The Long Road Home (2020)

The Long Road Home Kate s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents She d always been protected and sheltered by them Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fianc living under her roof a powerful business
  • Title: The Long Road Home
  • Author: Carolyn Bowen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kate s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents She d always been protected and sheltered by them Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fianc living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and family secrets than most American politicians She was also unaware that a half brother she knew nKate s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents She d always been protected and sheltered by them Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fianc living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and family secrets than most American politicians She was also unaware that a half brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.
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      Carolyn Bowen

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    1. I loved reading this book so much I received this book through Booktasters in exchange for a review.Carolyn has entwined many lives and weaved a great story around them.Kate McClellan is the central character to this tale of corruption, deceit, and money lust She s suffered the death of her parents in a tragic accident Following the accident she inherits a large estate and amount of money As well as this she then has to contend with the end of her relationship with her fiance Because she has had [...]

    2. I liked the story It held my interest even though I had a couple of problems with it I liked a lot of the characters The ones I didn t I wasn t suppose to The story moved along at a fast pace and was filled with intrigue Which brings me to my problems with it Point of view changed a few times during the story I can handle that when the author keeps me in the know With this story, they changed with no real warning or break Several times I was jarred out of the story by the abrupt change in POV In [...]

    3. Kate, engaged to Ken, discovers that he likes to look at dubious material on the internet including dating websites She decides to leave but has no idea of some of the contacts he has Little does she know but he is after he by any method he can find.The death of her parents some months earlier has left Kate in a quandary She is now an heiress which would help to shape her future.I like the main characters and the plot had lots of twists and turns This was not just a romance, but a thriller and m [...]

    4. Kate, after confirming that her fiance is a dastardly cheat, finds herself in quite a predicament She breaks off the engagement and all hell breaks lose Little did she know that her fiance had ties to all kinds of low life criminals and now they are after her and her estate While the story itself is a real roller coaster ride, the author still manages to slow things down long enough to take in the scenes of the Charleston area and the Florida coast I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning t [...]

    5. I started reading this romance thinking I would enjoy a soft love However, this book is than a gentle romance, it is also a great mystery and thriller Is anyone who we really think they are This book ties in family betrayal, terrorism, loss, travel, unknown fortune, threats, and I liked it.Based on a five star rating, I give it five stars 1 Buy from the author in the future Yes2 Did it keep me intrigued Yes3 Story line adventurous, mysterious, and believable Yes4 Would I recommend to a family [...]

    6. It is very unusual nowadays to see a romance book without a hint of sex, I guess that will be very appealing and refreshing, or a total turn off As our main characters life unravels, death and deception all around, she manages to surround herself with good people, who all together pull through the mess and create a much better life It kept me hooked with the murder mystery and adventure, but it still felt warm and relaxed throughout a nice combination

    7. A fast paced mystery romance with twists and turns for Kate McClellan, who finds herself in the middle of intrigue after her parents die in a car accident Overnight Kate becomes an heiress discovering family secrets riddled with half siblings, intrigue, greed, and lost memories I liked this book, it was an enjoyable read.

    8. I received this book through booktasters in exchange for be review I was able to read the book in 3 days time, it kept my interest and I looked forward to each chapter I forward to reading by this author

    9. The Long Road Home by Carolyn Bowen begins with its main character Kate She has just lost her mother and father in an automobile accident Kate is now the only heir to the family estate, at least this is what she believes to be true After leaving Ken her fianc , Kate secretly escapes her South Carolina home and travels to Florida where she moves into her grandmother s Antebellum home In an attempt to start over and discover herself, she suddenly finds her life interrupted by a terrorist taking re [...]

    10. The Long Road Home is the story of how life gets turned upside down after the death of Kate McClellan s parents who died in a suspicious car accident Her fianc Ken is only using her to advance in her father s law firm and benefit from her wealth While she s trying to escape and end her relationship with Ken, someone is trying to kill her and there s a list of possible suspects She befriends a hired investigator A.J and a local rancher, Jake who want nothing than to protect her and find the pers [...]

    11. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.The Long Road Home by Carolyn M Bowen is a thriller mystery novel Kate McClellan is a woman who seems to have a pretty good life she has a great job at an ad agency and a wonderful fiance named Ken Out of nowhere, though, Kate s parents are killed in an automobile accident which leaves Kate feeling lost Despite this pain, she manages to move on with her life and is ready to be married.Time moves forward and the day before her w [...]

