The Worst Witch Saves the Day (2020)

The Worst Witch Saves the Day The famously disaster prone Mildred witch in training flies in for a brand new adventure that makes a perfect Halloween treat Mildred is starting her third year at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches
  • Title: The Worst Witch Saves the Day
  • Author: Jill Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780763672553
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • The famously disaster prone Mildred, witch in training, flies in for a brand new adventure that makes a perfect Halloween treat.Mildred is starting her third year at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches with high hopes of improving her klutzy record But that s before a curling iron catastrophe leads her to experiment with a hair growing potion with hair raising results AndThe famously disaster prone Mildred, witch in training, flies in for a brand new adventure that makes a perfect Halloween treat.Mildred is starting her third year at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches with high hopes of improving her klutzy record But that s before a curling iron catastrophe leads her to experiment with a hair growing potion with hair raising results And it s before she raises the ire of Miss Granite, the odd new teacher who doesn t seem to act like a teacher at all Could she be an imposter And is there anything in Mildred s bag of tricks that can save the school if her hunch is right
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    1. In this fifth book in The Worst Witch series, someone s pretending to be someone they re not, automatically deceiving everyone in their passage, including trouble prone Mildred While I did enjoy this sequel, I found it not as surprising and creative as the last Many elements were recycled from past books there s one even the author acknowledges and while Mildred s attitude towards them changes, seeing her reactions was not enough entertainment to make me love The Worst Witch Saves the Day as muc [...]

    2. I have always loved these books and finding one you haven t read before is always a delight Everything you could want in a series of children s books.

    3. Another adventure for Mildred and Co and this time people have the grace to point out that most of Mildred s accidents aren t her fault This story starts with a hair disaster and ends with people being transformed into ants and snails, and also features a really weird new teacher.

    4. Michael, Gregory and I listened to this story as an ebook It was our first introduction to the escapades of Mildred Hubble and her friends and it was very entertaining Mildred is the worst witch in Miss Cackles Academy of Witchcraft and has a history of getting herself into impossible scrapes Everything Mildred does seem to lead to complete disaster for her and her pets Mildred s class has a new teacher and she is a very unusual witch with an extraordinarily high pitched voice and a very unortho [...]

    5. These books have every single feeling all at once I can laugh, I can cry, they are funny, they are scary The worst witch gets into a bit of trouble, but she often saves the day These books remind me that sometimes mistakes are good and accidents can lead the way to success.

    6. It s the first day of the winter term of Mildred s junior year Ethel is the top student at the school and really hates Mildred and will do anything she can to get her into trouble Ethel cuts Mildred s hair and messes it up on purpose A hair growing lotion sort of gets out of control and once again Mildred is in trouble.Then there s the new teacher, Miss Granite, who never really teaches anything at all There s a dark reason for that and Mildred is the one to uncover it Mildred somehow needs to f [...]

    7. Jill Murphy wrote the first Worst Witch story, according to , while age 15 and still in boarding school Perhaps that s what makes Mildred Hubble so realistic and so identifiable emotionally While we don t seem to run into too many witches these days, we all know Mildred if we re not Mildred ourselves Trying to be invisible while coming up with impractical schemes for miraculous success while failing utterly at both.In saves the day which is Book 5, Mildred returns to school for her third year Sh [...]

    8. This left me so exasperated Mildred never retaliates when Ethel is spiteful to her, which probably makes Mildred a better person than me, but the fact that Mildred also trusts Ethel after everything she s done is downright alarming Case in point in this book Mildred lets Ethel chop off all her hair, then she drinks a regrowth potion that Ethel oh so kindly brews for her Mildred, you deserved everything you got with that one I also wanted to facepalm when Mildred turns herself into an ant and the [...]

    9. And we are at book 5, only 2 books to go before I am completely up to date with this series cheers We got a new teacher, Miss Granite seems kind, but at times is also totally mean and unfriendly And who in their right mind leaves a whole class of students alone But we soon find out why I loved the hair part First getting it all off poor Mildred , only to have to use a growth potion going out of hair um hand Why do these girls still trust Ethel with things They should know by this time 3 years n [...]

    10. This book was interesting It was about as good as the last two books in the series but there were some inconsistencies between this books and the previous books that bothered me They weren t that noticeable but they still took away from the story when I noticed them Overall this book was ok and I m hoping the next book is better than this one.

