Chasing Jillian (2020)

Chasing Jillian Score a touchdown with Julie Brannagh s latest Love and Football novel about discovering who you are and finding love along the way Jillian Miller likes her job working in the front office for the Sea
  • Title: Chasing Jillian
  • Author: Julie Brannagh
  • ISBN: 9780062363886
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • Score a touchdown with Julie Brannagh s latest Love and Football novel about discovering who you are and finding love along the way.Jillian Miller likes her job working in the front office for the Seattle Sharks, but lately being surrounded by a constant parade of perfection only seems to make her own imperfections all the obvious She needs a change, which takes herScore a touchdown with Julie Brannagh s latest Love and Football novel about discovering who you are and finding love along the way.Jillian Miller likes her job working in the front office for the Seattle Sharks, but lately being surrounded by a constant parade of perfection only seems to make her own imperfections all the obvious She needs a change, which takes her into foreign territory the Sharks workout facility after hours The last thing she expects is a hot, grumbly god among men to be there as witness.Star linebacker Seth Taylor has had a bad day well, a series of them recently When he hits the Sharks gym to work out his frustration, he s startled to find someone there and even surprised that it s Jillian, the team owner s administrative assistant When he learns of her mission to revamp her lifestyle, he finds himself volunteering to help Something about Jillian s beautiful smile and quick wit makes him want to stick around She may not be like the swimsuit models he usually has on his arm, but the time Seth spends with her, the harder he falls.And as Jillian discovers that the new her is about so much than she sees in the mirror, can she discover that happiness and love are oh so much better than perfect
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    1. 3.5 Finding your Home Stars 1 2Reading gives us so much we escape into a story and for moments out of our Real Life we are with these characters a fly on the wall being there as their lives take place It is the author s choice as to how they take us there, what we see and learn and the final outcome It is also their choice as to whether they include something than an original story if they include some insight into a topic which can make a difference in the reader s Real World.Julie Brannagh di [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading about Jillian and Seth I thought the storyline was borderline perfect When the book starts Jillian is over weight and when she meets Seth he offers to help her loose weight These two become friends and then it blossoms into love I enjoyed how their relationship wasn t rushed and how they became friends first It took months for Seth to even kiss her which was a nice touch When Seth takes her out to places it s something she mentioned and it was so thoughtful Even though she loos [...]

    3. Chasing Jillian Love and Football, 5 by Julie Brannagh Seattle Sharks employee, Jillian Miller, gets caught by star linebacker, Seth Taylor, using the players workout facility He volunteers to help her with her training Julie Brannagh creates another invigorating football romance It s hard not to like Jillian She grew up in foster care She volunteers at Treehouse to help others in similar situation She is hard working and kind She rightfully has some insecurities, but she does her best to overco [...]

    4. Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.I love romance and I m a football fanatic, so it s no wonder I enjoy Julie Brannagh s Love and Football series as much as I do It s been awhile since I picked up one of these books and I have to kick myself for that I also need to catch up on the two books I ve inexplicably skipped Jillian was a great character It was easy for me to relate to her and her insecurities and issues with her body But she was so much than just her body type She was smart, c [...]

    5. Achtung m gliche Spoiler seufz aber ich musste etwas von dem angestauten Frust loswerden.Bis etwa zur 30% Marke des Buches dachte ich es w rde auf eine 4 Wertung hinauslaufen Ich mochte Jillian eine Heldin, die nicht vor Selbstbewusstsein strotzt die sich in ihrer Haut nicht wohl f hlt und mit ihrem Gewicht zu k mpfen hat die im Umgang mit anderen etwas unsicher und sch chtern ist Den Helden Seth mochte ich viel lieber er war der perfekte Gentleman, hat sich Jillian gegen ber aufmerksam und zuvo [...]

    6. Posted on What I m ReadingIs possible to be just friends In Chasing Jillian, we see Seth and Jillian develop a friendship Actually, I thought it was extremely cute on how Julie went about to write this story So, we have Jillian who is a little overweight and would like to change that, but she doesn t have the funds so she goes into Shark s weight room She ends up getting caught by Seth and he s gruff and kind of scary LOL Seriously, I would probably crap my pants Anyway, he kind of puts her at e [...]

