The Worst Witch at Sea (2020)

The Worst Witch at Sea Catch up on Mildred Hubble s magical adventures at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches with these reissued editions featuring energetic new covers Mildred s beloved tabby cat has been deemed unsuitable
  • Title: The Worst Witch at Sea
  • Author: Jill Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780763672539
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catch up on Mildred Hubble s magical adventures at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches with these reissued editions featuring energetic new covers Mildred s beloved tabby cat has been deemed unsuitable for a witch, and is relegated to the kitchens to be a mouser But when her class flies off on a school trip, Mildred concocts a plan to rescue Tabby and bring him alongCatch up on Mildred Hubble s magical adventures at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches with these reissued editions featuring energetic new covers Mildred s beloved tabby cat has been deemed unsuitable for a witch, and is relegated to the kitchens to be a mouser But when her class flies off on a school trip, Mildred concocts a plan to rescue Tabby and bring him along in secret
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      Jill Murphy

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    1. In this adorable fourth book in The Worst Witch series, Mildred s furry funky cat is the star Ms Hardbroom wants Mildred to take another cat, a black one without the fear of mice one better suited for witches.So she does, but being without her friend is hard on Mildred, and when on a Holiday vacation, she decides to take her old furry friend with her Of course, this means secrets and trouble for Mildred, no surprise there This book was the cutest It showed so much of Mildred s inner goodness and [...]

    2. This was a trip back to the past for me Loved reading the whole series when I was younger and love just the same now.

    3. The first one to feel like a whole book, rather than just an anecdote Because of Mildred saving the Magician Rowan Webb in the previous book, her class is all invited to stay in his castle by the sea But there s not just cold, damp weather and nasty Ethel to deal with this time Mildred s beloved Tabby is taken away, since he s not a proper witches cat, and there s a mysterious lost treasure, too I am holding out hope that in the last book, Ethel gets her comeuppance Also, Maud got in a real zing [...]

    4. Mildred is back again, this time with water It seems these books run one term per book, their school has two terms per year and this is the fourth book, so she is in the second term of her second year.The book starts off rather badly for Milly, as they always do, as she is forced to replace her lovely, though hopeless cat, Tabby, with a professional and elegant cat, Ebony She is beside herself, but there may be hope The wizard she helped in the last book, Algernon Rowan Webb, has invited all of [...]

    5. Not the best book in the series, I was actually quite bored throughout the book.It was just all the same Ethel hating Mildred, being mean to her at every opportunity Miss Hardbroom who doesn t have any faith left in Mildred and just hopes she will fail And then Mildred, she saves the day again I will finish this series, but I am not going to buy them, like I was planning to.There were also enough fun things Mildred and her class getting asked to come visit and stay at the castle of the wizard sh [...]

    6. So the former frog, Magician Rowan Webb, invites Mil s second class to his castles by the see for a week of holidays, but not everything is good as Tabby as to be secretly recued and smuggled We can see some improvement in Mil s skills but of course there s always Ethel to eclipse any effort and complicate things A lovely history, about cross species bod and friendship, I loved that the book is bigger than the previous ones.

    7. Change of scenery for a while, that was a nice surprise I love the fact that Mildred loves her cat so much that she just can t be apart from him and takes him along I so can relate to her, it also pains me when I have to leave my cat at home when on holidays.

    8. This is another cute story in the series In this case Mildred and the others are invited to a magician s place by the seaside because of how she had helped him earlier They will be using their boomsticks for a form of water skiing.Unfortunately Mildred doesn t know how to swim Add to that the decision made that forces Mildred to exchange cats Tabby will be living in the kitchen, supposedly to chase mice another job that Tabby is not good at while Mildred will take on a cat left by a girl that le [...]

    9. Una nueva adventure espera a Mildred Regresando a la escuela para el semestre de verano, Mildred recibe una mala noticia que est relacionada con Tabby.Pero un rayo de alegr a aparece cuando el mago Rowan Webb invita a las ni as a su casa cerca del mar como agradecimiento a Mildred Mildred decide arriesgarse y llevar a Tabby con ella, pero solo ver en su futuro complicaciones por haberlo llevado Una serie de aventuras aguardan con esas peque as vacaciones en la escuela, un tesoro escondido y un a [...]

    10. Another great book in the Worst Witch series.I really enjoy this series Mildred s character is very likeable and it is interesting to read about all of the adventures she has and the trouble she finds herself in.Simply language, but a nice adventure story The ending was a bit predictable, but I still really enjoyed it I especially liked that this book was focused on the whole cat situation.A very good read.

    11. This story was detailed like the last one in the series but it still wasn t great There was information and not nearly the time gaps as the first two books but it still could have been better This series isn t as good as I was hoping it was I m hoping the last few books are better than the beginning of the series has been so far.

