Type N (2020)

Type N What would you do if your blood could cure cancer year old Nicolette Talloway is the target of a worldwide manhunt because of her blood type When delivered via transfusion her blood heals any ailm
  • Title: Type N
  • Author: Michelle N. Onuorah
  • ISBN: 9780615812458
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • What would you do if your blood could cure cancer 18 year old Nicolette Talloway is the target of a worldwide manhunt because of her blood type When delivered via transfusion, her blood heals any ailment a human has and strengthens their immune system.The cure for cancer, HIV AIDS, and other previously incurable diseases is running through her veins Her blood is the onlyWhat would you do if your blood could cure cancer 18 year old Nicolette Talloway is the target of a worldwide manhunt because of her blood type When delivered via transfusion, her blood heals any ailment a human has and strengthens their immune system.The cure for cancer, HIV AIDS, and other previously incurable diseases is running through her veins Her blood is the only type of its own known to exist As a result, Nicolette is no longer a private citizen but is the world s most wanted and sought after human being As she runs from government appointed agents, the question begins to shift from what her blood can do to why she has it Is this a gift from God And if it is, what does he want her to do with it
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      Michelle N. Onuorah

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    1. Before I begin, I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I run I run as hard as I can in the middle of the forest, cell phone pasted to my ear I run so hard my chest feels like an inferno I ignore the burn Well, well, well WHAT a book This is probably one of the most unique and interesting story plots I have read for a loooooong time I almost NEVER read books that don t have a romance element in it, and though this book does, I chose to read it not because of the romance [...]

    2. Copy provided by author for an honest reviewWhat I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this book 1 Fast paced2 Sucked in from page 13 Dual POV4 I actually really like the cover of the book.5 A good twist in the plot.6 Unique story line.7 The love story that builds with Jason and Nicolette It doesn t over shadow the story line but has a enough to help the story along Can you imagine being the CURE ALL for all types of disease and problems Can you imagine going from the NOBODY, that every one over looks and forg [...]

    3. Author s Note Obviously I m biased in my rating of this novel I want to thank the readers for checking it out and especially the readers who have taken the time to share their thoughts on the story I particularly appreciate the kind reviews that have off set some of the nasty ones Just to be clear, if you have a difficult time suspending disbelief in most situations, this book may not be your cup of tea It is definitely on the extreme end of fiction and due to the fast pace, a lot of the plot [...]

    4. I have something to confess I have one click fever Yes I am a one click fanatic I do not go crazy as in one clicking books I don t like But when I read the blurb on this one, I just had to have it And my instinct did not steer me wrong This was a great book, written very well and I loved the angle Man, if we had this cure, would we act just like the people in this book did It was downright dispicable And I am not talking cute little minions here.But I also loved the way love and hope was shown t [...]

    5. Nicolette is an average girl who is so average that nobody notices her until her blood is discovered to be capable of curing any disease After being probed by researches, Nicolette runs away from home to avoid being kidnapped by the FBI All the while, the same question runs through her mind What reason is there for my blood being special The premise of this story hooked me but early on I had trouble suspending my disbelief For example How on earth is there a doctor who is only 21 well, we find o [...]

    6. I had high hopes for this story as the premiss sounded really interesting Nicolette, a young teenage girl, has a unique blood type that can cure any disease when give via transfusion When she is thrust into the limelight and becomes an instant commodity, she goes on the run from those that want to use her.I had a couple issues with this book, mainly stemming from my inability to suspend my disbelief for a couple important story points Perhaps if the author had set this up in an alternate univers [...]

    7. This book really sucked me in It picked up the pace very quickly, which was nice, but I also wish there had been a little storyline leading up to when she starts the clinical trials and also leading up to the drama with her parents I adored the characters from the shelter so much I also love that Jason is unabashedly Christian, which was a pleasant surprise I was hoping to see that Nic would accept Christ, although I am assuming that she does I really liked this book and will definitely recomme [...]

    8. Nicolette Talloway is an 18 year old girl with special blood on the run from the government Dr Jason Monroe is helping her stay alive I really enjoyed the premise of this story This book has everything action,suspense, humor, romance and faith The plot is well developed and keeps you hooked It was a fast read and I would definitely recommend it to others.I received the book for free through First Reads.

    9. The premise to the story was a good one What if someone was born with a completely new blood type and that blood could cure diseases The basic story the author chose to write was also good and I was appreciative of the fact that there were very few spelling errors my pet peeve view spoiler The story The Government finds out from the doctors about this amazing disease curing blood Of course, the President sees nothing but dollar signs and tries to have Nicolette voluntarily give up her entire lif [...]

    10. Received book in exchange for an honest review Nicolette is an 18 year old girl that seems to just fade into the background of life she has no friends and even her own family talks over her head like she isn t there Then one night her younger brother gets badly injured in an accident and they test Nicolette for a blood donor only to find out that she doesn t have a blood type They chance it, give it to him and not only does he make a complete recovery, his cancer and asthma no longer are there e [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI really like this book cover A single blood drop with the letter N which represents MC and heroine Nicolette Jennifer Talloway s Nic blood type Nicolette s blood type is unique to her only In fact, her blood has a healing property to it Just by transfusing Nicolette s blood into a person with cancer, HIV, Parkinson, a person s symptoms and or diagnosis goes away Nic first learns about the healing powers of her blood when her brother is placed in the hospital and needs a transfusion Thi [...]

    12. This was a very fun read Nicolette has a blood type noone else in the world has, and it turns out that it has the power to cure any disease Last night I couldn t sleep, so I got up at 2am and started reading this book, by five am I was almost done, but so tired The book was so much on my mind, that I dreamed of Nicci and Jason all morning Got up at nine and finished it quickly I really hope there is a part two even though she seemed to wrap things up neatly in those last few pages, I can see a b [...]

