Moving On (2020)

Moving On Grace Johnson left her life in Alabama to help her cousin and Uncle in a small town in Wyoming Grace s imagination had her coming up with numerous ideas and plans for her future She didn t have a clue
  • Title: Moving On
  • Author: Kendal Waller
  • ISBN: 0062
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grace Johnson left her life in Alabama to help her cousin and Uncle in a small town in Wyoming.Grace s imagination had her coming up with numerous ideas and plans for her future She didn t have a clue Making the decision to move on, she never guessed how her life would change or that at 42 years old she would find herself falling in love and chasing a childhood dream.
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      Kendal Waller

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    1. It s hard to believe that this was Kendal Waller s first novel I loved the story, the characters and the twists It s than a love story It s a story of a woman finding herself and finding that there is to her than she thought I d highly recommend this great read

    2. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsReceived review copy from author for an honest review Moving On begins when Grace decides to go to Wyoming to help take care of her uncle He hasn t been doing great in his old age after getting hurt a few months prior to Grace deciding to come help him out She s leaving behind a boyfriend of eight years, who she doesn t seem to care too much about, and now she s not sure what to do with her life And when she gets to her uncle s ranch everything completel [...]

    3. I have a confession too make I think I read all of Kendal s books ass about face, explanation I started with her latest and worked backward too her first That s interesting in a way because it allowed me to see how she has progressed as a story teller, and the progression in itself is really intriguing in itself The range of her writing progresses from what she loves best, farms, horses, and animals, her Alabama homeland and men, big sexy good looking men who will vie for her heroine s eye and a [...]

    4. Grace is moving along in her life with no real direction and her love life sucks She gets an idea about moving in with uncle jack so she can help him while he is recuperating from a fall However when she gets there her life will be changed forever After the tragedy she tries to put her life together by cleaning up the ranch and becoming one with nature she assumes she is to old for a family and that time has come and gone until she meets Cade Coleman then all of those personal plans goes out the [...]

    5. Grace and Colesuch a wonderful story at first I wanted her to get with Tommy but I ended up loving Cole so much glad they found each other thank you for the chance to read this book.

    6. Moving On by Kendal Waller is a quick paced read It is an ideal book to bring for a day at the beach pool This better late than never story is about starting to live your life at any age If able to give half stars, I d have given this book 3.5 stars I appreciated that Ms Waller kept the number of characters in check each one adding something interesting or critical to the plot or the development of other characters Ranchers Cole Tommy are hunky and quiet Brian, also a rancher, seems to be balan [...]

    7. This book was quite a surprise to me I had never heard of it, but one of the blogs I follow suggested it and I gave it a chance The book has a GREAT plot, a good storyline and wonderful characters and I would have given this 5 stars except for one thing needs editing badly Ms Waller, I would be glad to help edit for you if you need someone, but between the spelling and the lack of correct punctuation, it was very distracting to me I can always overlook a little thing here and there, but there wa [...]

    8. This is a very good story despite a few major flaws The book needs to be proofread badly Some of the sentences are confusing due to the lack of proper punctuation And, at times, I felt there was too much detail given and at other times not enough With some polishing this could be a great book Overall, the story is very interesting and has a few surprises you are not expecting.

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