Always (2020)

Always A new university a fresh start and no falling in love After a freshman year from hell Juliet Stowe s heart is in a million pieces She transfers to a new school determined to leave the past behind
  • Title: Always
  • Author: Ellery Rhodes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A new university, a fresh start, and no falling in love.After a freshman year from hell, Juliet Stowe s heart is in a million pieces She transfers to a new school, determined to leave the past behind But when she s paired up with Lucas McNamara, the boy next door all deliciously grown up, she knows she s in trouble Back then she didn t understand why her mother, who uA new university, a fresh start, and no falling in love.After a freshman year from hell, Juliet Stowe s heart is in a million pieces She transfers to a new school, determined to leave the past behind But when she s paired up with Lucas McNamara, the boy next door all deliciously grown up, she knows she s in trouble Back then she didn t understand why her mother, who used to work for Lucas family, told her not to get attached But they were inseparable until her mother was fired because the McNamaras don t mix with the help.He never thought he d see her againLucas McNamara knew there was something familiar about his biology partner and is floored when it hits him She s Julie the barefoot beauty who was unlike any girl he d ever met then or since While years have passed and he s far from the carefree kid that Juliet once knew, one thing remains the same He wants her He s always wanted her but he s the heir to the McNamara multi million dollar empire and his family is hell bent on keeping them apart.
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    1. Only my OCD to read a book to the end made me finish this book had the most pathetic MC s I have ever readis one seemed to go on and onn the climax took the cakeeven though Juliet s mom n Lucas s father had an affair in the past but still the bad person was Lucas s mom for firing Juliet s mother after getting to know about the affairwhat should she had done had tea with her and compared the notes about her husband s dick riously, WTF

    2. 3,5 StarsI liked it It wasn t something i have never seen before but it felt new in a way i can t quite explain It is not worthy of the 4 stars but i had a great time reading it So for me i guess it doesI really think that is underrated Not like an amazing book that has been overlooked but as in a good book that should have a higher overall But i guess different people, different measurementsAnyway i needed an easy read, with some perspectiveAnd not a huge book that keeps repeating itselfTHOUGHT [...]

    3. Great premise, but I just could not connect I cannot put my finger on what it was Some of the revolutions of Juliet s past secret was not shocking Maybe because I have read it in other NA books a million times and I felt it was told exactly the same way I need a spin The concept can be the same but there has to be things about the characters or story that makes it different for me I honestly thought the whole even though your mom worked as a maid for my rich family, I still cared about you would [...]

    4. It was good but can be improved There are conflicts inserted in the story and was resolved quite neatly that it lost its initial impact when I first found out There are some events that hinted of something else but wasn t touch due probably to its length Shame But thanks to this I m slowly getting out of my book slump I finished it in one sitting So it s a good outcome nonetheless.

    5. Genre debut NA romanceSetting SeattleLength 158 Kindle pagesTold in alternating chapters of hero and heroine 1st person POV It needs to be proofread and edited.

    6. Juliette is the daughter of a widowed mother who works as a maid Moira, the mother, gets a dream job She is hired to be a maid for one of the richest families in America, The McNamaras Juliette and her mother live in a nice servants quarters on the property and Juliette enjoys the run of the families large back yard Juliette also becomes best friends with Lucas, the McNamara s oldest son Juliette and Lucas, both 11 years old when they meet, begin to spend all of their time together As they get o [...]

    7. 3 1 2 star rating I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed the book It s was a sweet love story about two people who reconnected after losing each other years before Before they can get together though they have a lot of issues to work out First there s Juliet, she has had an awful experience with an ex that is some what hard to get past Then she finds Lucas in one of her classes in college and some old feelings come rushing to the surface Only thing is though, Lu [...]

    8. I was given this story by the author for an honest review My rating is a 3.5 Spoiler Alert I liked that this reminded me of a modern day Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending The two main characters were from different economic backgrounds becoming best friends and having their first kiss right before they are torn apart When they find each other again they both have baggage and when they fully accept that they love each other, they go on a quest to find out the truth behind why they were separat [...]

    9. I gave this book a 3 but that was a bit generous I enjoyed the overall plot but I had real issues with the fact that not one conversation between characters had an ending The conversation would just stop and the author would jump further in the day or to another conversation It was very frustrating I also didn t like the slang of shortened words like convo for conversation It just did not right There really was not a point to what was termed epilogue since it was only the following morning and w [...]

    10. Facebook shouldn t be shortened to FB and this is cray should not be included in a character s internal monologue but maybe that s just me

    11. It was okIt took me awhile to finish the book The girl was getting on my nerves at the beginning Especially since the boy was trying on his part to give it a try.

    12. Juliet and LucasGreat story about refound love Didn t find any mistakes in the spelling of words Might get the next book also.

