we were one once book 2: "A Dark Romance Suspense" (2020)

we were one once book A Dark Romance Suspense A DARK ROMANCE Past collides with present Love lust pain desire hope hopelessness want need anger release It s all the same in the end Because Fate chooses to toss us into the deep end every
  • Title: we were one once book 2: "A Dark Romance Suspense"
  • Author: Willow Madison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A DARK ROMANCE Past collides with present Love, lust, pain, desire, hope, hopelessness, want, need, anger, release It s all the same in the end Because Fate chooses to toss us into the deep end every time Only the strong of body will learn to swim through what Fate throws our way Only the strong of mind will learn to float with it What we can t resist will consume usA DARK ROMANCE Past collides with present Love, lust, pain, desire, hope, hopelessness, want, need, anger, release It s all the same in the end Because Fate chooses to toss us into the deep end every time Only the strong of body will learn to swim through what Fate throws our way Only the strong of mind will learn to float with it What we can t resist will consume us What we can t overcome will become us Even death isn t a release as it too consumes Only love or hate exists in the end In all its twisted and messed up forms Love always knows how to float Hate always knows how to pull us down This is the ending to this story Be warned it s a dark ending and not exactly happy But I m happy with it Willow Excerpts It s her eyes I remember most How they would dart around in fear how they would relax and widen in perfect submission how the deep chocolate brown was made darker with her emotions Always so readable, always so expressive, her eyes gave everything away so easily even in her blankest looks Tonight was no different The others don t understand pain Don t get what it can be, what it can do With the lash of a whip, I tear through the memories we five share and the darkest memories I keep to myself I merge the feel of a new mark with ones I ve worn in our past I amplify the pain with the memories, adding fire to the fever of every sexual encounter, even the most vanilla It s how we survived, how I thrived.
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      Willow Madison

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    1. This second book picks up the story of Grace, and all of her personalities, wher book one left off Grace is now in the possession of Neil and headed back to the life she s tried so desperately to escape If you thought that the first book was disturbing, you haven t seen anything yet This crazy train is just leaving the station.In this second part of the series, Grace s traumatic childhood is revealed through the flashbacks of Grace s multiple personalities More so than before, I began to connect [...]

    2. We Were One Once 2, by Willow Madison 3 Tickets to Crazy Town Stars WAS THE WICKEDEST OF TIMES.If you read part 1 of Willow Madison s, We Were One Once, you know that Simon Lamb is no angel As a proud sadist, the sight of whip marks on Grace Red s body gets him pretty hard and, if he weren t a total badass, her screams would make him prematurely ejaculate Make no mistake, Simon is a very wicked man But he s not the worst man Grace Red ever slept with As it turns out, the man she belongs to is On [...]

    3. 4 Stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review I ve been really looking forward to reading this book ever since I discovered this series I was drawn to it by how dark and unique it was This author has a true talent for words and she is not afraid to take you inside the very intricate world that is the life of Gillian, a woman with multiple personalities My expectations were met by the thrilling conclusion of this story This is one of those tales that will continue to play [...]

    4. Book one leaves us as our character s POVs all finally converge We have what I ve dubbed as the five, Miles, and Simon all in the same room Now, what the hell happens Bloody brilliance is what happens I ve never read a book where the characters and plot quite literally twine around each other and become so interconnected Think of ivy growing up a building for years and years if you look carefully, you ll see that the ivy has grown into the structure to become one with its host That s this story [...]

    5. Fantastic fucked up, dark ending I loved it This was an awesome ending to a really unique and twisted storyRST OF ALL, STOP if you haven t read book 1 is an absolute must or this book will not make sense The first book ended with a serious cliffy and this one picked up exactly where it left off.This was such a unique story Grace Gillian Red etc etc suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and man did she have MANY Willow did an amazing job of creating individual identities that, as a reader, [...]

