Martian Manhunter, Volume 1: The Epiphany (2020)

Martian Manhunter Volume The Epiphany For some time now Martian Manhunter has been lost in our world An alien in every aspect he has struggled to find his place even after joining the Justice League of America Justice League United and
  • Title: Martian Manhunter, Volume 1: The Epiphany
  • Author: Rob Williams Eddy Barrows Diogenes Neves Eber Ferreira Marc Deering Gabe Eltaeb Tom Napolitano
  • ISBN: 9781401261511
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • For some time now, Martian Manhunter has been lost in our world An alien in every aspect, he has struggled to find his place even after joining the Justice League of America, Justice League United and Stormwatch Now his past has come back to haunt him, as an alien invasion threatens to destroy the world In order to validate to himself, as well as the world, that he is tFor some time now, Martian Manhunter has been lost in our world An alien in every aspect, he has struggled to find his place even after joining the Justice League of America, Justice League United and Stormwatch Now his past has come back to haunt him, as an alien invasion threatens to destroy the world In order to validate to himself, as well as the world, that he is the hero he knows himself to be, the Martian Manhunter must make the ultimate sacrifice What happens next, is truly alien This unique new take on the longtime Justice League member is here in Martian Manhunter, Volume 1 The Epiphany, written by Rob Williams and stunning art by Eddy Barrows.Collecting Martian Manhunter 1 6
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      Rob Williams Eddy Barrows Diogenes Neves Eber Ferreira Marc Deering Gabe Eltaeb Tom Napolitano

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    1. I didn t love it, I didn t hate it, so I landed somewhere in the middle.It was alright J onn J onzz is one of those characters I get excited to see in a story Whether it s in a Justice League setting, or the Stormwatch stuff, or even on awesome teams like cough Justice League United cough I m always happy to see his smiling green face.Because he s such a good guy, right The voice of reason, the peacemaker, and the understated powerhouse of any team.Give it up for Martian Manhunter thunderous app [...]

    2. J onn J onzz is the Martian Manhunter, the last of his kind or is he J onn discovers the shocking truth behind his origin and faces a terrible choice save his adopted home, Earth, or resurrect his long lost home planet, Mars J onn s knocked around various titles for a good few years now appearing in New 52 titles Stormwatch, Justice League of America, and Justice League United all turrible It s clear DC didn t know what to do with the character even though most fans knew the solution for years G [...]

    3. Received from Netgalley for review For everything that s good in this book, there s at least one thing that s boring or overly convoluted or poorly written, which is quite a shame.Good J onn at the beginning of the book, Mr Biscuits, J onn s choice to try to protect his adopted world.Not good A story that s fragmented between too many characters, weak characterization, characters making decisions that make no sense in the context of the story, and a plot that s convoluted than complex.On balanc [...]

    4. Martian Manhunter was first written in 1955 He s been in Crises, the Justice League International, all over space and time But he has had few standalone series and I don t know why He s an omnipotent super hero and the last of his kind from an alien planet Sound like anyone who gets all the page time he wants J onn J onzz is not alone And the scenario is a prototypical Martian invasion of Earth mixed with body snatching disguised as worldwide fear mongering terrorism Telepathy goes a long way, I [...]

    5. I received a preview eARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley.3.5 stars The artwork was pretty wow, as in WOW phenomenal I really liked the way the characters were drawn by Eddy Barrows and company From the title character J onn J onzz, aka the Martian Manhunter, to the cameo appearances by other members of the Justice League The writing was pretty good too, especially with the character of Mr Biscuits, who made me laugh out loud several times The plot was a bit weird and jumped a [...]

    6. I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review Pretty good story I ll be interested to see where this one goes.

    7. A surprisingly strong start to one of the many already forgotten DCYou titles, Martian Manhunter revels in it s own craziness and is all the better for it At first I had fun guessing where the story was going, but Rob Williams drops some crazy plot twists that led to me just giving up and enjoying the wild ride The characters are memorable too, especially the brilliant Mr Biscuits It s all brought to life with fantastic artwork, the icing on the cake that makes The Epiphany a volume that s well [...]

