Scars (2020)

Scars Kidnapped for revenge Paige is at the mercy of Aaron What starts as a nightmare soon turns into a twisted relationship Warning This dark romance contains abusive and sexual situations including rap
  • Title: Scars
  • Author: Sinden West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kidnapped for revenge, Paige is at the mercy of Aaron What starts as a nightmare, soon turns into a twisted relationship Warning This dark romance contains abusive and sexual situations, including rape, underage teen, f f and m m sex that some may find offensive.
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      Sinden West

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    1. This shit demolished my comfort zone, chopped the chunks up, lit it afire, and then fed the ashes to the crazy cat lady for good measure TriggersWell, thanks for the effing warning I feel it s imperative that I warn readers this book involves fairly detailed scenes w a mid age teen, mention of sexual abuse pedophiles underage sex between men and the MC as young as 13 years old, and graphic rape of her at 18 years old THE AUTHOR s VAUGE DISCLAIMER DOES NOT WARN READERS SUFFICIENTLY And I would no [...]

    2. 4.5 Strange and Crazy StarsThis is one of the strangest, craziest and most demented books I ve ever read Paige and Aaron are two deranged and damaged individuals They are meant for each other and feed off each others weird and crazy ways Paige, my name s Paige, I blurted out He stood in front of me, looking down at me with a small nasty smile on his face Paige is a good girl s name Rachel is of a whore s name It suits you better In the beginning I felt sorry for Paige But it soon became apparen [...]

    3. Seriously, one messed up, disturbing head trip You wanna go off the rails to crazyville, Scars is your one way ticket Destination full filled I swear, Paige and Aaron are two of the most screwed up demented people I have ever had the great privilege of reading Words are not enough to explain the depravity Now onto the review I almost hate Paige, the helpless, na ve heroine, trying to figure who she is in the scheme of things But then you learn her story, feel her suffering and it clicks She s th [...]

    4. Ummmm wtf did I just read That s the first time I ve honestly said that.I wish I knew what to say Did I like it Yes and no Did I keep reading, despite a whole lotta really terrible things happening and a meandering plot that didn t make much sense Yes.I liked Paige and I hated Paige First off, I don t believe she was a natural submissive She was trained to be that way In the beginning, it seemed like she would fight for herself By the end, she truly was a broken doll, as another character descri [...]

    5. 3.5 Scarred Stars I read this book for FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED This book is about a broken girl who knows only how to swindle men for money This skill is learned from her mother who essentially makes her underage daughter she began at age 13 sleep with men mainly her mother s boyfriends in order to trap them into paying them However, little does Paige know that the one man they used is coming back for her.This story is a dark, erotic, novel It involves kidnapping, captivity, scenes of rape, a [...]

    6. Oh this was intense The heroine doesn t get a fuckin break She went through a lot and I mean A LOT Bad things after another it made me pissed I just wish she made some right decisions throughout the book, but alas she was quite stupid lol.Both main characters were pretty fucked up in the head I m not kidding, I ve never read both main characters to be so wrong in so many levels The hero is fucked up He s mean, dominant, cruel and sadist Tbh he was like an anti hero to me The way he treated the [...]

    7. Dark and dirtyIt was dark and dirty with an evil H that stays evil till the end Seriously, he has no redeeming qualities Even the heroine is difficult to like You feel sorry for her and are drawn into her story but like her Not a chance Still, I loved the book in all its dark glory I could ve done without the lesbian action as it s not my cuppa but it was sparse and I can t say it didn t contribute to the overall storyline so On to book 2

    8. I finished this last night and waited to rate it Last night it was a 3 for me I bumped up a star this morning when the characters still haunted my thoughts Paige Rachel is an idiot But she was raised that way, so I can t blame her really And she s sympathetic in all her brokenness.Aaron is perfect For a psychopath And I loved him of course The lower rating was due to editing and inconsistencies throughout that distracted me The sex was hot in spots, not in others oral is described ad nauseum, bu [...]

    9. Hmm I m not sure how I feel about this book whether I praise it and give it 4 Or hate it and give it a 2.I need to think on this I ll read the series before I make my decision on this book.

    10. Scars is a very dark book, in the same vein as Skye Warren s dark erotica It is also a story full of suspense, where no one ends up being who they seem, and the plot twists and turns in a disconcerting yet compelling way Again, readers should be warned, this is in no way a romance nor is it meant for a younger audience There are so many disturbing scenes of violence and torture that I almost set the book aside because it was too much, and I could not see the possibility for the main character to [...]

    11. Reading this book, I kept thinking anytime now it is going to get good , but that time never came None of the characters were appealing or endearing in any way Paige, the main character, had a rough life and I felt bad for her at times, but that was it She wasn t the type of character that draws you in to a story Similarly, Aaron was unappealing as well While he had brief moments of something akin to compassion, those moments were few and far between As a whole, the story failed to maintain my i [...]

    12. Dark, Disturbing, Addictive.This book was recommended by a friend, I knew before I started it would be a dark and disturbing read I also knew it wasn t a standalone the question was will I make it to the second book I m not even going to try to give a summary of the book since I d be sure to give something away I struggled, really struggled although I have read darker books in the past this one was particularly difficult because it didn t have a single nice character in there, ok there s maybe o [...]