    13. There was so much to love about this book I was very happy that the book moved quickly without lulls in the story line The book made me think as well What would happen if this situation actually occurred Honestly, I think it is pretty likely that this exact thing would have happened which is really sad I also enjoyed getting the story from both Nikki and Jason s point of view since they both held an important role in the story and so did the things that happened to each of them I was so happy to [...]

    14. This book presented an intriguing question about whether this could physically be possible It also presented the social and political and personal ramifications if it did occur I enjoyed this book and would consider reading any sequels that might be presented Age old question what would you do if it was possible for you to save the world

    15. what would you do if your blood could cure every disease i don t know what i would do this story touches on how far you would go and how the world would act.a very good read but the religious aspect kinda threw me but still an enjoyable, quick read.

    16. What would you do if your blood could cure cancer I loved how the author mixed different themes in this book Family love, romantic love, friendship, science, politics and religion I was really impressed by the way it all made sense even if there is a lot going on, it was so easy to follow what was happening.Nicolette was such a lonely person She is quiet and people around her, even her family automatically let her be, thinking that is what she prefers But Nicolette wants people to see her, to un [...]

    17. I am giving my honest review in exchange for an ARC I am giving this book 3.5 stars I really enjoyed it the concept is original so that was welcomed I enjoyed the roller coaster ride we went on with her as well I am not sure what i would do if i had a blood type that was not a known type and then add the fact that it cured any disease Well, i might have locked myself in a underground prison I cant imagine everyone turning to you for help But our main character Nicolette does She wants to help an [...]

    18. I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.I found this book to be a really quick, easy read I really liked the characters and although the book wasn t as long as some of the ones I ve read, I thought it was about the right length.The idea behind the book was a really interesting one and I felt that the reactions other characters had to Nicolette s blood were quite realistic I could actually see what happened in the book happening in reality, [...]

    19. I m trying really hard to look past the details in this book that are unrealistic If I do that, then I can say I honestly really enjoyed this It was short, fast paced, unique storyline, relatable characters, and overall an exciting story But some of the unrealistic details just drove me nuts, to the point where I can t give this book a full 5 stars From the very beginning of the book my stupid medical mind would not let me get past some of the flaws I know I m nitpicking but it does not take an [...]

    20. Firstly id like to thank Michelle Onuorah for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review I was drawn to this book because of the interesting and unique concept of having the cure for cancer and other diseases in an ordinary girls blood The first couple of chapters were great and held promise but as the book progressed i found it harder to keep interested Don t get me wrong it was still an enjoyable fast paced book, i just didn t like where the author led Jason and Nicolette the main ch [...]

    21. Wow Just wow I loved this book Absolutely love this book This first read book made me see a whole new side to the world The part that will do anything to live and the sad thing is it wasn t that hard to believe that this could actually happen That is why I enjoyed this book so much Michelle N Onuorah put you in a speeding jet that goes into a tailspin and crashing to earth With the ultimate cure to all disease in the world, what s the worst that could happen, right Well, if your blood is the cur [...]

    22. I am not a fast reader But I could not put this book down Within 24 hours of picking it up I had 69% read and the book finished within 48 hours If I had not had to work, I would have had it finished within 24 hours It grabs you from the beginning So much of it seems like that is what would happen if a we found a person who actually had curative blood There were two parts of the book that did not seem realistic to me BEGIN SPOILERS When Jason s friend I forget her name as I write this taught them [...]

    23. Type N ReviewI received a free.pdf copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Similarly to previous reviews I found the plot of the story to be fast paced and developing quickly, but for me this was a downfall The book would have benefited from having description, build up, mystery as the book was also very predictable The quickening of the plot often lead to situations that were difficult for me to believe given the time frames and settings of this book I generally do like the story [...]

    24. When it becomes evident that Nicolette Talloway has a unique blood type that can cure any diseases her life changes completely She becomes the most sought after human being in the world Nicolette is no on the run in order to avoid becoming government property The only question that remains is Why and how does she have this blood type Michelle N Onuorah s Type N is a fast paced novel with a unique storyline and a great dual point of view Type N is full of action, mystery, and scandal For those of [...]

    25. I absolutely adored this book The idea behind the novel is brilliantly clever, one persons blood being the cure for a multitude of life threatening diseases Onuorah effectively explored one girls right and desire for freedom being denied by her own countries corrupt government I found myself wondering what I would do if I was in Nic s position To be denied the right to decide what happens to your own body and blood while being hunted by government agents is a very frightening prospect.I highly r [...]

    26. Note This book was won on a giveaway featured on All thoughts on the book are my own Actual rating 3 3 4 stars.The idea of this book was really interesting, a girl is found to have healing blood and has to fight to remain in control of her own life There were mistakes that should have been picked up in editing, but I really enjoyed the story.The main issue I have with this book is that is too short It seemed like the story jumped from place to place and it felt rushed If the story was expanded a [...]

    27. This was a good story, there were just too many plot holes for me to get really pulled into the book Despite this I considered recommending it to younger, maybe middle school aged kids but there was a gruesome fight scene where someone gets an eye poked out It was a pretty nasty part to read and I was disappointed that one scene could change the potential audience of the book so much and it wasn t necessary I believed that so many details be included.

    28. Loved this book It was unlike any other book I ve ever read, which was good, because I get tired of authors recycling old story lines or ideas I think that I could have kept reading it after it ended, because I was really curious about what would happen in the long term, but I suppose that leaves it open for a sequel Maybe.

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