    6. A dark yet compulsive read.If I m being totally honest I was a little apprehensive about this book, I d been surprised by how much I d enjoyed the previous one and after the huge and I do mean huge cliffhanger ending part of me didn t want to read this incase it was a disappointment, crazy I know but it s happened so many times with sequels, but luckily the other part couldn t wait to start reading and I m so glad I didt a single disappointment in sight.This is a quick read, that s due to the c [...]

    7. Received a copy of an ebook from the author for an honest review What did I just read I mean the conclusion to the story was intense It was dark, twisted, engrossing and brilliantly written The story continues just from where the first book ends In this book Grace childhood is revealed which is so traumatic that you feel her emotions somewhere deep down I wish I just could hug her tightly for being so brave I also loved the multi faceted personalities of Grace which was described very well I mus [...]

    8. He s gentle and sweet, staring between my eyes for what feels like an eternity, because my tears keep falling and I have to blink them away several times to see him I love you I was very anxious to read the conclusion of their story And I must say I it was not disappointing This one goes back and forth from past to present making you gradually get to know the different and very complex characters Though Simon starts off a scary asshole, in the end he was my hero Contradictory to Simon I felt sor [...]

    9. This Was One Crazy, Dark and Twisted Wild Ride Into The Minds Of Mental Illness, Possessive Psychopath and a Sweet Sadist.After reading this dark series, I need a whole bottle of vodka Just to clear my head And first thing Monday morning I m calling a therapist I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks Willow Madison Willow Madison, Did I Mention You Are Brilliant I won t ruin this beautifully dark read by divulging to many details Just go in blindly But what I [...]

    10. It is rare that I come across a book or in this case, series that I can honestly say I have never read the plot before For someone that usually reads 5 8 books a week, finding a unique storyline is like winning the lottery Finding one with a unique storyline AND has the dark and dirty elements that I love Well, that s like winning the lottery on my birthday and my children suddenly deciding to sleep late First, let me say this is not a stand alone Reading book 1 is an absolute must if you re goi [...]

    11. I don t usually find that sequels are ever as good as the first part of the story, but that is not the case here Book 2 was just as thrilling as book 1, and both books are very different to other stories in this genre Having said that however, it did get a little complicated here with the He s different personalities, than in book 1 fragments to follow, making it harder to get my head around However no matter how many parts to Gillian, she was still great Very vulnerable and strong, almost in [...]

    12. I Almost Pissed My Pants at One Point No Bull Where the hell is a Doctor, Therapist, or Priest When you need one So I freaking self diagnosed myself and concluded that I was in serious need of some Xanax Yep, you read it right This Authors mind is Freaking Brilliant I was so scared reading this book It was like I knew something extremely horrible was just around the corner I knew it was coming, but like a romantic fool, I didn t actually think it would happen I was Pissed Off, grinding my teeth [...]

    13. 3.5 Conflicting Stars Mild spoilers ahead Don t recommend reading this review for those who haven t read the first book AGHHH My emotions are so jumbled right now I read this while on vacation and am reviewing it now that I ve had some time to absorb Every Willow Madison book just makes me so confused on the matter of if I like it or not.This story follows directly after the major cliffhanger of the first book, and we learn of Gillian s background story and history of her life with Miles This s [...]

    14. One crazy messed up ride and I loved it WWOO book 2 picks up immediately after book 1 and yay We get to hear from Scarlet s POV in this one I really enjoyed reading from her POV because we get some much needed background into Grace s life and what has led her to this moment There are still some sexy and hot BDSM scenes in this book but it s less about that and about the relationship between Grace and Simon then anything else It s also strongly about someone trying to let go and move on from the [...]

    15. I just started reading books that are dark and I jumped in with two feet with this one It took me much longer to read this book than it normally would but I had to put the book down so many times because of the subject matter This book is not for the faint of heart If you ve ever been abused, think twice It is an extremely good book but it is VERY VERY dark One of the many reasons it was so hard for me to read is because I KNOW there are real people out there dealing with these issues and, unfor [...]

