Stuff Happens: Jack (2020)

Stuff Happens Jack boys stories great Australian writers in an important new series Stuff happens sometimes Everyday stuff At school at home with sport with mates For Ned it happened with a new teacher For Se
  • Title: Stuff Happens: Jack
  • Author: TonyWilson
  • ISBN: 9780143308225
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • 4 boys, 4 stories, 4 great Australian writers in an important new series.Stuff happens sometimes.Everyday stuff.At school, at home, with sport, with mates.For Ned it happened with a new teacher.For Sean it happened starting at a new school.For Michael it happened when he thought he was disappointing his parents.For Jack it happened when a game at recess went wrong.
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    1. Jack and some of his classmates are left to play on the EBO E B Watson Oval across from their school at morning tea time Their teacher takes the other kids back across to school, saying he ll be back in ten minutes Ten minutes is a long time when you decide to play a forbidden game including tackling, and Jack suddenly ends up injured.But the wrong person is blamed and left to face the consequences Will Jack tell the truth But if he dobs in the person, will they miss out on the famous football t [...]

    2. Soccer mad Jack loves inventing new games to play with his mates, but when a schoolyard game of You Play, You Pay goes wrong, Jack ends up with a broken arm Jack and his friends lie to the school principal about what actually happened, to avoid getting into trouble Friendships are tested, and Jack and his mates eventually realize that they have to accept responsibility for themselves and tell the truth.Throughout the story there is an emoticom chart that indicates Jack s mood at the end of each [...]

    3. This is going to be a great series for Primary School libraries Another quick read, especially good for reluctant readers.This one has a great message about telling the truth, but isn t as funny as Stuff Happens Ned, by Andrew Daddo.Both the books do a great job of showing Teachers through a child s eyes and also showing that they are human, too.

    4. Another good one in the series Tackling games are not allowed at school, but the game Jack invents includes tackling, and his arm gets broken He blames Fadi, and the rest back him up, lying to the principal.

    5. I actually read Stuff Happens Ned by Andrew Daddo Ned starts a new school year and it takes a while for Ned and his teacher to see eye to eye A quick, realistic read Year 4 and above PF.

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