    7. Until I was introduced to Brannagh as an author I never had a large interest in the reading of sport s romance novels This fact is a little odd I will admit since I am a die hard football fan Still, I didn t think romance novels would be able to find the right balance between the sports and the romance without seeming unrealistic, well I was wrong From the start of the Love and Football series I have been hooked I cannot seem to get enough from these books nor the characters Everything I love mo [...]

    8. Seth can seriously be adorable, the hell It s a kitty, not a dessert in a four star restaurant He looked into the kitten s eyes I can t believe you let her name you that Seth is a little protective, possessive, and hot headed when it comes to Jillian and him thinking of her with other men, no, she won t, Seth said as he lunged at Kade Four guys held him back as he tried to get anywhere near Kade Seth prefers his woman au natural when sleeping, don t wear that thing again, he muttered into her ea [...]

    9. This one in the Sharks series was a major disappointment It was nowhere near the standard set by the author in the previous novels The others had characters and plots a reader could get into This onet Boring, boring, boring.

    10. Loved the premise of this however, I got about 100 pages in before I started skimming and then, finally, decided to DNF this The storytelling was slow and inconsistent It isn t until after about 50 pages that Jillian mentions being told she can t date one of the football players if this was the conflict, surely it d come up right at the beginning And at this time the fake boyfriend is introduced but this didn t work either Also, the secondary characters were poorly used, especially the best frie [...]

    11. Not my favorite in the series Story jumped around too much for me I enjoyed all the other books better than this one.

    12. Julie Brannagh s books are like candy sweet, tasty and oh, so good So is the case of Chasing Jillian Love and Football 5 This is a feel good romance within a sports romance The hero and heroine start out as friends, who become much to one another Their interactions are adorable to the max, and Seth, the hero is a top notch book boyfriend The heroine Jillian has realistic issues and doubts most women have, but her quirks aren t annoying, but endearing Watching her come out of her shell with the [...]

    13. 4.5 5 starsReceived arc in exchange for an honest review original post can be found at mnonmklreviews 20I do love sport romances, and CHASING JILLIAN was no different It didn t go quite as deep as I ve found myself craving from books as of late, but the skimmed surface was cute and fun.Jillian works for the NFL team, Sharks She s been in a romantic rut one that I totally relate to She s busy, but than that, she s spent years insecure and dating was just not an option Now she s making changes an [...]

    14. Kindle FormatPurchasedRating 5 Reread Potential Most LikelyGenre Contempory, SportsTrope Strangers to friends to loversThis is the latest in a series centered around the Seattle Sharks football team It is about a new player to the team and the team owner s assistant.I generally dislike books where one character usually the female undergoes physical changes usually weight loss to be attractive While Jillian does set out to lose weight, she does it to get healthier, not look perfect, and it s not [...]

    15. I wanted low angst, light reading I ve had a chunk of heavier angsty reads of late, and Chasing Jillian looked to be just what I needed Jillian works in the front office of the Seattle Sharks a bit shy and quiet, she wants to lose some weight, and uses the training facilities when no one will be around to tell her no, or to notice her Determined to move forward from the issues she developed in foster care, she was easy to relate to and understand Seth is a player on the team, and one of the many [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis is my first time reading a book from Julie Brannagh but after reading Chasing Jillian I do want to go back and read the other books in the series It can be read as a standalone but the glimpses I got of the other characters has peaked my interest I really enjoyed this one except for a few points.I could definitely relate to Jillian and her self consciousness over her body though I did find it slightly irritating that despite her body being described as fleshy and overweight enough [...]

    17. This was my first book by Julie Brannagh it was really good I really enjoyed reading about Jillian and Seth This book flowed nicely and was told from both Jillian and Seth s POV.Jillian was the personal assistant to the owner of the Seattle Sharks One night after everyone was gone she snuck downstairs to the weight room and put in her workout video she has always been self conscious about her weight But she was surprised when Seth showed up Seth was a football player He was shocked to find someo [...]

