Navajo Autumn (2020)

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  • Title: Navajo Autumn
  • Author: R. Allen Chappell
  • ISBN: 9781482393187
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
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      R. Allen Chappell

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    1. Navajo Autumn by R Allen Chappell is the first of a new mystery series set in New Mexico Charlie is a Navajo lawyer looking to make it in a white man s world He s on the periphery of a possibly major case the murder of a woman high up in the Bureau of Indian Affairs Charlie knows how to find the prime suspect in the case, Thomas Begay, a man Charlie knew on school who drinks too heavily and despises the white man s way Charlie has embraced I can t say than this without giving away the rather fr [...]

    2. Actually, I love Hillerman and feared the Navajo Nation mystery genre had died with him Not so I loved this book I think we may have the new Hillerman though Mr Chappell has a style and in depth knowledge very much his own He deeply knows the Navajo and few other authors I ve found hold that weight You will love the main characters Charlie, Thomas, Lucy and Paul and hate the scarier characters I did I m off to order Chappell s newest, Boy Made of Dawn and will tell if it holds up to book one.

    3. If you love Tony Hillerman, you will enjoy R Allen Chappell s writings of America s Southwest I have greatly enjoyed all of Tony Hillerman s books in fact, last year I started to reread all of his Navajo series in order, and they are every bit as good as I remember Chappell s Navajo Autumn is his first venture into this genre of literature his storytelling ability brings this book to life Additionally, his knowledge of local color and his ability to create character lend authenticity to his work [...]

    4. The action takes place on the Navajo Reservation and there s interesting information about the culture The mystery is okay, but the reader pretty much knows who the culprit is and how the story will end I was distracted by the poor editing run on sentences comma splices , consistently incorrect use of commas, a few phrases in conversation that would be unnatural for an uneducated person to say, but I visualized the setting, as I have been to all the places mentioned.

    5. With the deserved success of Tony Hillerman s Leaphorn and Chee mysteries, other aspiring authors hustled to find their own place in this new niche Some were good, many were not What always makes the difference in this or any other subgenre of crime fiction is the writer s storytelling ability and his knowledge of his setting and his characters R Allen Chappell has all this in abundance.Chappell grew up with the Navajo, went to school with them, worked with them, and built enduring friendships a [...]

    6. I guess I expected a lot from this book after having read all of Tony Hillerman s excellent books about the Navahos and in that, I was disappointed Where Hillerman s books are rich with character, description of native American life and the land where they live, as well as a really strong mystery, this book seemed flat all around True, he does give you a background on Charlie Yazzi, a fresh graduate from law school that works as a special investigator for the tribal council, but its not enough t [...]

    7. Intrigue and murder involving corruption in tribal council, BIA, FBI and a dead Soux under a bridge with a drunken Navajo in this police procedural set on the extensive Navajo reservation For a book which has been recently published, there appears too much dated terminology for example Anasazi is not the currently preferred term It also comes off as derivative Tony Hillerman was an original but those who would slipstream on his unique oeuvre, not so much , belabours the explanations of Navajo cu [...]

    8. What I liked best about the book is the sincere empathy the author has for indigenous people in general, and the Navajo specifically Even though Mr Chappell carefully described a number of the cultural differences between the white European way and the way of The People, he also showed that, essentially, human nature is pretty much the same across the board Genetic ethnology has no bearing on human character and every ethnic group has its share of the good, the bad, and the ugly.As a mystery nov [...]

    9. I have enjoyed and read all of Tony Hillerman s books at least twice, as well as other mysteries set on various reservations or not, such as Craig Johnson s Walt Longmire stories , so I was looking forward to this one, especially since I live not too far from and have been to many of the locations mentioned Not very long at all, I read it in one sitting, which is an enjoyable thing to do occasionally It wasn t bad, but I felt it was lacking quite a bit I never felt as if I got to know any of the [...]

    10. Similar to Tony Hillerman s works Hope to see from this author.First sentences.Spider Woman Just outside Farmington, New Mexico the San Juan River swings in close to the highway to pick up a tributary at the mouth of a wide, nearly dry, streambed La Plata, it s called not much than a trickle usually, though it can be if they get any rain up country The day they found Patsy Greyhorse s body it was just a trickle Nothing extraordinary in that, Navajos, dead beside the highway, are not uncommon [...]

    11. Even though it took me forever to get through it was an interesting read I had a lot going on while reading this, physical therapy, emergency surgery for one of my sons and This book pits traditional against not quite so traditional Navajo and both against federal agents All face the rugged landscape of the Navajo reservation I won t go into any detail because I don t want to spoil it It is worth checking out.

    12. GoodWell ended suddenly All the lose ends were tied up but a few pages would have helped the on going character development.I have bought all three Am looking forward to the next in the series The author told this Midwesterner things about the Indian culture he did not know.

