag a little in places I m presuming this is a start to a series, good build up of characters and plot Much better paced than the last one I read, The Memory of Trees.

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