The Wind City (2020)

The Wind City Wellington The wind city New Zealand s home of art and culture but darker forces forgotten forces are starting to reappear Aotearoa s displaced iwi atua the patupaiarehe taniwha and ponaturi of l
  • Title: The Wind City
  • Author: Summer Wigmore
  • ISBN: 9780992257804
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wellington The wind city New Zealand s home of art and culture, but darker forces, forgotten forces, are starting to reappear Aotearoa s displaced iwi atua the patupaiarehe, taniwha, and ponaturi of legend have decided to make Wellington their home, and while some have come looking for love, others have arrived in search of blood.A war is coming, and few can stand iWellington The wind city New Zealand s home of art and culture, but darker forces, forgotten forces, are starting to reappear Aotearoa s displaced iwi atua the patupaiarehe, taniwha, and ponaturi of legend have decided to make Wellington their home, and while some have come looking for love, others have arrived in search of blood.A war is coming, and few can stand in their way Saint lovably fearless, temporarily destitute, currently unable to find a shirt may be our only hope Tony, suddenly unemployed and potentially a taniwha herself, has little choice but to accept the role her bloodline dictates And Hinewai, who fell with the rain If she can t find her one true love, there s a good chance that none will live to see the morning.Wellington will never be the same again.
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    1. It s raining in Wellington, sometime soon or not so long ago Saint has been feeling miserable, maybe due to an odd encounter he had on a bus the other day but he can t quite remember, only knows it has something to do with a girl and a twisting of sorts, somewhere in his mind Honestly, discovering his flatmate is a bloodthirsty maero one of the iwi atua roaming Aoteroa since time began hasn t really helped his mood Lucky for Saint he s made a new friend then, and so what if Noah isn t technicall [...]

    2. Imagine a quirkier Rivers of London Or a darker Gods Behaving Badly Or a complex and queerer Neverwhere Or a earth bound well, earth set Perdido Street Station Now take that, put it in a Wellington, New Zealand, populated with M ori atua Have you done that Okay, then you have just a hint of the awesome weirdness that is Summer Wig s The Wind City The book is urban fantasy of the highest order fun, smart, surprising, textured, morally ambiguous and definitely worth a read Derek Attigfrom The Be [...]

    3. Someone finally read my memos and wrote the book I ve been wanting to read since I first discovered the urban fantasy genre Urban fantasy in Wellington with the paranormal elements taken from M ori mythology And there is a spirit of the Bucket Fountain My life is now complete.

    4. A charming novel that brings modern characters and ancient mythology together in a Wellington love letter.For those familiar with M ori mythology and or New Zealand s capital city, this book certainly captures the imagination It was these elements that first drew me to the book Various cameos and in jokes create a sense of familiarity for those in the know For those unfamiliar with these elements of the story, the light hearted tone and witty, colourful cast of characters are enough to draw you [...]

    5. The Wind City is set in Wellington, New Zealand I grew up here and have very intimate knowledge of the the landmarks and the setting of the plot After reading Wig s book, I felt like I had another whole layer added to my city, that, while written as fiction and fantasy, might just possibly be there I now look sideways at a the central Library and the famed Bucket Fountain not just because of Elijah Wood This book made me laugh and also cry A couple of the characters have stayed with me and I enj [...]

    6. I found this book via a tumblr post, and I can see how it ended up there.The informal prose, and the goofy vocabulary of our two POV characters, were a bit much at times I found myself skimming over large patches of text when it got too wordy.Still, view spoiler I enjoyed the twists in the story, and how the two storylines came together And the wlw couple was sweet I just hope Tony s feelings are genuine, and not a lingering effect of Hin s spell.I wasn t really fan of the body count, because oo [...]

    7. The Wellington City Library is a fine building, sweeping around the western edge of Civic Square creating a horseshoe with the Town Hall on the south and the City Art Gallery the old library on the north of the square It is a fabulous library, and not something we hear that often a fine piece of 1980s design light, open, spacious and with an excellent collection, and fine coffee bar on the mezzanine What most of us haven t spotted is that on Victoria Street, just north of the main doors, there i [...]

    8. I reviewed this book professionally here a year or two ago, and I stand by most of what I said then.The Wind City is a fast paced, energetic book, an Antipodean Neverwhere It s one of a handful of fantasy novels set in New Zealand s capital, Wellington, and the author s obvious love for that city is inspiring This version of Wellington is a tad idealised, with no mention of the lines of beggars on Lambton Quay or the long, horrible winters, but Wellingtonians will love the teapot headed spirit o [...]

    9. My exact rating for this book would be a 3.5 It left me feeling conflicted, and not in a good way The story itself was fantastic It revolves around New Zealand mythology, something I don t know anything about I love mythology, so getting to learn about new legends was great.The characters were all interesting and engaging as well I connected with all of them and I especially enjoyed the morally ambiguous ones The relationships between them were phenomenally well written.My main problem with thi [...]

    10. ate my review uggghhhhreal rating 3.5for something i got off a wlw rec post it does not have a lot of wlw but it works outI love love the world, life needs urban fantasy thats actually fantastical, not just vampires and werewolves are fae living in their own world Also, new mythologies A good read already just off of that im just disappointed that while the characters and premise are solid, they still lack enough depth to really draw me in It s still rather unrefined and there are a lot of thin [...]

