The Slave Planet (Book #1) (2020)

The Slave Planet Book In a world where women are born to rule love is the ultimate crime Empress Nadira s planet is governed by one unbreakable rule women hold the reins of power and men exist to serve them But Nadira is
  • Title: The Slave Planet (Book #1)
  • Author: Seven Steps
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a world where women are born to rule, love is the ultimate crime Empress Nadira s planet is governed by one unbreakable rule women hold the reins of power and men exist to serve them But Nadira is in love with her servant, Kiln, and it s a secret that could tear her family apart After she s accepted onto the High Council, the most powerful institution on Venus, herIn a world where women are born to rule, love is the ultimate crime Empress Nadira s planet is governed by one unbreakable rule women hold the reins of power and men exist to serve them But Nadira is in love with her servant, Kiln, and it s a secret that could tear her family apart After she s accepted onto the High Council, the most powerful institution on Venus, her conformity to the way her world operates becomes important than ever When Nadira s affair with Kiln is revealed, her love for him will have disastrous consequences, and she will have to choose between protecting her family or following her heart and saving Kiln.Saving Kiln is a Clean Interracial Science Fiction Romance with a touch of fantasy Fans of Octavia E Butler and Orson Scott Card will enjoy this book Fans of The Fifth Element, The Matrix, and Jupiter Rising will also enjoy this book.
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    1. Author Seven Steps sent me an e copy of The Slave Planet for review Unfortunately, the file did not transfer to my e reader properly, and I had to request another copy Sure glad I did.The Slave Planet is the story of a dystopian society at least for the men slaves That is my classification, the book is not necessarily marketed as such What else would you call it when one group in this case women enslave another men Social problems aside, The Slave Planet is a love story accurately, several love [...]

    2. Wasn t too sure what to think of the book to start off with It was almost a DNF But it intrigued me enough to finish I understand the concept of the story line Just seemed a little off The story didn t flow for me.

    3. The Slave Planet gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Women are from Venus The book takes place on the Planet Venus in the year 7009 The planet is run by a matriarchal society where women not only run the planet, but men are slaves Relationships between men and women are forbidden So what is Nadira to do when she finds herself in love with her slave Kiln As a council woman she tries to pass a law that will free the slaves But new and old grudges alike not only prevent the bill from passing, b [...]

    4. Although I found the book to start a little rough the dialogue felt long while the sequence of time went too quickly, once it found a better pacing I really got hooked The culture of the book was really interesting having a matriarchal society where men were used as slaves was a mind broadening experience it almost toyed with your assumptions and gave a twist as to where you expected the storyline to go and added a good sense of unpredictability Obviously, no one would want a society where slave [...]

    5. Intense, Intriguing, Innovative.Those are the words that, for me, describe this book.The Slave Planet is a story set in the very far future, it takes place on Venus, one of many planets that have been colonised It is a planet where women rule and men are their slaves The High Council that rule the planet are run by mostly power hungry women with extremely questionable morals Reading this book, I actually found myself at times ashamed to be a woman.The two main female characters Nadira and Eva bo [...]

    6. Da Book Reviewers Presents This book was very well written It had few grammatical errors, if any The title had me thinking that it was about to be a book version of the movie roots However, I was in for a rude awakening.The story took place on the planet Venus The characters were young kids and their mothers There were no fathers in the story but toward the ending it became clear of how the children were made The kids and their mothers all had slaves Some of the kids and their parent had than o [...]

    7. What would happen if woman ruled the world This is exactly what this book is about Set on Venus, where women have men as slaves, it follows Nadira a young council member whilst she tries to change to running of the planet On Venus it is illegal for women to fall in love with their slaves, but Nadira will not let this stop her loving her Slave Kiln and with the help of her best friend Eva she battles the High Council to try and get society changed.As a lover of Sci fi this book held my interest f [...]

    8. I received this book for an honest review.This book has a very interesting view on a future planet where women are in charge and men are slaves They buy and sell men all over the universe The women are called Empress The story revolves around an young girl, Nadira and her slave Kiln She wants him to be free because she is in love with him, her mom wants rid of him and for her daughter to be on the council In the beginning, her friend gets killed while racing hovercrafts and she keeps being seen [...]

    9. What would it be like if women ruled and men were slaves, well The Slave Planet gives you a pretty idea of what it would be like.It was a little slow to begin with, but once the characters developed they were great and thought it was great to reveal in bits through out the book why the plant is ruled by women and what a few other planets are like There was a great range of types of characters good, bad, down right evil and oblivious of whats going on and you could really picture what your surro [...]

    10. I was gifted this book for an honest review I have learned I am not a reader of Sci fi This book was well written, flowed well, and very few edit errors For those I am giving it a 4 star I was not able to connect to the characters in this story, I was not sure what to expect I did read the entire book and it took all I had, I can say I am not disappointed in the way it all came to an end If your into futuristic fantasy stories, this one is for you, you would probably enjoy it than I was able to [...]

    11. Kiln and Nadira have an epic storyThere is so much in this book than I dared hope for, with intriguing and 3 dimensional characters, fantastic world building, and explorations of a culture I m grateful not to live in, I wanted to stay up all night reading and finding out what comes next.There are hints at to come, Lex is an interesting character in his own right, along with several other supporting characters, leaving me ready to look and see if there is another book in this Universe availabl [...]