    13. I liked this book but I felt it could have delved deeper into the characters It felt like I was only skimming the surface, so to speak.This book starts out with the main character Juliet, who transfers into a new college because we learn something happened at her previous one but it s only alluded to until near the end In one of her first classes she sees this guy, Lucas, who she knew growing up and instantly tries to avoid him since she is starting her life over and wants a clean slate.Luck wou [...]

    14. For starters I have to say that I rather enjoyed the basic storyline of Always But at times there were a few things that made me go crazy For example, the author made the character, Juliet, too dramatic and in a sense very judgemental She kept claiming throughout the book that she knew the type of guy that Lucas was, when in fact she was too quick to judge She only focused on the bad, instead of searching for the attempts, from Lucas, to become a better man Which, he did try quiet often to show [...]

    15. Lucas, he s something else, to me he s one of those guys who thinks he s God s gift to women, okay, okay He drummed his pencil on the table Don t get your panties all in a twist Juliet she has her guard up and after what she s been through I don t blame her, that I m that kinda girl I snapped, grabbing my books stuffing them in my bag You say something sweet and I crawl into bed with you Lucas is just all around cocky, baby, when I want to grab your a , I ll grab your a That s just lovely but th [...]

    16. This wasn t great but, it wasn t terrible It was an easy read new adult, as most of them are The characters were good, but not great I didn t really feel anything for them It was a HEA story, which was nice, but there were a lot of cliches, which I obviously had read many times before, and felt myself cringing or eye rolling I probably would only read the second book in the series if it was free, there were no other books to read or I wanted a story that was a no brainer This isn t meant to soun [...]

    17. Do you believe you can find the love of your life when you are a teenager Juilet and Lucas knew each other as teenagers and were the best of friends even though her mom cleaned his parents house Juliet grew up thinking due to different social satuses they were tore apeart Years later in college they find one another again Juliet fights with all that is her not to fall for Lucas again and Lucas wants her back As they start out on there journey Secrets and honest comes out does it make them strong [...]

    18. Mmmm, I m going to say this is about 3.5 stars.but that might be generous It was good, but something is missing I don t know how to describe it.I just don t feel like it was.fulfilling It wasn t a book I got lost in, I don t know Juliet Stowe and Lucas McNamara lived next door to each other for three years and were best friends When she had to leave, her life got harder, and his just went on Meeting up again in college is quite a shock, especially when there are so many questions about their pas [...]

    19. This was okay ish I mean like, yeah that s it I don t really have much to say actually The story is quite simple It started off pretty nice, but then as it reached the end, it started rushing Which I totally hated It looked like as if the author was in a terrible haste to complete the story This was a major flaw.Other than that, there hasn t been much mistakes My interest gradually decreased So like I said okay ish 2.5 stars.

    20. Honestly I feel like I wasted my evening reading this.The writing wasn t completely terrible, though it was bland The plot was something I ve read so, so many times Honestly, there was nothing original in it The secrets weren t revealed well, and I was surprised when I actually reached the end because I felt like absolutely nothing of interest had happened.Needless to say I won t continue with this series.

    21. 2.5 starsThe story had a good plot but was written poorly There s still room for improvement There are good conflicts that would ve made the story better like Candi s threat on Juliet and what if she found out Juliet s past The real reason why she transferred school That would have been an interesting event in the story And the Epilogue was just too short Unless the author is planning on a next book which I don t mind at all.

    22. The past, the present, and the future All things that are a factor in Lucas and Juliet s relationship The love the felt as kids is rekindled when they run into each other in college They are both running from their past, but want a future together With so many secrets unfolding at the beginning of their relationship, I can t wait to see what s in store for the future.

    23. 3.5 stars There are some loose ends that have been left, like Candi and the video and his father and her mother I loved the story but there is so much left on the table by the end I wanted of a wrap up I hope there is another book There is no cliffy and there is a HEA but I still felt like I needed something.

    24. What would you give to be able to go back in time and change things Juliet has a past she wants to forget she is starting at a new college and is trying to make her mum proud But just what will happen when she comes face to face to her first love This is Juliet n Lucus story it s one you will never forget buy it n read it today it s worth it

    25. I have to give this 2.5 stars because there was no real love story They knew each other as kids, they meet again and instantly fall in love But the majority of the story is about if urging out how they were torn apart as kids not them falling in live There was no emotional connection or me Sorry

    26. Juliet LucasDecent book about long lost loves reconnecting and trying to see if it was just a youthful crush or something .And on top of everythign they have MANY obstacles like family, past, expectations and different backgrounds to contend withInitially said wasnt going to read 2nd book in series but did end up buying when on sale

    27. I liked this story it was about lost love found again I liked the characters Juliet and Lucas and thought it was sweet that they realised that they loved each other when they were younger, but for intricate reasons were torn apart I liked the book, but when I had finished was left asking questions as things were left unanswered But they might be answered in the next book A good read.

    28. Cute It s always amazing what ignorance can do to your children and their lives Ripping away their happiness for the parent s own selfish reasons But the strong will of grown children are not to be stopped to having the the they were vDenied This is why I got hooked to the story Strong will and determination

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