One for the Road (2020)

One for the Road An alternate cover edition can be found here and here A teenage boy deals with his family s decision to keep his undead grandfather captive in the attic How far would you go for those you love
  • Title: One for the Road
  • Author: Chad Lutzke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here and here.A teenage boy deals with his family s decision to keep his undead grandfather captive in the attic How far would you go for those you love
    • [AZW] Ö One for the Road | by ✓ Chad Lutzke
      Chad Lutzke

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    1. A thought provoking story that every zombie fan will love This story has an eerie, creepy feeling about it that makes you wonder and think what would you do This story brings to mind of a favorite Twilight Zone episode or one of those stories that you would see on the Tales of the Darkside series that was one of my favorite shows from the 1980 s Chad is an author that is going places Kudos

    2. It was summer and the attic was steaming hot, which didn t help with Grandpa rotting and all Very nicely done Funny and sad and heartfelt.

    3. A really good readI really enjoyed this short story, I enjoyed a zombie story and I felt that this short story made the genre of zombie stories personal by making the zombie problem about one family and how a boy deals with his grandfather becoming a zombie.I found this short story to be well written, with a good plot and flowed really well.I would like to read from this author.

    4. A young man has an adult choice to make in the face of a brave new world This is my first Chad Lutzke read and I dug it quite a bit It s a finely handled story with a little heart than a lot of the rest in a familiar genre And Chad does a great job channeling the view of the youth Definitely not my last Lutzke yarn.The Mouths of Madness Podcastfacebook themouthsofmadness

    5. This short story was fab It was a different take on zombies and it was good Simple, good yet a little sad One for the Road A family zombie story, by Chad Lutzke, is about a boy and his grandpa His grandpa, who s a zombie An old guy was attacked, when the apocalypse was in its early stages I guess, and he gets home, just in time to die, then he came back Now in a situation, such as this, you re supposed to report a family member once they ve switched teams The world is trying to segregate the liv [...]

    6. I generally don t read Zombie stories but this was lively and humorous long past days of spanking me on my birthdays with a pinch to grow an inch, and on to days of clawing at me, hoping to grab that inch, tear it off, and digest it didn t come across as scary but laugh out loud funny it didn t take long for the biter to chase that shoulder sandwich down with a bullet was another example how this story wasn t a typical short, but a very direct teenage boy s POV as he recalls and concludes the pr [...]

    7. Chad Lutzke s creepy short story, One for the Road, possesses his customary nostalgic touches interspersed with a tale of family devotion and zombies When his mother insists the family keep her undead father in the attic, a young boy takes on the role of protector Lutzke keeps tension high, yet brings to mind a pertinent question Since the organs stop functioning when the human dies, what happens to the meat a zombie consumes

    8. Good story, but it wasn t anything I haven t read hundreds of times before It still left me interested enough to want to read one or two of his stories.

    9. A quick zombie read.A good short read It would make a great full length story with background on the outbreak and character development Overall, I liked it.

    10. Grandpa lives in the attic, well live indicates life which he isn t What would you do if a loved one was a Zombie Not an everybody has died and the world has collapsed but the Government won and contained the Zombie outbreak by killing every single one and the punishment for harboring one is severe But you hold out hope that he can be cured Everything can go back to the way it was.That s the situation this teenage boy finds himself It is a unique view on Zombies since the world did not collapse [...]

    11. This is a really short story, of a taster for hopefully what is to come, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it The Zombie threat has been quelled, and things are returning to normal except in the case of one family Told from the perspective of a teenager whose grandpa was infected, the author crafts an interesting tale The boy s mother won t let her father be destroyed, while her husband realizes the effect it will have on his wife and plays along, trapping said grandfather in the attic T [...]

    12. A very quick and predictable read that is saved to some degree by humor and the voice of the main character, a boy called to make an adult decision The author shows promise.

    13. Here I could finish reading this story before I give a conclusion but first James Patterson and I am sure and for other authors and writers if something is too simpke and you get bored there isn t reason to cotinue As a second the story looks likely the series The Strain , but little changed I have already read few stories and now probably this should be 2 ir 4 story from Chad and if it cotinue the same way, please to don t think or to end with the thought that I am going soona change my opinio [...]

    14. Fast read could have been betterI like the authors ideas, but, the story lacks something, I Just can t seem to put my finger on it It was a quick read.

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