Swan Peak (2020)

Swan Peak Trouble follows Dave Robicheaux James Lee Burke s new novel Swan Peak finds Detective Robicheaux far from his New Iberia roots attempting to relax in the untouched wilderness of rural Montana He h
  • Title: Swan Peak
  • Author: James Lee Burke
  • ISBN: 9781416548522
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trouble follows Dave Robicheaux.James Lee Burke s new novel, Swan Peak, finds Detective Robicheaux far from his New Iberia roots, attempting to relax in the untouched wilderness of rural Montana He, his wife, and his buddy Clete Purcell have retreated to stay at an old friend s ranch, hoping to spend their days fishing and enjoying their distance from the harsh, grittyTrouble follows Dave Robicheaux.James Lee Burke s new novel, Swan Peak, finds Detective Robicheaux far from his New Iberia roots, attempting to relax in the untouched wilderness of rural Montana He, his wife, and his buddy Clete Purcell have retreated to stay at an old friend s ranch, hoping to spend their days fishing and enjoying their distance from the harsh, gritty landscape of Louisiana post Katrina.But the serenity is soon shattered when two college students are found brutally murdered in the hills behind where the Robicheauxs and Purcell are staying They quickly find themselves involved in a twisted and dangerous mystery involving a wealthy, vicious oil tycoon, his deformed brother and beautiful wife, a sexually deviant minister, an escaped con and former country music star, and a vigilante Texas gunbull out for blood At the center of the storm is Clete, who cannot shake the feeling that he is being haunted by the ghosts from his past namely Sally Dio, the mob boss he d sabotaged and killed years before.In this expertly drawn, gripping story, Burke deftly weaves intricate, engaging plotlines and original, compelling characters with his uniquely graceful prose He transcends genre yet again in the latest thrilling addition to his New York Times bestselling series.
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      James Lee Burke

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    1. Dave Robicheaux, his wife Molly, and his best friend Clete Purcell are vacationing in Montana following the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita This novel lacks the passion and rage that was characteristic of The Tin Roof Blowdown Burke s writing is lyrical, the characters are rich and compelling, the scenes lush and descriptive I still found this to be an enjoyable read but not one of the best in the series.Clete finds himself haunted by the ghosts from his past specifically Sally Dio, t [...]

    2. The latest Dave Robicheaux mystery If you enjoy novels about middle aged, reformed alcoholic, Catholic guilt plagued, Cajun detectives who live with ghosts than you can count and who periodically relive their Viet Nam nightmares and whose PI i.e private investigator AND politically incorrect best friend is even troubled and trouble then this is for you.

    3. Another really good James Lee Burke book He has lots of descriptions and lots of characters but the stories are always very detailed and very good This character, Dave Robicheaux, is my favorite of the characters he writes about This author is always good for a great mystery I kind of figured out the who done it but of course, there was a twist.

    4. Dave Robicheau and his buddy Clete Purcel are, once again, taking on evil guys Swan Peak has an a good story that get lost along the way but which come together in the climax Burke has a gift for words and his descriptions of everyday life becomes confusing in the story telling It has so many sub plots and characters that you cannot relate to anyone with the exception of one of the bad guys, a bull who works in a prison, who becomes a good guy through the love of a good woman.The climax of the b [...]

    5. A few spoilers below BlurbDetective Dave Robicheaux returns in another adventure Only this time, he travels from New Iberia Parish to the wilds of Montana Swan Peak is the sequel to Black Cherry Blues, the third title in the Robicheaux series In it, Clete Purcel has to confront ghosts from his past, namely the fact he poured sand in the fuel tanks of an airplane owned by Sally Dio, resulting supposedly in Dio s death The story also deals with Jimmy Dale Greenwood, an escaped convict who was at o [...]

    6. Living inside a maelstrom haunted by ghosts James Lee Burke is one of my favorite writers His prose is eloquent, quotable, and graphic He views the world from the perspective of the marginalized and maimed and forgotten, some of whom struggle to escape an ugly karma and live lives that are happy and relatively tranquil Some of them make it, some of them don t, and some of them are left with questions that are never really answered.In this book, and in many others he has written, the protagonists [...]

    7. Swan Peak is a novel that displays James Lee Burke s rich character portrayals, detailed descriptions of the natural surroundings in western Montana and the author s ability to write a suspenseful story.Dave Robicheaux, wife Molly, and friend Clete Purcel are vacationing in Montana after going through the devastation of hurricanes Rita and Katrina in New Orleans.When two double murders take place, the local sheriff is overwhelmed and Dave and Clete offer their services.Ridley Wellstone, a wealth [...]

    8. I ve been reading Dave Roubicheaux books by James Lee Burke since he began writing them and other Burke books, too , but this one left me uncharacteristically cold Set in and around Missoula including my own Idaho Panhandle town, which he managed to misspell , Swan Peak felt like a book written around an idea For anyone who misses it in the intervening 395 pages, he spells it out if there is a greater lesson it s probably the simple fact that the real gladiators of the world are so humble in the [...]

    9. I have been a JLB fan since Black Cherry Blues in the 80s I haven t been keeping up in the last few years, but picked this up It was like running into an old friend after quite a few years Burke has aged like fine wine, and this love poem to the west is a perfect example of why people can t get enough of Burke s writing Style poetic, smooth, like riding a horse with a sweet rocking chair gait through country both known and new Content a rip snorting story, complete with than enough red herrings [...]

