The Fire Sermon (2020)

The Fire Sermon They are born together They will die together One strong Alpha and one mutated omega the only thing they share is the moment of their death Cass and Zach were born a perfect pair no missing limbs no
  • Title: The Fire Sermon
  • Author: Francesca Haig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They are born together.They will die together.One strong Alpha and one mutated omega the only thing they share is the moment of their death Cass and Zach were born a perfect pair no missing limbs, no Omega mutation but Cass has a secret In her dreams she has seen the day they will be separated She has felt the searing heat of the Omega brand as it is burned into her fThey are born together.They will die together.One strong Alpha and one mutated omega the only thing they share is the moment of their death Cass and Zach were born a perfect pair no missing limbs, no Omega mutation but Cass has a secret In her dreams she has seen the day they will be separated She has felt the searing heat of the Omega brand as it is burned into her forehead, marking her fate for all to see.For years Cass hides her power of foresight from her family and brother as the eyes of the community bear down upon them waiting for the day the Omega mutation appears.When Zach discovers Cass s secret he will stop at nothing to expose her and take his rightful place as an Alpha As her twin rises through the ranks of power Cass must be locked away where no harm can befall her in order to keep him safe or something The power to change the world is in their hands one will have to defeat the other if their vision of the future is to come to pass But Omega and Alpha twins share than the moment of their births, if one twin dies, so does the other
    • [KINDLE] ↠ The Fire Sermon | BY ✓ Francesca Haig
      Francesca Haig

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    1. the first book in any fantasy dusted series has one job to tell the reader what s up with this world and this book does that, but it does so in a breathless rush that never addresses the underlying questions attached to what s up with this world, like how and why things are this way it s a crucial part of writing the world building, because without accounting for than just the surface details, it s like listening to someone tell you about a crazy dream they had so, there was a blast and it dest [...]

    2. This has such an excellent start that I was immediately drawn into the fascinating story It s set in a post apocalypse world that has been destroyed by a catastrophic event, called the Fire Sermon, which has killed thousands of people In the aftermath of the blast the only children that are born are twins One is perfect, the Alpha, and the other is deformed, the Omega They are separated at birth, when their categories are usually known, and are forced to live apart The Alphas live like kings whi [...]

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    4. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction Blue Door and NetGalley I m on my way to achieving something big I can t let you get in my way This story had lots of potential, but it didn t quite fulfil it for me.Cass was a strong character, and she held up well against the threat of the alphas and the situations she was put in Kip was also a likeable character, and the pair worked pretty well together.The storyline in t [...]

    5. Loved the writing I ve heard that Haig is a poet, and that definitely shows in the writing, some of it is just downright beautiful I also enjoyed the world itself, though no real information was given about the disaster that caused this postapocalyptic world and I would have liked to know Maybe in book 2 Character wise, the protagonist is likeable enough although I did find her a bit whiny, and I would have liked a little growth from her, but again maybe in book 2 I liked some of the supportin [...]

    6. In short Good world building, good writing but unappealing characters I can understand why this book has already been optioned by Dreamworks for a movie The world building is quite unique and fascinating and the author has done a great job describing it from Cass point of view, an Omega seer As a reader you really get a feel for the post apocalyptical world the characters are living in.At first the book took of great but and the story was told well, the pacing was just right but then, during the [...]

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    8. This review was done by KissinBlueKarenThis story follows the synopsis pretty well The Fire Sermon definitely has Cormac McCarthy s The Road feel to it In the far future, after a nuclear apocalypse, the survivors carry a genetic abnormality Every baby is born a fraternal twin, one boy one girl One twin is normal Alpha , the other twin has a congenital abnormality Omega and is born sterile In rare instances, the Omega has psychic ability and no physical abnormality Every twin is linked even thoug [...]

    9. A grudging 3 stars Dystopian fiction is a hook that gets me every time Judging by the prevalence of this kind of story recently, I m not alone in that I think we sense this modern world we live in is a fragile one, unsustainable or riven with cracks that just need the slightest pressure to fracture the whole We re desperate to know what happens when it all falls apart The greater premise of this story is one that addresses this question Characters talk of the Blast , seemingly a nuclear explosio [...]

