Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone (2020)

Egghead Or You Can t Survive on Ideas Alone Like a lost twisted work of Shel Silverstein EGGHEAD is an aggressively charming hilarious and absurd book from one of today s most popular young comedians EGGHEADOr You Can t Survive on Ideas Alo
  • Title: Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
  • Author: Bo Burnham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Like a lost, twisted work of Shel Silverstein, EGGHEAD is an aggressively charming, hilarious and absurd book from one of today s most popular young comedians EGGHEADOr, You Can t Survive on Ideas Alone Bo Burnham was a precocious teenager living in his parents attic in Massachusetts when he started posting funny songs to YouTube More than 100 million people viewed thosLike a lost, twisted work of Shel Silverstein, EGGHEAD is an aggressively charming, hilarious and absurd book from one of today s most popular young comedians EGGHEADOr, You Can t Survive on Ideas Alone Bo Burnham was a precocious teenager living in his parents attic in Massachusetts when he started posting funny songs to YouTube More than 100 million people viewed those videos, turning Bo into an online sensation with a huge and dedicated following Writer producer Judd Apatow championed the young comedian, and Bo taped his first Comedy Central special at age 18, the youngest in the channel s history Now Bo is a rising star in the comedy world, revered for his utterly original and highly intelligent voice In EGGHEAD, his first book, Bo brings his brand of brainy comedy to the page in the form of off kilter writings, thoughts, poems, and Teaming up with his longtime friend artist and illustrator Chance Bone real name Bo takes on everything from painful breakups to bald barbers This weird and witty collection will have readers and fans laughing out loud and or giggling quietly.
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      Bo Burnham

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    1. I ve been eyeing this particular collection for awhile now and after having read it, I feel mad at myself for taking so long to pick it up Egghead is nothing short of spectacular.The basic premise is that it s a strange and charming collection of hilariously absurd poetry, writing, and illustration from one of today s most popular young comediansAnd as you might know by now, I love poetry books with illustrations so this was it for me.Here are a few okay a lot of my favorite poems from Egghead C [...]

    2. I am in love with Bo Burnham His show what blows my mind every single time and his YouTube is absolutely genius As a human being, I admire him so, so, so much, not just for his jokes, but for his painfully accurate social commentary I ve had my eye on this book for a long, long time and finally found it on bookoutlet score and read it in one sitting I gotta say, he gave away the best ones during his comedy show, and the rest weren t as good so I felt a little cheated But regardless, I Fuck Sluts [...]

    3. This dude is really funny i loved this silly funny poemsAdviceIf the poem you re writing is silly and dumb,make sure that it rhymes at the end Bum this one is my favorite LOL On Poets and FartsWhy do poets always talk about the ocean s waves,about their single file march to shore,and yet never talk about my grandmother s farts,which arrive in time, one after the other, with equal regularity

    4. My oldest son asked for this for his birthday Anytime either kid asks for a book, I don t care if it s The Colossal Treasury of Porn, I m probably going to buy the thing because I m so thrilled that he s asking for a book See Naked Girls Smoking Weed Best of 420 Girls This book looks and feels like Where the Sidewalk Ends for grown ups or those who refuse to grow up Each page contains a poem accompanied by a drawing, though that s pretty much where the similarity ends I got very few chuckles out [...]

    5. Let me just say something here I LOVE BO BURNHAM He is my spirit animal If you don t know who he is, look him up on YouTube, Vine, even Netflix I SWEAR HE IS THE SMARTEST PERSON THERE IS His comedy show and this book are filled with his quick wit and kind heart However, I found that a few of the poems in this book didn t entirely make sense or have any humour to them, which confused me a bit, but the majority of the poems are hilarious and or cute and heartwarming Bo has an amazing ability to ma [...]

    6. First read of 2014 and it was majestic If you like Bo you won t be disappointed, start reading it now If you don t know who he is and you re a fan of macabre artobably leave it, but then lighten up, you miserable fuck you might like this book.

    7. I think that almost every lineof Egghead s like Shel Silverstein.Or maybe I should say I meanThe drawings are like Silverstein.But whether I say stine or steen,I do think Burnham s pretty keen.Though be advised that just like Shel ,A lot of Egghead s raw as hell.

    8. 3.5 stars I ve read books that are in verse well maybe just one but yeah They usually follow a plot line and the story unfolds and all BUT Egghead s different There isn t any story, each poem is something different Sure there are use of vulgar words but they make each poem funnier I would read the start of one poem and think it s romantic but I get to end of it and realize the whole thing was just a joke Bo Burnham s head from pointing out something we don t realize to just putting whatever what [...]

    9. Such a fun read A lot of the poetry was really silly and even some of the serious stuff had a silliness to it, which is sometimes good It s nice to laugh at things you normally take really seriously.

    10. Quer a dejarlo que se asiente antes de hacer una review porque sent a que si lo hac a ese d a iba a darle 5 estrellas sin pensarlo solo porque amo a Bo.La verdad es que el libro estuvo bien porque me re bastante con algunos poemas pero no me pareci la gran cosa, es m s, no se si lo leer a devuelta Le doy tres estrellas por las ilustraciones porqueDIOS MIO LOS DIBUJOS ERAN SAR PA DOS , como el de ah arriba.Este fue uno de los que m s disfrut porque fue chilling el texto, no el el dibujo

    11. This book is reminds me a lot of the work of Shel Silverstein s poetry, but with adults as the intended audience Even the artwork reminds me of Where the Sidewalk Ends This book is funny and at times crude Overall a fun read.

