Gray Girl (2020)

Gray Girl Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award WINNER Eric Hoffer e book fiction WINNER KINDLE BOOK AWARD semi finalist Cadet Jan Wishart has been falsely accused of an honor violation at West Point S
  • Title: Gray Girl
  • Author: Susan I. Spieth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 2014 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award WINNER 2014 Eric Hoffer e book fiction WINNER 2015 KINDLE BOOK AWARD semi finalist Cadet Jan Wishart has been falsely accused of an honor violation at West Point She believes her accuser is also a predator, guilty of a much serious crime At the honor trial, Jan must defend herself and try to reveal his guilt Yet, two hundred y2014 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award WINNER 2014 Eric Hoffer e book fiction WINNER 2015 KINDLE BOOK AWARD semi finalist Cadet Jan Wishart has been falsely accused of an honor violation at West Point She believes her accuser is also a predator, guilty of a much serious crime At the honor trial, Jan must defend herself and try to reveal his guilt Yet, two hundred years of fraternal brotherhood stand in the way The worst is yet to come when Jan and her roommate sneak out after Taps one night Their discovery in an unauthorized area is likely to get them kicked out or killed Jan realizes the grayness of West Point is not only in its buildings and uniforms Even honor isn t always black and white Relying on her wits and a few friends in the hostile environment of the U.S Military Academy, Jan discovers the value of friendship, the genuine marks of leadership and her own inner warrior.
    Gray Girl Honor Isn t Always Black and White Susan I Jan , The Gray Girl Series depicts authentic experiences of the early years when the United States Military Academy first admitted women cadets Jan Wishart is both heroine and troublemaker She and her friends sometimes create their own dilemmas but mostly solve the larger issues they face while at West Point in the early s. New Adult, Coming of Age, Military Fiction Gray Girl Series Stable, happy childhood, no major trauma that I recall until I attended the United States Military Academy in That s when my normal, lovely life became quite abnormal and not so lovely Anyway, I wrote all about it in the Gray Girl Series, which is fictional of course. Gray Girl Honor Isn t Always Black and White Jan , The Gray Girl Series depicts authentic experiences of the early years when the United States Military Academy first admitted women cadets Jan Wishart is both heroine and troublemaker She and her friends sometimes create their own dilemmas but mostly solve the larger issues they face while at West Point in the early s. Gray Girl Jewelry Moissanite, Gray Moissanite At Gray Girl Jewelry, I understand that you have many choices when it comes to buying moissanite these days There are a lot of very expensive name brand options, as well as some very inexpensive possibly questionable options as well Please just be aware of what you are getting, and from whom. Urban Dictionary gray girl gray girl unknown As used by Too hort a white woman who has sexual relations with a black male Quote from So International We knocked these grey girls from Oregon, They had a flight to catch graygirls graygirls embrace age and authenticity Gray L ady Silver Clipboard Gray Gray s Anatomy grey girls TheodoreGray David Gray Spalding Gray Silverfoxes Grey Gardens the musical and now for a little COLOR graygirls love freeRICE which launched on same day Good for your vocabulary, good for the world. The Difference Between Gray and Grey Grammar Girl Aug , Grey or Gray Remember the difference by associating the A in gray with America If that s too US centric for you, associate the E in grey with England but don t tell anyone in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or other places that use British English. Gray Girl Minecraft Skins View, comment, download and edit gray girl Minecraft skins. Gray for a boy or a girl Baby Names Nameberry Gray Meaning, origin, and popularity of the boy s or girl s name Gray plus advice on Gray and other baby names from the bestselling nameberry experts.
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      Susan I. Spieth

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    1. As a graduate this book brought back a lot of memories It accurately portrays West Point and the trials and tribulations of the early classes of women at the Academy The writing is solid and the story moves along.I did think some portions were over the top it seems as it one is a drunk that can drive on to be a rapist and I wasn t sure of the connection The ending seemed a bit contrived, but overall a good mystery I d recommend this book to anyone interested in the Academy and a solid mystery.

    2. As a mother of a West Point Cadet and friend of the author, I had a ton of fun reading this novel I learned about the military academy lifestyle reading this book than I have from my son who is finishing his third year I think even readers without any connection to West Point would enjoy this aspect of the book.Gray Girl is a captivating mystery in an historically unique setting The main protagonist, Jan, is a female cadet with the fiery independence and dogged persistence every mom would want [...]