    13. I think I found another favorite author This book was seriously good The scary part is going on to the second book When something is this good, I m almost scared to read the next book in the series I hope I m still happy when I m done with book 2.Great story, excellent writing, exciting plot that captures your attention and keep it until the very end I really enjoyed this book.

    14. I love dark romance books so when I first stumbled uponthisbook I was so excited I had very high expectations on this one but sadly, I was sorely disappointed.This is an unpopular opinion, I suppose, since this book received generally favorable reviews This book, I don t know1I wouldn t even consider it dark I don t know why maybe because I m immuned to freaky shit by now but I ve read worst, darker, wicked books than this.I didn t understand the characters I felt oddly disconnected with them I [...]

    15. WOW this book had me hooked read it in one sitting It was intense I think is one word shocking another but I literally couldn t stop reading Paige had it bad from all directions, a awful mother that used her badly since she was a child And Aaron what do I say He is as damaged as Paige in his own way This is not a book for everyone but I think it was brilliant kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through this is the first book I have read by this author but not the last, got Memory to sta [...]

    16. Seriously dark read The main characters have such a complex fucked up relationship that I couldn t put the book down.

    17. I really wanted to give this book less stars gramatical and spelling errors, bad punctuation and very dodgy capitalisation But despite that and despite myself I enjoyed this book so much I reached immediately for the next upon reaching the 100% mark.Because Sinden West managed to repulse and intrigue me I expected this to be another somewhat fluffy romanticising of domestic violence and abuse, and it wasn t I can understand how some people might see it that way, but it doesn t follow the popular [...]

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed this book Hurry up and write book 2 please This is one of my all time favourite books I have rarely read anything that has affected or touched me like this did I read it initially in September, then found the courage to read it again in January 2015 I had wanted to read it again so bad, but it had so very badly ripped me up emotionally the first time, that I was too scared to So glad I did though I loved all the characters, every single one of them This was not like reading a [...]

    19. This book is seriously dark.Rachel is kidnapped, raped, abused pure violence done to her by Aaron She goes by Paige but, he calls her Rachel She and her mother are con artists but, you won t learn that until later She has a love hate relationship with her mother Rachel has slept with her mothers boyfriends and doesn t have any remorse for doing it This book takes you for a wild ride and it has a few twists The ending of the book isn t really a HEA A line from the book Do you know why I like it w [...]

    20. roller coasterI went through periods of liking this book and not liking it Full disclosure, this book has a significant amount of sexual abuse in it So if that is a topic that offends you, or a topic you cannot really stomach, then it s probably not a book for you However, it turned out to be a really good book Paige is a really complex character The things she s gone though and ongoing decision, I went from not really liking her, to kinda liking her, yo boy liking her again, but ended up being [...]

    21. Okay so i am going to come back and do a review on this book all I have to say is wow you know it s a good book when you are left feeling emotionally savage and can t stop thinking about it and running the story through your mind.A good book doesn t have to be about fairy tales and happy endings, a good book needs to be written with a certain depth of emotion that leaves you absorbed in the characters life That s the main factor really, this book had be hooked from the first page No it is not a [...]

    22. This book was so incredible I love dark reads and this one was dark really really dark The writing was phenomenal, the story was insane It was so depressing The main character Paige or Rachel had to have had the worst life I ve ever read about It went from bad to worse I felt so sorry for her and she continued to go on in life My only wish was that we had a POV in Aarons head I wanted so badly to read what he felt, if he was really as cold as he was shown to be from Rachel s POV I will definitel [...]

    23. 4.5 stars Depraved and disturbing A perfect read for those who love dark reads.Paige is kidnapped and from there the story takes you on a wild ride full of twists and turns The end of the book gives you hope and then snatches it away I am debating reading book two as the ending of this one though disquieting was also strangely satisfying and fit perfectly with the personality of the main characters.If not book two of this series I will definitely be buying another book by this author

    24. A dark and intriguing read, full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting to devour the whole book in one sitting This is the first time I ve read anything from this author and I loved the writing style, how the words flowed easily through the book I wanted Paige to stand up for herself but Aaron is certainly a character I want to see of because there s a darkness to him that we haven t fully discovered yet I hope there s to come and I can t wait.

    25. This book was so twisted fucked the fuck up Definitely not your typical girl gets kidnapped book, it had a very original story line I know I m fucked in the head for saying this but I loved Aaron Paige s Mother is the most despicable creature I have ever come across, who does that shit to their own daughter That bitch should be buried the fuck alive I can t wait for the next one.

    26. I read both books and I m not sure what I think I love parts, like parts, hate parts Paige starts off as the slutty girl who doesn t care about much Then she is abducted by Aaron and her past done back to haunt her and she pays for her sins.After escaping she is somehow back with Aaron and his past comes back to haunt her Which leads us to book two.I like the speed of the plot and storyline I didn t like the fact that it seems to be another Helsinki syndrome HEA in the making.

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