    12. Another entertaining adventure with Mildred and her friends at Miss Cackle s Academy This one was a bit longer and filled with even adventures and mayhem Just as funny as the others in the series.

    13. This is my favorite of the Worst Witch books so far Action and adventure, and we get to see Mildred truly be a good person and be selfless as opposed to other books, where she kind of falls into saving the day.

    14. Another book one of my nieces was reading Very cute, enjoyable book Great character development and story line that moves along Going to read the rest of this series.

    15. I think I remember not liking this one when I was younger because it was set out of the school and not much really happens There s plot and mystery with the others.

    16. A fast paced easy read, beautifully and imaginatively written with strong female friendships and an almost all female cast A blast from the past, aged superbly well.

    17. Author Illustrator Jill MurphyFirst Published 1993Series Book 4 of 7 Second Year, Summer TermAnother nice addition to the Worst Witch stories, this time with Mildred saving Miss Hardbroom when she again Saves The Day Longer than her first three books 200 pages to the earlier 100 , The Worst Witch All At Sea took a number of pre bedtime readings to complete It is difficult to find a lesson in the book other stories have focused on friendship and loyalty This time we have Mildred s loyalty to her [...]

    18. I m going to review two or three of the books at a time because they re so short and sweet Much like these reviews are going to be.In the third volume of the series, A Bad Spell for The Worst Witch, Mildred Hubble does not only miraculously begin her second year at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches, she also manages to tick off Ethel again Ethel s revenge leaves much to be desired if you ask Mildred, but it also earns her a new ally Algernon Rowan Webb, a very old magician.In the fourth volume, [...]

    19. it was good Mildred s cat, tabby, gets taken to catch the kitchen mice and she has Ebony instead she steals tabby and takes her on holiday with her.

    20. I find this one than a little annoying It s a lot longer than the first three, which unfortunately means that the problems I have with the series are magnified and exacerbated when they could so easily be addressed and lessened I now have the feeling that Jill Murphy is really an illustrator who writes stories to go with her pictures, rather than an author who illustrates her stories.Miss Cackle s Academy hands Mildred the biggest bag of crap it has yet given her, which is certainly saying some [...]

    21. The great thing about the Worst Witch series, and what makes it superior to some other kids series, is that, no matter how much Mildred Hubble gets in trouble or how much Miss Hardbroom seems to dislike her, Miss Hardbroom co do acknowledge when she does something right and, sometimes, Mildred is even rewarded for her achievements.In The Worst Witch at Sea, Mildred s class is treated to a trip to the seaside as a reward for Mildred s valiant rescuing of a wizard who had been turned into a frog T [...]

    22. This would have been a solid 5 star middle grade book if not for one thing Mildred s making fun of the idea of Miss Cackle swimming The line reads as this The girls exchanged delighted glances as they imagined Miss Cackle ins a swimming costume The sea level will probably go up several feet if Miss Cackle goes swimming giggled Mildred Murphy then goes on to describe Miss Cackle s bathing costume, thoroughly cateloguing Miss Cackle s bulges and going so far as to describe her jumping into the wat [...]

    23. Re read in October 2015 I remember being given this book for a birthday or Christmas, many moons ago, and absolutely lapping it up It s longer than the first three books in the series, and takes place away from Miss Cackle s Academy, and the change in scenery fascinated my younger self Broomstick water skiing The illustrations of Ethel in her striped Victorian style swimming costume and swim cap crack me up There s plenty of adventure, including a daring rescue and lost treasure, but as an adult [...]

    24. I just want to start out by saying that I LOVE THESE BOOKS Whenever i m in a bad mood or i just need to escape, i can pick up the worst witch and it always takes me into a fun world where anything can happen and good over wins over evil So onto to this fun adventure, this was such a cute and for me a best friends will always stick together kind of story Of course Ethel Hallows just can t leave Mildred along long enough because if she did maybe she would actually have a good time herself I really [...]

    25. Just like the rest of the books in the series, this book flowed well and was quick paced It was full of fun and I love Mildred, she may be the worst witch at Cackle s Academy but she doesn t want to be, she does try her best I think it s a good lesson for children reading these books I really enjoyed how it was in a different setting this time, it was well written and Mildred has 9 lives Ethel really needs to give up on trying to ruin Mildred s life, it s fun to see her jealous all the time thou [...]

    26. This has to be my favorite of The Worst Witch books thus far It was really enjoyable It was so sad when Mildred and Tabby were parted This book totally showed how compassionate Mildred could be Also, her intelligence very much showed through in this book Also, I LOVED the wizard in this one I m excited to start the next book, although I am kind of sad it ll mean I m done with the series I only have the first and the last book at present, so I officially need to buy the other three D

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