Jungle Rock: A fabulous & funny feel-good read (2020)

Jungle Rock A fabulous funny feel good read A romantic comedy novella If you re looking for a highly entertaining story look no further Linda s Book Bag Another really good book from Caroline James Rachel s Random Reads A fun romantic read s
  • Title: Jungle Rock: A fabulous & funny feel-good read
  • Author: Caroline James Alli Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A romantic comedy novella If you re looking for a highly entertaining story, look no further Linda s Book Bag Another really good book from Caroline James Rachel s Random Reads A fun romantic read 5 stars My Chestnut Reading Tree Fans of I m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will love this book Nikki Ashton, best selling romcom author A romantic comedy novellaA romantic comedy novella If you re looking for a highly entertaining story, look no further Linda s Book Bag Another really good book from Caroline James Rachel s Random Reads A fun romantic read 5 stars My Chestnut Reading Tree Fans of I m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will love this book Nikki Ashton, best selling romcom author A romantic comedy novella by Caroline James Handsome young chef Zach Docherty is feeling the heat Following an expos in a national newspaper, his fianc e Poppy Dunlop has broken their engagement Heartbroken at the thought of life without Poppy, Zach drowns his sorrows and, when his agent suggests that Zach becomes a contestant in a reality TV show, Jungle Survival, he reluctantly agrees Plunged deep in the jungle, into a bizarre mix of talent and trials, Zach meets glamour model Cleo Petra, and the cameras go crazy Will Zach survive and be crowned Jungle King Or will his latest exploits push Poppy further away Caroline s books are all stand alone stories but some characters do make appearances throughout You might also enjoy Coffee Tea The Gypsy Me So, You Think You re A CelebrityChef Coffee Tea The Caribbean Me Jungle Rock Caroline is a natural story teller with a gift for humour in her writing Finalist, The Write Stuff, London Book Fair
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      Caroline James Alli Smith

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    1. 5 Fun, Frolics, Romance, Drama Didn t want it to end Jungle Rock couldn t of come at a better time for me I m a celebrity has just started my fave showd reading Jungle Rock was simply Perfect This is my first book from Caroline and I can t wait to read Caroline writes with such humour and ease before I knew it the book was finished Much to my disappointment Ok so where to start Zach the Romany Gypsy Chef was at a point in his career where his Agent and good friend Bob persuaded him to sign up t [...]

    2. 4 Stars Amusing, fun, and delightfully appealing In this novella, we not only get to revisit some of our favourite characters from Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean Me, but we get an in depth look into the life of Jo s hunky talented son, Zach as he embarks on an adventure of survival and self discovery of his own.The writing is vividly descriptive and fluid The characters are charming, real, and extremely lovable And the plot is remarkably entertaining and engaging as it sweeps us back and forth betwe [...]

    3. 3.45 starsA lighthearted romance especially for fans of celebrity reality shows I don t ever watch TV but still enjoyed it immensely.The only drawback and reason for my low rating is that I had a hard time constantly switching between the 4 POV s.

    4. First let me take a moment to comment on the beautiful colour palette of this cover, it screams rainforest and warmth to me, which is perfect on a cold winter s day such as today And the story definitely brings a warmth into my life, as it involved the jungle in Australia, where celebrity chef Zach is taking part in reality TV show Jungle Survival It is obviously a fictional version of I m A Celebrity, but I much prefer this version Thankfully none of the really gruesome trials are talked about [...]

    5. Having read both Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy and Me and Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me I was looking forward to the next instalment in the life of Jo and her family and friends in Boomerville So it was a lovely surprise to find out I didn t have to wait till Spring 2017 to get my next fix as Jungle Rock has come along just in time for a Christmas hit of Jo, Hattie, Zack, Poppy and the gang.The jungle game show here is obviously based around I m a Celebrity Get me out of here it s a great time of y [...]

    6. Caroline James has blown me away again I ll hold my hands up and say I m not a fan of reality TV and have never watched I m A Celeb, which Jungle Survival is based on, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Zach s adventures in the Jungle and the way it affected both him and the other celeb contestants that he met while in there Jungle Rock can be read as a stand alone but it features characters from Caroline James other books and I was definitely glad that I was getting of Zach and Poppy as I [...]

