Nerdy Little Secret (2020)

Nerdy Little Secret Coming SoonWelcome to Coconut Cove the hottest new teen drama of where the action onscreen is almost as hot as what happens behind the camera From creators Poppy Dennison and M J O Shea comes an
  • Title: Nerdy Little Secret
  • Author: M.J. O'Shea
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook
  • Coming SoonWelcome to Coconut Cove, the hottest new teen drama of 2014 where the action onscreen is almost as hot as what happens behind the camera From creators Poppy Dennison and M.J O Shea comes an all new series where the days are sizzling and so are the boys.
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      M.J. O'Shea

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    1. Here we go, back to Coconut Cove for sweet sexy fun This time around we have Blair, a Key West native starring the show He s new to the acting scene and still searching for his confidence behind the cameras It s not as easy as he thought it would be, slipping into character, especially since Ryder is nearly his polar opposite He is accustomed to the oppressive heat, but the oppressive personalities on set are an entirely different fire to battle Long hard hours he never imagined acting was so e [...]

    2. 2.75 Stars While I enjoy the premise of the series a little slice of The O.C goes Key West , I have to admit that the execution of the individual stories aren t blowing me away I m finding that the pacing of the relationship s development is a bit slow and that there s too much time spent on the MCs television personas and their acting dilemmas, and not enough on their real life characters for my liking There s also little to no steam in them and yet they don t have a heaping dose of OTT cutenes [...]

    3. Blair, Sander the tipsy pineapple forever Please let us visit them again Both guys were absolutely charming As can be expected when M.J is at work Ah, I think I m a little in love with Tony too I hope to see of him But please, someone kick Howie off the set, soon Irritating little shit sniff

    4. Cute, cute and super cute I love escaping to Coconut Cove and finding out what s happening with gang Looking forward to the next onePossibly Tony

    5. Review can be read at It s About The BookTwenty four year old Key West native Blair Fletcher was both thrilled and surprised when he was scouted for one of the main roles on new teen drama show, Coconut Cove Actually landing the role of the high school s rich queen bee Ryder was a dream come true Sure he felt a little insecure being the acting newbie amongst the rest of the experienced cast, but the others quickly befriend him and it doesn t take long for the cast to feel like family Except for [...]

    6. 3.5 star review by VickiFun and fluffy We return to Coconut Cove for another look The episode is about Blair Fletcher, who plays the nasty diva Ryder on Coconut Cove, an angsty teen drama set in a fictional high school, filmed in Key West Blair is a local boy, hired with no acting experience He s living at his mom s house, riding his bike to the set every morning He s struggling a bit with the whole acting thing, he s so different from his character that he s having a hard time getting in to him [...]

    7. A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsNerdy Little Secret by M.J O Shea is the second book in the Coconut Cove series by Poppy Dennison and M.J O Shea I adored this story It s super cute And I have to say, as much as I liked the first, and we all know I did, Blair and Sander s story is my fave of the series so far It was so easy to read and moved really well The characters, especially Blair and Sander, melded really well I loved absolutely loved Tony Joey and can hardly wait for his and please, oh ple [...]

    8. The story was missing a climax It all just sort of waltzed along at the same pace with nothing exciting dramatic ever happening.I m also not sure about the interludes with scenes from the show and blogs interviews They don t add to the story at all The interviews are just awkward and sure, Blair had some trouble with his character, but some of the scenes felt just unnecessary.And what is up with Howie s character He s completely over the top I think someone with that attitude would have dies a v [...]

    9. mmm I have to say I liked the characters from the first book a bit I still like the premise of the this series of booksbut i am missing some real connection between the main characterswhere i do really enjoy the connection between the general charactersI hope to get a bit personal romantic situations in the next onesI do feel the scene s from the soap itself are a bit distracting at timeswhere the updates from the reporter is funny and i like those

    10. 3 This is a cute book with very slow burn There is not really a lot of heat These are adults playing teens so I expected a little steam than there was Overall, it was an enjoyable book.

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