Reflections (2020)

Reflections For her to love me she had to be willing to kill me Anything else would show that her heart was untrue The struggle against not so charming storybook narratives isn t the only complicating factor in
  • Title: Reflections
  • Author: Seanan McGuire
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For her to love me, she had to be willing to kill me Anything else would show that her heart was untrue The struggle against not so charming storybook narratives isn t the only complicating factor in Henrietta Henry Marchen s life As part of the ATI Management Bureau team protecting the world from fairy tales gone awry, she s juggling her unwanted new status as a Sno For her to love me, she had to be willing to kill me Anything else would show that her heart was untrue The struggle against not so charming storybook narratives isn t the only complicating factor in Henrietta Henry Marchen s life As part of the ATI Management Bureau team protecting the world from fairy tales gone awry, she s juggling her unwanted new status as a Snow White, dealing with a potentially dangerous Pied Piper, and wrangling a most troublesome wicked stepsister along with a budding relationship with Jeff, her teammate.But when a twisted, vicious Cinderella breaks out of prison and wreaks havoc, things go from disenchanted to deadly And once Henry realizes someone is trying to use her to destroy the world, her story becomes far from over and this one might not have a happily ever after.Indexing Reflections is New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire s continuing new urban fantasy, where everything you thought you knew about fairy tales gets turned on its head.This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book.
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    1. We re both agents for the ATI Management Bureau, an organization dedicated to keeping stories from eating the world It s in our motto, even In aetermun felicitas vindactio Defending happily ever after Fairy tales are not for children, and they don t care who dies They never have.Hello, everyone My name is Amy and I am a hopeless Seanan McGuire fangirl I am not the kind of fangirl who insists everything her author writes is pure gold the lady has written plenty I do not adore cough Incryptid coug [...]

    2. F airy tales are deadly, capable of rewriting reality in order to get what they want and what they want is rarely good for anybody who s not on the short list for a happy ending Fairy tales are not for children, and they don t care who dies They never have Fairy tales have a habit of endangering people The people trapped in the narrative of some stories have to be locked away, so they don t pose any danger to society Obviously the people who are locked up don t want to be They didn t ask to be p [...]

    3. These are so much fun If you like fairy tales and urban fantasy, this is a must read Not sure if a third installment is to come but I would than welcome it Next time though, I ll definitely read it as intended, with a new story released every couple of weeks It was a lot fun doing it that way with the first book.

    4. Enjoyed this one a little then the first book of the series 3.75 stars, Sloane is really starting to grow on me but the main character just seems to bland Aside from character issues, the world building is incredible set in a modern like world with government agency to protect citizenry against living fairy tales This book gives a small glimpse of the people fighting fairy tales in the past.

    5. I think it s probably getting pretty old by now me saying that I really liked a book or that I absolutely loved it but I usually do Maybe I m just not that picky, I don t know Or maybe I just get lucky Or maybe I m an easy reader, if that makes sense xDBut I really do like this series, which is only two books so far, and I actually don t know if that is all there is planned for it or not A lot of it is Mary Robinette Kowal s narration, which I think she does perfectly, but I also just really lov [...]

    6. 1 2This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Okay, I ve already published entries on the individual chapters episodes So here, I ve collected them all in one handy dandy and long post, and then added a few thoughts on the book as a whole.Episode One Forbidden Doors Fairy tales are not for children, and they don t care who dies They never have.Seanan McGuire s Indexing is back, and it s like we never left It s been a few weeks since the team saved the world, but the ATV s investigation [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Indexing for its inventive fairy tale procedural premise, likable and diverse characters, and analysis of narrative tropes The sequel contains all of those things, plus But having read it over five months, sometimes waiting than two weeks to read the newest section, I don t think I fully experienced the story, and as a result, I don t think I can give it a fair review, but I am erring on the side of positivity, because there is much to like here Seanan McGuire delves into the [...]

    8. This is the second volume of Indexing, McGuire s exploration and analysis of archetypes of myths and fairy tales It s of a novel than the first book, which was of a collection of connected individual stories, and delves deeply into some of the interesting characters, particularly Sloane It was interesting to read about Henry waking up in a body that wasn t really her, just as Sal did in the Parasitology trilogy, which McGuire wrote as Mira Grant It s a very entertaining work, very cleverly pr [...]

    9. Serials are hard Each of the twelve chapters came out two weeks apart I eagerly read each chapter as fast as I could And then it was another two week wait, while I read other things and possibly forgot the details That being said, I do think Reflections was better than its excellent predecessor, if only because now the world was established and the focus could go strictly to building on that world with a new but deeply related story I really liked that we got to know about both Sloane who we di [...]

    10. Oops, I should have realized that I forgot a May book, but I didn t recall that until I went to clean up my downloaded books I tend to delete off the ones I ve already finished That should tell you something about how much of an impression this book made I love Seanan McGuire s writing, I really do, but she is so very prolific, and I think that sometimes the things she writes could bear with a little time, a little polish, a little effort to diverge from what has gone before Part of why she c [...]

    11. When you stop to actually think about it, fairy tales are dangerous Many of the Grimm Brothers originally tellings are gory, and not all of the kids in those tales are rescued This series of which this is the second book hypothesizes what life would be like if fairy tales came true turns out that is not a pleasant reality.This book follows the same main characters with a few new additions They collectively are a part of secret sect of a government sponsored fairy tale police force, whose job it [...]