    10. Dave Robicheaux is one of my favorite characters, perhaps because I can relate to him so easily James Lee Burke is master of metaphors and he can offer descriptions of the sky like no other His story telling is enjoyable and almost philosophical at times In this book Burke s first hand knowledge of the pristine scenery in Northern Montana shines above his usual inside look at Louisiana bayou country Robicheauxs s sidekick Clete Purcel is also a colorful and easily likable character The only reas [...]

    11. Dave Molly Robicheaux with Clete in tow go on an extended vacation in the Montana wilderness and, of course, end up assisting with a murder investigation with all the usual violence, mayhem, and life threatening events This predicable, plot scenario is one often found in a long standing mystery series for both books and TV shows the vacation mystery adventure Kudos to Burke as he made this one work.

    12. James Lee Burke is a KING Most authors tend to get a bit tired after six or seven novels, but not Burke He knocked this one out of the ball park I read it waaaaay too fast and now I m afraid I m going to have to wait another year for the next one heavy, heavy, getting depressed, sigh.

    13. A dark novel peopled with characters of torment, each carrying some kind of horrific past event or time as a defining point to their persona A novel of folks that drink too much, philosophize grandly, are sometimes violent, and not surprisingly at times seem to feel sorry for themselves Or stop just short of feeling sorry for themselves, with the very fallible good guys managing to overcome both great external and internal odds to successfully deal with the very very fallible bad guys, who while [...]

    14. Denne boken er s god p s mange plan at jeg vet ikke hvor jeg skal begynne, s jeg sier bare les den

    15. JLB s writing has a narcotic effect on me , i can t get enough of it.Clete Purcel is one of my favorite fictional characters.Dark , violent , gritty and so beautiful in the same timeloved it.

    16. I wonder how, behind the mind s eye, James Lee Burke envisions the beautiful, suspenseful and horrific murders and killers without falling into madness His writing brings the reader to right into the scene in all sensory ways In fact so much so I have to stop at times to take it all in before continuing to the next big scene I am a fan of the Dave Robinsheaux police detective mysteries.Usually the crimes and solving takes place in Louisiana but Swan Peak is in Montana I ve been in both state and [...]

    17. c 2008 My first thoughts when recapping this book is that it contains far philosophy than usual There are also a few POVs which I don t recall having been so aware of in other books in the series Happily, none of Robicheaux s family members are in trouble this time The descriptions are hauntingly beautiful although bits of the book are way depressing than normal This is far than just another who dunit and although, uniquely, the culprits are self evident than in previously read books, it is [...]

    18. It would be rude to suggest that Burke wanted to write off a trip to Montana on his taxes so based this story there but there doesn t seem to be any other explanation unless this is the Robicheaux swan song The characters were out of place, the story rambled and I skipped entire chapters without missing a thing The premise is actually a good one and I liked many of the characters but book didn t hold together There were too many side trips into each character s psyche Burke used a lot of words t [...]

    19. Money aside, I wish I could write like Burke Any good author can sketch a scene you can see and Burke can do it better than most, with tremendously evocative descriptions but he can also take you into someone s mind with a few words Witness this opening paragraph about a primary character in this series Clete Purcell had heard of people who sleep without dreaming, but he could not think of sleep as anything other than an uncontrolled descent in a basement where gargoyles turned somesaults like [...]

    20. James Lee Burke is one of my all time favorites His books are hardly light, though They do make me smile occasionally, but they show a darker side of life and a much rougher existence This books starts out with this paragraph Clete Purcel had heard of people who sleep without dreaming, but either because of the era and neighborhood in which he had grown up, or the later experiences that had come to define his life, he could not think of sleep as anything other than an uncontrolled descent into a [...]

    21. 3.75 stars It s always pleasant to listen to Will Patton s Southern accents, and he does a bang up job with Clete Can you believe this one had a happy ending Burke is a good writer, but this one went over the top a little with its descriptions of rape and mayhem And maybe I m getting a little tired of the formula There s another wealthy family for Dave to hate, plenty of beautiful female victims, tons of rage from Dave, who still hasn t lost his desire to drink after all these years Poor fella B [...]

    22. I really do think that these books in a series should be read in order Or at least the first few should be It detracted when I didn t know things that the author assumed that I knew I also didn t like it when things were repeated over and over Constantly saying that one character had a whiskey and a beer back Why say it that precise way EVERY DAMN time the guy had a drink Those are the types of things that just ruin a book for me And the guy who ended up being kind of the good guy in the end sta [...]

    23. Moved right away from this sort of book, after doing too many of them, at some point Wondered early on if I should have trusted that distance, but glad I didn t Burke manages to make a happy ending so bleak that it remains moving And I totally forgive how long it took him to get to the chase You either like Burke, in which case this will be to your taste, or you don t To me he s like Connelly with class Somebody will be offended by that Sorry.

    24. Just finished this while in Seattle for the holidays Good read with plenty of horrific situations and characters, some who benefit from harsh times, some who have to do the dirty boogie and go to the wall Any Robicheaux novel that has Clete Purcell in it has prime written all over it and Montana comes pretty close to Louisiana when Burke is telling the tale This is a good onebut you knew that.

    25. 3.5 Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcel in Montana, which was fine but I miss New Iberia ard New Orleans As always I love Lames Lee Burke I will read every Robicheaux book that comes out.

    26. Solid Classic Burke Too much violence, philosophizing, and moralizing, but wonderful lyrical passages and human attributes penciled so well as to make the soul squirm

    27. Can t wait for another Robicheaux, I swear that every time I read one I can smell the bayou Burke is a master.

    28. 3.5 I always seem to forget what a good writer J.L Burke is and how gripping are the stories he tells Robicheaux is a very well drawn character.

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