Bloesem in de sneeuw (2020)

Bloesem in de sneeuw This is an alternate title cover edition for Seattle mei Alleenstaande moeder Vera Ray geeft haar driejarige zoontje Daniel een nachtzoen en vertrekt naar haar nachtdienst in het p
  • Title: Bloesem in de sneeuw
  • Author: Sarah Jio Harmien Robroch
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate title cover edition for 9789022573204 Seattle, mei 1932 Alleenstaande moeder Vera Ray geeft haar driejarige zoontje Daniel een nachtzoen en vertrekt naar haar nachtdienst in het plaatselijke hotel waar ze werkt De volgende ochtend heeft een late sneeuwstorm de hele stad bedekt, en haar zoon blijkt diezelfde nacht te zijn verdwenen Buiten op straat lThis is an alternate title cover edition for 9789022573204 Seattle, mei 1932 Alleenstaande moeder Vera Ray geeft haar driejarige zoontje Daniel een nachtzoen en vertrekt naar haar nachtdienst in het plaatselijke hotel waar ze werkt De volgende ochtend heeft een late sneeuwstorm de hele stad bedekt, en haar zoon blijkt diezelfde nacht te zijn verdwenen Buiten op straat ligt zijn teddybeer, verlaten in de sneeuw.Seattle, mei 2010 Claire Aldridge, journaliste bij de Seattle Herald, krijgt de opdracht een reportage te maken over het zeldzame fenomeen sneeuwstorm in mei , dat dit jaar voor het eerst in bijna tachtig jaar weer heeft plaatsgevonden Bij haar onderzoek stuit ze niet alleen op het verhaal van de ontvoering die nooit werd opgelost maar ook op verbazingwekkende overeenkomsten tussen de levens van Vera Ray en haarzelf
    • [ë Bloesem in de sneeuw || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Sarah Jio Harmien Robroch]
      Sarah Jio Harmien Robroch

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    1. This is a very special novel to me I dedicated it to my three young sons, and to mothers everywhere who have lost children I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it xo

    2. Hmm hard to review this book I liked the story I read it quickly and I wanted to know what happened But the whole thing read to me like a soap opera The characters all seemed cliched to me, and sort of one note The dialogue was overblown people don t really talk like that especially from the older characters in the book The actions of the characters didn t always ring true, or seem believable, and sometimes small details didn t track, which was distracting The whole thing just seemed overly dram [...]

    3. I was so frustrated with this novel that I often wonder how I had the drive to finish it As other astute reviewers have noted, this is no than a lifetime movie put on paper using high school level writing Everything was so conveniently positioned in the uncovering of her mystery from the people she randomly meets to the secret briefcase in the secret room that conveniently contains the precise papers she needs Side rant this is an infuriatingly feeble attempt at emulating a case file interview [...]

    4. This story intricately weaves the events surrounding the disappearance of a 3 year old boy Daniel Ray in 1933 with a journalist s Claire Aldridge search for answers in present day There s a somewhat mystical element in how seemingly unrelated situations converge to help unravel the mystery The transitions were done skillfully, using Claire s journey as a means for her to confront and face her own paralyzing grief I really enjoyed how the story was presented as much as the actual tale The realiti [...]

    5. While other readers will probably enjoy the story it just wasn t my cup of tea I felt that the characters were somewhat one dimensional and I felt no rapport with any of them I think if back story had been given I might have been intrigued In some instances I felt that the characters reactions where unrealistic One case in point is that Vera is willing to sleep with a gentleman of ill repute but with a certain amount of influence as she hopes he will help her find her son However, after a very [...]

    6. When a late spring snowstorm called a blackberry winter hits Seattle in May 2010, Claire Aldridge a feature writer for the Seattle Herald is asked to write a story comparing the whiteout to a similar event that occurred in May 1933 After researching the historical storm Claire decides to focus her article on Daniel Ray a three year old boy who disppeared during the depression era snowfall.Daniel s mother, Vera Ray, barely eked out a living as a maid at Seattle s Olympic Hotel Unable to take Dani [...]

    7. Vera Ray works hard and long hours at her hotel cleaning job in Seattle, but working comes at a cost when she is forced to leave her three year old son, Daniel at home alone One morning she returns home after a tiring shift to find, Daniel s bed empty Frantically, Vera searches everywhere for Daniel, but it seems he can t be found anywhere Has Daniel wandered off or has someone taken him Claire is a newsreporter who has a troubled marriage and a past that still haunts her A strange snowstorm hit [...]