    11. This is the last book I ve been able to find, and it resembles the others so much, I still find it adorable, and rather funny, with spells going wrong and all Seems everything happens to Mildred every time.

    12. I love how Mil got herself tangled in trouble now involving a new teacher and her improvement as a witch comes in handy for avoiding some disaster.

    13. Un nuevo a o en la academia Cackle, Mildred y sus amigas comienzan el tercer a o Este a o estar n suero usadas por la nueva profesora Miss Granite Las tres ni as se alegran por la nueva maestra, en vez de HB, sin embargo al estar en clases se dar n cuenta que es algo muy diferente, la maestra no tiene un poco inter s en dar clases y las deja libres Ethel se molesta por la falta de tica d ella profesora y como siempre har sufrir a Mildred cada oportunidad que tenga Una historia de aventuras con c [...]

    14. I thought this book plot was on the weaker side, hashing over the same old tropes from previous books WHEN will Ethel get her comeuppance My son loved the twist at the end regarding Miss Granite, but it smacked pretty hard of HP the Goblet of Fire , which was published 6 years prior to this book.

    15. I had no idea that this series existed until a version showed up on Netflix It s tempting to compare it with Harry Potter, but I realize that this series came first and has its own charm With lots of drawings, larger than typical typeface, and humor, this book would be great for younger readers.

    16. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Mildred Hubble as this time she once again foils the villainous plot of Agatha Cackle Always filled with humor and fun A very nostalgic read.

    17. Another book one of my nieces was reading Very cute, enjoyable book Great character development and story line that moves along Going to read the rest of this series.

    18. Author Illustrator Jill MurphyFirst Published 2005Series Book 5 of 7, Winter Term, Year 3.A cute premise Mildred Hubble seems to always be in the right place at the right time to Save the Day, the BadGuys must foil her luck before she stops them A nice crossing of the divide as the reader and author share the joke And one that works really well.This series really can t go wrong Each book is solid with a very light moral and gentle anti bullying message They aren t brilliant but they are good and [...]

    19. Poor Mildred Hubble If it s not one thing causing her trouble, it s another In The Worst Witch Saves the Day, Mildred has two hair mishaps thanks to Ethel view spoiler first, a too short choppy trim to fix a tangle, and then later, voluminous hair that just won t stop growing, a result of a poorly applied growth spell hide spoiler Yet Mildred still has time to realize something s not quite right about their new form teacher.As usual, the solutions are simple yet humorous, and it s all thanks to [...]

    20. Another lovely little book in the Worst Witch series, the fifth and as there is one book per term half a school year , Milly is starting in Year 3 Is she going to have an uneventful and quiet time filled with studious behaviour No No she s not.Miss Hardbroom is not their form teacher any, they have some new oddball by the name of Miss Granite, who has a laissez faire approach to teaching Well, if you give a class of teenagers too much rope, they ll hang something with it for sure Queue a bad hai [...]

    21. Year 3 at Cackle s Academy and Mildred is up to her old tricks, she is just trying to help out I like how she always manages to get in to lots of trouble but still has the guts to save the day even though she could get into worse trouble if it goes wrong I am still really enjoying the story, I am storming through the books I don t think I would ever get bored if they were all to this standard I loved the story with the hair it was very funny to read and made me smile As much as H.B is stern she [...]

    22. This book was a little longer and involved than the others, with challenging vocabulary, so I ended up giving it five stars although on my blog it would be a 4 1 2 As with the other Worst Witch stories this is perfect for a chapter a night book, read by an adult for children younger than the book s intended reading skills level The perfect series for children too young for Harry Potter, but wanting to read about a magic school.

    23. Did you know there were sequels to The Worst Witch I had NO IDEA it was a series When I was a kid, I absolutely loved The Worst Witch I definitely read it than once It was so much fun So I chose to read this book, even though it wasn t the second book in the series and I remember very little from the first book.It was delightful It s perfect for beginning readers If Anne of Green Gables were a witch, I m sure she would have similar experiences It s a fun, quick story

    24. This is my favourite of the Worst Witch books It seems to have mishaps than usual, somehow, and the Tabby rescue was really well done I thought Mildred ant is the best adventure yet it even beats the pig episode Of all the chapter books in all the world, the Worst Witch is surely in the Top Ten in my Top One.

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