    12. For me this is not my usual read That being said once I got past the introduction I enjoyed it there is a lot going on when the story begins There is a lot of different characters that play major roles in the book that you have to see where they come in play before the story can really get going Once that happens it goes quicker There is a second book coming in the series I am wondering in what direction it will go

    13. I m just going to give this book a fail My version of the book had a black woman on the cover and was suggested to me by because of my interest in interracial stories The book featured here has a different cover and that kind of reflects my experience though I did not finish the book Also this felt like a YA book, and maybe it is, i didn t check I was expecting a very different book DNF 40%.

    14. I loved this book I really could not put it down The world is constructed and the characters are developed at a steady pace throughout which made it an intriguing read from page one all the way through to the very end My heart broke a little when I realized I had finished the book and there was no to read I m hooked, can t wait to read the next one

    15. Very interesting to say the least This book has a lot going for it Has a catchy story which I only got lost in once or twice But things figured themselves out The characters were different And there backgrounds were interesting That ending made me think what is to happen next Can t wait for book two

    16. I totally loved this book and can t wait to read the next one in the series The characters, the forbidden love, the friendships, the strong family ties oh and the villainesses All I can say is Seven Steps you have a new fan

    17. When I first started reading this I didn t think I would like it, but it became interesting I found it kind of hard to follow at times and felt the were a few inconsistencies, but at the same time I m really curious as to what will happen in the next book I would recommend this book to others.

    18. I like the premise of this storywomen ruling and men the slaves I love what is happening even women are falling in love with the men Who would have seen that coming I also love where this story is going and will be watching for the next book in the series.

    19. This is not my usual genre, but I enjoyed this story immensely Very well written character with a very unique storyline The world the story is set in, is very well developed believable I d love to read in this world I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

    20. I was gifted this book for an honest review This story was not one I ve read before, right away you get the idea that all women being of high power, men having no power at all The thought appalled me The men have become slaves, due to one mans selfish sick needs Which Ruins the lives of all men, and generations to follow The slave planet is set in the future, as well revolves outside of Earth Venus gets its chance to shine in a story.I enjoyed the main characters Nadira Kiln their story of lovin [...]

    21. Venus a planet dominated by women, men of all species are slaves, to be treated as mere animals, as women hold the power Men have their minds wiped and put into slavery, fraternising is strictly forbidden, to have feelings for, to love punishable by death for the male, and death or exile in space for the women.Here is where we find Empress Nadira and her servant Kiln, she is young and rash but deeply in love with Kiln, which if found out will result in death An accident resulting the death of a [...]

    22. This book was provided by Seven Steps for an honest review The Slave Planet is a sort of alternate history science fiction where humanity is led by women on the planet Venus in the year 7009 Men are slaves in this society, mistreated and forever unloved by their owners the women Procreation is allowed but love is not Nadira, the main character loves her slave Kiln and wants to free the slaves so they can be in love out in the open This obviously creates tons of drama and Nadira tries desperately [...]

    23. When I originally began reading this book, I was quite skeptical The whole man slave thing made me slightly uncomfortable, to be honest Slavery is a very touchy subject, so I think that Seven Steps is very brave for using it as the main theme of this book I actually almost quit reading, I wanted to, but for some reason I just kept turning the page I don t know what kind of voodoo magic is in the pages of this book, but it s the real deal I didn t close the book until I had to sleep charge my dev [...]

    24. The Slave Planet was a different but intriguing read set in the future A planet ruled by women with men as slaves Corruption, greed, exploitation, forbidden name it, it was in the book I loved the fact that even though love was involved it was a clean read I loved Empress Nadira and all that she stood for I hate that it took her mother so long to come around Empress Eva soon came to realize exactly what Nadira was going through with her slave Kiln and Lex both were good slaves and would [...]

    25. This book is really an epic adventure and a peek into the future In fact, the future begins in the year 7009 and on another planet Readers join Empress Nadira Marie as she deals with life, love and loss along with the threats to her way of life and to the very planet The author has done a great job with such a long novel keeping things clear and creating characters readers will love and a few they may hate I have read several stories by this author and always find a compelling story in a good re [...]

    26. I really loved this book It took me a couple tries to start the book but as soon as I got past the 2nd chapter and really grasped what was going on I couldn t put it down It has romance and adventure, deceit and so much You are involved in so many different people s lives and by the end I started to hate some and love some There were surprises around every corner and just when you thought you knew what was coming next the author went the other direction Great work Steven Steps, I can t wait to [...]

    27. Is anyone else upset that the villain got a redemption story Because after all that went on to save Venus from Arees, I was ready for her to kick rocks And what was the whole point of Eva and Lex, it was a bit of a waste since now she s the new villain and her ex lover is now somehow in love with the ex villain The one constant in this story is Kiln and Nadira They re love and devotion was refreshing in such bleak circumstances Things are quite a mess now for their home planet.

    28. A great book I really enjoyed it from start to finish A planet ruled by women Corruption, greed, slavery, exploitation, etc I cannot wait to read the next installment Can we say cliffhanger I must know what happens I loved the characters and the story plot Something new to me I had to keep reading to see what happened next and kept me intrigued throughout.

    29. This book will keep you hooked from the first page until the very last It is a great read The characters were very easy to like and connect with Very well written Looking forward to from Seven steps.

    30. Fast pacedI found the story be plausible and it drew me into the story quickly Only noticed one word that was incorrect near the end of the story when they shot the gun out of her hand Lots of action Finished in one sitting about three hours Looking forward to the next one.

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