The Rifters (2020)

The Rifters A junction erupts between the worlds The Gold Rush trickles to a fool s quest and a string of stagecoach heists In Earl Blacke decides to make a new start and become a better man He escapes into
  • Title: The Rifters
  • Author: M. Pax
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A junction erupts between the worlds The Gold Rush trickles to a fool s quest and a string of stagecoach heists In 1888, Earl Blacke decides to make a new start and become a better man He escapes into the mountains, heading north In the wilds of Oregon, a rift inside an ancient volcano opens and sends him into the future, into the present day It also shaves forty yearA junction erupts between the worlds The Gold Rush trickles to a fool s quest and a string of stagecoach heists In 1888, Earl Blacke decides to make a new start and become a better man He escapes into the mountains, heading north In the wilds of Oregon, a rift inside an ancient volcano opens and sends him into the future, into the present day It also shaves forty years off his age, forty years to live over again and atone for what he s done Starting over is hard to do In current day New York, Daelin Long s dream job at a publishing house goes the way of the dinosaurs her sister chases With no money and nowhere else to go, Daelin accepts the librarian position in her sister s dinky town in the middle of Oregon Nestled inside ancient volcanic peaks, the town of Settler holds onto many secrets Residents roam the streets with weirdly fashioned devices, and odd lights pulse in the night skies People whisper of a phantom outlaw and start dying, murdered and missing their heads On top of it all, Daelin s sister is missing, and Daelin doesn t know who to trust Earl knows than he s saying He shares a notorious history with the phantom, one he ll see remains buried Keeping Daelin s sister s secrets is his only chance at redemption, and the only way to keep this world safe.
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    1. I read this book some time ago, but just wanted to let you all know I thoroughly enjoyed the quirkiness and the quick pace of M Pax s writing style I recommend this to those readers who enjoy paranormal You will find believable characters, otherworldly themes and ghosts Enjoy

    2. DNF The first two chapters are confusing, with no likable characters and difficult dialog I didn t continue on because I wasn t curious enough about what was happening There s something to be said for opening in media res, but this book doesn t give you anything resembling a lifeline It starts with a chapter where everyone but you knows what s going on and they aren t sharing and then switches POV to a character who s just as in the dark as you and who doesn t learn anything in her first perspec [...]

    3. This is the first story I ve read by M Pax and it was a wonderful introduction to her writing and I plan on reading by her What I really liked about this story was how confused I felt That may seem weird, but the main character Daelin doesn t have a clue about what s going on and I felt like I was her in the story trying to piece everything together as well And Pax doesn t hit the reader over the head with her world building and lets it happen naturally easing the reader into the weird and unkn [...]

    4. After living in the big city of New York, NY, the small town of Settler, OR offers a bit of culture shock to Darlin Dae Long That s just within moments of her setting foot in town The interesting, the strange, and the mind blowing kick into gear and take Darlin and the reader for a fantastic ride, nicely jam packed in this wonderful story And the steampunk elements are so cool.Definitely worth the read.

    5. When it comes to imagination, this author sure knows how to knock a story out of the ballpark What am I saying This gal knocks em out of this WORLD In this, the first book of another series, we aren t exactly taken off planet, but Settler, Oregon isn t like any other place on earth, either At least it isn t like anyplace I ever want to visit Oh, it looks picturesque enough, and all those trees and fresh air make it smell real good, but the place has a sinister undercurrent It s weird And the peo [...]

    6. Darlin Dae Long Daelin for short has had a rough week Fired and kicked out of her apartment, she decides to visit her sister, Charming, in Settler Oregon When she arrives, Daelin is greeted by a town of crazies and her sister seems to have disappeared.To find her sister, Daelin must embrace her inner crazy and help the town battle a homicidal ghost with a penchant for heads.I ll admit to being a little frustrated by how nothing is ever explained While I understand that keeping Daelin innocent is [...]

    7. Really enjoyed itI wasn t sure at first if I would enjoy this book However as the story of Daelin and the mysteries of Settler, Oregon drew me in, I was hooked If you enjoy urban fantasy, I recommend reading this series.

    8. What a nice surprise I had read, and reviewed, two Backworlds novels by M Pax, and was much appreciative of her visualization of gene engineered humans trying to eke out a living a long way from the civilized folk who live closer to the center of human expansion into the galaxy.Then I started The Rifters, was immediately drawn in to the rich descriptions she gave to settings, action, and characters Even sensory experiences visual, sound, and smell draw you deeper into the story as it unfolds M [...]