    3. I m a little ticked off at this author I had things to do today Places to go, and errands to run But did I do them as planned Nooooooo No, because I didn t want to put this darned book down until I finished it For that, I blame Ms Spieth Her book is simply too darned good Think I should give her a demerit Really Going to a military academy when I was a young woman wasn t a possibility, but thanks to this book this too darned good book I now have a pretty good idea of what it s like to be a femal [...]

    4. Grey Girl by Susan I Spieth is a well written, thought provoking mystery set in the first year of a female cadet s life at West Point in 1981 1982 It is an impressive thriller with excellent character development and keen insight into life at West Point The flow and pace of events and the mix of personalities hold one s attention making the book difficult to put down In the end, exposure of the culprit predator surprises but satisfies the plot s needs Grey Girl exposes the strengths and weakness [...]

    5. Beautifully written and edited, with just one typo and one grammar issue.Wow This is a really fantastic book with amazing detail that never becomes tedious, just continues to build the realism and tension of the story There s a lot to admire about the women she writes about, as well as some of the men There s also much to be disturbed by, because all of it seems very plausible.As a woman who attended college in the 80 s not at a military academy, I recall the controversy and vitriol around decis [...]

    6. A solid story that involves you with the main character s plight as a woman trying to get through her first year at West Point It s a fast read, with a well paced story and some surprising twists Truly a fun and recommended read.

    7. What a powerful, engaging, vivid and memorable novel that reminded me of my trials and tribulations during Naval Officers Candidate School at Newport Rhode Island Ms Spieth, a West Point graduate, wrote with conviction, and engages the reader to devour her book which depicts in marvelous detail the famous Plebe year at West Point The military academies are known for their challenging curriculum, watches, physical training and stressful environments Moreover, during the early 1980 s, West Point h [...]

    8. The gray woolen blanket issued to every new cadet is known as a gray girl Times have rapidly changed but people are slower to accept and adjust to these changes West Point is the oldest and most respected military academy in the United States The honor system has been part of this institute from its conception and still plays a crucial role, touching every cadet that enters its hallowed halls 119 women were admitted to West Point in 1976 This story takes place in the years 1981 1982, a mere five [...]

    9. Captured the plight of young women leaders in the 80 s.I was affected by Gray Girl It touched the emotional memories of the confusion and struggles faced by women and men in the early eighties It was a time full of the promise of gender equality, but the reality was far far from it Gray Girl showed all the shades of gray in a world with few clear black and white solutions.And now three decades later, Protect Our Defenders, is struggling to change a military still stuck in its blindness to justic [...]

    10. Authors are advised to write about what they know Mrs Spieth intimately knows the subject of being a female plebe at 90% West Point The drama, the story, is less taut than I would like but that should come with time and writing I enjoy reading about women who are strong in the face of unfair adversity and her character is From other books about life at WP there are hazing practices, hurdles, she did not address yet I hope you do Mrs Spieth in future books Jon

    11. I have a second hand love of West Point because my husband is a 1985 class graduate Beat Navy I ve visited West Point, the mess hall, the cadet rooms and the chapel and I think this caused me anxiety while this book unfolded I ve often wondered what West Point was like from a woman s perspective and I m now impressed anyone survives I loved the story and the mystery This book is hard to put down.

    12. Fast read I loved it I enjoyed the book and it was a trip down memory lane for me Susan wrote a great story with some good twists I was surprised several times with what happened next Loved the quotes of Bugle Notes Book of knowledge Freshmen Plebes need to memorize at the beginning of each chapter Can t wait for the next book.

    13. A very well written book As a 1983 graduate of another service academy, many of Jan s experiences resonated and I will probably again experience the cadet nightmares I thought I had successfully repressed.

    14. Good book Fast paced and totally believable I loved Jan s character what with her strengths and her weaknesses It was a pleasure to read and I d definitely recommend it.

    15. AwesomeThe storyline is great It kept me interested and wanting to read Gives you some insight as to what West Point is like.

    16. The story jumped around a bit, but still kept you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happened.

    17. I picked this book for a strange reason I have never excelled at athletics and I knew that you have to be physical strong among other things at West Point This book brought back some scary feelings that I had in junior high and high school gym And oddly enough, it helped me deal with them I also have a tough time dealing with authority In short I was never West Point material Gray Girl by Susan I Spieth helped me examine my feelings and get closure Besides being set at West Point, the story took [...]