    8. 3.5 stars The futures so brightI gotta wear shades Fresh off binge watching Season 1 of Supergirl, I grabbed this from the library to find out about J onn J onzz This starts of well enough but takes a few weird turns from there.Basically, the Martian Manhunter was supposed to have been a weapon to wipe out humanity on Earth all along, and now his fellow Martians are coming to do it themselves To ensure his own survival, J onn has split himself into several other human identities.The art is exce [...]

    9. The lastest Martian Manhunter series was published under the DCYou initiative, and I m trying to figure out what makes this DCYou ish Most of the other DCYou books are inspired by indie comics with non mainstream writers and artists for the most part Martian Manhunter s creative team have done a lot of work for DC, Vertigo, and Marvel The art by Eddy Barrows and Diego Niogenes is pretty much DC s standard house style good, serviceable, comic book art Either way, this is a pretty damn good book i [...]

    10. As usual for books like this, the story and artwork were great, but the freaky visuals and profanity messed things up a bit.

    11. Not even sure what I just read The plot was extremely convoluted, the art yo yoed between okay and just plain ugly Still not sure WTF that ending was supposed to be And while the Mr Biscuits persona was mildly amusing, even that couldn t save this one.

    12. An ingenious idea, at once hilarious and terrifying what does a nervous breakdown look like for a race with stunning mental powers and an almost unlimited ability to shapechange Even stranger and PKD than you might imagine, is the short answer the long version would involve spoilers, and struggling to explain the brilliance of Mr Biscuits, who is essentially J onn reimagined as a drunk five year old version of the Eleventh Doctor The only problem, really, is that the story is obliged to begin a [...]

    13. After all this time I m still wondering why DC decided that for the New 52 it would be okay to leave the Martian Mahunter out of the Justice League and erase any role he had before Flashpoint Such a waste of character.I started loving this, J onn is a lovable character, and the first pages of this issue were beyond epic.But as the stories goes you lose the interest in it fast It s easy to know what s going on, you know what is all about, but once the story got to it s highest peak it didn t move [...]

    14. I had never read Martian Manhunter before, so I was hesitant about picking this book up I m glad I did Without any background going in, The Epiphany does a good job of introducing J onn J onnz, the titular Manhunter, who he is and what he stands for This would be a typical superhero introduction if not for the fact that internal conflict is at the center of this graphic novel.Without treading too deeply into spoilers this is nearly all in the book s description , the book begins with J onn J onn [...]

    15. .That pretty much sums up my reading experience.So, this is where good ol MM was hiding Judging by the League s costumes bearded t shirt man, ard no visible skin woman, long blonde haired clean face man, and sleeveless cyborg , I can guess that this takes place after the second half of the new 52 I think So, the Martian ManhunterEverything we know about himIsA view spoiler Lie First review with a gif I could get used to this hide spoiler Seriously, though, it s quite shocking, what he really is [...]

    16. It helps, sometimes, to begin with chapter one I had sampled an issue and not seen the charm I ve always loved the character of J onn J onzz, especially spelling that name and especially the run by John Ostrander Tom Martian Manhunter Son of MarsMartian Manhunter Son of MarsMartian Manhunter Son of MarsMandrake from the 1990s early 2000s Now, Williams take for the recent run has grabbed me Williams effectively portrays several different personalities the Martian Manhunter lives within Eddie Barr [...]

    17. Possibly 1 star added for exceeding my expectations so well.I ve long thought J onn to be an underrated, underrepresented character, but could understand why DC didn t trust stories focused on him to sell as well I wanted this book to be good in the way that so many formerly D list Marvel characters have soared to greatness in recent years But I wasn t familiar with this creative team, and the cover and start seem boringly action y, so I kept my expectations low.Epiphany turns into a charming, f [...]

    18. I love the big, sweeping splash pages This artist has a good vision Not in the 20 20 sense In the big picture sense Well, he could have 20 20 vision I don t know That s just not what I meant And the new new Wonder Woman costume is amazing The storyline quite a new take on the Martian Manhunter Huh His ghostly image reminds me of Dr Manhattan Was that on purpose I may need to take this as my motto Hey, if you are going to burn your life down do it in % style And who the eff is Mr Biscuits Oh OH I [...]