    10. So much potential, yet this book fell flat.Now, I m writing this review for myself as much as anyone because I want to figure out where everything went wrong.Nothing particularly sticks out to me as the reason that I gave The Fire Sermon only 2 stars there wasn t anything which immediately put me off like insta love or infodumps etc Quite the opposite really, I found there were things which could have pulled me into the story the thing is they didn t.Everything was so impossibly slow that whenev [...]

    11. A great premise, and a terrifying new world where the Alphas are on top, their twins, the Omegas on bottom Loved the catch that they must protect their twins at the same time they are keeping them at the bottom of the social and ruling scale Leads to some horrible and unique ways of keeping them safe.Yet, this reads like a YA book, the romance between two of the Omega escapees seems trite, and some of the lightness in very dangerous moments did not ring true It bothered me, but might not bother [...]

    12. Not quite a 4, but than a 3 so I m rounding it up.The Fire Sermon is a debut novel about a post apocalyptic world in which everyone is born with a fraternal twin One twin is the alpha, and one the omega Every omega twin is marked by a physical deformity of some kind while the alpha is not Rarely, an omega twin will be born with no physical deformity, but will instead have some psychic power as a seer The twins are linked for life however, and when one dies, so does the other.A social structure [...]

    13. 2.5 starsThis is the plot and what happened I m doing this cause I don t want to read this again Read if you don t want to continue with this book view spoiler So basically it s set 400 years after a nuclear blast and technology and things from Before are seen as bad because of the blast After the blast all humans were born in twins, one male and female one of them is an unblemished flawless alpha while the other is either mutated or with fault and is known as an omega and as soon as the fault i [...]

    14. 3.5, can t believe I ve started with decimal stars Imagine a setting, far into it future, where the world has been scorched by fire parts are uninhabitable, parts arable and a lot seems unexplored Using our knowledge we can assume that there has been some sort of nuclear event the fire sermon The event seems to have been caused by evil Electric but given we re in the future with no technology, or living memory, we don t have the finer details This doesn t matter.Now imagine the fall out, the dam [...]

    15. TRIGGER WARNING Ableism, and lots of it The society based on ableism, so it s pretty inescapable Thankfully, the story is told from the point of view of someone who believes that ableism is wrong otherwise the book would ve been unreadable.Is The Fire Sermon post apocalyptic or fantasy Maybe it s supposed to be both The post apoc elements work best, but the fantasy elements had me questioning the world building.There was a nuclear blast, which blighted the land and decimated the population The b [...]

    16. I really need to stop rating books while I m still in the afterglow stages of reading I almost always come back later and pull it down a star or two after considering the plot holes and flaws in the book.I saw this cover in a book store a few months ago and simply stared at it for a few moments The publisher and author would have to be confident in both the cover art and the content to be able to put out a book like this.And their gamble worked It got my attention.The Fire Sermon is a post apoca [...]

    17. Page one, first line, and I Am Hooked That was all it took and not once did my mind wander The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig was pure magnetic reading for me In a post apocalyptic world, hundreds of years into the future Earth as we know it does not exist In its place is a primitive world where singular births no longer exist and each pregnancy ends with the birthing of twins, one whole, normal and desirable, called an Alpha One is always born with some type of deformity, limbless, blind, or wor [...]

    18. I feel torn with this book because it had the potential to be really good, and at certain points I started to believe that maybe it was beginning to become what I thought it was capable of.However now that I am done with the book, I feel disappointed.The general idea of the book was clever Every person has a twin, but one twin has a deformation while the other twin remains unscathed Twins are separated at birth based on the ideals of society, and one girl Cass , is determined to change that.Howe [...]