    7. Firstly I d like to thank TBC and the author Caroline James for this book.A lovely lighthearted romantic novella which stars The gypsy chef Zach and his family Set in Marland where Zach, his mother and aunt live and work this book follows the trials and tribulations of Zach s working life as a celebrity chef and his love life.Poppy was Zach s fianc e until recently when an ill fated trip to the Highlands led to a rendezvous with the delectable Dolores, this broke the news and their once solid re [...]

    8. Caroline James is a new author for me but I found this novella to be a lovely taster of her work We follow Zach, aka The Gypsy Chef, as he enters the Australian jungle for popular show, Jungle Survival based, obviously, on I m A Celebrity There s also his ex girlfriend, Poppy, his agent, Bob, and his mum and godmother, Jo and Hattie, who run Boomerville, a hotel for the over fifties back home in the Lake District I loved reading about all of these characters.This was a charming read I liked Zach [...]

    9. Survival in the jungleA cute short story with romance thrown in A jungle survivors story, a Disney cook off, and a Mom s love, what a story A fun read I received this free for an honest review.

    10. As always Caroline writes with great warmth and wit and in this novella she again shows just how quickly she can bring her characters to life There is much that is topical in this story and there is a nice feeling of authenticity in the way the story progresses especially if you are fan of the TV series I m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of HereComing in at 80 pages, the story is light and easy to read, and I think that s sometimes just what is needed at this time of year, especially when the whole Chr [...]

    11. Jungle rock is all about the handsome gypsy chef Zach who is off for 3 weeks in an Australian jungle to participate in tv show Jungle Rock.For 3 weeks Zach tries to distracts himself from the sadness and heartbreak due to his scandalous, terrible break up with fianc e Poppy Back home Poppy and Mom Jo we anxious for Zach while Auntie Hattie makes the most of her talented ward s TV appearance Read to find if Zach wins the reality show and wins back his love, and how Auntie Hattie spreads her trade [...]

    12. You don t have to be a fan of I m A Celebrity to enjoy this one, but the Australian jungle setting for much of the action will be very familiar to you if you are While Zach faces up to the trials, Poppy is on the other side of the world looking after another celebrity chef and a rather attractive one as he competes for a top prize in Disneyland Meanwhile, back at the hotel in Cumbria, mother Jo watches on television and best friend Hatty joins in the action in her inimitable fashion, with laugh [...]


    14. Jungle Rock by Caroline James A review by Kat Fankhauser Taylor Jungle Rock is the latest book by Caroline James It is a very readable, can t put down book The characters are familiar to the readers because they feature in previous books by James She captures the essence of romance throughout this story.Each character had their own unique qualities that are realistic and believable We all experience the emotions these characters feel and they certainly evoke many common ones The main character, [...]

    15. If you are looking for a funny, quick read with quirky characters, then look no further than Jungle Rock by Caroline James.Sexy chef, Zach, has somehow found himself on a reality TV show, Jungle Survival He agrees what does he have to lose He lost the only thing that mattered to him, his fianc e, Poppy, after he was featured in a magazine in a very compromising position with another woman He tried pleading with Poppy, telling her he doesn t remember anything except getting really drunk that nigh [...]

    16. Zach Docherty, a Celebrity chef, is sent to enter the jungle in a reality tv show closely based on I m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here His mind isn t really on the show because his fiance Poppy has found out some information about Zach through a tabloid newspaper, and has ended the relationship.Meanwhile back in England Zach s mum Jo and friend Hattie settle themselves down each evening to catch up on the jungle news Jo is worried about her son, she knows he is still reeling from the break up In [...]

    17. This is a quick read Although, as I was reading, the story felt a little rushed For example when Zach and the rest of the contestants were competing on Jungle Survival, there was very little details given about the tasks that the contestants had to endure It went from Zach arriving to four contestants In addition, I was hoping to laugh than I did Part of this was because some of the jokes or comments made were too obvious So, it felt forced Plus, anything that Lenny said was just sexist He is t [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book It brightened up a dreary afternoon and kept me interested It contains a bit of everything suspense, humour, romance it doesn t quite fit into any one genre I d say that s a bonus as it will appeal to most readers I didn t know that this was book 3 in a series Clearly, it works well as a standalone as I didn t feel like I d missed anything I m going to be checking out the other books, having thoroughly enjoyed this one Give it a go, I m sure you ll like it as much as I [...]

