Fatal Eclipse (2020)

Fatal Eclipse It started with feelings of jealousy and like a mental virus it spread Jonathan was becoming paranoid that his wife was cheating on him Convinced that the only way to quell his suspicions was to test
  • Title: Fatal Eclipse
  • Author: Dermot Davis
  • ISBN: 9781514837153
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • It started with feelings of jealousy and like a mental virus it spread Jonathan was becoming paranoid that his wife was cheating on him Convinced that the only way to quell his suspicions was to test her loyalty, he sets her up If she passes, he could put his fears to bed Except it doesn t turn out the way he had hoped As he struggles to come to terms with a buried trIt started with feelings of jealousy and like a mental virus it spread Jonathan was becoming paranoid that his wife was cheating on him Convinced that the only way to quell his suspicions was to test her loyalty, he sets her up If she passes, he could put his fears to bed Except it doesn t turn out the way he had hoped As he struggles to come to terms with a buried trauma from his past, he falls further and further down the rabbit hole Not only does he alienate his wife but he puts her in harm s way There s a serial killer on the loose Either he solves the mystery of his past or he risks losing his wife to the dangerous clutches of a madman Not only is this a novel about a troubled man whose obstinate obsessions spiral fatally out of control in spectacular, edge of your seat suspense but Fatal Eclipse is also a fictional account of how deep seated and forgotten childhood traumas can shape a life for good, for bad, forever.
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      Dermot Davis

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    1. I m so glad this book didn t have the ending it could have had A strange way to start a review perhaps but you will have to read the book to understand my comment I ve recently got into the habit of putting books on my kindle and then when i come to read them I have forgotten the synopsis, genre, pretty much everything except I obviously made a decision I wanted to read the book.I started this book and thought it was probably going to be a romance although it started with the wedding, which was [...]

    2. Firstly, allow me to thank Dermot Davis for the absence of vulgarity in this book I just can t stand books that use vulgarity in every sentence or paragraph or page Let s get on with the review Who would have thought that a newly wed couple would face problems immediately after tying the knot I suppose that was the beauty of this story Jonathan s paranoia develops even before uttering the words I do And his paranoia only worsens after that Despite being madly in love with his wife, Maria, Jonath [...]

    3. Reviewed by Annie ArcaneActual Rating 4.5 starsA free copy was provided by the author.Initial thoughts My brain feels like mush My emotions are frayed I m a little disturbed And I loved this book DISCLAIMER This is NOT a romance It s a psychological thriller with a smidgen of romance Did I mention I loved this book What I loved The writing style Smooth Seamless So freakin easy to read.The storyline Gripping Compelling Thought provoking Full of twists and turns Right till the very end And OMG, wh [...]

    4. This story begins on Maria and Jonathan s wedding Day On what should be the happiest day of his life, Jonathan is plagued by self doubt and panicking about the future Raised by his Grandfather, he has vague memories of a traumatic incident from childhood but is unable to recall the event clearly Will he be able to rid himself of his anxieties by facing up to his past Jonathan seeks help from a therapist Maria has her own problems She met Jonathan when she was at a very low point in her life and [...]

    5. A fascinating story that begins unassuming with a wedding scene When Jonathan hesitates to say his I do this starts an examination of his personal issues by his wife and by a therapist What follows is a well plotted story that gathers pace nicely and touches on serious topics, such as mental health issues, thus taking psychological thriller to than one meaning This is excellently written with a perfect blend of dialogue and narrative to give us insight into the well drawn characters There is a [...]

    6. My first impression about the book is that you need to be in the zone so you can follow the story well By in the zone I mean have no distraction so you can totally focus Starting with wedding scene, I thought the story is gonna be flashback The mental health issues are always something that I am keen to read, so is Fatal Eclipse I like both of the character, but I like Peter s character I like to know what s inside his thought The plot is kinda complicated for me, probably because I got distra [...]

    7. I definitely wasn t prepared for the twisted places that this book took me Somehow, I expected it to be softerThat being said, the story still grabbed hold of me and kept me reading I don t normally read thrillers because I m a big chicken, but this book held my interest The seemingly perfect marriage that hits a downward spiral after the ceremony was seriously disturbing Jonathon is quickly consumed with jealousy and insecurity about his marriage to Maria, so much so that at many times I sat on [...]