    18. I love Seth and Jillian Both together and as individuals.Jillian has overcome a tough foster care childhood She is kind, caring, graceful spirit, always willing to help others, and she is overweight, but determined to do something about it She doesn t have many people in her corner, but she is a true survivor.Seth is ready for a change, he has a yearning for something in his life, than just the success on the football field He is thoughtful, protective, giving, and kind.They are both so easy to [...]

    19. For the life of my I can t figure out why I had this on my Nook tells me none of my friends have read it, and this is pretty much where I get all my romance recommendations so I really want to know the source because I m never trusting them again.Wow this was terrible But it was laughably terrible I read the whole thing because I couldn t look away This is apparently the fifth in a series about football players I m assuming all the ones we were introduced to that are happily married and procreat [...]

    20. ARC requested through Edelweiss and kindly provided by Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest review No one does football romance stories quite like Ms Brannagh With each new addition to the Love and Football series she continues to surprise me and also reaffirms my belief that she is a master at her craft Just when I think I ve found my favorite character in the series she introduces me to a new player in the game that sweeps in and changes my mind Seth Taylor not only captured Jillia [...]

    21. I absolutely loved Chasing Jillian by Julie Brannagh as it is a twist on Romance genre at it s finest I absolutely loved both characters and the friendship that the two pursued prior to entering into a relationship Brannagh has a way with romance, making you swoon as Seth tries to win her love.I loved how the two first met and how it was chemistry from the moment they first spoke I found myself rooting them on as they fought so hard to deny the attraction between the two I couldn t keep myself f [...]

    22. Jillian Miller and Seth Taylor become friends when he is drafted to play with the Sharks team that she works for She is assistant to the owner The owner tells her that men in football are a bad bet So she already has lack of trust in relationships going in.Jillian and Seth do just about everything together and enjoy being friends Seth loves hanging out with her and texting her makes him laugh Jillian confronts her boss and lets him know she is enjoying a relationship with his player and he can f [...]

    23. See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts Jillian is determined to lose weight, so she decides to start using the equipment at the place she works when nobody will know she s doing it That s when she runs into Seth He s surprised to find her there, but when he finds out what her plan is, he wants her to achieve her goals They become friends, with an underlying possibility of something It doesn t happen immediately, but when it does, talk about swoonage, people Mel [...]

    24. This was my first book from Julie Brannagh, and I truly enjoyed it This is the fifth book in the Love and Football series, but I had no problem jumping right in I don t usually read series books out of order, but the synopsis on this book was just too tempting.Jillian Miller works for the football team the Seattle Sharks She becomes determined to step out of her shell to make new friends and improve on her perceived imperfections One night she sneaks into the Sharks gym to work out, and she is i [...]

    25. Of the series, this was probably my least favorite Part of a series but can be read as a standalone.The H I didn t feel like he was developed or fleshed out by the author He seemed a little flat and I kept wanting He was a decent H but nothing that seemed to set him apart.The h don t get me started on how annoying she was She tells everybody including the H she has a boyfriend The H doesn t really believe it but he plays along with it and they do the whole friends thing Once she and the H final [...]

    26. I mostly liked this story because of Jillian and except for the end which dragged on a just a bit too long and some issues that just felt unresolved it was an okay book.Jillian Miller who I really, really liked is mostly happy with her life She has a good job as an assistant to the Sharks owner contingent on not dating any of the football stars , she volunteers at a great charity helping foster kids figure out how to deal in the real world , and she has a good friend But she would like to break [...]

    27. This is the first book I ve read by Julie Brannagh, but it won t be the last I am a sucker for a good sports romance, and if the others in this series are as good as this one, I will definitely be going back to read them all Even though it is part of a series, this book can definitely be read as a standalone, especially since both Seth and Jillian were both new characters and therefore their backstories were introduced here as opposed to in other books in the series.I liked both Seth and Jillian [...]

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