    18. This book gave a very personal look through fictional characters that I believe were based on the author s experiences at what it was like to attend West Point in the early 1980s, only a few years after women were allowed to attend This also touches the experiences of what it can be like to be a plebe freshman and all of the hazing involved The characters were very believable and their experiences earned my sympathy and respect I do wish that the reason Jan originally signed up for military acad [...]

    19. Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong GRAY GIRL was not an easy book to read Author Spieth graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1985, five years after the very first women admitted to West Point graduated So in some ways, even though this is a novel, it reads like a journal of what female plebes possibly had to suffer through misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and quite possibly rape The book read like a real life account.Great charac [...]

    20. Good book Great author, sounds very knowledgeable about her subject, very detailed, well developed characters and sadly seems to be very true of the type of institution she writes about.Some of the reviewers said they read it in one sitting but I could not At times and even now as I try rtf o write this review I feel absolutely ill, because even as we read this type of behaviour is still going on These young people are taught honor but is it honorable not to step forward and tell the truth no ma [...]

    21. Very realistic story My son went through the Plebe year at West Point and this book explained alot of what he went through that year The story was well written and kept my interest so much that I sat and read the last third of the book in one sitting In fact, my husband fixed dinner so I could keep reading Each chapter left me at the edge of my seat and I just had to continue After reading the author notes, the story was even believable as she was a graduate of West Point and lived the life she [...]

    22. The book started off just like plebes start off at West Point you have NO idea what s going on until a few chapters in But once you catch the flow of the book, things start to become clearer and make sense At first I wasn t sure I was interested in a book like this, but as I read, I couldn t STOP reading I stayed up all night to finished this book.While some things have changed for women in the military and some things haven t , it s an interesting perspective and throwback to what things were l [...]

    23. I have to admit that I ve let my GoodReads entries slip over the past few months But, after reading Gray Girl, I felt compelled to share What a great book absolutely loved it I was hooked from the very beginning and had trouble putting it down I know, or knew, nothing about life at a West Point before reading this novel But, the author s personal experiences were evident throughout Now, I feel a bit informed but left wanting to know I hope there s a sequel.I seldom reread a book, but Gray Girl [...]

    24. I am most likely biased as the author is a classmate from West Point, but I think this was a great story Reading it brought back so many memories of being a plebe, and like Jan, the protagonist in the story, not all of those memories were good I thought Susan did a great job of describing being a freshman at West Point and liked that she dealt fairly with the academy I think she summed it up very well in her postscript when she said that West Point may be the only college you grow to love long a [...]

    25. I liked this book very much although it was a little disturbing.It took me awhile to realize the switch from current time to past because I was sometimes so engrossed in the story that I failed to notice whether the chapter heading was the date and time or a quote.It sometimes seemed as if the attitudes of some males at the service academies were still the same eg p106.There were plenty of plot twists and while some of the action near the end was a surprise, unfortunately the attitudes at the en [...]

    26. The story of a female s experiences at West Point in the 80s I expected this to be a woe is me story of discrimination against women I was pleasantly surprised that is was not This is a woe is me story of suffering and survival of freshman a k a plebes at one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, no matter what your gender Although a novel, it was written by a female who in fact attended West Point and tells the story of hell on earth trying to survive that first year A riveting story e [...]

    27. Gray Girl CreateSpace, 2013 by Susan I Spieth is an engrossing novel set in the early 1980s It s about a female cadet at West Point facing a false charge of violating the school s honor code Cadet Jan Wishart discovers that the distinguished military academy, having only admitted females recently, is not only unwelcoming but dangerous, with an unknown sexual predator roaming the campus The author skillfully juggles the two plotlines with vivid descriptions of life at West Point and its bizarre t [...]

    28. Author Susan Spieth is a former Army Officer and graduate of West Point so her book Gray Girl is probably autobiographical up to a point The story is based on the experiences of an 18 year old girl who is appointed to West Point in 1981 and then endures a cycle of brutal hazing and intimidation by the academy s senior cadets that tests her character and will to the extreme This is a good book with an interesting plot that keeps up the interest level throughout.

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