    19. No and Hattie get ready f or Christmas at Boomerville.Zack goes into the jungle to help save his reputation from his foolish mistake Poppy is at Disney World with another chef for a cook off for bragging rites Poppy doesn t look like she is ever going to get her life back No and Hattie have to sit on the sidelines on this book to watch Zack do a cook off in the jungle This was a welcome change f r ok murder and mayhem Already signed in for the next book Well done.

    20. donnasbookblog.wordpress This book was a delightfully fun, romantic read and I absolutely loved it For a short read 80 pages the book has been written with a real wit to it that makes it very hard to put down The characters are great and I found myself laughing out loud than one It is so easy to read and an ideal pick me up for drab days as you can escape to somewhere warm and sunny Five stars from me really glad I found this author and definitely going to look for her other books now

    21. Short story but all the elements.Start with a celebrity chef, an angry ex fiancee, a reality show half way around the world Throw in a family owned hotel Follow along with the workings of a reality show in an Australian jungle and a celebrity cook off at Disney World Put it all together and find out it the chef and the fiance get back together.

    22. Quick ReadI have not read books by this author before and decided to take a chance on something new This was a quick read which I like at times iI would give it a thumbs up for quick enjoyment and good ending.

    23. Fabulously fun storyCaroline James hits the mark with this funny, sweet, easy to read story I enjoyed the characters and the settings I only gave this book 4 stars because it felt like it left me hanging, wanting to know about what was going on in all the back stories That being said, it does leave me wanting too read books by this author, especially hoping that these characters will new referenced in other books so I know what happens to them Kudos to Caroline James an author I am looking for [...]

    24. Thank you to TBConFB for this copy A great easy read novella loosely based on the theme of I m a celebrity.Although there s no in depth description on the characters, we do discover the power of the press, how situations are created to bring down the rich and famous Will the truth come out that proves Zach was innocent and he can resume his love affair with Poppy Can Jo and Hattie continue to make money on the back of Zach

    25. Zach Docherty, Michelin starred celebrity Gypsy Chef, is at a low point in his life After an unfortunate incident which made the headlines and damaged his reputation, his fianc e has called time on their relationship In a moment of weakness and with persuasion from his manager, Bob, Zach agrees to be a contestant on Jungle Survival, a TV reality show He s a great choice as his Romany father taught him the basics of survival and foraging Zach veers from uncertainty about his decision, his deep re [...]

    26. Having blown his engagement with Poppy, Zach finds himself in a reality TV programme in Australia.I haven t read the other books featuring Zach, but it made no difference at all to my enjoyment of this topical and entertaining story I have a confession My guilty pleasure is I m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here which I watch every year leading up to Christmas Now, whilst I don t think you need to be a fan of the programme to appreciate Jungle Rock, the fact that I am really enhanced my pleasure in [...]

    27. I ve had all Caroline s books on my Kindle patiently waiting to be read for a while, but along with many others they are buried underneath my to be reviewed pile However when this novella came along, it was the perfect opportunity to sneak in a short read to let me know what I ve been missing and can look forward to.As it happens this novella is an ideal intro to Caroline s writing in ways than one, as it features characters that appear in her previous books, as well as looking forward to her n [...]

    28. Jungle Rock is a welcome return to Westmarland and the lives of Hattie and Jo, their family and friends Although part of the Coffee, Tea series, Jungle Rock can be read as a standalone.Caroline has packed a lot into this novella and it makes for a fun quick read with just a touch of Christmas to get you in the festive spirit Zach the celebrity chef is taking part in the reality show Jungle Survival while coming to terms with the recent break up with his fianc e Fans of I m A Celebrity Get Me Out [...]

    29. Zach is known as the gypsy chef He has agreed to be on the reality TV show Jungle Survival Together with other celebrities he ll have to survive in the jungle with the possibility to wear the jungle crown if he would win Zach was engaged to Poppy, but an unfortunate event made Poppy end her relationship with him He is devastated because he really loves her and it might be a good idea to go away for a while Zach s father never forgot his Romany heritage and taught his sons the basic skills to sur [...]

    30. Jungle Rock is a brilliant story with a varying range of characters Zach has broken up with Fiancee Poppy, and about to enter Jungle Survival Of course this makes us all think of I m A Celebrity in the Australian jungle, and whether or not you are a fan of this programme, it doesn t matter If you like easy flow reading with drama, excitement and great characters, I think you will love it.We hear about the rest of Zach s family based in the UK, which gives us of a picture of the type of characte [...]

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