Police (2020)

Police Harry Hole returns or does he in a terrifyingly paced vertiginous new roller coaster of a thriller by the internationally best selling author of The Snowman and The Redeemer the king of Scandinavian
  • Title: Police
  • Author: Jo Nesbø
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Harry Hole returns or does he in a terrifyingly paced, vertiginous new roller coaster of a thriller by the internationally best selling author of The Snowman and The Redeemer, the king of Scandinavian crime fiction Kirkus The police urgently need Harry Hole A killer is stalking Oslo s streets Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they onceHarry Hole returns or does he in a terrifyingly paced, vertiginous new roller coaster of a thriller by the internationally best selling author of The Snowman and The Redeemer, the king of Scandinavian crime fiction Kirkus The police urgently need Harry Hole A killer is stalking Oslo s streets Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated but failed to solve The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical But this time, Harry can t help For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the center of every major criminal investigation in Oslo His dedication to his job and his brilliant insights have saved the lives of countless people But now, with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry is not in a position to protect anyone Least of all himself .
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    1. I know I am a sucker for a Harry Hole book but this one has to be the best yet I simply could not put it down Nesbo spends most of the book playing mind tricks on the reader and even in the last chapter he gives things a little twist that has you sitting on the edge of your seat Multiple murders, multiple murderers and the loss of some very unexpected people make it completely enthralling There are things I would like to say but at the same time I do not want to give anything away that might sp [...]

    2. Interesting plot line marred by too much gimmickry and manipulationA killer is targeting police officers specifically officers who were involved in the investigation of unsolved murders The killer lures an officer to the scene of the previous crime and kills the cop in a way similar to the original murder The investigators believe that if they can only figure out the killer s motive, maybe they can find this relentless killer, who has left them few, if any, other clues.Meanwhile, a man lies in a [...]

    3. 10 starsPoliceAnyone who doesn t dare to stand up for justice should have a guilty conscience.Police is a riveting follow up to Phantom, the previous novel in the Harry Hole series and seamlessly picks up where Phantom ended Excerpt from the end of Phantom view spoiler The recoil made the barrel jump and the third bullet hit him in the head He fell Beneath him, darkness And he plunged into it Until it swallowed him up and swept him into a cooling, painless nothing At last, he thought And that wa [...]

    4. I m frank to confess that I have no idea how to review this book, and I will also say that, to my mind, a number of reviewers and even the publishers themselves have given away key elements of the plot that will diminish the enjoyment of the book for anyone unfortunate enough to have read their comments.Suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was on the edge of my seat for much of the time I spent with it Readers who have enjoyed Jo Nesbo s series featuring Oslo detective Harry [...]

    5. Book ReviewThe rat bit once into the leather shoe Licked the metal again, the salty metal that protruded between the two of the fingers on the right hand Scrabbled up the suit jacket that smelled of sweat, blood and food, so many types of food that the linen material must have been in a garbage can She ran up the arm, across the shoulder, stopped at a bloodstained bandage around the neck Then she scuttled up the chest There was still a strong smell coming from the two round holes in the suit jac [...]

    6. After Phantom s amazing twist hanger I was almost delirious with glee and trepidation when I heard the next Harry Hole book Police was coming out.So was my anticipation satisfied Yes however not in the way I expected Police is a weightier tome than other Hole novel s and thusly the length of the novel evokes tension as a slow burn rather than a furious action packed feast While perhaps less immediately exciting Nesbo plies us with a smorgasbord of corruption, deeply disturbing villains, and torm [...]

    7. I think this will be my last Jo Nesbo novel This book starts out great but it becomes purposely confusing and misleading, to the point of utter annoyance The storyline is all over the place with several plot threads happening simultaneously, jumping back and forth There are 3 main suspects and the pronoun he is often used in place of a name to keep the reader guessing the identity of the killer He did this, then he did that When you combine that with the confusion of so many convoluted, interwov [...]

    8. Jack Reacher versus Harry Hole That s been a contest during my August reading, but sorry Mr Child, Jo Nesbo has blown you out of the water I ve been lucky enough to receive a preview copy of Police, the new Harry Hole story, and its a five star, no if s or but s Nesbo is boxing very clever in Police, giving us leads that are really ruses, especially as regards the state of health or otherwise of Harry In fact we have to wait until Chapter 18 to get a real sense as to Harry s inclusion in the sto [...]