    8. An engaging, quick paced read with plenty to keep you guessing Jonathan s descent is very well written and gripping, his relationships and struggles intriguing I found the characters complex and well drawn I would be interested in reading by this author Well worth picking up

    9. I received a copy of Fatal Eclipse from the author for an honest reviewFrom the moment the wedding vows are finished , the journey into the emotionally unbalanced life of Jonathan surfaces He has married Maria, a woman he fell in love with when she was going through a tough time in her life As Jonathan starts to unravel , it will take everything they have to keep their marriage together Mr Davis has written a story so emotionally charged and thought provoking that I stayed up late into the night [...]

    10. Fatal Eclipse, by Dermot Davis, opens at the wedding ceremony between Jonathan Dabko and his bride Maria, but even at the service there are indications that all may not be well beneath the surface of this seemingly happy union From here we move into the heart of the story as Jonathan begins to question his relationship with Maria, which isn t helped by an early encounter with one of her ex boyfriends, Philip, whilst on their honeymoon The impact on Jonathan is profound, leading him, on Maria s r [...]

    11. Not A Rock and A Hard PlaceMaria s Spot Was WorseThe telling sentence in the author s synopsis for me is, Jonathan has to solve the mystery of his own mind or risk losing his wife to the dangerous clutches of a madman Yes, Jonathan s wife, Maria, finds herself not between a rock and a hard place, but caught between two madmen.Fatal Eclipse is the story of Jonathon s fight to control his bouts with extreme jealousy, anger, and paranoia, apparently starting on the day of his marriage to Maria But [...]

    12. Maria and Johnathon are flawed individuals, both hoping for their new marriage to provide a springboard into a better life, however their wedding day triggers Johnathon s repressed memories and push him into an emotional cesspool of uncontrolled negativity and self doubt A course of therapeutic counseling motivates Johnathon to take a two week holiday from his marriage and Maria turns to Johnathon s friend Peter for emotional support Johnathon s unexpected return produces a series of confrontati [...]

    13. From page one we are drawn into the strange psychologically disturbed world of Jonathan, a man deeply in love with his wife Despite this it appeared for a hanging period of time that he was even going to fail to say his marriage vows Maria adores Jonathan She has to as he is seems to be avoiding close moments She has had her problems as well, being helped by the therapist who subsequently struggles to help Jonathan Would you know it, the Doctor has her own bag of problems A lot of ghost need exo [...]

    14. Fatal Eclipse A Psychological Thriller is by Dermot Davis It is definitely different from most books I read and psychologically frightening You begin wondering what will happen to the characters and hoping all will turn out right whatever that is Maria was ecstatic She was marrying her best friend, Jonathan When she first met him, she felt at home and safe After being on her own since her parents died, she needed a home She was excited to find he loved and needed her as much as she needed and lo [...]

    15. Naively, I actually thought this was going to be a romance novel I ve developed a habit of not reading the blurb on the back before I start a book, and boy was I surprised when a story that began with a celebration of marriage turned into quite the psychological thriller Dealing with his own personal demons from childhood trauma, Jonathan channels all of his obsessions and compulsions toward his new wife He becomes obsessed by the issue of her fidelity, even going so far as to set up situations [...]

    16. From the first pages of Fatal Eclipse , there is an unsettling and disturbing sense that Jonathan and Maria s marriage is headed for trouble Although Jonathan claims to be attracted to Maria, he experiences reluctance that escalates to a silent panic in which his bride to be repulses him.This is an easy to read, engrossing novel with powerful psychological undertones As the story progresses we learn Jonathan has issues that impact quickly and devastatingly on the couple s lives, limiting their p [...]

    17. A clever, thought provoking, well written book blending several genres a psychological thriller, a study of mental health and the connection to childhood traumas, the difference between the private and the public self, natural law and a romance The story starts at a steady pace with a newly wed struggling with the enormity of the commitment he has made and his dependence on his new wife which awakens fragmented memories of conversations with his grand father As Jonathan struggles with his feelin [...]