    16. 3.5 stars for met as dark as the first one and even though it was good I felt like I was missing somethingI did not re read the first one, maybe that was it I did not connect to the character s I still liked Simon and Grace but Miles was just ehhe epilogueI would have liked information about what was happening in the cave and why was Simon feeling the way he wasd what about the blue pill Still love her writing

    17. What is the mark of a good book for me Answer I don t want to put it down even long enough to eat a chocolate bar and I love me some chocolate now What is the mark of a great book Answer It has the mark of a good book AND it has me thinking about it well after I have turned the last page and read the last word The characters stay with me The story stays with me I carry it to bed with me and snuggle it Then I dream about it lol Willow Madison has done it again She wrote a book that made me cry It [...]

    18. The 2nd book of We Were One Once takes off right where the first one left us This time we get to see things from Grace Red s POV I wasn t sure at first if I d like that, but I sure did The insight into her brain was very interesting and strangely empowering To understand what made her tick and why she agreed to do the things she did and how it literally made her is fascinating I m deeply curious if the author researched the mental issues the FMC suffered, they seemed quite valid to me This story [...]

    19. I read this book almost a month ago yet still can t get over the premise of this series In WE WERE ONE ONCE 2, Willow Madison s ingenuity and imaginativeness again result in a complex yet plausible story unlike anything I ve ever read Again I was extremely impressed by how eloquently and seamlessly Madison incorporated Dissociative Identity Disorder DID into this series Despite DID being one of if not the most convoluted mental health diagnoses, Madison did her homework demonstrating a thorough [...]

    20. Book 2 picks up where Book 1 leaves off, but to me, Book 2 seems different I enjoyed reading the first book, but the author really steps it up for Book 2 In this one we get to journey much deeper into Grace s head to see how all the different personalities interact The author does a tremendous job of portraying such a complex character In the first book I had a hard time understanding Grace In this one the author delves so much deeper into her character it makes it much easier to understand and [...]

    21. Ahhh I love this females point of view getting inside of her head, with her condition was certainly intriguing I enjoyed it very much

    22. SPOILERS AHEAD This book was everything I had hoped for and We finally get to add a few POV s in book two More steamy sex, kidnapping, professions of love and just a bit crazy thrown in the mix So we finally found out why Gillian Grace Red ran from Miles I had a feeling in book 1 that he was the real villain in this story And you ll feel everything this time, my love Because if you don t If you run from here back into that little messed up brain of yours then I ll leave you here And I won t [...]

    23. Copy provided to me by author Willow Madison in exchange for an honest review Thank you Willow What an amazing story I absolutely loved it I don t know why this are 2 books though I consider it just 1 book, because apart they make no sense In book 1 we read about Simon and Miles who are both let s say not quite normal In book 2 of course of those two men but we also learn about what goes in Gillian Grace Gigi Lilly Baby Jill s to name a few head she had a awful past with a truly disgusting mot [...]

    24. This was an interesting and dark story It was a bit brutal than the first story I did like how it ended.

    25. I totally loved this book, I actually think it is better than the first one It answered a lot of questions I had in the first book and gave my brain time to fall for the hero I don t want to give anything away so I am not going to use names I was totally caught up in the characters and the whole unique situation that the heroine is in Kudos to Willow Madison for such an inventive story line While it might be dark and gritty, it was right up my alley and I couldn t put it down This is not a sappy [...]

    26. I loved this book just as much as the first It was different, focusing on Grace and the others I loved how the author described Grace s mind and explained the workings of it l could truly understand what she was going through I m in awe of how she was able to put those images into words and make it completely reasonable The only issue I had was with the epilogue and Mile s part in it I found it a little confusing, but was happy with the ending.

    27. I loved this book and the dual perspectives of the characters the characters are so well written and develop well throughout the story I gave book 2 a 4 star review because honestly it would be hard to be better than book 1 but it is still really good and progressed the story really well.

    28. Well it s like 3.5 I liked the idea of this book but my problem was that I didn t feel attached to the characters nor did I feel the love between Simon and gilli But what I really liked was watching gilli fight to become one again It really touched me and this is why I gave this story 4 stars instead of 3.

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