    9. Charming and Earl are Rifters, they protect this dimension from creatures from the other dimensions Charming is missing and Earl is trying to find her Enter Charming s sister Darling, she prefers Daelyn Daelyn wants to escape from the city and Settler OR seems like a nice sleepy town, until she get s caught up in the rift and has to make some tough choices I wasn t quite sure what to rate this story The beginning of this book has a lot of activity going on but it a bit hard to follow There are a [...]

    10. The premise of this book is interesting, but the execution falls short It reads like a prequel than the first part of the novel In fantasy and sci fi, world building is particularly important, and The Rifters does not do a great job of describing the laws and rules of Settler, Oregon M Pax tries to maintain mystery about how the rift functions while using it, having side characters discuss it, and showing it After reading the whole novel, it still isn t clear what is going on, or how any of it [...]

    11. Not Kindle Unlimited, interesting premise but there were parts it just wasn t pulled off quite right, hence the liked but not luved it 4 star rating but thought compared to what, then decided on 5 Also got offered 2, later 3 so off to fix review to match as well This is a 3 book collection in total.The Rifters Mystery in a Strange Western Town The Initiate The Rifters Book 2 The Reader The Rifters Book 3

    12. Interestong pos steampunk ideas, but ultimately falls flat To much is built up to be slved in the sequel, it svery unsatisfying.

    13. Overall rating 4.5 5 stars The first two books of M Pax s newest promising series are quick and enjoyable reads In The Rifters we are introduced to Daelin Long, who comes to the town of Settler, OR from New York City to take on a new job as a librarian and to move in with her sister, Charming, after a series of unfortunate events leaves her with next to nothing Little does she know that her sister is lost in the Rift, a hole in the fabric of reality that allows creatures in from other realities [...]

    14. Very Confusing theThis story starts out very confusing and I almost quite reading because it was not making sense I hate to not finish a book so plowed on It finally started to come around but by the e d I am still undecided about this book Author states at end of book if a review is posted and emailed to her she will send the next book free I might take her up on it, trying to decide if it is worth my time though.

    15. Darling Long is broke, out of work and without any immediate job prospects, so she accepts the position of librarian in a one horse town called Settler, where her sister Charming lives That s the end of normal life as she knows it When she arrives her sister is missing She meets a lot of weird people and they are all very evasive about her sister Almost within hours of arrival she is plunged into a fantastic and unwanted adventure, which stretches her sanity to the limits To get her sister back, [...]

    16. It s not easy starting over Not for Daelin Long who lost her dream job in NYC and has to go to her sister s house in the tiny Oregon town of Settler Nor is it for Earl Blacke who was a famed outlaw in 1888 but now a cowboy atoning for his sins in modern day Settler It doesn t help that Daelin s sister is missing and there s rumors of phantoms and missing heads Earl must keep his secrets, but to save Daelin and Settler, he ll have to risk something .An incredibly original tale of brave small town [...]

    17. I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock.The Rifters is the first book in the Rifters series Daelin Long not only loses her job in New York but she was also robbed With nowhere to go and very little money to her name, she accepts her sister a help and moves to Settler, Oregon What she finds in Oregon is far different from what she expected Thrown into a scifi world of phantoms and different worlds Daelin struggles to survive and with who she can real [...]

    18. Earl Blacke is stuck in a time that is not his own present time after passing through a portal He has made a good life for himself though, and now he makes sure that nothing else can enter through that very same gate, but something got through and it wanted his girl, Charming When Charming escapes through the rift with a strange human looking man, Earl has to keep her disappearance a secret At the same time, Daelin, Charming s sister, has just arrived in town hoping for a fresh start after losin [...]

    19. The Rifters is the first book in what promises to be a thrilling new series When New Yorker Darlin Dae Daelin Long loses her job and finds herself moving to her sister s home in the small town of Settler, Oregon, she gets than she bargained for Settler isn t the sleepy, backwater town she anticipated She finds murder, mayhem, phantoms, and so much Pax skilfully blends a modern setting with that of the Old West, even adding elements of steampunk But it was the small town of Settler, with its st [...]