    18. This novel has a stunning opening at the wedding of Maria and Jonathan when, just for a moment, it seems Jonathan is going to refuse to say his vows, and do a runner Jonathan is increasingly terrified by what he has done in getting hitched Despite their love for each other, he finds himself unable to express that love physically Something is going seriously wrong He can t sleep, has bad dreams when he manages to, and can t perform in bed He goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr Evans, who is herself tr [...]

    19. Jonathon and Maria stand at the altar, hesitating to say the wedding vows that will bind them Right at the beginning of this book there were undertones of deep psychological problems in Jonathon s character, and further down the line it s pretty clear that most of the characters have their own demons to deal with.This story was fresh and so well developed that the characters very quickly became, real Possibly a bit of a clich there but I love it when I can fully immerse myself in a story, and th [...]

    20. Magnificent characterisations throughout give this book a sharp edge The story starts with a wedding ceremony between Jonathon and Maria and for the discerning, it is easy to see not only all is not well, but there are undercurrents They have no family at the ceremony, which is a choice for some people, but for them, it seems they are either not close to family, or have lost them Jonathon spaces out just as he is required to make his definitive answer so there is a clue something is not right wi [...]

    21. What a great read I was immediately intrigued by the cover and once I read the blurb, I knew I wanted to read this story I loved how the story started with the wedding, and slowly, the author built the plot There were some hints throughout the story of what was to come What I loved the most was the psychological part The author did a great job allowing the readers to get inside the main character s head and his turmoil.I was immediately attached to the main characters, and was hoping they d make [...]

    22. Masterful work.Jonathan starts out shakily as a bridegroom even though his wife loves him She appears to be his wife, that an identity of her own who happens to be married to him, and the reader starts the story with this philological hook, wondering what is within and behind Jonathan to create such paranoid character.The story progresses with both an external crime and mystery story and the internal ones concerning the inner turmoil in the minds of the characters.Only a skilled author could wr [...]

    23. Fatal Eclipse is a different kind of psychological thriller Focused on a couple who have just married, it follows their first few months together as Jonathan, the husband, struggles with feelings of jealousy There s also the sub plot of their friend Peter and what he gets up to in his single life The stories intertwine with Jonathan struggling and with episodes of anger and rage locked within his psyche as he leans that uncovering the past could be the key to a happier life now As stated it s [...]

    24. Jealously is a green eyed monster and Dermont Davis has captured the monster in his newest book Jonathan and Maria are newly weds, but instead of being happily ever after, Jonathan seems to be having second thoughts, particularly in his ability to trust his new bride.The story is a good one, the plot is well constructed and the characters are real and believable The author s ability to weave the story with intricate details make this book an excellent psychothriller with several plot turns and t [...]

    25. Oh, it is hard to review this one without spoiling it But it is a thriller It begins with a wedding and goes downhill from there The things he keeps locked away are likely to destroy everything he really wants This is a long hard look into some very dark places It is a little slow at first, but once the stage is set, the action moves on I would recommend this to anyone Good solid read.

    26. Although Fatal Eclipse isn t without a few hiccups, I found it hard to put down I found myself cheering for supporting character, Maria For me, she brought a sense of balance to this 2 psycho novel I m not going to give away the plot, but if you love psychological thrillers, this one is definitely worth a lookybe two.

    27. Great book, not quite a romance but has a little I would recommend to anyone Well written and keeps the reader engaged.

    28. Fatal Eclipse starts with the two main characters, Jonathan and Maria, getting married and Jonathan freezing up when it comes time to say I do It s the first hint that their love is going to hit some rocky spots Jonathan finds himself changing as soon as he s married nightmares, an inability to make love to his new bride, and paranoia about Maria s loyalty Maria has had some psychological problems of her own in the past and has even attempted suicide She s amazingly stable now after spending tim [...]

    29. A psychological thriller, we start at the protagonist s wedding, where all seems fine, and the story then goes into problem land for the couple Jonathan soon discovers he has some deep rooted condition that makes him paranoid about his wife s fidelity and other things and he goes to a psychiatrist who herself has problems, to try and straighten himself out His good woman, of course, a helpful , friendly type, spends the book putting up with him, trying to sort him out and tearing her hair out Th [...]

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