    11. Reposted from booksellersnz.wordpress Falling in love with Wellington is an occupational hazard of living here or even sometimes of just visiting, as novelist Summer Wig can attest.The latest title from New Zealand speculative fiction publisher Steam Press is The Wind City, an urban fantasy and arguably paranormal romance debut novel that isn t just set in Wellington, it seems to be built of Wellington, full of absolutely positively words The action all takes place in the central city, a lot of [...]

    12. Cross posted from wellingtonista.In her d but novel, nineteen year old Summer Wig presents us with a wonderful urban fantasy, set quite concretely in the very real environs of modern day Wellington, but populated throughout with mythical characters and creatures from Maori folklore collectively known as iwi atua.Our two main protagonists are Saint and Tony, the former an out of work young man about town loveably fearless as he regularly reminds himself , and Tony, a dolphin tour operator whose b [...]

    13. In a similar vein to Neil Gaiman, this book brings the fantastical and mythological to the concrete, refreshing old stories with new characters and identities The figures of myth come alive in Wig s hands, presenting two sides of an old and continuing controversy The book takes on underlying themes involving colonialism, urbanization, and racial tension without becoming didactic or hokey While at times the text seems to stumble, and dialogue can be awkward, on the whole it is deftly written and [...]

    14. Set in present day Wellington, New Zealand, this book is about two people who learn that the world is not what they think it is.Saint is a destitute, loser type On the bus, one day, he sees a very strange woman with straight white hair named Hinewai Saint is the only one who can see her She tells him that beings from Maori legend, that go under the general name of iwi atua, are coming to Wellington, some with violent intentions toward humans Saint can t help but think that he is losing his mind, [...]

    15. Reading The Wind City by Summer Wig is like the best sort of birthday, where you get everything you asked for and, best of all, things you never even thought to hope for.I knew I wanted a fun, joyful fantasy story that made me laugh out loud I knew I wanted a diverse cast of characters I did not know, before reading this book, how much I needed to see myself and my friends in a story.In The Wind City, characters slide Princess Bride quotes into appropriate situations, and characters think things [...]

    16. When Saint befriends the spirit of a Maori demigod and is gifted with the ability to manipulate fire, he is tasked with ridding the city of the spirits and entities that dwell there Little does he know, however, that the evil spirits he is destroying are in fact conscious beings with their own lives friends, homes and families.Typical of much Urban Fantasy, there is a hidden world that only some characters are a part of one of magic and magical creatures But, despite being hugely imaginative, th [...]

    17. The Wind City is an enjoyable read in the vein of Divine Misfortune or Monster both by A Lee Martinez An urban fantasy full of characters that have depth and motivation The prose is clearly born of the internet generation, from the youth that has grown up being allowed to revel in being geeks and making geek humor and finding support for being who you are And in many ways, this book makes those very points.I read the Kindle version, and there may be some issues in the copy, given that there were [...]

    18. This book has so much going for it but is seriously marred by the ridiculous writing throughout most of it It reads like a rejected write in script for a Buffy novel Occasionally the author slips into descriptive writing, and that is really good, so it s a shame she didn t scale back the banter and rambling internal monologues throughout Also, the joint main character s motivations are completely incomprehensible, in a way that can t simply but put down to his being written as a cross between S [...]

    19. THIS BOOK Man I need to shove this book into everyone s hands RIGHT NOW This is such a wonderful story, entrancing from start to finish, and I love everyone in it I just want to hug every single character and hang out with them and just breathes I m very glad I somehow stumbled upon this book As a canadian, urban fantasy with Maori myths was super refreshing and mysterious, and I kept getting and excited about the diverse cast, and the complexity of characters, and how smoothly the story flowe [...]

    20. This made me angry and broke my heart but in a good way A fun modern tale of the communication challenges that arise when humans and fae creatures share a space, including truly tragic misunderstandings Wonderful and quirky characters full of imperfections and just trying to live Some in the sense of trying to get by and others working to find the joy and to not screw everything up in the search to mixed results Bonus that I didn t know anything about Maori folklore and got to discover a whole n [...]

    21. A bit too much Joss Weedon for me The ideas are good and I love the settings, but I am a fan of Hammet, Morgan, and DeLint, and I found this was simply too far from the noir tinged adventures I enjoy A shame as I wanted to like it, and in places it s touched with absurdism, which I like when in the right mood Like seeing a painting that has lots of elements you love, but somehow rubs you the wrong way.

    22. This was a really gorgeous book I ve always loved Maori mythology and to see it breathed to life on the streets of Wellington was simply awesome The characters are all very unique, some likable, some not as much, but all engaging, all draw you in and tell you their own stories A great read, and an even better debut Steam Press knows how to pick em

    23. Really enjoyed this book and so will you if you enjoy fantasy It s an easy but well put together book with a great plot line I hate reading books where you know how it ends and this one kept me wanting to know and find out what happens at the end Well done Summer Wig.

    24. I liked the setting, in an Australian New Zealand city with local mythological creatures plus modern city spirits Still not quite sure how I feel about the ending would be happy to read something else written by this author.

    25. The Wind City is a well paced adventure story It manages to have well rounded characters, including the villains and Maori gods, without becoming either sluggish or challenging It is an easy and entertaining read.

    26. What a lovely and fun book I have no idea how I ever heard of this little delight, and subsequently found it in a used bookstore, but I m super glad I did.

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