    12. This is a good story with a couple of interesting twists.Kate has lost her parents and was thinking of marrying a man named Ken Then she finds out he s not the man she thought and Kate heads to Geneo, Florida to her family s home, to get away Things aren t as they seem and Kate s life is going to be turned upside down The author has a good writing style that makes for a quick read She also adds just the right amount of mystery, past and present to make this a book to pick up.

    13. The author graciously gave me a free copy in exchange for an honest review This week I had the opportunity to read Carolyn M Bowen s book The Long Walk Home It s rare that I don t finish a novel, but I must be honest and admit that I didn t finish this one The description sounded intriguing enough so much so that I was genuinely looking forward to reading it However, roughly fifteen pages in, I decided to stop The main reason is that the novel reads like a first draft manuscript instead of a pol [...]

    14. I received a copy of The Long Road Home in exchange for an honest review Someone wants Kate McClellan dead There are plenty of suspects her ex fianc , a half brother she didn t know of, a family enemy with ties to terrorism, and closer to home, her recently deceased father s business partners This book is rich in detail, with twists and turns starting on the first page and continuing throughout.A complex plot, sprinkled with romance and loaded with southern charm, this book is an entertaining re [...]

    15. I was given a free copy for an honest review.Although I didn t love this book, I liked it The story was fast paced, very detailed and unpredictable There were parts where it felt quite rushed, but given the fast pace of the book, it can be ignored The plot didn t lose its relevance which happens a lot with books like these.But thos book is not without its faults I couldn t connect with the charecters, and as mentioned before, the story felt rushed.Overall, I feel it was worth a read.

    16. We meet Kate McClellan just as her life is unravelling horribly Her parents have been killed in a horrific car accident and she s discovered the fianc that should be supporting her is a manipulative cheat So Kate decides to take time out from her busy job at an ad agency and flees to the sanctuary of her late Grandmother s plantation in Florida Welcomed instantly into the close knit community, Kate has little idea that her ex fianc is not going to let her go without a fight and hires a private i [...]

    17. Kate McClelan is the heir of a very wealthy lawyer after both their parents die in a car accident Her life gets completely off track when she leaves her fiancee and it s visited by a private detective who is averting her that she s in danger This is where her journey into family secrets starts.This is a book that is completely readable in one sitting The story had me trapped from the beginning to the end and it is very well developed, with only the necessary details about the happenings for the [...]

    18. I thank NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Although the synopsis sounded promising, I couldn t push past page 58 and so The Long Road Home ended up on my digital DNF pile It s a shame because the story has enough potential to become an entertaining novel Unfortunately, the writing absolutely gets in the way In essence, the story reads like a report, not a novel Facts about characters, settings, and events are relentlessly strung together and I had a hard time keeping up with [...]

    19. Disjointed and too rambling with lots of abrupt changes I gave this book a low rating because, while the storyline was good and the characters interesting, the plot jumped around too much to be really enjoyable Little bits and pieces that had no prior basis kept jumping out of the woodwork and so much of the story zoomed by so fast that I was left wondering how many details I had missed Even the end of the book, while anticipated, simply appeared on the last page like Boom, there you go No windi [...]

    20. There were times where things were concluded wrapped up too quickly and usually not in the best manner this book moved at too much of a clipped pace a lengthier novel would have been able to make room for plot planning, character development and background story to the characters One thing I will say is that Ken Stanlan wasn t a nice character though that piece of the story was a bit of a loose end as well I got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    21. This is a complex story involving murder, mystery and romance It is full of emotions and twists and turns that will keep you wondering if Kate will be able to cope with all that is happening to her and her family.I felt that the plot and characters were well developed Even though this was a murder mystery, I felt relaxed while I was reading it It is a good story to read while in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine or hot chocolate I as given this book and I enjoyed reading it.

    22. Opportunists lurk all around Kate McClellan like vultures over ripe carrion When everyone wants something, who can you trust This was a fast read and a page turner Although fiction, I think it highlights the darker side of ambition in a very real way.

    23. This is a fast paced mystery the story line is interesting, though it moved too quickly for me I would have enjoyed depth to the plot I also would have liked to get to know the characters better by having them fully developed.I received a copy of this book in a giveaway.

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