    9. Parque Frogner Mon lito Oslo, Noruega Pol cia 2013 o d cimo livro da s rie Harry Hole do escritor noruegu s Jo Nesbo n 1960.Depois do final enigm tico e em aberto de O Fantasma 2011 o detective Harry Hole est ausente na parte inicial de o Pol cia Os seus colegas s o confrontados com um assassino solta em Oslo que selecciona cuidadosamente as suas v timas todos eles eram pol cias que directamente se envolveram em anteriores investiga es de crimes violentos que nunca foram resolvidos As v timas s [...]

    10. 1 1,5 Harry Hole , , , Jo Nesbo WARNING SPOILERS Nesbo , , 2 3 red herring crime book H , H , Nesbo 100 150 , Harry Hole, , , Nesbo Thirst .

    11. It took me a while to get around to this book and I think it was at least partly due to it being of a quite daunting thickness well over 600 pages in paperback in contrast to the early ones of the series that clocked in at just over half that It very soon became very clear to me, however, that if Nesb writes this well, he can use as many pages as he wants to, as far as I m concerned or almost, anyway The return of Harry Hole is a very effectively told roller coaster ride of a story and packed wi [...]

    12. Najavljen kao zavr ni deo serijala o Hariju Huleu, Policija je zapravo samo uvod u e , jedanaesti roman o vitkom, visokom, plavokosom i alkoholu sklonom norve kom lovcu na ubice Iskreno, nije mi se dopalo kako je u Policiji razre ena situacija sa Harijevim posinkom Olegom koja je kulminirala na kraju devetog romana Nije mi to delovalo uverljivo Nimalo, zapravo To mi je prva zamerka, ali i ne i klju na Roman ima dve narativne linije ona zanimljivija je samo nagove tena bi e razra ena, i to veoma [...]

    13. I need a hero Bonnie Tyler , David Grohl Foo Fighters There goes my hero Spiderman John McClane Yippee ki yay, motherfucker Cop Killer Bodycount.

    14. Uvijek me podsjeti za to ga volim Kad knjigu od 500 stranica ne mo e ispustiti iz ruke i pro ita ju u jednom danu Savr en.

    15. This is such a hard book to review because even the smallest detail about the content the way the story unfolds which can be very persuasive in a review runs the risk of spoiling what is an absolute cracker of an addition to the Harry Hole canon All I can say is that the narrative didn t begin as I anticipated at all, even though it follows on from the events in the last book, The Leopard, and it s this defying of expectations that sets the standard and pace for the rest of the tale As Police op [...]

    16. Thinking about this book, the series and how it has evolved, I can t help contrasting it with the works of certain American best seller mystery thriller authors whose series characters now lack the imagination, energy and complexity they showed in earlier books Police , Jo Nesbo s 10th Harry Hole book, takes the series and the genre itself, to a whole new level of non formulaic excellence and establishes him on the cutting edge Without giving away the plot lines, Nesbo has created an exotic fict [...]

    17. Police is 10 in Nesb s wonderful Harry Hole series, and by golly, it s a winner I have read all but The Bat and Cockroaches from this series, but I don t know whether or not my guts have ever been so twisted while reading any Nesb novel prior to this one The suspense tempted me so many times to turn to the end, but to my credit, I didn t cheat.From the very outset, the author delights in playing with your head In a guarded hospital room, a man is laying in a coma While he s hovering between life [...]

    18. Hule se vratio na velika vrata Dugu sam pauzu napravio od poslednjeg romana i sad se pitam zasto.Dosta wtf momenata u ovom nastavku, kraj odlican Hule po starom sto se tice posla, malo se kao unormalio sto se tice privatnog Moramo po sledeci deo, ne vredi cekati.

    19. I hemmed and hawed over a 2 or 3 star rating, then eventually decided the excellent view spoiler fake out at the end hide spoiler deserved the third star Overall, this book showcases Nesbo s ability to manipulate multiple storylines and characters such that you re always kept guessing as to how it s all going to turn out This time, though, I felt that the plot was wobbly around the edges, like he didn t quite have as firm a hold on those threads as he usually does Some things I just didn t buy, [...]

    20. 4 out of 5 Reviewing a book I read in Swedish by a Norwegian author in English feels silly, but I m doing it anyway It will be translated before long I can t remember the last time I have been so impressed by a crime novel draws a blank I am particularly surprised at how impressed I am because I wasn t really a Jo Nesb fan He just wrote mildly entertaining novels one notch above mediocre and is the most famous author in the country I live in, so of course I have to read him But this, this was so [...]

    21. Better than The Snowman Jo Nesbo s Harry Hole always delivers Yes, I do sometimes get frustrated with the characters and length, but they are always solid and entertaining reads Police is my favorite It s Harry 2.0 and it feels like a new beginning for the series, which it may have needed at this point This book made me cry and my heart race I can t wait to continue with book 11.

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