    12. I am utterly and completely torn on how to review this, so I m going to do something I don t typically do and form a pros and cons list.Pros The pages are nice and thick I don t know about anyone else, but that s just something I fancy Some of the poetry is funny, and a piece of good, funny poetry can sometimes be hard to come by Some of the pieces are thought provoking and bring up very valid points about consumerism, relationships, and life in general Honestly, when the poems are on point, the [...]

    13. Oh, Bo, your comedy strikes me again This book is something to read on a rainy day and just laugh your ass off It will even will tickle your soft spots.If you aren t familiar with the author, you should be Bo is one of the most intelligent and hilarious comedians of our time Others like Kevin Hart don t even compare You don t even have to appreciate poetry to enjoy this book.Once I saw this in stores, I screamed internally out of joy It s not just a bunch of It s comical genius This book is just [...]

    14. If it weren t for the fact that Bo Burnham wrote this, I probably would have never read it I don t read much poetry but this was great This is such a witty and hilarious read and the drawings are great Not only were most of his poems hilarious, some were adorable that would make you grin from ear to ear Even if you re not a fan of poetry, I would recommend picking this book up.One of my favorite poems from this book is I love you just the way you are but you don t see you like I do You shouldn t [...]

    15. One of those books that deserves a buy With poems and jokes that can take up to 4 reads to fully understand, reading it multiple times is a must Its pages aren t numbered so it hints to me to not needed to be read in order, especially not after the first time find each time I read the book I have new favorite poem I would also recommend his special What on youtube free or Netflix, it s hilarious and will introduce you to his comedy Although even if you don t completely share his humor, I would s [...]

    16. Sure you re perfect, But are you cool Everyone under the sun has recommended this book to me, well because I m an asshole who just doesn t give a fuck I ve seen Bo s youtube videos and hes one of the only people who understands comedy in this butt hurt century They re dark and twisted with a sprinkle of wacky This book is no different Laughing from page one And a word of advice Don t dance with your colon full

    17. quick read as it is a book of poetry I do think the message in some would have been relayed better vocally, but that is how I feel about most poetry I did mostly enjoy this compilation because I enjoy Bo Burnham, but I did enjoy the artist s drawings a lot as they fit the poems amazingly.

    18. 3.5Honestly I was expecting it to be funnier Maybe I didn t get some of the poems I don t know I laughed a few times but not like I was expecting.

    19. This book is so funny From truths pointed out, to so many original ideas executed perfectly, I loved every bit of it I even sat down and watched Bo Burnham s one man shows He is hilarious, in this book of poetry too.

    20. One good poem in a whole book I love you just the way you arebut you don t see you like I do.You shouldn t try so hard to be perfect.Trust me, perfect should try to be you The rest are poems that tend to be written by navel gazing, self indulgent types.

    21. I love Bo Burnham s music and stand up, but this book just didn t reach my expectations It was not funny It was, for lack of better words, stupid Such a bummer.

    22. Mr Woodmansee, you don t want to read this one.Great compilation There are a few poems that aren t very good, but overall the poems by Bo Burnham are everything I expect from him My all time favorite is one about reading MagicRead this to yourself Read it silently.Don t move your lips Don t make a sound.Listen to yourself Listen without hearing anything.What a wonderfully weird thing, huh NOW MAKE THIS PART LOUD SCREAM IT IN YOUR MIND DROWN EVERYTHING OUT Now, hear a whisper A tiny whisper.Now, [...]

    23. Bo Burnham s Egghead Or, You Can t Survive on Ideas Alone is a quick read full of carefully thought out words placed nicely on paper and some pretty spectacular images If you loved Shel Silverstein when you were 11 years old, you ll love Egghead as an adult This book has it all If you re a Bo Burnham fan, you can feel his personality and his comedy in some of the poems But then, you ll turn the page, and there s something completely different, new Burnham has this amazing ability to be inspiring [...]

    24. I feel very eh about this collection I bought it, of course, as a fan of Bo s, but I don t know what exactly I was expecting Whatever it was, this wasn t it Egghead is, in a way, very similar to Bo s stand up routines, which I don t particularly like most about his acts I mean, I won t rate it two stars because I don t feel disappointed, I just feel like the poems are something I ll forget about five minutes from now I did bookmark a few of my favourites six, in fact but the remainder of the poe [...]

    25. When I m asked who my favorite comedian is, Bo Burnham is the one that comes to mind immediately I love his his songs, his comedy shows, and now his poetry I loved that I could read these poems in Bo s voice A few I remembered from some of his stand up shows Unfortunately, a few of the poems I just didn t understand But I loved most of them These poems are a lovely mix funny, thought provoking, sad, political, raw, heartwarming, dark I loved how Bo s writing can draw you right in, but then takes [...]

    26. Bo Burnham is truly a gift to humanity His poems are incredibly smart, hilarious and thought provoking Along with his incredible imagination and Chance s illustrations they make this book a great read I also highly recommend his show What which to be honest is the best stand up i ve ever watched.

    27. I was expecting a lot of silly Shel Silverstein like jokes laced with profanity, and this did not disappoint But even better there were random ones that were THOUGHTFUL and lovely and Bo, you dog, you It was a quick read, which was something that I needed to get me out of a reading slump I d been collapsed in, and this book of short poems was the perfect refresher for me.

    28. Absurd poetry creative use of words some lovely poems fitting artwork another great thing that makes you think, created by Bo Burnham

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