    13. This is the second book in the series that I have read I enjoyed this book even than the first one The characters were believable and the story kept my interest This is a part of the country I love very much and I always enjoy good stories that take place here I loved the author s descriptions of the landscape I m looking forward to the next book in this series.

    14. Great story Thoroughly enjoyed this story I am going to buy the next book in the series as soon as I finish this review Reading and learning about other cultures is a delight when it s done with the respect that the author obviously has for the Navajo people.

    15. Excellent read like the Hillerman books, Chappell knows his characters Enjoyed the mystery loved the setting.

    16. A perfectly enjoyable read with a good mystery, great location and good characters I wished the book was longer, as I seemed to read it too fast I will look for from this author.

    17. Good readFirst book of the author I have read Found the book a very entertaining and interesting book Look forward to reading additional books by the author.

    18. I kept expecting Lt Joe Leaphorn to show up in various scenes Chappell is a great story teller and I felt the book was almost in the league of Tony Hillerman This is a modern day story set in the Navajo Reservation I the Four Corners Region Our protagonist is Charlie Yazzie who has returned to The Res with a law degree, but finds few choices for his skills He is unable to obtain employment in any law firms in off Reservation towns The Navajo Nation hires him as a special investigator until a pos [...]

    19. I found this to be an enjoyable murder mystery set on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona The Navajos are an interesting culture filled with myth, legend, and tales of witchcraft Their lands are harsh and life can often be difficult This is the setting for a series of murders that involve tribal politics and government The main character, Charlie Yazzie, is a local attorney doing social work for the tribe He gets suspicious when a murder is blamed on a local drunk.Charlie works hard, and of [...]

    20. Navajo Autumn by R Allen Chappell is the first book in the Navajo Nation Mystery series I checked this audiobook out through interlibrary loan Charlie works in Navajo Legal Services When a Navajo known for being a drunk, Thomas Begay, is found passed out next to the body of Patsy Greyhorse, an investigator with the BIA, Charlie has a feeling that Thomas had nothing to do with the murder The story was fast paced and I enjoyed the mystery of it The setting was great and I felt like I learned about [...]

    21. Too much of what I know about the Navajo is from reading Hillerman, who created great characters in Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee It remains to be seen whether Chappell can elevate Charlie Yazzie or someone else into a character that I am that drawn to.Having said that, this is a police procedural than a whodunit Charlie has a role with the tribal police but he would rather be able to put of his legal training to good use In Navajo Autumn he doesn t get that chance What he seizes it an opportunity [...]

    22. Mystery novels aren t my usual reading preference though I am enad of the the Southwest and its varied history I had to give this book a five because it not only held my attention as the mystery unraveled but it peaked my interest in the fascinating Navajo culture Very few people other than those who have grown up on a reservation truly understand the Navajo culture Chappell does and I was transported I learned something new on most pages and grew fond of his characters along the way I do love T [...]

    23. Tony Hillerman couldn t have done better If you liked Hillerman, I guarantee you ll like Chappell s books every bit as well You ll get to know the characters, you ll recognize a lot about the Navajos and their land, and you ll enjoy a good story to boot Chappell isn t Hillerman and doesn t try to be, but the parallels are unmistakeable Chappell, I think, writes to tell a good story that happens to involve Navajos and Utes, and mainly the four corners area, where sometimes I thought Hillerman lik [...]

    24. Outstanding story for all who love to readThis author gives us believable characters with the right amount of twists and turns so as not to give away the ending until the end The distinct lack of foul and profane language and gratuitous violence makes the story accessible to everyone The focus on the Navajo humanized the story I m also favorably impressed by the quality of the writing itself I.e sentence structure, punctuation and vocabulary I m looking forward to the next one in the series.

    25. I love the authentic view into the Navajo culture and reservation life Very Hillerman but perhaps intimate because Chappell is no outsider to New Mexico or the Navajo having grown up there The characters and story line are intriguing, and humerous They entirely draw you into their world, as if you are standing amongst them while the plot unfolds I highly recommend it to all Hillerman, mystery and Native American book fans

    26. I loved Tony Hillerman s Navajo based detective series and was so pleased to find R Allen Chappell s novels This first one kept me happy lots of Navajo lore, characters I could like and care about and a pretty decent plot Five books in the series love nothing better than stories that keep me going during the holidays.

    27. Good mystery likeable charactersMost enjoyable I am a now a happy New Mexican.To find a new source of authentic intelligent story telling about the Land of Enchanting is a treat, I will follow Mr Chappell s series with interestThanks

    28. I m trying not to compare it to the Hillerman series, which I really like, and to judge it on its own merit The writing was decent, the characters reasonably engaging, and I enjoyed the description of the Navajo culture I ll keep following this series.

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