    20. I like M Pax s stories They re fresh and always leave me wanting The idea of a modern day western fantasy isn t something that I would normally like However, this story kind of grabs you and drags you along because of the characters even though at times the writing is kind of clunky Seems like it was banged out real quick and could have used another round of editing Again, though the characters drag you along putting those irritations in the back of your mind.I also purchased the second part of [...]

    21. Settler Oregon sits near a portal of sorts a Rift through which dangerous things seem to come now and then Daelin arrives in Settler to be near her sister who she soon finds has disappeared The people of the town are a bit odd who wouldn t be if you lived where dangerous creatures appeared now and then and Daelin is a skeptic about things she doesn t quite believe are true, but as she takes on a job as librarian and gets to know a couple people, she soon realizes she is needed, not only to save [...]

    22. Moving to Settler, Oregon may be than Darlin Dae Daelin Long bargained for in M Pax s The Rifters This short novel hooked me from the first chapter The action moved fast paced, and the mysteries never ceased Daelin was easily one of my favorite characters with her quirky expressions, such as in all the dictionaries, to the fact she was taking the town s library job As a librarian, I have a soft spot for them in books Earl was rough around the edges, and his enigmatic ways kept me a tiny bit dis [...]

    23. What an imaginative ride This is a great start to a new series by M Pax It s a bizarre mix of contemporary, western, paranormal and sci fi with hints of steampunk, sort of Certainly like nothing I ve read.It s set in a sleepy Oregon town that is wonderfully brought to life and realistic, with plenty of odd characters Just outside of town lurks a rift between worlds and time, through which emerges a nasty creature that delights in stealing people s heads A secret society exists in town to try to [...]

    24. Strange Things Happen In The High Desert of OregonAfter my initial confusion to what was happening, just like the main character Daelin, things became clearer and weirder At first you aren t sure who to trust With their Steampunk weapons and strange wire coiled goggles, at first you think the Rifters are the enemy But in this strange town, in the Oregonian high desert, strange is normal And, the supposed enemies are allies in a eerie green glow This book quickly turned into a page turner in whic [...]

    25. The Rifters is the first installment in a new urban fantasy series and it s safe to say it kicks things off in a great way The book is a fast paced and quick read that definitely leaves the reader wanting Daelin is an engaging and fun heroine and I enjoyed being introduced to the unusual town of Settler, Oregon through her eyes My favorite character was probably Earl Blacke and I am looking forward to learning about this secretive man who is trying to atone for wrongs committed in one century [...]

    26. Earl Blacke isn t who he seems He was transported to present day Oregon from 1888 via a rift , and not only did it take 40 years off his life, it gave him a chance to start over, even if that means leaving a family behind Only it s not so easy to escape one s pastIn present day he meets archaeologist Charming Long and her sister, Darling Dae aka Daelin When Daelin s sister goes missing, Daelin learns secrets than she should and Earl and his associate Dante have to erase parts of her memory.It s [...]

    27. This is not my natural genre, but M Pax has such an easy, absorbing style, I really enjoy reading all of her books Her portrayal of a small town was spot on, with everyone knowing everyone else s business, and poor Daelin new in town having to deal with not only these strange inhabitants, but an awful lot of secrets too From about 50% in, I couldn t put it down, with the author revealing just enough detail to keep me reading until the next revelation, and the next Looking forward to reading book [...]

    28. I know some people said the beginning is hard to follow, so I didn t go in with the expectations to have all my answers handed to me upfront For me, this made the adventure an enjoyable discovery Pax creates memorable characters Haw, Haw and a few colloquialisms that I hadn t heard before All around, I found the ride fast paced.If you don t do well without a lot of upfront answers or books that leave you hanging from a cliff, then this might not be for you.If you like inventive with a setting th [...]

    29. Bogus againIt was bogus and clearly self serving to not resolve the main issue from the story instead waiting for the next book, the book started with charming going missing, that was never resolved, instead we need to go to the next one, probably won t be resolved there either, it s just not worth getting the next installment to find out I ll always remember Pax books are nothing but advertisements for the next one Ended at 84 percent.

    30. The Rifters is my first Steampunk book I have been curious to read one of these for quite a while Interesting read, not my favorite It took me a while to get interested in the book While the premise and plot is interesting, I could not connect to Daelin or Earl I will give another Steampunk novel a try, maybe this one was just not my style.

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