    12. I know it s a sin but I just didn t like this one I tried really hard but I just couldn t.I think it was probably because this was put out in chapters, instead of all at once, and so it felt very uneven It was like Henry went to the most ludicrous option available as the first try I mean, the whole problem in this book is half related to that and you see it coming 2 miles away If I hear anything about apples or white black red, I ll scream I also wanted to roll my eyes with the horribly cliche o [...]

    13. I read this second book as a kindle serial and it was even fun than the first There s only so much cohesiveness that can be achieved when it s compiled into a book in the end, which is how I read the first book It s still fun as a book, don t get me wrong, but it s intended to be read as chapters and I think it s a bit effective that way It was fun getting them every two weeks and waiting eagerly for the next installment As for the story, I enjoyed getting much background about Sloane, and ab [...]

    14. We get of Sloane s story in this one, and it s great I like this series take on fairy tales and their iterations.

    15. Second in the Indexing urban fantasy series and revolving around fairy tales The focus is on Henry Marchen and her team of government operatives.My TakeThis series is a blend of Jasper Fforde s Thursday Next and Mercedes Lackey s Five Hundred Kingdoms, a literary government organization that polices fairy tales combined with fairy tales that insist on having their own way.Reflections does revolve around Henry and splits its focus between the evolution of the Snow White monomyth and Sloane and he [...]

    16. I love how this book takes us through the stories and back to recalling the origin of where our stories came from and can be shaped by who is telling it I would recommend this 2 book series and hope Seanan writes in this world.

    17. I didn t enjoy this quite as much as book one because things seemed to drag a bit and there was the strange problem of too many villains There are three crossing antagonist storylines and two of them were hard to tell apart a lot of the time The audiobook is still great Sloane is my favorite ever and we get a lot of her back story I just think this would have been much better split into two books.

    18. Now I know the joy of having a pre ordered book delivered at midnight on release dayor at least the first chapter of the book I am so glad Henry, Jeff, Sloane, Andy, and Demi are back So, the story ends, or at least, this part of it is finished In the acknowledgments, McGuire admitted she had not planned a second Indexing book, but the characters and readers did not agree I can live with this ending, but if McGuire and her characters see fit to do a third book, I will be eager to pre order it in [...]

    19. Okay, this is book two of a kind of goofy series in which the fairy tale narrative takes over people s lives and bends them into fairy tales Unfortunately, most fairy tales involve a lot of death and destruction for the people on the sidelines, and give the main character either a nasty death or a happily ever after they actually don t want, so the government formed an organization to research and stop this from happening The main characters of this book like the last are an agent of this organi [...]

    20. I am full of squees for this sequel to Seanan McGuire s Indexing, which was delightful premise and compelling execution in equal measure Reflections does not disappoint, particularly in bringing depth to the evil stepsister character team member Sloan and her relationship with Harry, the Bureau, and the Narrative We also get to meet Harry s brother too briefly and explore some of the darker side of Bureau s internal politics and history The serial delivery of this series is, in which subscribers [...]

    21. Just as good as Indexing but each chapter of this serial felt like a chunk of novel Even though I read Indexing in one shot, it felt like each chapter was its own story within the larger plot As I said, Reflections felt like a novel that had been broken up It was very good, but I would have been gnashing my teeth if I d decided to read as they were being published It gets kind of ultra meta at the end, but I do really dig this series and I hope McGuire continues writing it Even if she seems to [...]

    22. FINALLY It s hard to separate out the actual thoughts about the novel from the method I read it in Suffice to say that while I really enjoyed the story, I hated the two weeks between each chapter McGuire writes action heavy novels and I don t think her style suits the enforced slow reading of a serial novel I have no idea why it didn t bother me when I read Indexing, but I really detracted from this novel But I like the world she s created and I like the characters quite a bit If there is a thir [...]

    23. I ve enjoyed this serialized novel Sloane s history was the centerpiece of this story for me My only criticism is that I felt the end, with respect to Sloane was incomplete, because we had her as first person narrator for a time and then we don t hear from her I could read a whole novel with Sloane as the protagonist I hope we will see a third book The second was better than the first and there s much to build on, especially with the addition of Ciara.

    24. I thought about giving this book 4 stars because we really need another one The main stories were great but it ended with soooo many unanswered questions Definitely worth the read if you enjoy fairy tales and crime The story was great and complete, but I love Sloane and all the heroes but what happens next I do hope there is a 3rd book in the works.

    25. At about chapter 10, I started thinking oh man, how is she going to resolve this in two chapters And the answer is, I don t know that she did, but it was a satisfying book anyway view spoiler I appreciate a story where Chekhov s guns fire all at once, but I don t feel like the last chapter really worked hide spoiler

    26. I would give my liver and right lung for the rest of this and many books in this series Once again Seanan has ensnared me.

    27. I wish I could give this seven stars I don t know if I d like it half as much if I hadn t read the first book in the series, but having read them both, this one excels.

    28. My girlfriend warned me at the outset that she hadn t liked this one as much as the first, and I might not either She couldn t say since she hadn t read these in a few years, so we left the discussion there and I got started.After reading it I found that I liked it as least as well as the first book Often books and albums have a problem with Sopho Slump where things are going well and it s hard to get the same kind of anger and energy up to write when you re living somewhere okay now and no lon [...]

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