    19. Well paced, interesting changes to the MM backstory and mythos, but until I read the wrap up itll be hard to give a final judgement on the story That said, it is suspenseful and keeps you wanting to know and has a good balance between mystery, action, and humor And frankly, the author totally stole an idea for a comic book I had jk If DC comics has aliens and magic, why doesn t it have alien magic Well apparently does Thanks Rob Williams Left me wanting , but witholding a firm review until I at [...]

    20. My only real experience with J onn has been in the excellent New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke This seems to be a very different character but I m down This J onn was made as a weapon to infiltrate the Earth in advance of a Martian invasion with a twist Mars can be reborn, if Earth dies In a very interesting development, J onn splits himself into multiple bodies some with false human memories in an attempt to hide from his supposed destiny These fragments fight among themselves, as parts of J onn wan [...]

    21. DC keeps reimagining their characters and rebooting their universe, but they keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over again and then they wonder why sales keep dropping and they aren t attracting new readers It s because of nonsense like this book.Rebooting everything means you have an opportunity to do something new Instead DC keeps retreading old ground, giving us the same old stuff in slightly different costumes Martian Manhunter is a case in point Over the years he has been the vic [...]

    22. For the first time since being replaced in the Justice League by Cyborg a decision obviously based in politics rather than artistic choice , J onn J onzz, the Martian Manhunter, finally gets his due in a brand new DC title that actually bears his name Sure, he had appeared as a member of Stormwatch and the JLA, but he finally takes center stage here And while his origin story gets tweaked a bit, the issues presented in Volume 1 Epiphany deliver a story that gets a lot right, especially the loya [...]

    23. Who is the Martian Manhunter Writer Rob Williams sets out in this first volume to expand on DC comics readers understanding of this Justice League hero The Martian Manhunter is definitely one of the top and most mysterious members Rob Williams has a large task here The Martian Manhunter can be difficult to write in a solo series Possibly because there are quite a few ways you can take a story with this character There is definitely some retcon work going into this story Rob Williams turns the gr [...]

    24. Pretty interesting to see Rob Williams come up for this title He s written some pretty weird stuff for 2000AD and I know he ll be bound tantalize me I like Manhunter, though, have only got to know him through various incarnations of Justice Leagues this is my first solo title of his.A very interesting tale I haven t been keeping up to date on all the goings on but I do remember J onn finding out there are other Martians at one point This is the psychological effect that has on him and how he dea [...]

    25. Ehhh not really into this one.Jonn J onzz has always been kind of a goody goody hero that still maintains an air of mystery, especially with his shape shifting I like him He s kind of like a mysterious version of Superman.But when the last Martian suddenly isn t the last any, but reveals himself to be the weapon that is supposed to head up the Martian invasion of Earth, then sacrifices himself to not be the weapon but disperses himself throughout other people to eventually come back together to [...]

    26. 3 and a half stars No spoilers from me.I thought this was good, not great I liked most of the storyline as a whole There was some strange curveballs thrown in, but enjoyable nonetheless I think a solid book if you re not very familiar with Martian Manhunter, but also different enough that if you ve read a lot of MM you can still enjoy it Also the volume leaves you with quite a cliffhanger Definitely interested to see what s next for this series I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley [...]

    27. 5 starsNice to have a comic with Martian Manhunter as the protagonist The Epiphany was very interesting Hope they will be able to get Earth back The back story behind the creation of Martian Manhunter was also very interesting as well Can t wait to read Martian Manhunter the Red Rising For those who have seen Supergirl, what is your opinion of Martian Manhunter on the show

    28. It s not at all what I was expecting but it kept me pretty entertained I really can t decide how I feel about this new take on the character but I m willing to pick up the next volume and see how the cliffhanger ending gets resolved.Extended review with pictures comming soonI received an Advance Reader Copy of this book through NetGalley s read and review program in exchange for my feedback.

    29. I can see where some people will love this while others will hate it I loved it I thought it was one of the better comics I have read all year I have always had an affinity for characters on the fringe of mainstream popularity I thought the story telling was great and the art styles fit what needed to be told I really hope Martian Manhunher can successful.

    30. Like most, I was truly excited for Martian Manhunter to finally have his own series again The author then proceeds to kill him, destroy established canon, and leave the reader with an overall, sour taste in their mouth.

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