Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 (2020)

Machine Tractor Station Kharkov Miskatonic University Library Association MULA Monograph
  • Title: Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37
  • Author: Bret Kramer
  • ISBN: 9781568822099
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miskatonic University Library Association MULA Monograph 0310
    Machine tractor station Soviet institution Britannica Machine tractor station, in the Soviet Union, state owned institution that rented heavy agricultural machinery e.g tractors and combines to a group of neighbouring kolkhozy collective farms and supplied skilled personnel to operate and repair the equipment. Machine tractor station The machine tractor station MTS Russian mashinno traktornaya stantsiya, was a state enterprise for ownership and maintenance of agricultural machinery that were used in kolkhozy Each MTS was responsible for around kolkhozy. Machine Tractor Stations Encyclopedia The Machine Tractor Stations MTS were budget financed state organizations established in rural areas of the Soviet Union beginning in Intended mainly as a mechanism to provide machinery and equipment including repairs and maintenance to the kolkhozes collective farms , they also exerted state control over agriculture. Machine Tractor Station MTS Article about Machine Machine Tractor Station MTS a large state socialist agricultural enterprise equipped with machines for technical and organizational assistance to kolkhozes The MTS s concentrated supplies of basic farm machinery, such as tractors and combines, to serve kolkhozes. Machine Tractor Station How is Machine Tractor Station MTS Machine Tractor Station Looking for abbreviations of MTS It is Machine Tractor Station Machine Tractor Station listed as MTS Machine Tractor Station How is Machine Tractor Station abbreviated machine and drilling tool designation MTS Machine Test Signal industrial safety MTS Management Tracking System MTS Mohr Motor Tractor Stations MTS Seventeen Moments in Soviet To provide the machine tractor stations with motor transport means in order to realize the full mechanization of the work of the machine tractor stations and also to release fodder, now used for the maintenance of working cattle, for the extension of productive live stock breeding .
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