    8. Borrowed from the Pikes Peak Library DistrictI can NOT remember what compelled me to borrow this book not just borrow it but I wait listed it All I can say is UGH I need to stop reading books that I know are NOT in my favorite genres This is one Pathetic and predictable I read some reviews that marveled at the twist ending but I saw it coming a mile away.The main character and her husband are falling apart from each other in a landslide kind of way She lost her baby while jogging when she was EI [...]

    9. This book was abysmal The only reason I m giving it 2 stars instead of one is because I actually read to the end I ll save the 1 star rating for books I don t finish Let s start off with what initially attracted me to Blackberry Winter I love the cover, and the blurb on the back sounded interesting I was expecting an intelligent read with everything I ve come to expect from that genre that calls Literary Fiction I guess that s why I shouldn t judge a book by its cover What else did I like about [...]

    10. I won this book from a first reads giveaway here on I was so excited when I found out I won a copy of this book through the first reads program here on I was even excited once I started reading this book and got swept up in the amazing mystery This book was an amazing read that did not disappoint This book alternates between two points of view Vera in the 1930 s and Claire in present day Seattle Sarah Jio is an excellent storyteller she weaves together two different stories effortlessly I loved [...]

    11. Lovely, evocative writing by Sarah Jio, who weaves together two stories, with a freak Seattle snowstorm in May as the tying element In 1933, single mom Vera Ray kisses her three year old son, Daniel, goodnight and goes to work the night shift at a local hotel She returns home to find her son missing In 2010, Seattle Herald reporter Claire Aldridge, is assigned to write about the current storm and learns of the prior storm and the unsolved abduction Claire doggedly pursues the story despite the p [...]

    12. I m grateful to , for without it, I don t think I would have discovered this masterpiece You know how sometimes you find a title so intriguing that you can t help but read the synopsis even if it s not in your favorite genre and out of no where, you find yourself reading the book Wondering if the book would deliver on it s premise because you ve done this beforeyou ve tried to assuage your curiosity and you were let down But when it does deliver, you never look at the genre the same way again.r [...]

    13. Blackberry Winter was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Penguin Group USA Two stories with years separating them are intertwined than one might think May 1, 1933Vera Ray works the nightshift as a maid at a hotel in Seattle A snow storm has blown in during the night strange with how late in the year it is When she kisses her three year old son Daniel goodbye she doesn t know that when she returns he won t be there waiting for her Two snowstorms, sharing one calendar date, separated by nearl [...]

    14. Blackberry Winter has a little bit of everything, historical fiction, mystery and romance The story is told from two different time periods, that of a young single mother Vera and her son Daniel in Seattle in 1933 during the Great Depression and Claire Aldridge, a reporter in Seattle in 2010 The blackberry winter which occurred in both 1933 and 2010 leads Claire to uncover the story of Daniel s disappearance when he was three years old.This is a quick and easy read The prose is light and engagin [...]

    15. Blackberry Winter was recommended to me I tried Sarah Jio s first book, and didn t care for her writing, but thought I d give her another try It was a quick read, and I finished it, which pretty good for how little I actually enjoyed it.This is a mystery with very little mystery Every clue or new piece of information seemed to be such a coincidence, but each twist and turn was really predictable The characters the protagonist meets are too convenient to helping her in her story she jumps from on [...]

    16. Interesting story, although it tied up a bit too neatly preciously at the end and the ending seemed quite rushed Deadline I enjoyed the parallel narratives of the two women and liked the slow unfolding of the mystery and the revelation of how the two women s lives intertwined I can t give it a higher rating though because the quality of the writing is not great Phrases along the lines of, Love oozed from their every fingertip are pretty bad Some of the characters seemed a little flat Certain coi [...]

    17. What a quick read I became immersed in this book, and finished within a few days I actually finished reading during lunch at work one day and had to try to control my emotions over frozen ravioli Vera Ray is struggling as a single mother to doe eyed baby Daniel It s the 1930s and she goes to work one snowy night in May leaving Daniel home asleep in his bed, only to come home and find him missing What happened to Daniel Present day the city of Seattle is having another Blackberry Winter a late se [...]

