Second Chances: A Small Town Short Story (2020)

Second Chances A Small Town Short Story This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B RNFIIN Fourteen years earlier Lorelei Parker gave her innocence and heart to her best friend Cole Williams but instead of a forever love she ended up h
  • Title: Second Chances: A Small Town Short Story
  • Author: Kristi Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00RNFIIN6Fourteen years earlier Lorelei Parker gave her innocence and heart to her best friend, Cole Williams, but instead of a forever love she ended up heartbroken and losing him After a long absences Cole, now a local football hero, has returned to his hometown hoping to garner Lorelei s forgiveness For them absences has nThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00RNFIIN6Fourteen years earlier Lorelei Parker gave her innocence and heart to her best friend, Cole Williams, but instead of a forever love she ended up heartbroken and losing him After a long absences Cole, now a local football hero, has returned to his hometown hoping to garner Lorelei s forgiveness For them absences has not made the heart fonder but the divide greater The unresolved manner in which their relationship ended makes healing and moving forward seem insurmountable If they can put their past behind them, Lorelei and Cole may find a second chance at a future together.
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      Kristi Rose

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    1. Aside from the fact that most of the text is taken up by other works of the author, this was an enjoyable short story While the couple on the cover look deliriously infatuated with one another, it s not really the case for main characters, Lorelei and Cole Both are still trying to make the other see the reason for the bad turn in their high school romance despite the fact both are grown adults Of course, the story heats up in the few chapters and the epilogue takes us 20 years into the future So [...]

    2. Cute little story.That was a nice little story Lorelei and Cole need to work though their problems left over from high school, it all works out in the end.

    3. I really enjoyed this novella I liked the characters and the detail the author put into such a short story I felt like I knew the characters and their stories really well, despite it being such a short read And it was a great romantic fix also very clean No language or graphic sex some mention of past encounters, but NO details at all.My only problem with this story is that I was left wanting MUCH the novella ended rather abruptly and, though I did like the ending and the epilogue, I was left f [...]

    4. Sweet second chance story but too short Lorelei Parker and Cole Williams had been next door neighbors, best friends and neighbors until the day he let her down and she was unable to forgive him She had forgotten that he once told her that in the future he might let her down, but it wouldn t mean that he didn t love her Now they have their second chance Will Lorelei be able to trust him again Con why does the woman on the cover have dark hair, when Lorelei is described as being a blonde.

    5. This is a sweet, short, light story Well written and easily read It brought back memories of small town living A story of high school sweethearts meeting up once again.There is not a lot of research involved in the story and no major drama, and hence it will be easily forgettable however it is the kind of story that I would return to for an afternoon at the beach or for a long bus, train or plane ride.

    6. A sweet short story about two people who need to move on from a past that s holding on There are typos and grammar issues that I looked past because the story has depth and I connected with the characters A second chance love story that s worth the read I received volunteered to leave and honest review for and ARC of Second Chances

    7. It s been 14 years since cole left and never looked back at least that s what Lorelei thought But when cole comes back he s determined to win the woman he has always loved and cared for back When he tells her the truth how will she react With love or hatred to the man that helped her sin and left her with only pain as a reminder.

    8. This was a cute short very short story I loved that it had an epilogue Could use some editing but good writing aside from that.

    9. A very sweet story about young love, broken heart and second chances Lorelei and Cole need to rewin the friendship that they shared fourteen year ago because what matters is true love.

    10. I have to admit that this wasn t the book that I was planning to read when I picked up my kindle I was already at about 11% before I realised that I had accidentally hit the wrong title when choosing the book I wanted to read next.But it turned out to be a good mistake to have made.This book is quite short, 53 pages worth and likely to take you about 20 minutes to half an hour to get through With that said, it had surprising depth for so short a story and you really do feel connected to the char [...]

    11. This would ve been an outstanding second chance romance if it d been a teensy bit longer The story between Lorelei and Cole was so sweet and I loved the overall reunion aspect but they had such depth between them, it deserved to be explored I didn t feel like the length did justice to their chemistry and connection By the time I was fully invested it was over.Nevertheless the characters had a great story in such a short expanse of time I wanted from them but it was still a heartfelt, loving rom [...]