    19. For a post apocalyptic novel to really work, it needs to be plausible There are a few problems with this new series that disconnected me from the story all of the sudden, everyone has a twin And one of the twins but only one, always has a deformity And society is divided into Alphas and Omegas Except if your twin dies, you die I actually like the consequences to this divided society, to the extra risk of murder illness for your twin, but it isn t explained It would have been believable on a dif [...]

    20. Urspr nglich erschienen auf meinem Blog Piranhapudel piranhapudel das feuerzeicIn letzter Zeit h rt man oft, dass Dystopien auf dem absteigenden Ast und eher unbeliebt sind Ob es also Gl ck, Zufall oder ein Risiko ist, dass der Heyne fliegt Verlag dennoch die Feuerzeichen Reihe bersetzt Ich freue mich sehr dar ber, so viel darf schon mal gesagt sein Obwohl ich die bersetzung an einigen Stellen recht holprig fand, wird diese doch im deutschsprachigen Raum hoffentlich viel Aufmerksamkeit auf die B [...]

    21. Received book through First ReadsThis book was so different from others that I have read and I utterly loved it It was wonderfully written and the story was unique with a great concept to it The characters were well thought out as well I especially loved Kip.It was the opposite of predictable which I absolutely loved The storyline kept you on your toes as you didn t know what to expect was going to happen next The story is full of uncertainty.The ending had a huge twist to it that shocked the he [...]

    22. I was kindly given a copy of this by the nice folks at HarperVoyager when I went to interview for a job there in 2014 , so I feel slightly guilty about the lukewarm review I m about to write, but I honestly can t give this than 2.5 stars.The book is set in a dystopian future in which humanity have survived a huge blast , but the few stragglers that survived have mutated due to the radiation so thatevery single time a woman gives birth she has twins, they are always twin pairs of one male and on [...]

    23. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review This book is a YA dystopian I don t read a lot of dystopian but this one sounded interesting so I decided to pick it up and give it a try because the concept was different from most I am really glad I did because I found the story very engaging and fast paced.In this story we have a world of Alpha and Omega Alpha are the strong people and Omega are considered the weak, dead ends, and poisonous When children are born they are b [...]

    24. DNF at 80%I couldn t continue with the book1 because the book was due back at the library2 It didn t draw me in, it was as simple as that After reading so many not that many sci fi read dystopian , they all just end up being the same Oppressed society and revolution because of one special little lady, and bam you have it So excuse me, but this is not my favourite genre.

    25. British author Francesca Haig has created a really interesting world in her debut novel The Fire Sermon Four hundred years after an explosion that nearly destroyed the world life is very different for the survivors, technology was blamed for the apocalyptic event and is now banned so in a lot of ways it is like taking a step back in time and living in the past Ever since the blast babies have been born in pairs, there is always one boy and one girl and there is always one Alpha and one Omega The [...]

    26. The Fire Sermon is definitely one debut novel to watch for in 2015 While not quite on par with the dazzling brilliance that was 2014 s Red Rising by Pierce Brown, Francesca Haig has written a solid dystopian novel that will thrill fans of the genre, and that will entertain on the big screen since even before publication, it has already been optioned by DreamWorks as a feature film.When talking about Red Rising , one of the things I mention about what makes an outstanding dystopian franchise is [...]

    27. Hab a visto muchas rese as y cr ticas muy buenas de este libro, as que lo vi en la librer a y se vino a casa conmigo Ten a muchas expectativas puestas en esta historia, quiz demasiadas y ese debi ser mi principal problema.La premisa era mas que interesante Gemelos conectados f sicamente que nacen, mueren y sufren los dolores del otro en su propia piel Siento que la autora, pese a tener una historia muy buena, no ha sabido sacarle todo el provecho y el partido que deber a Ha sido muy predecible y [...]

    28. Me esperaba bastante m s de este libro La historia se me ha hecho bastante introductoria y he echado en falta m s acci n Las ltimas p ginas coge buen ritmo y el final no me lo vi venir y eso le suma puntos, pero me esperaba m s de l No s si seguir con la trilog a cuando salga el segundo Pronto m s informaci n en la rese a del blog amorporloslibros7

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