    18. First of all, the title and the cover are amazing Honestly that is what compelled me to add this to my to read list Beauty and simplicity go a long way Of course, reading the synopsis sucked me in the rest of the way Spanning an eighty year period, this is the tale of two women who experienced a rare weather phenomenon called a blackberry winter.I had no idea there was such a thing, but basically it is a rare very late spring snow storm In this story,it occurred in Seattle in late May Vera Ray t [...]

    19. SPOILER ALERT The story started out well I like how it was 2 different stories that were merging it was fun that it was set in Seattle But it ended up being predictable and too cookie cutter Vera Ray Daniel s story was interesting and it was easy to fall in love with Daniel But how their story connected with Claire s was interesting but too corny at the same time I personally think it would ve been upsetting after all the long hours of research Claire did to then realize that her grandfather in [...]

    20. I was really looking forward to reading this book the reviews I read were positive and the blurbs I read were enticing However, once I started reading, I was quickly disenchanted In my opinion, the writing and dialogue was amateurish Events fell together too neatly to be believable and plot lines were too neatly wrapped up When I was approximately one half of the way through the book, I wasn t sure I could finish however, I did keep going and finished the book I m glad I know how everything was [...]

    21. Somewhere between 4 4.5 5 Feel like some questions remained unanswered the mystery part could ve been executed better in my opinion But it s a very emotional book Ms Jio pulled this off very well, even made me cry at the end.

    22. anovelreview 2012A crazy snowstorm blankets Seattle in May, but it s not the first time A fluke snowstorm fell in May of 1933 too and the editor of The Herald wants Claire Aldridge to write a feature article about the May storms about Blackberry Winter.During Claire s research of the storm of 33, she finds a newspaper article about Vera and her three year old son who went missing Vera was a young maid at a high end hotel and had left her son home alone at night while she worked Authorities belie [...]

    23. The author of this book wrote to me to tell me my review was of the wrong book She is absolutely correct I am not a seasoned computer user and the review I wrote for this book was really for Whatever Happened to Sophie Wilder I am so sorry for the confusion This book Blackberry Winter is on my list to be read.Well, now I have finally read it The story has a parallel plot of two women, one who lived in 1933 and one who lives in the present They both experience a Blackberry Winter The term refers [...]

    24. I was so moved by this brilliantly executed novel by Sarah Jio, that I read it in one setting Unfortunately for me, this reading session began at 2AM, so if you have insomnia and are trying to relax to find slumber, chose a different book because this one will take you in Claire, a reporter for a prominent newspaper, is asked to cover the late spring snowfall in Seattle, and any interesting finds from another Blackberry Winter snowfall that occurred in 1933 on the same date When she uncovers a t [...]

    25. 3.5 What a heartfelt, poignant and bittersweet story My favorite of hers so far, it is a combination of so many things, a mystery, characters trying to overcome a terrible grief and the horrible times after the great depression Taking place in 1930 and in 2010 the story lines are related by the horrible and terrifying loss of children A rather simple, quiet story told in a very relateable manner, the characters tug on your heart strings and although the ending is a bit pat it is fitting in this [...]

    26. Interesting a suspenseful take of what happened to the missing child all those years ago At times the dialogue seemed unreal but the actual story pushed me through to the end.

    27. I know I m about to read an emotional story when the book s dedication makes me cry BLACKBERRY WINTER was both heartbreaking and uplifting, so have a box of tissues handy when you read it A blackberry winter is an old fashioned term used to describe a late spring snowfall, which is what happens at the beginning of this book Reporter Claire Aldridge awakens on May 2nd to find Seattle covered under a blanket of snow At work, she is assigned to do a story on the storm, and an identical one that hap [...]

    28. I had only read one other book written by author Sarah Jio before this one and I wasn t blown away, but after seeing a friend s rating review Thanks Myrna , I added Blackberry Winter to my list I m so glad I did This is a mix of women s fiction chick lit, mystery, romance, and historical fiction, with two very moving past present alternating storylines The past storyline takes place in the Depression era and centers on Vera Ray, a single mother struggling with poverty The present story takes pla [...]

    29. This book came highly recommended by many friends of mine And I have to say they hit the nail on the head with their recommendations I loved it A little history and a little mystery With a dash of romance Blackberry Winter tells the story of a hotel maid, Vera Ray, back in 1933 whose son Daniel was abducted during a May snow storm In the present day part of the story, a reporter, Claire Aldridge, decides to research the child s disappearance when a similarly unusual May snow storm hits Seattle a [...]

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