    12. I received this ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.This was a very good read for a short story Lorelei Parker has been living in her hometown for years Now that the love of her life is back in town, she starts questioning some things Read to find out Lorelei is so mad at Cole, but we do not know why at first What happened that has her so mad at him Does she have a good reason I think so Now you know I am not going to tell you what, who, when, how, etc Read the book They both seem to want ea [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this story It was a very short read that I would have loved to be longer But, still it was a full story I loved the characters Lorelei s character cracked me up I loved her sarcasm Some might not like her character or think she was too bitter or sarcastic, but considering what she d been through, I thought she was perfect And, I wanted to not like Cole, but I couldn t He was remorseful, young, and dumb, and felt really bad about what had happened Now that they are adults, I tota [...]

    14. When the love of Lorelei s life, Cole, moves back to the small town, all her feelings come rushing back He s the one she loved and lost Cole hurt her so much she wanted to forget all about him Cole wants to have a second change with Lorelei but she wants nothing to do with him They used to be inspirable before the inevitable happened When she lost her virginity to him just fourteen years earlier and became pregnant then having a miscarriage and only received emails and letters from Cole, how can [...]

    15. This was an enjoyable, quick read I enjoyed the characters and the whole premise of the story I wished that the book had been just a little bit longer, so that we could have a little detail about Lorelei and Cole s relationship, we know they get their HEA, and we get their past story, but we never really get the now I would love to have a little bit of what happened next I enjoyed all the secondary characters, they added a lot of color to the story Overall, this was a great read and I look forw [...]

    16. Sweet short story of young love lost and found The story was complete, no cliff hangers, no trying to guess at what happened before The all of Cole and Lorelei s story was there I easily became invested in the main characters as they were well developed despite brevity of the story The supporting characters were great as well and I couldn t help but get the feeling that Mrs Williams harbored her own desire to see Cole and Lorelei together Will definitely be looking for books by this author

    17. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I like short books in between my long listens, and this was the perfect length The character development was good, the story of Lorelei and Cole s history was explained and their chemistry was very apparent I loved the way that Cole s passion for football was integrated into the Lor s gameday challenge Though I would have like the book to be a little longer and go into a few memories and exploration of their new life, I would definitely rec [...]

    18. AudiobookNarration Suzanne Barbetta Pretty Good Oh, how I wanted of this book Perhaps short stories aren t my thing, because they always leave me wanting.This story has so much potential to be a full novel I loved the whole storyline between Lorelei and Cole, but just wanted All the sudden, it was over I received a copy of this audiobook free of charge from audiobookblast in exchange for an unbiased review.

    19. This story was short but was so sweet I wish there was The characters are written so very well I felt like I knew them and would love to hang out with them I would also love some of Lorelei s recipes This could have been a true story Sometimes before you can get to your second chance you need to work through your own issues before you can forgive This is what Lorelei does when Cole comes back, but will it be enough though I read this quickly and wish there was

    20. Leuke en vlot lopende schrijfstijl Gerne daarin tegen iets minder mijn leesstyl, maar wel een leuk verhaaltje om te lezen als je met openbaar vervoer moet Een perfect sprookjesverhaal dat alle kanten van het leven in deze korte bundel heeft doorgemaakt 3 sterren bemachtigd voor de inhoud, schrijfstijl en verhaallijn maar miste nog net het wauw effect , waardoor het geen 4 sterren gehaald heeft.

    21. Way too shortWhat a great story concept I would have loved for it to be longery took maybe 15 min or so to read.Good characters, good dialogue, and good storyline.Multi pov.Would I recommend this story Yes if looking for super short with time to kill.Would I read from this author Yes

    22. Cute sweet short readI really enjoyed this story Lorelei put up a fight when it came to Cole, but could only resist the hottie so long I loved that she didn t let him back in immediately and that he had to work to get her back I did feel the story ended a bit abruptly, but still a 4 star read I recommend this to anyone looking for a great short read.

    23. This is the perfect book to curl up with and get lost in a great, sweet romance about second chances If you can t curl up at home and are stuck at work, it s a great way to escape reality during your lunch break It s a fast read with great characters that you can relate to and quickly fall in love with I really enjoy Kristi Rose s writing style and am looking forward to ready from her.

    24. Amazing short story The love of your life returns What would you do Especially with so much hurt from the past This is the story of exactly that Lorelei needs to figure out what to do about Cole and she does just that This was a great quick read with excellent character development Definitely a must read

    25. This book was good I enjoyed listening to this story I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com

    26. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast This is a short SWEET novel, about forgiveness and love re found after many years The story flowed smoothly and I liked it.

    27. Short and sweetThis was a short and sweet story of two young lovers who get another chance He left for college and never looked back She stayed home to finish school and come to terms with the errors they made Cannot wait for the next one.

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